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Took you two long enough.

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  1. Omg I’m finally first!
    Love this page btw :3

    1. An animal “chuff” is usually like a “hello”. My dogs do it all the time when one approaches or they see me.

  2. Whats means the “Chuff” sound in english? ;W;

    1. It sounds maybe like a boot hitting a dirt road. The sound of the grains being hit roughly with the toe. :0 That make sense?

    2. A chuff is a sound effect for the sorta breathy/puffing sound animals make. If you look up ‘Animal Chuffing’ online, you can find examples of the actual sound.

      You can try it yourself too! Make a soft ‘p’ sound like how you would say ‘paw’, and that is a human sounding chuff.

      1. And Alurnite is right, it can also be a sort of boot scuff sound that a person’s foot would make on a dirt road! I bet it would be much closer to that!

        My mind just instantly jumped to animals, because, hey, they shift shapes. >.<*

        1. Kimberly Martin

          My mind went to an animal chuff as well. Since feral can’t speak it might be a noise he can make. It’s a warning noise, or with humans it’s kind of a frustration/annoyance noise

        2. Depends on the animal. With tigers it’s also a friendly greeting.

    3. Could be a chuff-like animal sound or it COULD be someone shoveling dirt. He looks lawfully alarmed

  3. Mommy and Daddy are fighting again…

    1. Aren’t they ALWAYS fighting?

  4. Its almost over…..

  5. I like the bird. I think it’s telling them what it can see.

  6. Ahh! This is colourful! After all the dark, drab pages, I was not expecting this colourful, happy page. It is a good change though.

    *Crawls into the AFC corner* Meeting time~! I bring Doritos.

    1. I bring Mountain Dew!

    2. I bring my tears

      1. I bring books, and fluffy pillows! *sits in ACF* I can’t wait for a new page!!!!!!!

      2. its a good thing I have the tissues ready



  8. Nanabozho (le Grand Lapin)

    Someone is angry!…

  9. Aww…Jyaku’s showing some serious concern. Poor Holland, though.

  10. Taking bets that it’s Feral carrying her, even though he’s flippin exhausted.

    1. I second that!

      1. I’ll third

        1. 4th that

        2. Fifth it, and add that he’s limping from when she chomped on his foot, unless he used healing magic. I don’t think we’ve ever actually seen him use healing magic, though, so I’m leaning heavily towards him limping. :3

  11. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Ah. Holland was eventually right, but Jyaku was nearly right. They both have a tentative grasp on who Feral is.

  12. And what were they doing all this time, I wonder… (P. S. I’m an uncurable slasher.)

    1. Arguing ;)

    i honeslty feel so bad for holland, and Im so scared that none of them, especially him, won’t go back to normal. no more good holly-butt, he’ll be serious and empty and I will cry, honest to god, i will sob and cry.

  14. Damn what a cliffhanger!!! O_O Oooh I can’t WAIT until next week >.<

  15. Well, they sure did take their sweet time.

  16. Maybe the bird is a person, and Holland recognised them? (random)

    Probably Feral carrying Meela X’3

    1. I agree that it’s probably Feral carrying Meela. And limping, probably. :D

      The question is, is Meela awake and just gave up fighting? Or is she finally too exhausted to argue the point? *waits on edge of seat*

  17. They should have a scene of Feral and Meela snuggling in theit wolf forms before this comic ends!

    1. *flails* This would make the perfect vote incentive! It would make us all feel so much better after all this drama, too.

      *insert shiny eyes here*

  18. AHHHHHHH FINALLY CAUGHT UP! Dang I love this comic!!!

  19. Is it just me or does everyone think Jyaku’s cute?

  20. i… whereeverwewereinplaces’th it.

  21. about feral carrying meela.

  22. And the triumphant return. Right?

  23. So here I am in my tree, and I’m anxious to find out if Feral is carrying her or not.

  24. Ya ya ya ya ya!!!!!

    What will happen next!?!?!?!?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  25. Dude, why no update yet? I wanna know what they see…. Dude, friggin’ Feral’s face

    1. Updates are every Friday depending on what is happening in the authors’ lives

  26. When I first started reading this, I just kind of skimmed it, not reading the text, and thought Jyaku and Holland were two bad guys trying to catch up with Meela and Feral. Shows how much *I* knew.

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