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It's been a long night.

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  1. :D The anticipation was killing me

  2. Time for kisses and healing

  3. Get in here everyone…it’s HUG TIME!

    1. Can I have a hug too? This just killed me TT~TT

    2. Huuuuuuugs!

    3. Mal like hugs. Mal hugs everyone, then everyone becomes part of Mal.

      1. I don’t want hugs anymore… TT_TT

      2. AAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD then theres THIS guy!

    4. i needs the hugs T.T this page the feels are real wheres that bus?

      1. Don’t know but I need it! That first panel blew my hearts to shreds with happiness, sadness, and a bunch of other stuff. Behold, the “feels grenade!”

        1. The feels grenade; being tested on innocent readers as a means to create tears.

  4. I hope you remembered to grab Meela’s hat, Feral. Or there’ll be Hell to pay. :P

  5. Well, it’s a good sign that he’s bringing her with him. He can’t be that mad with her.
    Hopefully Jyaku is now ready to give Feral a more…detailed explanation, while Holland goes all “Mother goose” on Meela ^^

  6. *DIES*

  7. Meela ^w^ *hugs everyone*

  8. I can’t tell if it’s the lighting or not, but Feral’s eye is not red, it’s gold now.

    1. It’s the lighting. Sunrises tend to do that. His eye actually looks more pink than anything to me, so there’s also the matter of your screen’s settings, which might be a bit different from mine and/or the authors’. :)

    2. I’ll wait for a close-up on his face to be sure; but, I gonna say, it looks gold-colored to me.

    3. I agree it’s gold colored for me too. :) I was thinking the same. We’ll see if it’s still red soon.

      1. I only see red

        1. For me it is more of a bronze then anything so it is probably the sunset

        2. SunRISE… Stupid auto correct xP

    4. It’s just the morning lighting. His eye has not changed to gold.

  9. awwww ^u^ time for hugs and stuff

  10. This comic is superior. I shall add it to my collection of favorite comics.

    1. Looks like I beat you to the punch, Shitler. I already own the first two volumes.

      1. FEGELEIN!!!


    And it’s about time they all talked properly! Thank you Jyaku! (I’m apparently one of the very few that does NOT hold his choices against him or in any way blame him for Meela’s flight, which was entirely over the fact that Mal had killed her family, which he told her himself, which therefore has no relation whatsoever to anything Jyaku said. Yes, he encouraged her to go, but she wouldn’t have left just because he told her to if she didn’t actually want to leave.)

    1. Don’t worry, I never blamed Jyaku either. I wouldn’t have handled this situation the way he did, but I’m Mr. Blabbermouth-talk-out-your-problems so, but I understood why he’d handle it the way he chose too and how it would seem like the way to go.

      1. Me neither, I mean, I never blamed Jyaku. He had some tough choices to make and I like the fact that he sticks to them.

        1. Yay! I’m not alone! We three should form a Jyaku support club. :P

        2. I’ll join!

  12. so far i just didnt understand why does the horned guy is caring. I mean, hes like helping them all but what he gets from it?

    1. Jyaku feels partially responsible for what happened to Feral in regards to his fusion with Malkar. I think it’s safe to say now that after years of caring for him and taking on a sort of fatherly role he also cares about him and doesn’t want him or anyone he loves to get hurt.

    2. LicianDragon is correct, he originally had a sense of obligation for Feral’s well-being after the unfortunate incident with Malkar and it blossomed into a sort of fatherly affection over the years.

  13. First of all, luni, he may just be very caring, and like’s to HELP his old pupil. Ever thought of that? And second of all~I think it’s just so cute that Feral didn’t kill her. It just proves when it comes to friendships, he’s a loyal friend… And he’s so friggin’ CUUUUUTE!!!!! Does anyone agree?

    1. Aw, it’s clear to me that Feral has always been kinda sweet on kids. It’s adorable. I NEED to see the solution play out!!!

