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Holland has faith.

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  1. Wow, Holland man. Where will this go next? Idunno. Can’t wait for next weeks update.

    Meela and Feral are such the family.

    1. I know! I find their family relationship so cute! *squeals*

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. :D

  3. Finally I get a time frame as to whehen to espect your post (has been trying to figure out timezone wise) Eastern time, I’m in Central XP/

  4. I hope they can work it out.
    I’m excited to see more, I love this comic.


  6. I love/hate how suspenseful this is getting! We knkw that Feral will go find Meela, but then what? Feral might see Meela differently than before, now that he knows what she is. Holland will urge him to treat her as he did before. Feral will try his best, but it still won’t be the same.
    I just really love the story and artwork you guys put out!

    1. It’s not just about Feral, you know. Meela will see him differently than before, too, now that she knows he (technically) is the murderer of her family. The question is if they can both move past those things and find a new way to be together.

  7. C’mon feral you can’t kill meela

  8. AFC Meeting! I bring lots of chocolate~

    1. I bring cards and board games… *sets up solitaire.* this will be a long week… Too much suspense! *sigh* oh well just have to wait till next week… *pulls out jumbo tub of rocky road ice-cream,* want some?

    2. Ooh, I love rocky road! I brought whipped cream and hot cocoa. Pass the pillows and blankets :)

    3. ::I bring a dartboard with Ferral’s face at the center. Looks over at the yummy ice-cream ans stalks it::

      1. i needs the feels corner *i bring ice cream cake* holland has the hopes

        1. I bring triple chocolate mint chip cookies, and hot chocolate. *dips cookie in hot cocoa* I’m not gonna cry, I’m not gonna cry. *hyperventilates*

  9. “Again”

    What are you talking about? Wasn’t it Visrial who triggered Malkar before?

    1. It was Visrial who brought out Malkar. But I think Meela’s demon side sort of connected with Malkar and in a way kind of helped draw him out. So he is merely saying that her demon side will probably draw Malkar out again.

      1. Unless Meela or anybody else throws more dark energy at Feral, I don’t think there’s any risk of Malkar coming back.

      2. No, in this case, it was all Visrial who triggered Malkar. He merely deemed Meela a nice snack because of the demon energy in her, but she did not do anything to help draw him out.

        What Jyaku is referring to, here, with “again” is either simply the fact that Malkar has been triggered before, or, the fact that Malkar has been triggered before by her dad’s demon energy, so if Feral were to attack Meela and she would defend herself, Malkar could be triggered by her demon energy.

        1. You phrase a lot better than I do. That is what I was trying to say lol

  10. Feral's Anger Issues

    Dude. Feral. Please don’t hurt Meela. I will crY SO HARD

  11. Btw, I love how Jyaku is willing to jump to Meela’s defence here and stop Feral. I’m not sure how this fits in with almost everyone else here seeing him as a bastard. To me, he simply does what he thinks is right and I can’t fault him for that.

    1. Hmmm… Strikes me he’s mostly worried about Feral here. If he was “jumping to Meela’s defense,” he probably would have relocated her versus shipping her off on her own given how many people seem to hate half-demons. At the very least, he’d have her wait somewhere until he could relocate her or have Holland relocate her. It’s not like he’s completely by himself.

    2. Also, I don’t think he’s a bastard (though I can’t speak for “everyone” else). I think his motivations/actions don’t make a lot of sense, but—hey—there’s RL people who don’t operate that way either.

  12. The drama

    1. Just so you know if any one needs me I will be in the ACF corner

  13. I’m hoping that when Feral sees that Meela clearly isn’t around Jyaku gets to be the one to pop up like “ok we know you’re pissed but don’t worry she left because as it turns out you killed her family. Problem solved amirite”

  14. And so we wait….

  15. I smell love is in the air… and it stinks….

  16. I don’t know about u guys but I ship Feral and Meela so hard :3 to bad Feral is to old for Meela

    1. Ehh…you’re shipping them as friends, right? Haha please don’t ship them in a romantic relationship that would be pedophilia.

      Meela is what, 13? And Feral is like, 28-30?
      -It’s not a “too bad Feral is too old for Meela.”
      -It’s a “I should never even consider/think of them being in a romantic relationship because that would be very disgusting and pedophile-ish considering the almost 20 year age gap between them.”

      Honestly, why? Why would you ship them? I tend to respect other’s ships but this is far beyond wrong. Please think over what you just said.

      1. Oh put a cork in it. Don’t approve of something don’t comment on it. Sheesh.

        1. So, I should say nothing? Let this person think it’s shipping a 13 and a 30 year old is okay? It’s not that “Oh I just don’t like that ship.” It’s “That’s fricking gross and is extremely inappropriate and supports pedophiles.”

          If a 30 year old man had a relationship with a 13 year old, are people just supposed to leave it alone? No. Because that 30 year old would keep doing it and think it’s okay. Why is this any different? Yeah, “it’s fictional” but that doesn’t mean it’s any less wrong.

        2. I agree with you “Nobody.” There’s a reason why Feral was repeatedly mistaken for Meela’s father, after all.

          That may sometimes be done when the woman in question is an adult, but given the fact that she’s only 13, that’s just bad. Yes, that sort of thing used to be normal (and still is normal) in some cultures, where women customarily married at 13- to 15-years-old, but based on how Meela has been spoken of and to throughout this webcomic, I think it’s fair to say that that isn’t normal in Meoley.

        3. I would ship them if Meela was older, but to me they’re more of a brother/sister type of relationship.

          Though idk if you’ve seen the Memoirs of a Geisha, but the younger girl falls for man who’s older than her, but she waits till she’s old enough to really pursue him. Which in that case, it’s fine. Otherwise, 30 and 13? Hell nawh.

  17. But what if

    Feral is tracking Meela

    And he picks her up by her scruff like before

    And just treats her like his pup and makes her explain and stuff

    That’d be cute. I’ll hope for that.

    1. That would be so adorable if Feral did that.

  18. Beautiful update. Holland shows a little youthful wisdom here. Love it! :D

  19. The Wait Kills the Man

    I’m not sure why so many people blame Jyaku’s way of thinking? He doesn’t have nearly the same sort of bond that Holland, Feral and everyone else does with Meela, so he’s the one who’ll see it the most logically in the sense that Meela does pose a certain amount of trouble for both herself and Feral’s condition. If she turned the way she did when attacked around Feral, who knows what would have happened. She might have been great for Feral emotionally and mentally, but you can’t ignore that she doesn’t know how to control her demon side yet and struggles with pretty much similar things that Feral himself isn’t able to control thanks to Malkar. XD

    That said, I can’t wait…to see what Feral thinks of the situation himself…IN THE NEXT PAGE I HOPE? UGH THIS WEEKLY CLIFFHANGER THING IS SO BAD. FOR MY LIVER. SOUL. AND OTHER PARTS OF MY BODILY HEALTH. So anxious. ; ^ ;

    1. I 100% agree with everything you just said. -nods vigourously-

    2. Yup, it’s so bad for bodily health, I think I’ve got ulcers just from impatientness. \_(-_-)_/

  20. Love it. They need to find each other, work through their shared – painful – past and get back to being the best reluctant bromance ever.

  21. Honestly why wasn’t he big reveal, “Meela is sort of a half demon….and you murdered her family when Malkar was in control years ago.”? I feel like that’s a big key point Feral’s missing. I’m guessing Meela will confront him about that pretty soon.

  22. This is random but… I LAV HOLLAND’S BOOTS! They’re so pweety!

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