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Now he's got a real fight on his hands.

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  1. Meela! D: Nooooo! This isn’t how I thought the encounter would go at all… >_<

    1. Way to late for hugs, by the way.

    2. This could have been avoided if Feral just said “Nah, Meela, you cool”.
      Damn you, mute-ness.

  2. Well there go my heartstrings.

    1. Meet you in the ACF corner with stuffed animals and icecream. ::hugs::

      1. Do you happen to have sherbet as well?

      2. what does acf mean? D:

        1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Alliance of the Corner of the the Feels

    2. I can bring some cookies and blankets

  3. Well, this is gonna make reconciliation just a tad harder for him.
    *cries internally*

  4. Oh babies, noooooo!!

  5. Called it.

  6. nooo meela you went demon wolf! i hope feral can come and get her to calm down

  7. Because the tattoo changed, i was slightly terrified it was gone for a second. D:

    1. That would be so bad… :(

  8. Congratulations to the writer – I honestly have no idea how this is going to play out.

    Will Mal re-emerge? Will Feral be able to defuse the situation somehow? Will someone else come along and interrupt? Will Meela wear herself out and calm down? Will this all end rather more tragically than I ever thought it would? I have no idea what to expect!

    1. Find out, in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

      1. Dragon, Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z!

        1. I love all of you.

  9. feral may have to do wolf mode too. i can’t see him doing well in a fight against a demon wolf without it. lol

  10. Deer man needs to help them! Or somehow Meela’s mom appears and stops em

    1. This is what I’m hoping for, not likely but still.

    2. Nope. He needs to stop helping. He caused this mess to begin with.

    3. Actually the mom would attack Meela not knowing it was her daughter. Or she uses a relic to make Meela remember herself. Because the dad had relics the suppress his demonic features.

      1. I would really like to see Meela’s mom or at least get some kind of closure on her disappearance. I have a tough time believe, though, she wouldn’t recognize her. Meela has pretty distinguishable facial features and I’m sure her mom would have a clue she’s part-demon (and probably doesn’t hunt them anymore anyhow).

  11. the eye the red eye noooooooo

  12. I hate it when I’m right.
    Now control Mal!
    (Even though you probably won’t be able to…)

  13. Woah! I thought this was going to be a heart to heart talk (sign/gesture?). But NOPE instead it’s a giant demon wolf. I mean seriously, does she want to see Malkar again?

  14. Well that escalated quickly;;

  15. All I could say is,

    “BAD MEELA!! BAD MAL!! HEEL!! >8|”

  16. MEELA NO!!! You’re supposed to hug and make everything alright!! Come on… You’re hugging him wrong Meela…. :(

  17. Maybe she’s trying to provoke Mal? Looks like it’s working, his demon eye is twinkling.

  18. I feel like somehow Piper needs to come in and beat them both up, then drag them by the ears back to camp telling them how bad they’ve been xD

  19. OMG….That log, it’s so perfectly cut.

  20. Try to hug this puppy, Feral! It still might work!

  21. I have a terrible feeling that one of them will end up dead when this comic ends :(

  22. Oh boy this is not how I seen this going down but I gauss this is what was ment by them not being good for one another

  23. Omg…. So scared.. *goes to the corner* I can’t wait that long….*rocks back and forth*

    1. ::puts blanket around emireled fox, and builds a pillow fort with room for all::

    2. *hands emireled fox and not me a Meela and Feral plush* I brought plushies, but the feels… too much… *hugs plushies closer*

  24. WHY!?! TOO MANY FEELS!!!!!!!!! *curls in ACF corner* If this wasn’t the last chapter, I wouldn’t be worried about one of them getting a death injury… Too many feels…….

    1. I know, anyone one of them could be killed any moment… we need to build a time machine already.

      1. Exactly!!!

  25. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela, no! Stop this! You don’t want Mal to come back. You can’t fight him. And even if you kill him, you kill Feral, and deep down you KNOW that you don’t want to do that. No matter how mad and confused and hurt you are right now. Feral IS your family now….. If you kill him, you will just lose someone else you care about.
    Feral, CONTROL MAL! You have to do it. You can’t let him break free again, because if he does, you may never come back. I don’t think Jyaku has the strength to seal him again so soon. Just don’t fight back. Survive and wait for Meela to calm down. If you fight, you will probably both die…
    Agh, this comic is so beautiful and so many feels! I love it. It keeps me on my toes. I never quite know what is going to happen next. And the art is beautiful.

