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  1. Oh no… Feral.. Don’t hate Meela, it is Meela. She’s been like a family member to you.

    Beside. She has no say in who or what she is. Don’t hate her for that..

    1. …I honestly thought he would take the news about Meela being a half-demon better than absorbing Visiral…


    2. I don’t believe he hates Meela. Feral can’t talk, remember? Yes, this is what he’d look like if he was off to kill her. But this is also identical to what he’d look like if his thoughts were “WHAT!? You think that makes it okay she’s gone!? Where is she, she can’t be out there alone!!” Meela’s his pup. I suspicion Feral is going to end up rescuing her.

      1. i agree, you shouldn’t put words in his mouth

      2. I agree with you I think the Feral’s mad that they let Meela run away, he’s going to find her not kill her.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I think, too.

        2. And there’s probably another reason for his anger: that they even dared to assume he would kill a pup, especially Meela.

      3. From my point of view it looks like he hates her, I’m not going to say he does. So i’m not putting words into his mouth.

        It’s what i can see, i’ve seen faces like his before. And to be it looks like hate that’s all i was saying.

  2. I don’t think Feral is upset about Meela being half demon (though I am sure that takes a part of it) but much more angry about not being told or knowing before.

    1. i agree, being the last person to know about something that important must of angered him quite a bit

    2. This. If ever there is a point in your life where someone can actually snuggle you as you sleep and not be bothered by it, I don’t think you can ever hate that person. Not being told about her is kinda hurtful though.

  3. I’m sure they’ll be reunited someday. I’m still with the people supporting the Jyaku training Meela theory, or at least finding someone to teach her about her magic ability.

    Anyway, I don’t think Feral will hate Meela, I think he’s just upset at this moment in time. Meela has been a tag along kid, but she’s never done anything horrible.

  4. Honestly I just feel sorry for Feral right now. Poor guy, to have this thrown at him so suddenly. :(

  5. Feral don’t be mad. You should be worried and go after meela! *sits in a corner with popcorn* next Friday needs to hurrying up.

  6. Maybe we’ll get a backstory as to why Feral hates demons so much? Also maybe it’ll be revealed to him that Malkar’s the one who killed Meela’s family. I feel that would be important for him to know at this point.

    1. I thought he hated Demons because that’s where Mal’s powers etc come from. And while he doesn’t have any memories of that time that’s not to say he doesn’t instinctively KNOW they’re what mucked everything up.

      1. I agree. He knows his powers are demonic in origin and apparently at least knows enough to realize that it’s because of those powers that he
        1. has no memories
        2. occasionally gets taken over by Malkar and goes on murderous rampages
        3. can’t speak

        I’d hate demons too, probably.

    2. In general, Lupians are a very prideful species and see Demon-Lupians are a taint on their race, so they’re taboo. They stay hidden or there is a chance of being killed.

      Feral’s hatred of demons also stems from Malkar and a subconscious understanding that they screwed Mal up and thus him.

  7. Don’t do it DONT DO IT


  8. Hmmmm… Is Jyaku supposed to be mentally challenged? I’m asking this for real—not sarcastically. He makes the most backwards and nonintuitive choices of any character in the comic. As someone who’s had repressed memories, I actually want to steal Feral from him.

    He reminds me of Elsa’s and Ana’s parents from Frozen. LOOK! “This person I’m responsible for who has *dangerous powers* and trouble handling his/her emotions! Let’s not ask for outside help. Let’s make him/her as ignorant about his/her life as possible.”

    Except Jyaku is even worse. He tells Feral *everything* about himself except the positive stuff that just *might* help him heal. Then Jyaku makes the insane choice to make Feral a bounty hunter. There are about 400 more peaceful ways to work through aggression than *killing people*.

    Please no one try to explain it—Jyaku’s choices are BS crazy. I’m happier with thinking that Jyaku as a highly-flawed character who had suffered some kind of head injury in his previous existence. It makes him a little more likeable to think of that way.

    1. ^ BTW, just for the record I really love “Strays” (seriously – every update is like a little happy Friday gift).

      But–hotness and Yoda-like qualities aside–Jyaku is totally the worst. It’s like he came from Bizarro World or something.

      He. makes. the. worst. choices.

