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Life just isn't easy. Second page for this week.

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  1. *flails even harder*


    I can’t even. But yes. He didn’t kill her.

    AFC meeting? I brought cupcakes…!

    1. I’ll sit here with you while i cry and knit my blanket….

    2. i’ve got enough pillows and chocolate for everyone.

    3. Of course he couldn’t kill her. She’s an adorable little bloodthirsty demon wolf, even when rampaging. Though really, we know she knows Feral knows that she doesn’t really blame Feral for what happened to her parents. So she really wasn’t rampaging and all crazy there, as was noted. And we know that Feral knows this too. She was just upset, and testing him. Because the situation sucks for her – “best friend murdered my family while possessed by his evil bestie whose soul is locked inside him and occasionally takes over”, and all. My interpretation of the last panel is Feral being all like “God#@$!$# Mal, you’re the reason why we can’t have nice things”, regarding the general state of his life.

      1. That was very wise. Sits in AFC corner hugging chocolate smelling lazer cats.

        1. The feels are strong with this one. I know I’m late to the party so I brought churros, a truck full of Wii U’s and a splatoon game for everyone

      2. XD Just so you know I enjoyed your entire comment. lol It was just great. :D

    4. I’m new in the comment section, can I join the AFC? I’ll have to pick up all the pieces of my broken heart after T.T I brought ice cream!

      1. Anyone can join, all you need to do is comment. *curls into ball* this literally has me crying tears of sadness for the situation, joy for the sparing of Meela’s life, anger cause I hate Mal for ruining their relationship, and turmoil cause we are nearing the end of the comic. The writers are TOO amazing! Now wait for next Friday!!! *pulls out sugar free homemade peanut butter cups*

        1. The Firestarter

          Here I am, sitting in my tree, and what the hell do you mean end of the comic?

        2. This is the last chapter *tears*

    5. What is AFC?

      1. Alliance of the Corner of the Feels

        1. Well we definitely have plenty of feels. *cries in the corner* it’s so sad and sweet and how can a comic have this many feels at once T.T

      2. I second that.

    6. -sets up residence in the ACF- this is my home, I just have never known it.

  2. I just can’t handle these feels..

  3. na;ihweopha;lnsdnfnoitiohwhhedebnnfoiosawhhfnanhbd

    Feral you were going to kill her! And here I thought you were just trying to communicate to her that you weren’t!

  4. YES! Thank you guys for doing a double update! Can you imagine the torment of being stuck on the last page for a week? Aww, poor Meela and Feral, though..

    1. Oh mah gosh you’re right X3 I would have cried so hard. Thank you oh wise and generous comic creators.

      1. And it’s not even Christmas!

  5. I actually want him to stab her though…it would’ve been funny to see his reaction when he finally calmed down.

    Plus it would’ve added to the feels factor.

    1. I don’t think it would have been funny, but as a lover of tragedy it would have been really nice.

  6. Wehhhhh heh hehhh…

    The build-up of emotional tension is making my heart ache. Thank you for the double update this week!

    Also, question: Has Meela fainted, or is she turning her face away (resolving herself to fate)?

    1. The latter. She’s giving in to whatever happens. (She’s also exhausted and dizzy, lol)

      1. Yeeeeeah, that’s not clear. I wasn’t sure if she fainted or is looking away either.

        1. It can be either way, really. She’s ready to pass out as well. Maybe I’ll go back and open her eyes slightly or something.

      2. Oh. Well, that messes up the prediction I made to my friend. I thought she passed out and was going to have a dream-thing about Yuen, aka Feral.

      3. Might look a bit less like she fainted if she had her mouth closed. That’s just me though!

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Good man, Feral! You did the right thing!
    That last panel though. It is absolutely beautiful. The agony in his posture…. These last two pages are incredibly gorgeous. All the tension and indecision. Perfectly illustrated.

  8. Yay! Feral’s love for Meela is stronger than his hate for demons. This is good…. right? o_O

    1. She’s better for him than she is bad because The Power of LOOOVE!

      1. No quoting Harry Potter!

  9. Omg I’ve missed so much I had to back track… Can’t belive its finally happened! What now??

  10. Oh wow, look at them. They are both just absolutly destroyed. Meela in the last panel in the page before and Feral in the last panel here. Like, they have nothing now and they’ve lost so much and they tried to kill each other. Even after they are all they have left they are reduced to that becuase of grief (Meela) and what they’ve been forced to become (Feral).