    1. I, personally, don’t think Meela will kill Feral, or Mal if he comes back out again. Like you said, Feral is family now, but then again, she may have cast him out of that circle, since he “killed” Meela’s father and brother, who were her “true” family. (But I really hope not)
      As for Feral, I don’t think Meela will be able to awaken him again, for two reasons. One, I don’t think she has enough demon power (that she will direct towards Feral), to awaken Mal. Second, Mal was hurt by Jyaku and may be weakened by him also, but I don’t know that for sure.
      Also, I think he is smart enough not to fight back, or if he does, just to protect himself, but not hurting Meela more than he needs to. I agree with everything you last few sentences are saying.

  26. I remember when Meela was saying how big Feral’s wolf form was…*sniff* our little girl is growing up!


  28. You’re not going to be able to take on a guy who can snap a tree in half with one hand Meela. Now how will this turn out I wonder, Feral can’t talk Meela out of it so huh, I wonder…

  29. Remember when we were all afraid that Feral was going to attack Meela, not the other way around?

  30. Great move to stop a canine attack…the problem is she has big@ass claws to go with the jaws and can probably rip him apart like a bear. Wonder if she will know to use them since she’s used to being just a wolf? This seems like a very different attack than last time as she seems to have changed deliberately.

    1. She’s not used to this wolf form, so she hasn’t tried out the claws yet. All she knows is bite, bite, bite. But she’ll figure it out pretty quickly if Feral doesn’t do something fast.

      1. Wait, does she have different wolf forms, or is the old wolf form just gone now? I assume if it’s like her horns then it’s a permanent change, but then the form change thing is magic, so…

        1. The old wolf form is gone unless she can get her hands on some artifacts that would suppress her demon features (like her dad had).

        2. Oh, cool! That’s neat his artifacts worked in wolf form, too. How did they stay on, though?

        3. The same way his clothes do, I guess XD;; MAGIC???

      2. Aha! I thought so. I bet those claws can rip through steel!

  31. Is it bad that I’m kinda proud of Meela right now? Not a “go beat up Feral” proud more of a “Look how much you’ve grown” proud. At the beginning of the comic, if she had gotten in a fight with Feral she would have gotten her tail handed to her. Now it looks like she can do at least a better job of holding her own, even if I still think Feral is the better fighter.

  32. Nooo Meele ;^; You musn’t fight Feral!


  34. Cute, Meela. Real cute. But Feral`s way too badass to get taken down by you.

    Kind of completely on Feral`s side. Sorry, Meela.

  35. Meela, I thought you said Feral was the monster, not you…You might want to think about that statement for a second.

  36. Am I the only one who Meela’s demon wolf form reminds me of the Gamork from NeverEnding Story?

  37. There is entirely too much of snarling and way too little hugging.
    I expect management to rectify this gross error post-haste.

    1. Clean up in aisle 366

      1. Hello management. Hope this mess gets cleaned up before I die of sadness :3

  38. Damn it, Meela! You’re spoiling it! You’re spoiling everything!!
    Those two need to stop fighting (merely Meela, Feral just wanted to… “talk”) and START HUGGING ASAP!!

  39. Also, now that I think about it, why is Meela angry? I mean, sure Feral killed her family (it was actually Malkar – and Meela knows that) but why is she angry NOW? Why didn’t she get mad before? When Jyaku told her the truth, she seemed more sad that she had to leave rather than angry at Feral. So what happened now??

    1. Because she wants to be left alone, and he wont leave her alone.

    2. Because Feral was the one who stalked down her father to begin with and he would have willingly killed him on his own (without Malkar) if he didn’t see the kids. She may not have been angry before, but I’m sure once the fear and shock gave way, her heart filled with rage.

  40. Good. Kill him.

    1. Curse. You. O-O
      Feral cannot die.
      And the reason Meela only feels anger right now is because she is going through the five stages of grief all over again. The first step is denial, but she can pretty much go through that step quickly because she’s known her family to be dead for years now and she just has to comprehend that the person she trusts most in the world had a large part in running her life. The second stage is anger which she is currently going through. We can tell she just vaguely comprehends that the whole Feral/Malkar thing because she still blames Feral for everything that’s happened to her Family even though he is almost completely blameless and understands not a thing that’s going on.

      1. Sorry for my previous message. I was not cursing the writers, they are amazing people. I was cursing the foolish commenter who said that Feral should die. Cause that was stupid. Especially in front of a mob of crying fans. :3

        1. ^^ I agree with above two messages. *Throws pillow at Nat’s head* Evil!