      Sorry to go all ranty, but I just can’t help it. XD

      Can’t wait to see what happens next, though. :)

      1. We need a version of this for Strays:

        Feral meets X-men? Awesome! :D

    2. I agree 1000000% nice comparison between Jyaku and King and Queen of Airedale

      1. Thank you! The King and Queen of Airedale were awful, but at least they didn’t train Elsa to become a killer. I really have to wonder if a tiny piece of Mal that entered Jyaku messes with his head…otherwise he’s just a terrible character. He acts so “wise” and worldly but has absolutely 0 logic capabilities.

        1. I am sure they had plans for her training… but they… you know… DIED!

    3. THIS, so much. Jyaku really is kind of a dick at times. Depending on how much purpose he has in the plot, he may not NEED to be very complex, but at the same time, I really do like rounder characters like Feral or Meela.

    4. I’m curious as to why you think his decisions are so bad that he must be mentally challenged.

      Jyaku is very practical and he does what he thinks is best for Feral. Being a bounty hunter was pretty much the only option for him. Do you expect him to live in seclusion weaving baskets as anger management therapy? He needs to be active.

      He can’t join a clan, none would have him, and he doesn’t mingle well anyway. And if he learns to focus his aggression on productive (and acceptable) things there’s less chance of him snapping and going homicidal on some random person.

      Of course Feral needs to know about Malkar. He needs to know why there’s limits and why he should avoid what he’s told to. Yes, his manager screwed up long ago and gave him a mission involving a demon. And it’s a risk that he could encounter someone like Visrial, but the only other options are total seclusion.

      Holland is a romantic and has the same hopes and ideals most of us do, but Jyaku is pragmatic and doesn’t believe ~Meela’s love~ will cure Feral’s very real and dangerous condition. Maybe Feral is better off emotionally with her around, but she could easily trigger Malkar and maybe Jyaku won’t be there to save her next time. How would Feral’s emotional status be if he woke up to find he killed her?

      1. Did you just give away a plot point?

        1. I don’t think so? Everything I said has been pretty much presented at this point. Feral’s past has been explained already and right now Holland wants Meela around because he thinks she’s good for Feral and Jyaku doesn’t because he thinks she’s bad for him.

      2. Hi, Celesse –

        Thank you for asking.

        Basically, Feral gets to know about the horrible things that happened to him and the horrible murderous evil that is part of him—but he never gets to learn who he was or that he was a decent person who was actually loved? And he’s never allowed to ever find out?

        I’m having trouble understanding Jyaku’s logic behind that. Was it to protect the people Yuen knew? Because it seems if Feral/Yuen *knew* about that, it seems like he’d know better than to go seek them out and endanger them with his condition to begin with.

        Then through my own experience and having known others like me, I can honestly say having repressed memories (especially ones being repressed by an outside source—even ones who think it’s for the best—YES, I have been through this) can actually greatly amplify anger/emotional issues. A person cannot properly process or deal with his/her emotions if the past that caused those emotions stays forever hidden. It’s about 500 times worse when it’s being caused by another person, too.

        And while keeping Feral forever in seclusion would not have made sense (nor made a very interesting story ;) ) I’m having a tough time grasping why making him into a bounty hunter was a good idea. Having an angry person regularly do violent things actually is not necessarily a good way to help him/her learn to control violent behavior. There are so many other ways a person can manage anger. Plus, from what little we’ve been shown about Feral being a bounty hunter, it’s been horrible. The only time we’ve seen him kill people, it’s been decent people (including a child and father who he didn’t even want to kill).

        Love Strays. It’s a very awesome story, but Jyaku’s logic is heavily flawed, and is concerning to me on both a logical level and a personal one. At the very least it portrays he’s had very little healthy experiences around other people—or possibly has a mental disorder. At the most, it shows he’s possibly being manipulated by the bit of Mal that is inside him.

        1. ^ That said, I emphasize I enjoy Strays very much. I just think if I ever met someone like Jyaku, I’d probably have to toss a drink in his/her face. XD

        2. Given that Feral has exactly zero memory of his past and is no longer the same person he used to be, it’s no guarantee that learning about who he was would help him. He could try to reclaim the life, but he wouldn’t fit in any more and those that he knew would likely reject him. And yes, he could possibly hurt them. It could also be the best thing for him but there’s no guarantee of that. Jyaku had to make a choice and he decided to just start Feral’s life over anew, and when/if he thinks he’s ready to learn about his past he’ll tell him about it.