  11. As hard as it is, he really has overcome a lot of the condition he was in shortly after the sealing of Malkar. Man I still can’t get over the expressions on this page. Although getting a lot of that energy and feelings out, hopefully something good will turn out in the end. And good as in something happy, even if it is something where they part, it would be a much better than them dying. ;-;
    Either way this comic really threw me in all kinds of emotional directions. xD

  12. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

  13. Excuse me while I sit alone managing my maternal hugging reflexes…. I need to go comfort something… that is once I’m done reinforcing the cracks in my heart.

  14. I feel a need to hug them both!

  15. Trees+Owlz+Books = Peace

    The FEEEEEEEELZ they burn!!!!!!!!

  16. Awwww! That picture is so sad but it just makes me so happy! Feral loves Meela after all!!! X3

  17. Gaaaaaah!! Oh, poor babies!! Oh, Feral!! TT^TT That last panel makes me want to weep! I’m so glad for the double update! Can you imagine what our reactions would’ve been if you’d left it a week on that last page?

  18. Gyaaah! I only wish Feral is tearing through his anger in that 2nd panel! Even more feels!!

  19. Poor Mal. So close to getting his brother to turn into Darth Vader and be his new apprentice. But he still trapped in Anakin. At least it’s not Jar Jar. ;P

  20. If she’d kept resisting him, it would have been easier, but when she looked up at him with those sad, tired eyes and just gave up after seeing the knife in his other hand, going limp and soft as he held her down, she looked just like Meela. If she kept fighting, he’d have been able to focus on killing the demon wolf, the threat.

    Not the cub who had latched onto him in order to stay alive.

    1. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for clarifying that up for us!

    2. This makes me feel so much better. quq

      I didn’t think of it like that! :’D//

    3. Has anyone ever told you you are brilliant. That was just poetry right there. that understanding of what’s going on would put so many critics and analysts to shame. X3 hats off to you Fern, the universe now makes sense.

  21. Yeah, drip your blood all over her. Way to go.
    Also, tears or sweat?

  22. I really love these two updates! I feel like they show a lot about each character!
    He can’t kill her, and she’s given up.
    Like, woah.

  23. brb crying

  24. …intense…

    That was intense. I guess an explanation is in order?

  25. Thats somehow disappointing. But I cant explain why >.>

  26. Is it ironic that I dreamed about being a werewolf last night? I was in a pack but no one had ever told me what we were… until I accidentally discovered everyone’s secret, and then the wolf queen commanded that I die, and so I got attacked, but I somehow managed to transform without knowing I could and escape (this was all part of some larger saga that I don’t remember). Sometime after I woke up I remembered that Strays updates today! Yay!

    Thanks for the double update!

  27. Ah, so heartbreaking! Poor babies, they have a lot of pain to sort through.
    I love how the knife shines bright in the last page but grows dimmer as he loses his resolve. Really powerful imagery!

  28. Thank you so much for the double update. It really helped the pace of the story. How long until Strays comes to an end? It’s coming close, isn’t it?

    1. We’ve got about 10 more pages to go.

      1. Thank you. I will enjoy each one.

      2. What, just 10 pages left? I just discovered it (and binged it in a single session) and now it’s going to end? Nooooooo!

        Great comic, by the way. I can’t wait for next week.

        1. That’s exactly how I feel! I just happen to find it and enjoyed it so much I read the entire thing right away. Man, it just feels to soon for it to end. this is by far one of the best comics I have ever had the chance to read. I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next update!

      3. Hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking.

  29. The wandering raven

    I really, really love this comic. I always can’t wait until the next week and I get to see a new chapter. This web comic is amazing in both plot and graphic design. Brilliant job! I can’t wait to see what happens next… I hope they can work things out.

  30. Wow. I just screamed “Ha, now you know what you hath done!” to my laptop screen.

    1. Also, has anyone else gone back to the first time we saw these characters and seen how much the art has changed?

  31. Thank you so much for the double update *sobs with joy*

  32. How dare you even try, Feral

  33. Feral's Anger Issues

    I kind of wanted him to stab her. I just love tragedy so much. And to see his reaction after would’ve been hella sad yo

  34. Wow how much more can happen in ten more pages…it seems all this bad stuff has happened in like two or three days, just one big spiral into angst ridden feels

  35. Tears… tears every where now. :'(

  36. so you when the chapter is over done with these guys or just this comic and going to use then in another please say the second

    1. I’m afraid when we’ve finished this comic we’ll be moving on from this world and these characters. Not to say that we won’t ever return, but there are no solid plans at the moment.

  37. Why is no one dead?! D:
    The bounty hunter effectively serial killer just had to puss out now…

  38. The utter despair in that last panel makes me want to cry. ;_;

    Well done, authors. Well done. Even though I’m going to be very sad when this is all over and probably will read the whole thing over again just because (and almost certainly buy all three volumes in print), but I am nonetheless looking forward to seeing how all this ends.


