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Even with everything laid out on the table, it's still a mess to sort through.

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  1. Well this is a complete 180 from the last page. Eager to see what’s going on in the next page.

  2. Poor Meela, she looks so exhausted!

  3. Love Hollands almost evil like grin in the fifth panel.

  4. Has… Meela’s mind been erased? She looks like the Feral in bandages we saw some chapters ago…

    1. Meela has reached that angsty stage Feral had.
      Looka da look on ‘er face.

      1. She looks so tired and so defeated. Like she doesn’t understand anything anymore. From the looks of it, it will be a while before she can get used to being around Feral again.

        1. Translation: She’s becoming a teenager.

        2. Now she’s making a list of things to buy from Hot Topic,
          while listening to My Chemical Romance.


  6. That is THE journal she is holding right?!

    1. Nah Yuen’s journal is blue. The one she’s holding is her own

  7. Eeeehhhhhhhh my feels :C too much

  8. Holland is a smart goose. You should listen to him.

  9. Black and white like your hair. (I’m so sorry.)
    Meela looks like she could use a million cups of coffee.
    Feral looks like he’s ready to be more open with Meela.
    Holland is being his typical mother goose self. (Er…swan.)
    They need to hug. Hugs are essential.

    1. hugs are needed for us readers too :P those feels were too much last page and hollands smile in 5th panel looks slightly evil heh

      I need MORE

  10. Aww, i was kinda hoping feral would end up with a new scar lol

  11. Ah the look on Meela’s face. I know that face well. It is the face I make everyday. It’s the face of “what am I doing with my life?”

    1. That sums me up too.

  12. Feel like something was skipped between these page and the previous one

    1. They probably didn’t feel the need to rehash with using a page to sit him down and talk about things the readers already knew.

      1. They are leaving us to trust that the characters know as much as we do? PPPPPFFFT!
        But there is still the mistery of how Ferral is going to remember he’s Yuwen.

    2. Yeah, the jump is a little sudden, but I really didn’t want to waste a page on rehashing everything that’s already been said and I wasn’t sure how else to make the transition.

  13. This is an awesome story I look forward to more. :D

  14. I’m hoping the punchline is that feral is colourblind :P

  15. Does anyone know how many pages are left? ;__;

    1. Six more pages :>

      1. Wat. O.o Only that many are left…B-but nooooo I’m not ready :( But you’ve done a great job with this story Celesse. :) It’s been so much fun reading it. If you release more comics I’ll be reading them in a heartbeat! :D

      2. ;_________;

  16. Does anyone have any idea of how many time has passed between page 374 and page 375? I’m pretty confused because their wounds healed, but Meela has such a disillusioned look on her face… It really makes me wonder…

    1. No more than a few days. It’s mentioned previously in the comic that they can use magic to heal wounds, so that’s not really a good indication of the passage of time here.

  17. Why don’t you just have a page in between where you show the characters being talked to separately and healed (no speech bubbles, or just fragments of conversations), all frames being different times of day/night so that your readers get a sense of time passing and some space being put between Meela and Feral before putting them back next to one another on this page.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been considering going back and adding something like that. The transition didn’t seem as sudden/awkward in the script, but in practice I’m dissatisfied with it.

  18. Aww, Meela….. I wanna give her a hug.

  19. Awkward tension, how exactly does one go about saying “I’m sorry I tried to kill you?”. I love this comic so much, you’re art and story are fantastic!

  20. Am I the only one thinking it looks kinda funny/coincidental to see Holland talking about things not always being black and white . . . I mean, with his white hair and light clothes and Feral’s black hair and dark clothes. ^^;

    Having said that, I’m glad that Meela is still keeping her diary. I’m sure that will help her. And it would help Feral, too, Jyaku. *hint hint* (Hiding it was probably a good idea at first, but I think he’s just about ready for it now.)

  21. Meela is looking quite grumpy. I wonder what’s she’s thinking about.

    1. “Why am I still awake?”

  22. Noooooo it’s almost over… :(

    1. Almost over as in…?

      This volume right? We’re not talking about the series?

      1. Pretty sure it is the comic as a whole. Could be wrong though.

        1. You’re right. This is the last chapter of the last volume . . . sigh.

  23. She don’t look very hally

  24. Yeah, remember what happened to Rorschach? Don’t be like Rorschach.

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