          I think you’re confused about repressed memories versus total amnesia. I’ve read real stories about people that have no memory of their past at all and most of them that tried to reclaim the life they were told they used to have didn’t have any luck doing so. They were different people at that point. They had no choice but to move on.

          Feral is actually rather well balanced and settled into his new life, though he is more aggressive than he was as Yuen. Yes there are other ways to deal with aggression, but different people have different methods that work for them. Feral becomes content and refocused when he concentrates his efforts into the physical chess game that is sparring, so that’s what Jyaku went with.

          As for Feral’s aptitude as a mercenary, you have only seen screwed up missions that have pertained to the story and thus been unique in their outcomes. Most of the time Feral just apprehends/kills the target and moves on with no real issue. That’s boring, so I didn’t waste time illustrating that.

          Jyaku has no mental disorders, nor is he being manipulated by Malkar, and I feel like you’re disrespecting the character just because you disagree with his choices :P

        3. Actually personalities can very much change after remembering repressed memories. It is a form of amnesia:

          It was never made clear whether Feral’s was caused by actual injury or PTSD. If it is the second, he has *repressed memories*.

          And I can understand someone’s personality changing and not fitting back into their old life, and understand—yes—he may never be Yuen again. Happened to my sister after a head injury from a car accident. She was totally different afterwards (not in a good way either) and lost a lot of her childhood memories. Met a woman who also told me it happened to her. She lost her both her long-term memories (temporarily) and permanently disabled her short-term memories. She pretty much had to take notes with her.

          That said, I cannot imagine *anyone* with amnesia or any other kind of memory issue appreciating their past being hidden from them (unless it was voluntary), and I’m still failing to understand how this helps Feral or anyone who was close to him.

          It seem kind of an obvious thing not to do to someone—especially when you were part of why they lost their memory in the first place. So that is why I’m really having a really hard time grasping the justification of Jyaku hiding so much from Feral—from Yuen’s past life to the fact Mal took over his body and killed Meela’s family (yes, I know there’s a chance Jyaku didn’t know it happened, but given he seals Feral each time…).

          No disrespect intended—the drink comment was made as a joke (it was a really bad one, too—sorry) and I apologize the rudeness of it.

          But asking about Jyaku’s mental state isn’t an attack. I genuinely am having difficult understanding the purpose of why he’s doing all he’s doing it. Some of the things make sense. A lot of the others do not. The aloof way he behaves reminds me of a few people I met with different conditions.

          As for Feral being at peace as a mercenary (and actually being good at his job), it really would have been helpful to see more of that. Mercenaries are many things, but I can’t imagine them being boring. ;) The fact we only see his mistakes makes it unclear that it was a very good career choice—let alone therapeutic—especially since Mal was released on the mission that killed Meela’s family.

          So regardless of Jyaku’s intentions, he comes off as an extremely flawed guy—especially since he’s as old as he is.

        4. ^ Also, apologies for the 401 grammar errors above. I am very tired and there is no edit button.

      3. Just for the record, this has been my opinion of Jyaku’s thoughts and actions, so we don’t all think Jyaku’s making bad decisions. XD This is probably due to the fact that I am also a pragmatic and logical person by nature.

        Though I do think that he should have lifted the seal on the journal by now and hope that he will soon. That aside, though, I actually agree with all the decisions he’s made up until now.

        1. (For the record, I’m replying to Celesse here, not Dotcom.)

        2. I’m glad to hear that :) I know the pragmatic character is never the most popular because we all like to hope for the best and thus reject those that don’t, but Jyaku hasn’t made any outrageously illogical choices here. You could argue for or against any of them, but he did what he thought was best and not with ill intent.

        3. I like the way that Jyaku reacted, because, based on what we’ve seen of him so far, it is perfectly in character. I like pragmatic characters so I guess the way he acts doesn’t come across the same was as it did for Dotcom? dunno. Anyway, good conversation. I think I learned more about the character through this little comment convo.

        4. You know, actually those were my thoughts, too, Jyaku’s actions did not seem illogical to me, or mentally challenged. I might not think they are the best way to go about Feral’s situation, I might not agree with Jyaku’s choices, but I find it a bit disturbing how many people here judge Jyaku negatively only because he didn’t / doesn’t do what they want him to do regarding Feral.

          I can understand that Dotcom’s view on Jyaku’s action is somewhat tainted by their own experiences with repressed memories, but Feral’s memories are not repressed. He does not have them any longer, because he is not the same person anymore. It is not a question of PTSD, he’s become a new person because of Malkar’s essence inside him. He’s not Yuen any longer.