  14. I kind of laughed for thirty minuets about how deer dude asked “What happened.”

    1. Hm, not sure what’s so funny about that, given the state both Feral and Meela are in, it’s a legitimate question (and the deer dude’s name is Jyaku, by the way ;) I was rather marvelling at Holland’s questions whether Feral or Meela are okay. I mean, do they LOOK okay to you, Holland?

      1. I laughed because, as the awful person I am, I highly doubt feral will be able to tell them.

        Ah! I haven’t seen his name around much so it was not stored away to long term. Thanks :)

    2. Actually, that’s just Holland speaking in that panel. I need to fix the word bubbles OTL

  15. i’m not crying, you’re crying

    1. How did you know? T,T

  16. It’s probably just the lighting, but his cursed eye looks gold here. It’s a good look for him, lol.

  17. I feel so bad for them. <3 Want the next page so bad.

  18. Awww my heart :<

  19. love this page!

  20. I’m just waiting for Holland to tell Jyaku “I told you so!”

  21. I really want to cry! May I join the ACF?

    1. *sits in ACF* I am at a total loss of words…. This is just……. Wow

    2. i’m happy and sad at the same time…

      1. Same.
        The final update will have me in tears in a few weeks.

  22. Heh so that chuff sound was a limping sound, thought as much. Jyaku, you got some ‘splaining to do!

  23. I held my breath when I clicked the link for the page. *breathes out*
    ;_; the end is near…

  24. Aroara Nightshade

    Does anyone still see she has on her brother’s bracelet!? Remember what she said about it!? I was with Lara, only I closed my eyes when I hit the link… and held my breath.

  25. I love this! I hate the suspense, but I love that everyone is caring about them.
    No sharks, Jyaku. Of course there’s much to discuss.
    Y’all are doing great this chapter, holy cheese nuggets.

  26. can’t wait for next friday! Glad that everything is FINALLY getting resolved lol.

  27. *squeals* Oh! YEA! Happiness and flowers! Feral is carrying Meela! And I bet if Holland had tried to take her Feral would have bit him, he looks sorta protective at the moment. And finally! Talkies. Good.

  28. Binge reading the comic… For the fifth time. Only to be disappointed when a new page has not miraculously appeared at the end. GOD THE FEELSSSSS.

  29. How many pages are left? ;___________;

  30. That first panel reminds me of the last chapter of Tokyo Ghoul A, the FEELS!


  32. Iknew the chuffing noise was feral. It HAD to be! ;))

  33. Feral forgives and forgets… most of the time, Caprine!

  34. I was so busy this weekend I just got to check this, haha. Also, did anyone else feel a bit awkward when Jyaku said “much to discuss”? I mean, Feral cannot discuss much… (No offense, mutes. YOU RULE!) Also, please do not comment back with explanations, I get it all.

  35. what happened? oh. well uh, we uh, just tried to kill eachother? ….but it’s cool………. cuz we didn’t …………….so we’re cool now. yep

  36. This comic is wonderful :DD I kept finding it here an there an I still love it. The artwork and detail is exquisite. Also yeay Feral didn’t kill meena gladly!!

  37. I have been read8ng thiscomic over thelast few years… I have laughed… I have cried… then was away for over a year… IJust now am caught up and this is the first time IAM evercommenting. This is by and large one of the best comics I have ever read! It has all the right stuffs… and like any good story that has any meaning at all I will be sad to see it end.

  38. Is Meela going to be alright? I don’t think I can keep reading if my little flint-and-steel doesn’t survive.

  39. I love Holland *-*

  40. It hasn’t just been a long night. It’s been a long 24-48 hours for these guys. (And a long couple months for us readers!) First Meela runs away and transforms when Korin attacks, then she wakes up the next morning and the panther attacks their camp, which causes Mal to be released, which causes Meela to run away again, which causes Feral to run after her and then they fight. That’s a lot of mental and physical trauma for Feral and Meela in a very short time…. how are they not dead?

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