        2. Hello Holly Kit, Fuschia.
          I am expressing the fact that this scene has no emotional impact for me. The only thing that could rouse me from my saccharine-induced coma is for something wildly off script to happen. There are no stakes. The probability of Feral or Meela being seriously hurt or killed is as close to zero as can be. Most likely, this scene will evolve into a “touching” heart-to-heart between our two leads. I am not being a ‘hater’ or an ‘evil person.’ I am being critical of a story that I enjoy, and that I KNOW can be better than cheap cathartic scenes that pander to an audience that throws pillows around in the comment section. That being said, I welcome any intelligent opinions you, or any one of the “mob of crying fans” would like to express.

        3. You seem pretty doubtful of us while simultaneously claiming to know that we can do better than the most cliche resolution possible. Give it a chance to let this play out before passing judgment on it :B

          Also anybody can wish for any character death they want. I love a good character death myself. So y’all try to get along.

        4. This is kinda late, but, erm, sorry! I love a good character death like the rest of you, but my heart would break if Feral (or meela) died. I’m just too attached to them. Of course, if it did happen, I could easily end up fine when I see it. It depends on how the authors will kill him, if they do kill him.

          I’ve read or seen plenty of things like this, and sometimes the character I love will die, and I won’t even care, instead I will be yelling about how bad they killed them. I’m just hoping he doesn’t die, but if he does, it better be a good death that will make me sad. So, I get where your coming from. I was just stating my hopefulness that Feral doesn’t die, I wasn’t trying imply anything much.

          And don’t insult my pillow throwing! I was near me when I posted the comment, but again, sorry!

        5. HAHAHA! Fair enough.

      2. Ah, the five stages of grief has gone the way of the Oedipus Complex. It is really a myth—never a good way to analyze well-written characters (and definitely not real-life people). Grief takes many forms. It really depends on the person and situation.

        Meela’s fear and shock have probably died down enough for her to begin to process her anger. Her adrenaline is also probably fueling the rage. And she has every right to be angry. Feral had intended to kill her father regardless of what Mal did. If he hadn’t had seen Meela, her story would be very close to the same—except her other brother might have lived. Then when the kids had all grown up, he may have hunted them down, too.

        1. Good point.

    2. Muahahahahah! >:D

  41. Yay! I’ve just started to read this last night and… I really like it!^^ The drawing style, the world of the story, the characters and the story itself are soooo great!
    And well, there are… So much feelings and thoughts…
    (sorry, but I speak and write in english terrible^^”)

  42. The secret ingredient in strays is the broken hearts of Meela fans stirred together with an ocean of ACF tears

  43. It’s a good thing that seal is fresh. That is likely the only reason Feral has managed to stop Mal from popping back out (yet?). Eep.

    By the way, Meela, your claim to not be the monster, as opposed the man you knew from the beginning was a bounty hunter (whom anyone would assume has killed half-demons at some point), is really hard to uphold when you immediately follow it up with a demon wolf transformation. Just saying.

    1. Hey, I said that not long ago.

      The Meela-Monster part.

      1. Great minds think alike! :D

  44. does it occur to anyone that Feral just broke a thick branch with one hand?

    1. Yes, and that the fact that the branch magically appeared out of nowhere? Lol, my friend comment to me that the branch wasn’t in any of the scenes before this page.

  45. BRAVO to the creators of this comic. Seriously, I’m not this emotionally invested in very many webcomics. You’ve managed to make me start yelling at the screen! Thank god I’m alone in my room right now, otherwise all anyone that comes in here will see is me staring furiously at my computer, yelling “NOOOOO! MEEEEEEEEEELA WHYYYY!!! FERAL NOOO!! DO SOMETHING FAST!! YOU TWO!!!!!!! BE FRIENDS ALREADYYYY” *hysterical sobbing*

  46. meela scares me XD

  47. A very understandable reaction. My guess is either
    1 she breaks down crying
    2 she beats feral within an inch of his life then breaks down
    3 feral pushes back converts then pins her down till she calms down
    Personally I’d prefer #3 because it would demonstrate how feral is still a “feral” experienced bounty hunter but still considers meela like a little sister and isn’t going to harm her

  48. If only he had just given her a hug…
    Waaaaaaah… Nooo, Meela… Don’t kill Feral, he was like your brother, remember?! Make up right now, both of you! Please just go back to being besties!! *sob sob sob wail sniffle sob*

  49. Now just out of curiosity… how big is this wolf form compared to Feral’s wolf form? o.o

    1. Feral is still the bigger wolf ;3 But she’s closer now.

      1. Oh my! Really? But is Meela more powerful? It seems given all her extra “weapons” she should be.

      2. Is Meela able to return to a normal wolf or has the demon form overtaken it?

  50. Well, this went south really fast. Let’s hope it has a turning point soon…

  51. You ever see that photo of a wolf with the snout of another world in it’s mouth and it’s not hurting it, it’s just holding the other worlf’s snout in its mouth?
    Imagine that happening.

