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~Awkward silence~

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  1. So uh… Nice weather we have today!

    1. Considering they both tried to kill each other a little while ago… I’ll take this as a good start.

      1. Wellll in farals defence I don’t think he intended her to go all phyco demon on him I think he just wanted her to go back

        1. In Meela’s defense, she is just a little girl who had just found out the most important person in the world to her actually murdered her family, his body did at least.

        2. In Feral’s defense…he can’t speak.

        3. He should have taught her some sort of sign language.

  2. HNNNNNNGH SO ADORABLLE. Their expressions are so adorable.

  3. *crickets chirp* >_>;

    1. So… about trying to kill me…

  4. It amuses me imagining them sitting their silently not saying anything for another week

  5. Perhaps the worst part of this is the fact that it’s Feral taking the initiative, but he has no choice but to wait for Meela to break the silence. ^^; Will the awkwardness ever end?

    1. Not exactly, he can wait until her guard is down then BEARHUG

      1. Great idea! … ummmm, where’re we gonna find a bear? … Stuff it lets just go for a wolfhug

      2. And somehow I don’t think that’d go too well at this point.

        Actually, even if it would, I can’t see Feral bear hugging anyone. Ever. ^^;

  6. Maybe he can write?

    1. Question is – can she read?

      1. She was holding a notebook in the last page, so I guess?

        1. She could read his name when they met and Feral wrote it down in the sand :3

        2. She was writing in a journal for six months while Feral trained her. She’s completely literate.

    2. 2Qs-
      1) Can he write more than his name?
      2) How expensive/rare is paper in this world?

  7. Boop her nose, Feral. BOOP HER NOSE.

    1. Let the Nose Booping Wars commence!!!

    2. I like your problem solving style.

    3. … … … Boop!

  8. How is he going to express all that needs to be said!

    1. With lots of arm waving and gestures

  9. Very in depth conversation lololol

  10. Meela looks crosseyed in the fourth panel. Is adorable! Love this page!

  11. Hug, hug, HUG !!!

  12. Yay! Bonding time.

  13. Hug her for **** sake

  14. Feral: So…uh…sorry about your campfire.

    1. Ahahahaha!!! That’s great!

  15. So…. Hows life treating ya

  16. Meela does a GREAT Feral impression! :D

  17. So Meela. He’s done his part. Now it’s your turn.

  18. Can I just say that I really love Meela’s horns for some reason? She just looks so cute with them. XD

    I want intense hugging. Now.

  19. I kinda thought it was funny that everyone else but Feral seemed to figure out Meela’s secret. The one person who basically hunts down and is supposed to be good at finding people like her, the one who should have realised it the quickest, was completely oblivious for the longest time.

    1. He probably knew, just denial wanted him to believe otherwise.

    2. Feral was the most suspicious, actually. Holland got intrigued when he was helping to train her and saw the bursts of odd magic, but he didn’t know what was actually going on until Jyaku informed him (and he only knew because he read her aura, which is advanced magic). That just left Feral in the dark on his own.

      Also, half demons under 13 show virtually no signs of their underlying dark nature, so it would have been more difficult to detect even if he was watching for it specifically.

  20. THE FEELS!!!!

  21. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.

    Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant

    Nooo….. are you stupid? I said anger! I don’t want to be trapped in here forever.

    1. Feral: Sorry, Malpatine.

  22. Things are just getting good. I think the awkward silence was… a forgiving silence

  23. come on Feral, write something in the dirt so she can see you want to make amends.

  24. Use body language, Feral!


  25. Honestly, I’m not surprised he accepted her. It’d be a bit of a dick move considering his situation with Mal if her being a demon was ‘too much’ for him to deal with xD

  26. …..awkward silences….perfect for your everyday post demon encounter moments… xD

  27. Questa pagina è un piccolo capolavoro…

  28. They are beginning to heal now. Good. Very poignant page, this.

  29. Don’t you hate that awkward moment when you sit next to the person you were going to murder the night before

  30. c’m on Feral, affectionately floofle her hair! show her you still care!

  31. This is going to be heavy.

  32. What a beautiful page. I’m all for more silence, she just needs to sigh and lay her head on his shoulder.

  33. Much said, none spoken…

  34. And Feral draws a crying frowny face in the sand and hugs her.

  35. This is awkward. You know it would be really funny if a like a tumbleweed just rolled past them.

  36. Aweeee, I don’t know why, but this page is so cute :)

  37. Meela looks a lot like Feral sometimes. Who else thinks so, too?

  38. So, um…sorry for trying to kill you.

  39. I remember reading the first chapter of Strays when I was still in fifth grade and now that I’m in my second year of college I decided to check it out again. I’m happy to see how far this webcomic has gone and how great the plot turned out to be. I salute you guys!

  40. FERAL GIVE MEELA A HUGG :3 *pokes meela’s face* POKE WARRRSSS!!! Lol… Hi

  41. Btw I love this comic!! I’m making my own actually, it’s not going to be a online comic.. I think… I might make it into a series on youtube or.. On the tv?? Maybe online I has no idea.. Haha!! Akaraita’s going to flip when she just realizes she’s in the human dimension!! Human body, wolf ears, wolf tail XD and a bow when she gets one, and yes she will have clothes

  42. I read this comic in one day…. So much free time… If you count only 39 min that it 0n0 but I’m used to it •u•

  43. I just realized the huge size difference in the third panel -_-

  44. Ohhh wow. This comic goes with my favorites. I just read the whole archive in one go and I love this comic!!!

  45. I noticed how alot of you are talking about how you’d like them to start talking or something of the sorts.
    but in all honesty, my heart would turn to puddy if Meela just rested her head against his shoulder and then Feral just rested his head on hers and admired the scenery in silence.

  46. i think that feral is trying to be ‘big brother’, but is failing misrebly becuse of his muteness *sigh*

  47. Aww. poor feral.He could write in the … the… um, dirt.


  49. 10/10 best conversation of the year lol but seriously why?????? I wish I could read more (TEARS)

  50. Those two have a LOT to talk about. Except that Feral can’t talk. So… um… I guess they can just listen to Holland talk. He does plenty of that for the both of them. >u<

  51. Omg Strays you NEED to come to Edmonton Expo this fall I desperately want to meet the artists, It would be a dream come true!!!

  52. Lol!
    I really hope she will update again soon, the silence on this page is so deafening I might need to see a doctor please please help

  53. Oh. My. God. Feral, this is what you need to do:
    Pull out a huge sign that says, in big blue leters, ‘Sorry for almost killing you.’
    THEN HUG MEELA!!!!!!!!!

  54. The Firestarter is in his tree. The Firestarter is watching. The Firestarter considers this a good start to mending the relationship.

  55. The Clown Prince of Crime

    Caught up from the start in two days >.< This could totally be a T.V. series

  56. Somehow I still ship Feral and Meela despite their age differences xD it’s like Ib and Garry, I’m sorry!

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