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The first page of chapter 15 goes up tomorrow! Are you excited? I know we are! We've been doing this comic for a long time and it's thrilling to finally be near the end. I hope you guys enjoy it! And thank you so much for following with us on this journey.

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  2. Ooooh man. This is going to be heart wretching

  3. Oh man. This story has been a part of my week for years now. I cant believe its almost over. This is gonna hurt like Harry Potter! But as usual I cant wait till Friday XD! You guys are amazing and continue to inspire with your story and art. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say thank you for making Strays a part of our lives!! <3

    1. The post potter depression returns! Except its post Strays depression!

      1. they could do a comic with these guys later just in a new thing but still up to them

  4. Omg… The end :o Sounds so.. Dramatic! And it is so exciting!! O.O
    I will buy the last book when it’s finished! So I can add it with the other two! :3

  5. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN. I don’t know if I’ve ready for this ;A;

    I think I’ve been reading this since the first chapter first came out? Oh man oh man.

  6. OMG.

    I’m gonna freaking cry. I’ve followed this since I was young, and with my sixteenth birthday around the corner… gosh me and this comic have been through a lot together – brightening up my friday mornings c:

    Oh man, I think my heart will stop if Feral hurts – or worse – Meela.


  7. Suddenly on April 1,they shout “April Fools” and say the comic isnt actually ending just yet.


    1. Yes please. That would be great.

  8. I can’t belive the end is coming, i hope at least the gamercat will not end. Thank you very much for your work Celesse and Algy.

  9. AFC meeting…?

    1. Oh yes. Definitely. I’ve already set up a blanket fort with a carpet of pillows.

      1. I haven’t joined in the AFC meetings much, but I bring hot chocolate!

        Also, chocolate-covered almonds. There’s some chocolate-covered raisins for those who can’t do almonds. :3

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’ve got the ice cream (as usual)!
      What am I going to do with my life once this ends? I will miss not only the story but also all you wonderful people in the comments!

    3. I’m still going to be reading and re reading this after its end. I’m going to cry.
      (Chugs hot chocolate)

  10. So many feelings inspired by this page! Mostly negative ones. XD; But all in a good way. Our sadness at the knowledge that this is the last chapter is, after all, borne of our love for the story and characters. Thanks for taking on this journey, Celesse and Algy. Looking forward to enjoying the last leg and even after it ends, Strays will be amongst the top webcomics that I always recommend to others.

    Also, if and when I finally get the Visa part of my debit card activated, I’m ordering all three volumes in print form! :D (That, by the way, would make this the first webcomic I’ve ever purchased any merchandise for.)

    1. PS: I just realized for the first time that Piper is the only one whose animal form has a button. It would be wonderful to have buttons for the others, too! *puppy eyes*

    2. I’m excited to get all three books too! It will be my first time purchasing a comic in print form as well! I read so many comics, but this is the one I feel I’ve been growing up with, and never stop loving. I hope they do the option again where you get a character sketch. I love the minor character’s so much, and would love to see more of them, especially Avela, Rollin, and Jira.

  11. NO! The end is coming :c
    I may not have been with you guys for even a year but I’ve fully enjoyed this story and look forward to at least finishing it with you all.

  12. Just reread it, to relive the memories. I’m so excited, but I dread the end!

  13. Come on Feral… Don’t hurt little Meela! She’s adorable, and you’ve been through so much together! Perhaps you just need a hug. Meera too. We all need hugs.

    1. I hadn’t seen that one yet. XD Gave me a good chuckle!

      And I agree, lol.

  14. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This chapter cover is absolutely beautiful! It’s also very sad… They are facing away from each other, maybe because their lives are going to go in separate directions? (hope not!) Their fists are clenched in… determination? anger?
    Meela’s horns and Feral’s scar (the marks of their demonic-ness) are lighter so as to stand out. Meela’s horns were the first thing my eyes were drawn to when I saw this page for the first time.
    Both of their faces are sad. But Feral’s also has a set look, like there’s something he has to do and he may not like it but he has a sense of duty that would require it.
    And just the name! “No Way Out” ouch. Bad things are coming….
    Oh, this just breaks my heart! Don’t do anything you will regret, poor dears!

    On a completely separate note, I love Meela’s sleeves!

  15. I just found this comic about two or three months ago, and since the first pages it has been one of my favourites. The art, the story and the characters, it all touched me since the start. I can’t believe it is already ending now… *sob*
    However, thank you for sharing all this with us!

  16. The chapter’s title doesn’t sound very optimistic… Oh well, we shall see…

  17. Okay .. Uhm I’ve recently went back to catch up on my pages of this webcomic so I haven’t followed any news at all. So I’m up to date to this chapter. But I’m kinda lost here…. Is this really the last chapter? If so ;___; it’s hurts very much. been a fan of this series since I started reading it unfortunately not from the 2007 start more 2012 .. I think . but thank you Algy and celeese for posting this beautiful series I’ve seen it long enough to grow and change . I must ask will you stop printing the books? I would really like to get them someday and will make another comic together again? ALSO I like to know how I can the read the language in writing used in the series. I follow several sites but none show where I can . and thanks if anyone answers my question s

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