          And Jyaku did not seal those memories away from him forever. He sealed them for the time being to allow Feral to accept and settle in his new life, without remorses for the old one. Even though it isn’t necessarily what I’d have done, it makes sense. It has nothing to do with being stupid, is has to do with deciding what is best for a person who at a crucial moment in their life can’t decide for themselves.

  9. He’s just mad because that’s the reason they sent her away! :U

  10. ….imma jump through this screen & kick Feral’s ass…Imma kick the buffalo’s ass. Imma kick the dead panther’s ass. Imma kick the evil dude in Feral’s body. IMMA KICK EVERYONE’S ASS!

    Poor Meela *hugs Meela* it’s okay Jacky will keep you safe

    1. Don’t kick Holland’s ass! D: He’s already been beaten up enough!

      And, er, Jyaku is a deer, not a buffalo. XD;

  11. Feral's Anger Issues

    tHiS iS nOt HoW iT wAs SuPpOsEd tO gO fERal PLs dONt HuRt MeEla

    1. ^^This describes how I feel 100%


  13. maybe he’s storming off to go kill more trees

  14. I don’t think he’s going to hurt her. He may be mad as heck, but he’s obviously attached to Meela. She’s more or less his kid/little sister. In fact, he may just be mad that they let her run off.

    1. Do you really think so? I really hope that your right, I can’t stand the thought of him being so close minded as to want to hurt her.

    2. As much as I wish this was, I do believe that he is mad at Meela (not mad enough to hurt her, just not go after her), If you look, you can see Feral is mad before Holland says he’s sorry for not telling him sooner, and they haven’t mentioned her running off yet, so I think he’s mad at her.

      But I hope that I’m 100% wrong because it’s killing me thinking that.

      1. Oh I agree he’s most likely mad at her. Most likely he’s a little mad at everyone. But being mad at someone you love doesn’t change the fact that you love them. I think a good possibility is that he’ll find her and maybe start to attack, but won’t be able to do any real damage.

  15. lmao you literally just “absorbed” a real, living person Feral i dont think you can go around casting stones

  16. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    oh, Feral’s angry face…. That’s genuinely terrifying! Poor Holland. His face in the first panel is so painful! It must suck to be stuck sitting down through this and not be able to chase Feral down.
    I must be honest that this is not how I thought this conversation would go. I was expecting more of a shock factor for Feral, more denial than insta-anger. The real question is who he’s angry at….

  17. I’m sorry for the repeat post if it does get posted. My first attempt didn’t look like it went through. Is this the end of the free updates or the donation is for if I want to see the next page now, vs waiting for next week?

    1. It is the latter. Free updates are still happening.

  18. oh nu I hope he doesn’t really come to hate her because he knows she’s a demon now

  19. Aw… Feral don’t get mad,I feel ya for feeling like that..(lots of times actually)
    I wonder where meela is going though… Anyway… Can’t wait for next post!!!

  20. I shall wait for next week!!! By sleeping for 7 days lol(I actually do )

  21. There is no way this is happening?!

  22. Ah man! These cliff hangers! There needs to be more Fridays in a week, for multiple reasons… this comic is one of them.

  23. i have a feeling he’s going to go after her now… not sure if that’s a good thing. I hope we see Meela soon!

  24. Well I’m sure this won’t end worse than it is…

    -Oh wait…

  25. Crap crap crap

  26. Wait? So also Feral won’t kill a cute little 4 year old, but it’s totally fine to hate her when she’s 13?

    1. ^ Please tell me that Holland is simply jumping to conclusions, because it would seem really out of character for Feral otherwise.

    2. Please assume by default that everything Holland says isn’t 100% true and is probably only his perception of things.

      1. Thank you! :)


    *Yells* PLOT TWIST!! But, seriously, I didn’t think he would be mad. So, until he is not our sadness will continue because now he’s not getting Meela back. *cries more* But, I brought a really big tv with Netflix and Hulu!

    1. Who wants popcorn

      1. ME!!! I bring gifts of ice-cream sandwiches, specialized snuggies, and coloring books. Take your pick everyone! Oh and I wanna watch Brother Bear.

    2. What exactly is an AFC meeting and can I join in?

  28. awesome!!!!! this so exciting!!!!