  39. Looks from Meela to Feral, and back again. Walks over to Feral. *Sits down*
    *Wraps arms around Feral’s shoulders*

    It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.You’ll work it out

  40. You gals sure do love that foreground tree silhouette :P not that it’s a bad thing, it looks awesome.

    The dark fantasy fan in me almost wanted to see a crazy plot twist where Meela kills Feral and thus Malkar, getting her revenge but then also blood on her own hands… The setup in the last page basically screamed that it wasn’t going to happen, but still.

    Can’t wait to see how you two wrap this up. Will be sad to see it end.

  41. Btw for all comic creators I have a question: how the heck has Meela gained mastery over her demon wolf form? Last time she transformed she had barely any control over it and bit a guys arm off. Also there was that old man. That old man who didn’t kill his wife. What was he about?

  42. I’m very sorry my previous comment sounds so rude. I just feel like those two things are a little like loose ends in an otherwise perfect plot line. I don’t know how the authors are going to tie up the old man, Meela’s dream ability, Malkar, and everyone’s torn relationships in 10 pages but I can’t wait to see it happen!!!

    1. It’s fine, it’s true that there are some things we aren’t going to wrap up as tidily as possible.

      Meela’s “crazy” demon wolf transformation was a one-time thing as it came to fruition. All subsequent transformations won’t be as wild, out of control and overly powerful as the “coming out” one was.

      The old man’s role in the past wasn’t as important as his role in the present and was more of a side story. We couldn’t find an elegant way to wrap that up, so that will unfortunately just have to be an annoying dangling piece of thread.

      As for Meela’s dream ability, Malkar, Feral’s past and everyone’s relationships with each other, well, those aren’t the focus of the story ;) The focus is Feral and Meela and how they relate to each other. We’re not solving everybody’s problems, we’re showing how they cope with them. I hope it’s satisfactory!

      1. But those things, the man and his wife, Meela and her dreaming ability, as well as Piper, Feral, Malkar, and Holland were some of the most interesting things in the story, in my opinion. The mystery behind those things and hope to find those out were what led me to read through your comic.

        To be honest finding out they won’t be addressed is a bit of a disappointment to me. I will continue reading on, but I still secretly hope you will find it in you to address these curious interesting plot points in a future draft. I can hope, anyway.

      2. Honestly, I don’t mind these things not being addressed. I feel like we’ve gotten enough information throughout this comic to be able to guess or at least give some sort of theory behind the old man, the dreaming ability, etc… I tend to enjoy a little bit being left out because then we get to imagine it however we want to. Sure, it’d be nice to know the real side, but if we’re not going to get one, why not make up our own?

        That’s just my view though. A bit of mystery allows the reader to decide things on their own. That’s how I write my stories, and that’s how I like to read my stories. When authors go too in-dept on how a person looks, I tend to ignore half of it and decide how I think they should look. So, I tend to be a bit more vague about my descriptions. I’ll enjoy coming up with my own hypothesis about Feral’s past and Meela’s dreaming abilities. :3

      3. Trees+Owlz+Books=Peace

        Thank you! :D

  43. Wow, that’s a lot to wrap up in 10 pages. Did Piper just disappear off the face of the earth? Is Feral going to remember who he is? o.o I guess we’ll find out.

    1. Piper was never really as major of a player as the original duo (trio? If you count Holland). Meela mentioned a while back that she comes and goes. But yes, we decided to focus mainly on Feral and Meela for the final chapter, so Piper isn’t going to get any kind of wrap up (not that she needs one, she has no outstanding issues).

      1. Petition for Piper side story of her hijinks of being a ridiculous thief!

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          I second this motion!

  44. But why is it being ended with so many loose ends again? Kinda a downer with a the work you’ve put into it…

    1. Aw, come now! Just up above it was said that there are still approx. 10 pages left before the story’s actually over – there’s plenty of resolution that can happen in 10 pages! And besides that, just because THIS story, the one we’re being told, will be over, it doesn’t mean the CHARACTERS’ story is over, even if we don’t necessarily see it. If the major arcs and conflicts of this story are resolved, then the rest is just detail that built the world. The work that went into it didn’t go to waste; it told the story!

      1. True :] 10 pages can only do so much, though. However, I did enjoy the overall story. Just wish the smaller questions could have been answered like previously planned before they decided to cut it short.

        1. Ten pages is plenty of time to wrap up with Feral and Meela. And we didn’t cut the story that short, we just removed some extra random adventures that weren’t really essential.