  52. Damn I hope Meela kills Feral. Or Feral kills Meela. Any of these would make this story interesting to me again.
    But I would prefer the first option, Meela is cuter.

  53. I think this may be the first time Post-Yuen Feral’s ever looked afraid for his own safety.

    1. I think so too

  54. The fear that this comic may be at an impasse, whatever will we do if Meela and Feral hate each other?

    1. I honestly don’t ever see Feral hating Meela, but it’s definitely going to take some time and/or effort to get Meela to trust Feral again.

  55. And once Meela get’s knocked out, all Feral has to do is wait for her to regain consciousness. I seen this before. “Eleven times, as a matter of fact.” But no, seriously. when this is over, she’ll cry, they’ll hug, and make up and everything’ll be buddy-buddy again. Or she’ll run off not to be seen for half a decade or more.

    1. Or maybe it will be neither of those! *gasp*

    2. Man, you guys have a lot of faith in us. Why not wait and see what happens instead of assuming?

  56. M-meela, control yourself ;-;

  57. Why is Mal’s eye wincing? I wonder if that means anything?

  58. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

    OMG OMG NOOOO!!! Btw this is amazing drawing!! I wonder if you all have the script ideas in your head and write ahead, or do you get ideas from the comments????

  59. I’m hoping we get to see Feral reading his journal for the first time since Malkar becoming part of him. He probably knows that it is a past life he can never return to, and would never be satisfied with, and that his girlfriend’s probably moved on, but I’d like to see them reunited if only to show her that Feral indeed, lives.

  60. Actually, the only “criticism” that I have, is that Feral was able to rip off a trunk of that size as if it was merely a stick. Man got some strength! As to what will happen, well, I’m quite happy sitting here, munching popcorn and watching the show unfold. Because it’s a goddamn good show, with a fine story and lovely art. Bring it, Celesse!

  61. I feel like Feral is going to die. The most common retribution for a character like him is death, after he’s spent a lifetime killing people and the demon Malkar can never be entirely suppressed; death would be the logical salvation for him in a story like this. I kinda hope not, as I think once Meela calmed down again she would be really broken, and her character hasn’t done anything to deserve that.

  62. So is Meela in control right now or is this like when she first went all demon-wolf? I figure blind-anger is pretty strong here as well but last time she still attacked Holland like she didn’t recognize him.

    To be honest, I’m going to be pretty happy no matter the outcome here. Even if it’s “cliche” and they love each other in the end, I’d love that! If someone dies or whatever then that’s cool too!

    What is the problem with putting characters in danger anyway that “can’t” die or get seriously hurt? Even if I’m certain a character isn’t going to die, I still want to see HOW they make it out of the situation alive. Everyone complaining about the storyline can f-off.

  63. I personally would love to see a main character die in a fight like this. Those kind of twists are my favorite in stories.

    1. No! I mean, I love that too, but neither of these characters will die!

      I hope so. I’m so hopefully neither character dies.

  64. No matter how this plays out I am never going to regret reading this. That said its prediction time, I nailed it last time (so did several others), let me think…maybe I will get lucky again. :)

    Option 1- They fight for at least one more page before someone familiar shows up (like Holland, Viper, Jyaku). This is not likely because Jyaku basically said he won’t interfere in this fight and I don’t think Holland can move quite yet.

    Option 2- They are interrupted by something more powerful then either of them and have to work together s an act of self-preservation.

    Option 3- Meela’s demon form draws out Malkar. What I mean is Meels’s demon form rips the entity that is Malkar out of Yuen/Feral, intentionally with force (because some part of her inner self realizes that it was Malkar, not Feral/Yuen that killed her family. I don’t think this will happen but I kind of want to see it. . . if the two are split I assume Yuen can’t live long (without some kind of magical healing) and if that happened I hope Feral/Yuen remembers everything and feels free.

  65. well that went south in a scorching hot second. :(

  66. The last panel makes me think of the words “nom nom nom” for some strange reason

  67. Good doggy, fetch the stick!


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