    1. Hahaha, you’re probably one of a few people who reacted this way at the page. Everyone else seems to be like “Nuuuuuh, how terrible!”

  29. In the third panel, I think that Feral’s betrayed expression is more for Holland than for Meela. Like “How did you didn’t tell me right away?” or something like that… because among the three of them, he was the only one who didn’t knew. And Holland, knowing him for as long time as he has, can read pretty well Feral’s thoughts (as we had already seen) so his own dialogue makes me think that… but of course, emotions aren’t something that any other than Jyaku are been handled well right now and I don’t think that Feral hates Meela or something, but is angry with Holland and Jyaku while Holland is letting his fear win and make him have not so much rational thinking…

    Great page btw xD can’t wait for next page! ;A;

  30. Me and my sister think that Meela finds her mom and the mom trains her as a bounty hunter and how to control her demon half. I mean, they never found out what happened to the mom . . . and she is supposed to have rare colored eyes, so she wouldn’t be hard to identify.

    1. ..that does sound nice…

      1. It’s also kinda weird…. I don’t think that Feral realizes just yet that Meela’s actually GONE, just that she’s a half demon and not in sight. So he could just think that she’s sitting somewhere away from them… and it’s kind of hard to tell exactly what he’s feeling about this new information, but for some reason I feel like his anger toward Holland was more like: “How could you say something like that? Why would you? I’m going to go talk (in a manner of speaking) with her because you’re crazy!”

  31. I just found a new thing to cry over besides Magience. I love this so far, though, to be honest–I can’t even pinpoint an exact reason because there is just so much of it that I love. I binge-read it today, tbh. I found out about it cause I was going through Celesse’s Deviantart for Nostalgia’s sake. So glad I did. I’ll definitely be sticking around for updates.

    1. Welcome to the strays fandom

      1. Thank you, friend! I am happy to be here. :D

  32. I completely just realized that Holland has archery gloves on. It makes total sense, of course. But I only just noticed it. Guess I’m paying more attention to their faces than their hands. XD;

  33. In other news, I’m now waiting for Jyaku to stop Feral in his tracks, because I bet if Jyaku speaks up now, it’ll be the only thing that can stop Feral mid-stomp. Or at least make him pause. Briefly. We’ll see. :P

  34. I have a bad feeling that when Feral sees Meela again she may scream at him about the deaths of her family. I only say this since she was saying something along the lines of (pretty sure I wont get it word for word) “It was feral..all this time it was feral” before she left the second time a few pages back.

    I assume Feral is only angry that he was left out of this knowledge and not at the fact that Meela is half-demon. Holland may be worrying over nothing in that area.

  35. I think that’s less of a “I hate her guts” face and more of a “I’m going to spank her bottom for running off until it’s black and blue” face. But then that’s just me.

  36. Imagine when he finds her and her scent spikes with fear because he’s coming after her with an angry face.
    Which stops him in his tracks because he didn’t stick around to hear the whole story.
    Why is Meela afraid of him? She’s never been afraid of him before, so why is she terrified of him now? He doesn’t know Malkar killed her family.
    Imagine him making her tell him what’s wrong and she’s so scared, the only thing she can do is scream: ‘You killed my family! Let me go!’
    Shocked, he drops her and she sprints away into the woods.

  37. Hm.. I don’t think it’s because Feral’s now hating Meela out of a sudden, since he knew her for long enough now. I guess it’s just him beeing mad at the fact that he’s told that NOW that she’s GONE without him even having to have a word in it… And I do think he didn’t want her to leave because of that reason.

  38. I’m not sure if Feral hates Meela now or not, but I’m pretty sure he already suspected something about her ever since that incident when he picked up her dark energy readings after she transformed into her demon-form. Now what Holland tells him merely confirms his suspicions. He’s probably angry because they didn’t tell him about this earlier, but he probably already suspected something about Meela before this time.

  39. Jeez, Holland always wears the cutest clothes. Please tell me where this man shops XD
    Maybe he’s like Macklemore and rocks the thrift shops.

  40. Dun dun dun…… Muahahaha!

  41. I disagree. I think he took that very well.

  42. I mean, given other examples of his reactions…

  43. Feral, you damp taco shell.
    She’d risk her butt for you. She left to help you.
    Hopefully he’ll cool down, he just needs some alone time.

    1. He’ll come around. Feral is too nice to let what she is get in the way of WHO she is to him. At least, that’s my thoughts on it. Can’t wait to see how they go about reconciling.

