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I wonder how this will go down.

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  1. FIRST! D: meela noooo he isn’t scary no more! it wasn’t his fault!

    1. Riiiiiiight.. ‘I didn’t intentionally slaughter your family, Meela!’ still probably isn’t going to go over well.

  2. Good job, Feral.

  3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Panel 4. Is the frustrated look on his face because he can’t call out to her? That’s what I would assume. Though really he should have waited until he was closer before altering her…
    How does he hope to explain himself…?

    1. I assumed that the look on his face in panel 4 is more due to the fact that he’s angry with her. Not necessarily killing-angry, as I doubt he’d have bothered to get her attention if he wanted to off her, but angry as in why she kept this from him. I took his stance and expression (and the finger-snapping, too, such an imperious gesture *g*) more as “We’re going to have WORDS, young lady.”

      1. “. . . figuratively speaking, of course.”

        Sorry, couldn’t resist. XD;

      2. We are going to have words xD you just made my day

      3. I think it’s more of him being angry at the situation (if he could talk, it would be much easier to communicate/tell her he isn’t going to attack)

        I mean, if I had to somehow convince someone who had their family killed by my body while it was being used by an entity that shares it with me, under wraps until extreme stress draws it out, and I couldn’t speak because said entity ripped my throat out years ago, and it just nearly killed my only (that we know of) friends/companions, I think I’d be a bit miffed at the world in general too. That’s why theres the exasperated look after Meela starts to run off.

        Oh, or he’s just annoyed she let herself be tracked so easily, and sticking to the road: terrible for losing someone (he’s trained her better than that)

        1. I doubt she expected to be followed, but more to the point, Feral still doesn’t know that Mal killed Meela’s family. No one’s told him yet. Which is undoubtedly part of why he’s so frustrated right now–he thinks the only reason Meela’s running away is ’cause of the demon thing. Maybe he assumes that’s the reason why she doesn’t trust him anymore and is annoyed at her for thinking like that.

    2. I think it’s because he is just like “The hell you doing?”, kind of like a parent saying “Get over here” with that face.


  5. ~Sit tight, I’m gonna need you to keep time, come on,
    Just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me.
    Good, good, now we’re making some progress, come on,
    Just tap, tap, tap your toes to the beat.~

    1. I love that song! It works pretty well here

  6. I love that he has to snap since he can’t call out to her >w< it just makes me smile at how adorable his frustration is in not even being able to say, "Yo, wait up!" or even just, "Hey!"

    (and now I'm snapping…)

  7. -internal screaming-

    1. -external screaming-

      1. Internally and Externally Screaming: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH (AAAAHHHH)

        1. Urgh, my eardrums…

  8. I’m pretty sure that if he was gonna kill her he wouldn’t alert her with twig-snappery first… Right? e-e;;

    1. Oh he snapped his fingers. My bad.

    2. I thought the same thing, given the beautiful backgrounds/scenery. lolwhoops

      Seems to me he was frustrated as all hell about not being able to call out to her, and didn’t realize that showing that on his face just scared the bejesus out of her.

  9. Pfffffrrrhahaha, oh that page is hilarious. Panel six alone, where Feral is like, “oh you can’t be serious.” I mean, I get why Meela is afraid, but still, that action / reaction is funny. No words needed.

    1. I know right!? His face says it all… XD

  10. How does he click his fingers with gloves on?? Super skills…

    1. He belongs in a 1950’s gang, like in West Side Story.

      1. Yes. I’d love to see that.

  11. I remember a time where this was the other way around^^

    1. Oh wow, we think alike, Yami. And so much so that we posted at the same time~! :)

    2. Exactly what I was thinking, complete with the little TMP TMP TMP

  12. Heee… I like how this page reminds me of the start where it was actually the situation reversed.

    1. Very true! Haha, I wonder what Feral would think if he recalled that situation, lol.

      “Never thought I’d actually chase down this brat . . .”

      1. I want to see Feral pick up Meela by her tail… :P

        (If it doesn’t hurt her that is)

    2. Reminded me of when he was trying to walk away from her without letting her know he was there and then accidentally stepped on a twig.

  13. I will always appreciate how well you work with Feral’s muteness. His expressions, his use of body language. You are awesome at portraying his feelings.