          If we wanted to sort out all issues until everybody was returned to a standard person’s status quo, this comic would never end. Readers might enjoy that, but we’re ready to move on ;) Things like Malkar or Meela’s dual nature are just elements of the story, not problems to be solved. The core of the story has always been Feral and Meela’s relationship.

        2. But we are getting so near to an excellent opportunity for a new unique plotline. Explore how these events have affected what once was a cute hyper spunky loudmouthed young girl. Has she gone completely dark and sullen? Does her mood vary from serious to crazy ( in a classic meela sort of way)?
          What of feral? Is he so ashamed that he avoids her as much as possible? Later on as things slowly improve, how would he react to meela finding a handsome young lupian?(which could open up some very interesting plot twists)
          It would be interesting to see some more of the largely unexplored world of meoly.
          Or a elven demonn hunter coming after the both of them.

          I know you guys need a well earned break, And now is a good time for a break. But I feel the comic is just reaching its prime rather than stagnation.

          Either way, enjoy your break. Recover. If you guys choose to come back for another volume, I’ll be here waiting.

          * walks over to acf* “pizza rolls?”

        3. Yeah, I sympathize being ready to move on, I’ve done that a ton with writing.
          Does this mean since we /were/ gonna find out, that the smaller answers will at least be provided when you both finish? Also, you said ready to move on, do you have another comic in the making? I’m interested.

        4. We realize there is still a lot of potential with the characters and the world, but after 8 years of doing this we’d like to try something new. Both of us have rough ideas for new comics in new settings, and maybe after a long enough break we’ll return to Meoley :)

          And we plan to host a Q&A at the end of the comic where we’ll answer questions and clear up any loose ends. We’ll likely hold onto some of the bigger mysteries in case we do come back to this setting, though.

  45. ouch that last panel. ouuuch

  46. I’m going to be so sad when this comic is over. It is definitely one of my favorites.

    1. i doubt it’s going to be over any time soon.
      seems to me like its still in the opening arcs.

      1. No, they said there is only ~10 pages left.

  47. So, once this webcomic comes to an end, are you guys taking a small break/hiatus before starting new comics?

  48. Agh! I can’t take this waiting!

    Does anyone know of any other comics this good that I can alternate with?

    1. Have you heard of A Redtail’s Dream? It’s a beautifully illustrated webcomic! It’s been completed so it won’t hold you over for long but it’s one of my favorite stories!

  49. Yes! I love that comic! I have the novel!

    1. OMG you have a hard copy of it??? SO JEALOUS! I couldn’t afford one before and I haven’t heard of her selling more copies since! =(

  50. In my username is one of the characters! Tuomi is the teenage brat who hypnotizes people with his music.

  51. I enjoy so much of this comic. The details, the colors. The characters.

  52. Everyone complaining needs to get over themselves. The story is ending. Deal with it rather than being whiney and arguing against it. It’s kinda rude.

    Anywho, I really enjoyed reading this. The story was great and the art is simply beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to work on next. I’ll always be supportive of both of these fantastic artists! <3

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s rude – some people like things to be tied up a little more neatly, with no loose ends, so they got disappointed that Strays is ending at this point in the storyline. Also, a lot of people (myself included) are really attached to the world in this comic and wanted to see more of it before having to let it go. That’s completely reasonable, and no one needs to “get over themselves”.

      That’s not to say that I don’t understand the reasoning behind ending the comic here – I can see why and fully support that, no matter how I feel about it. Plus, I think that we all read this amazing comic because we enjoy it, so if the one criticism is that we don’t want it to end, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing at all!

      1. Oh of course. I wouldn’t want it to end either. Maybe I read the other comments in a different way.
        Critisism is a fine thing, but I couldn’t help but see it as whiney arguing rather than constructive critizing. Not all the comments of course. Just some.

  53. its ok! My sister bought it for me for my birthday!

  54. I was so happy, I almost cried. I have read it, like, a million times. Still laugh at the funny bits, just because her facial expressions she draws is awesome!

  55. Which also goes for Strays, too!

  56. i just started reading this today around 6 pm and have gotten to the end already and am sitting here wishing there was another 400 or so pages to go thru.

  57. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this chapter plays out! This is the absolute best webcomic I have ever read and I’ll be very sad when this last chapter ends… But I’ll be buying all three books for my birthday! >:3

  58. I was wondering: on what program do the comic creators create this artwork on?

    1. Check their FAQ

  59. I’ve never had a webcomic break my heart so thoroughly!!

  60. Woooaahhh, feral… I LOVE HER DEMON WOLF FORM!!! Gets camera ready, MUST TAKE PICTURRREEEE XD

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