  44. I think, once again, Feral is upset and angry and acting on impulse in this scene. He might feel betrayed/angry that Meela wouldn’t reveal her nature to him and that Holland kept things secret from him (considering what happened to Korin a chapter back and Feral’s ability to sense her change in power levels)

    He probably doesn’t remember Meela from when he killed her father and brother because Mal took over. Considering even bounty hunter Feral isn’t callous enough to kill children, I highly doubt he’ll be able to blame her for being what she is. I just think he’s caught up in the moment.

  45. Poor Feral. Loving this story so freaking much!! Cannot wait for more. :D. <3

  46. Pessimistic interpretation of Feral’s thoughts:
    2nd panel – WHAT?!?!?!?
    3rd panel – How could you keep this from me?!
    4th panel – I’m going to find her.
    5th panel – I don’t care.
    6th panel – I’m going to kill her.

    Optimistic interpretation of Feral’s thoughts:
    2nd panel – WHAT?!?!?!?
    3rd panel – How could you keep this from me?!
    4th panel – I’m going to find her.
    5th panel – I can’t believe she ran off!
    6th panel – I’m going to get her back, just you wait… I can’t believe you think I would hate her just because of that..!

    There are two ways you could read this page… It’s kind of hard to interpret what Feral really thinks, so it could be either one. I’m leaning more towards the pessimistic one though, because… well I guess that’s just how I am :P

    Out of interest, what do you guys think? Judging by the comments, most people seem to prefer the second interpretation. So how about it? Is anyone else on the pessimistic team with me?? ^_^

    1. I have to say i agree with you, though my inside voice tells me to go with the optimistic interpretation, i think it’s actually the pessimistic interpretation for now until feral calms down a bit.

  47. Damn it Feral! Holland is right! This is Meela we’re talking about! How could Feral dismiss her so easily, without a seconf thought?!

  48. Man now I wonder, could he kill her?. I’m so worried. Feral ll remember that meela is the daughter of the Demon-Lupian he killed?

  49. Huh.. everyone seems to be thinking that Feral is mad because Meela left, he didn’t know/have a say, etc.. But that part of the story hasn’t happened yet. People are jumping the gun on that, as far as Feral knows Meela may be hiding behind a tree. Next page or so, that will probably be mentioned by Holland who will want to fly after her or something.

  50. Also, Page 352 – Holland doesn’t know what Meela is talking about when she says that it was ‘Feral the whole time’ so Holland does NOT know about Mal killing Meela’s family.
    Page 335, Meela mentions Mal killing her family FIRST before Jyaku said anything about it, so we don’t really know if Jyaku knew about it before or just agreed that it’s what probably happened and knowingly blamed Mal.

    Some people need to reread the story, jeez •_•’

  51. Hey, Midnight430 it’s Meh, Hope ya find my username so ya know what it is :P

  52. No wait not midnight, Sry I meant someone else, Keep Thinking its midnight…. When’s its not, oh well,


  54. I actually can’t tell if Feral hated the news or if he’s worried for her. Just looking at his body language alone, it seems like he’s still heading in the same direction he was going when he wanted to search for Meela… Or does that mean he wants to capture Meela?

    Either way it seems like he’s looking for Meela – how he took the news probably won’t be revealed until he catches up…

  55. Eh, this is late, but I wonder why most of you’d go into the either or direction: Either Feral is off to kill Meela, or, he is off to get her back, because he’s really only upset at Holland not telling him, not at Meela.

    I’m thinking Feral is
    a) not headed anywhere particular at the moment, I think he just stormed off, maybe to cool off somewhere and think (and hopefully decide to get her back)
    b) not happy at all that Meela is a demon AND that Holland hasn’t told him sooner. I think he feels betrayed all around. But I doubt that means he’ll go off to kill her.

    1. Good point! I hadn’t realised that was a possibility. That makes sense too >.<

  56. I just realized Jyaku reminds me of Thranduil from the Hobbit. Same kind of stoic/pragmatic personality with elvish features, and of course… antlers.

  57. AlextheparanoidAndroid

    Feral is thinking ” why the heck did yall let her leave?!

  58. This is what Im hearing

    Feral Panel #3: SO WHAT?!
    Feral Panel #4: Forget you Holland.
    Feral Panel #6: Whatever. You’re an idiot. Bye.

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