    1. Agreed! Not being able to speak must at least occasionally be frustrating (like back when he was trying to tell Meela to go away). I can really feel that, along with his general irritation at having to chase her down, on this page. :)

  14. You know how did gonna go down youuuuuu

  15. Run, Feral, run!

    Thanks to Meela’s youth and training, it will probably be a bit tough to catch up to her now. He’s probably regretting snapping his fingers like that. :P Their upcoming “conversation” will certainly be interesting, since he can’t precisely respond to the accusation of having murdered her family and Jyaku didn’t warn him of that matter before he left (not that he was given the chance). Unless Meela gives Feral time to write something in the dirt. Highly unlikely. *props chin on hands and waits for next page*

  16. If Feral switched to his wolf form he could probably catch up with her faster.

  17. Oh snap

    1. Literally. XD

  18. Feral still doesn’t know he killed Mela’s parents! .___.

  19. Feral's Anger Issues


  20. AFC Meeting~! I brought Ice Cream. There’s mint, chocolate, vanilla, and other flavors I forget the names too.

    My friend was staying over at my house and we both read this comic, and before I read the chapter I snapped my fingers to get her attention so she’d come read the page with me.

    1. Is there rocky road?

      That’s a pretty great coincidence. Anyways there weren’t a lot of feels here but I do like the fact that Feral snapped his fingers to get Meela’s attention. It makes me think that he has no interest in hurting her, he wants to ‘talk’ to her. If he had wanted to kill her he could have easily done so. Now Meela on the other hand, I don’t think she’s up to hanging out with him.

      1. Yes, there’s rocky road! *Hands you the whole container and a spoon* ^-^

        I agree completely though. It seemed he wanted her attention, and although I’m not a master bounty hunter like Meela and Feral, I don’t think you want to get someone’s attention if your going to kill them. So… good sign.

        1. Cinnamon? It’s the best flavor. Also Surly’s, but that might be a local thing for me?

          I think this IS a good sign, he looks more exasperated than furious. When he DOES catch her (we all know he will) it might be a bit of an awkward conversation – given Feral’s inability to yell at her for her idiotic-running-away-come-on-kid-did-you-think-I’d-really-hate-you-you’re-too-cute-for-that – but they’ll work it out.

          A girl can dream, at least…

        2. I bring a portable snack machine! *pulls it out of Mary Poppens bag* and no money required XD man I agree with you all. The feels are too intense!

    2. I’m excited to see how this ‘conversation’ is going to go down. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting ride to the end.

    3. The AFC is one of my favorite things about this wonderful comic. You people are the best! Anyone know what it stands for, though? I assume F = feelings, and C = corner.

      1. Found it (again), and as Flames says it, it stands for, “THE ALLIANCE OF THE CORNER OF THE FEELS.”

  21. Grrr ruuuun feral!!

  22. Oh no!! Feral actually looks hurt! Poor guys!!! also, the “TMP TMP TMP” in the last panel, just like in the beginning when Meela was chasing after Feral.

  23. Panel 4 is “):< *snap snap*", but panel 6 is "D: Oh snap!"

    Poor bbys. STOP RUNNING, MEELA.

  24. I get the feeiling that Feral only wanted to uh… “talk” with her… isntead of actually hurting her. I wonder what will happen next.

    1. I think so too… And now, can you imagine how much it must hurt to see her run away from him? Here’s a little girl who’s hardly scared of anything, and she has lost her ability to trust you, in fact she thinks you’ll hurt her… That must be hard on Feral.

  25. We’ve been over this Feral, you’re not Roy Mustang.

  26. Poor Feral, he still doesn’t know why she’s unable to face him now…I’m preparing for the heart wrenching turmoil…even if she has forgiven him, he’s going to feel so much guilt when she tells him, I just know it…T^T

  27. Yeah, Meela, run.
    Except you forgot that Feral is older, stronger and better trained than you, so he should be way faster, too.

  28. Tackle her! And she fusses and fights but wait… the tackle has turned into a HUG! And they hug and hug and tears and crys and WHY FERAL and idk what you’re taklin about lil girl but I’ll hug you tighter

    It’s either that or I have no idea what’ll happen next

    1. This. This needs to happen.

    2. Amen to that!!

  29. I would do the same thing she’s doing right now except for following the trail I would have jumped off the trail and darted into the forest once I saw him.(that is if their even on a trai)
    :) X)

  30. There is ONE path through every forest, and they are always able to meet up on it lol

  31. Uh oh… this ain’t starting out well.

  32. silly Feral, snapping your fingers is only for dramatic dance battles

  33. Poor Feral Poor Meela. gdi why can’t this comic double update just ONCE

    1. THey have int he past done double updates. I think though with this being the last chapter they’re not going to because, well, they’re coming to the end. They’re probably feeling just as bittersweet about it coming to an end as we are. THey have been working on this a very long time after all.


    if he could talk he’d be whipping out her middle name. You always know you’re in trouble when they use your middle name.

    1. Yes! I want to know Meela’s middle name, so I can shout her full name every time she does something idiotic or dangerous when I’m rereading the comic for the hundredth time.

  35. my hope is that meela doesn’t trip and fall…!

    1. No! She needs to trip and fall. Feral can stop her from running away again then… although that above tackle turning into hug is much preferred.

  36. Aww, this is so bittersweet! Feral’s definitely going to overtake her, even if she transforms (because he can transform and STILL be much faster than her.)

  37. If Feral wanted to hurt Meela, he wouldn’t have snapped and let her know he was there. I think he’s just mad at her for running off.

  38. I’ve always loved that Feral is mute. You take such good care to make him understandable without speech. The expressions he makes say SO MUCH. He uses his whole body to portray his message. The fact he lets her know ON PURPOSE that he’s there shows he doesn’t want to hurt her. I look forward to this final chapter. And I look forward to when my wallet will let me purchase goodies off this site before the end.

  39. Oh snap. Pun intended.


    Alright, Strays is (sadly) number 50 on the top comics list, and I won’t accept that for this magical comic. We all need to vote more! I’ve done all I could, the rest is up to you xD

    1. Yes! We can do it! Especially this April, let’s get it way up there!

  41. WhyAreYouReadingMyNameHuh

    I don’t know why but I imagine Feral talking like my aunt “girl, if you don’t get yo butt over here it’s gonna get a whooping” XD

  42. Question…

    How did he click with gloved fingers?

    1. You don’t need skin to snap, just friction.

      1. Oh, wow, really?

        I can’t snap as it is so…

        But that’s for answering!

  43. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

    NONONONONO!!!!! :0

  44. That dialogue XD it was worth the wait


    1. Well, true point but he was running while she was only walking, and she stayed on the path so it made it easy for him to follow her.

    2. It wasn’t that hard for him. Meela was likely sloppy this time in covering up her tracks since she was upset, and yes, she was walking while Feral ran the whole way to catch up. He didn’t gain on her right away either, it took him a few hours to find her based on the day’s time change.

  46. -feral aggressively but rhythmically snapping in the distance-

    1. All I can picture now is Feral furiously z-snapping.

  47. So I’m going to assume that Feral doesn’t want to kill Meela. Otherwise he would’ve just snuck up on her like a sneaky sneaker.


  48. AHHHHHH! NO! I Just started reading this yesterday! No! What happens next?!

  49. Has anyone made note of the beautiful irony? In the beginning Meela ran after Feral as he tried to escape from her. Now it’s Feral who runs after Meela as she tries to runaway.

    1. There is also a page where he unintentionally lets Meela know where he is by stepping on a twig.

  50. This comic is so good, I think I’m gonna cry. T-T


  52. Hello Celesse and everyone ! Well i just wanted to say that i am so soooo sad
    >n3>” anyway Thank you again and i hope everyone have a good day !

    P.s: sorry for my english ^_^” and i love the AFC Meeting i wish i had joined earlier :)

    1. Hello Celesse and everyone ! Well i just wanted to say that i am so soooo sad
      >n3>” anyway Thank you again and i hope everyone have a good day !

      P.s: sorry for my english ^_^” and i love the AFC Meeting i wish i had joined earlier :)

      1. I don’t know what’s wrong ? my comment wont come in full size :x

  53. I like the use of him snapping his fingers since he can’t call out. Imma assume he can’t whistle o3o

    1. Whistling does not use vocal cords, so he probably can whistle. Snapping is also slightly less jarring than suddenly hearing someone whistle at you. I think it was more appropriate for him to snap than whistle. It seems less threatening to me.

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