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Well that's a rare sight.

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  1. First comment yay! I’m so glad Feral is awake ^-^ now go fetch our girl.

  2. Friggity frak tic tac he’s smiling like that

    1. I”ll just agree with that comment. the first thing my eyes were drawn to was that adorable smile ;-;

      1. I though that smile was so cute but imagine how frikin sad it will be when we see that heart broken face when he finds out meela left.

  3. Oh feral baby…You won’t be so happy to see him when you learn he made Meela leave…OH GOD. HORRIBLE SUDDEN THOUGHT.


    1. Then he’ll have to knock Holland out first, and if Feral sees that he just might feel slightly suspicious…

    2. Except that Jyaku would be telling the truth, although Holland may not realize it. Meela didn’t leave because Jyaku made her. If she had really wanted to stay, I’m sure she would have, especially with Holland on her side. She herself said that her reason for leaving was because Feral (technically Mal) killed her family. It was Mal that told her that, not Jyaku, so if we’re going to play the blame game, it’s Mal’s fault Meela left, not Jyaku’s.

      Please also try to recall the fact that Jyaku saved Meela’s life . . . if he were half the jerk 90% of the commenters have been making him out to be, he’d have just let Mal kill her, THEN seal him. -_- He didn’t, though, because he’s kind and wants to help Meela as well as Feral. He truly believes she’s better off away from Feral.

      Holland disagrees, but that’s neither here nor there . . .

  4. When I read the description in the front page, I somehow automatically knew Feral was going to smile. :D Too bad it’s probably not going to last long with the current situation…

  5. I likes happy Feral. :)

  6. Feral: Daddy!!!

    Nah. Maybe more like, “Mentor!”

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Feral: “SENPAI!”
      Sorry, had to. XD

      1. Lol

        1. …all joking aside… Why is Ferral Happy to see Jyaku?

          O_O Did I miss something?

        2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

          Jyaku brought Feral back from basically death, and trained him, got him a job, essentially gave Feral a life.

        3. Jyaku is like a father to Feral.

        4. Thank you – that solves my question.
          He does NOT have complete amnesia every time Malkar takes over… that is what I was fuzzy about.

      2. Hey, totally get it. I was thinking on putting “Master” as well. Mentor seemed to do well, though. A combination of teacher, respected friend, etc…

  7. Here we see Ragna the Bloodedge getting all exited to see his mentor Kakashi again.

  8. oh… oh dear. that smile’s gonna turn upside down super fast.

    for some reason my work network has been blocked from this site for months, I just happened to be up late enough to see the update while here at home this time so i can comment! :D

  9. That smile is going to kill me.

  10. Feral: “Mmm, a yummy deer!”
    Well, Feral’s a wolf, it’s kinda natural, ya know… Just joking! :) Maybe…

  11. the seal under his eye has changed in design. does it perhaps resemble how many times Mal has taken over..? or like.. how strong the seal needs to be in order to keep him locked away..?

    1. I’d think that since the seal has looked different in the various flashbacks & such that each time a new deal gets put on it’s slightly modified from the last one, so Mal doesn’t instantly know how to get through each time. They’re probably not all that much stronger, just a different “lock” so Mal needs a different “key” or how to learn how to circumvent it (save for the excessive darkness absorption, which in the door/lock/key analogy is kicking down the door)

      At least that’s my theory on it.

      1. Great theory! That’s practically why it changes.

        1. Aha! So that’s how it is. Makes me think of the trick locks in Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. For those who don’t know, they were basically combination locks, but there’s hundreds of possible combinations and the combination is set by the person who placed the lock, so only that person knows how to unlock it. The only other way to get through is to try every single combination until you find the right one, which I expect is what Mal spends all his time doing.

          Such a boring existence sounds like a rather appropriate punishment for a lifelong troublemaker turned murderer.

        2. purpleheart3000

          Yay! Someone else who knows about Ace Attorney! Also, good comparison. It helped me figure the whole lock-thing out :)

      2. Huh.
        I never really noticed that, but that’s a really interesting & smart idea.

  12. Yay! He is back to normal. I wonder how he is going to feel about Meela leaving.

  13. Whoa! he smiled!

  14. Hello from a new italian fan

    1. Welcome to one of the best stories on-line!
      My father came here from Italy with his parents. I get some of my favorite features from him!

      1. Tanks a lot, Nancy. It’s true, this is one of the best stories on-line.
        I really love Meela :-)

        I’v found this Web-Comics through another italian one: Hadez

  15. Oh feral… You enjoy that happiness while you can… Cause it probably won’t last long… ACF UNITE!!!!

    1. wow i sound like a pessimist… lol

      1. Ehhh with good reason. :(

    2. Poor Feral, he’s not gonna be smiling for long after he finds out what happend. Cookie anyone?

    3. Feral’s going to be extremely mad then get a dead look in his eyes.
      *Accepts cookie*

    4. We can’t tell Feral now! He’s happy for once and we gotta ruin it. Way to play with my heart.

      Now that aside,anyone want to play Xbox/playstation with me?

      1. But we have to tell him! If we don’t, who will go after Meela? Holland is still injured… gahhhh my heart
        *yoinks cookie and plops down* I’ll play PS with you! Any game in particular?

        1. How about Little Big Planet 3?

    5. I brought our pillows and blankets. Someone find a corner, cocoa, and plenty of tissues…

  16. That moment before his heart breaks… damn that last panel

  17. ‘Hey, Jyaku’s here! Yay! Wait… Why is everyone looking at me like that?’
    Gah! I’m stuck between feeling worried about the whole situation and being completely focused on how stinkin’ CUTE Feral is when he smiles!

  18. He looks so excited to see Jyaku, oh my baby. ;~;


  20. Feral looks like he sees Jyaku as a father figure.
    He’s probably going to extremely upset, then get calmer and sadder as Jyaku explains. Whether or not Feral agrees with Jyaku, Holland’s going to get Meela. Feral may or may not get Meela himself depending on how well Jyaku explains it, but if Holland brings Meela back, I don’t believe he’ll force her away unless he feels he will hurt her.

    1. Completely agree with your perspective. It’s true that Feral has aggression issues, but I can’t imagine him disregarding the fact that he’s actually dangerous to her. Back when he almost choked her to death, he was so horrified at his own actions that he slept in a corner the rest of the night, and that was when he still saw her as nothing but a pest. Now that he’s so attached to her, I can only imagine that he’d find the knowledge that he almost killed her again (and did kill her family) far more distressing than the fact that she ran away.

      Personally, I think it likely that he will agree with Jyaku at first, but maybe be convinced otherwise by Holland. Our favourite prince does have quite a bit of influence over him, after all. :)

      1. How will Feral find out that he (well, Mal) killed Meela’s family, however? I doubt that Jyaku overheard Mal telling her that bit of information and I doubt that he would tell Feral even if he did hear it. Also, does Feral know at all that there is another person inside of him? Did Jyaku ever tell him, or the reason why he’s mute? All Jyaku said that Feral will know is that something “has gone amiss” when waking up, and I had the feeling that Meela prefered it that way, prefered him not knowing what Malkar had told her.

  21. Oh, so now Feral’s happy to see Jyaku.

  22. Can I just get an icon of the gorgeous smile! :D

  23. Oh WoW, That face! It’ like he’s a puppy again!!

  24. The last panel made my day!

  25. Look at that face.
    “Hi, my name is Feral and I like warm hugs!”

  26. Poor Feral.. He has no idea. I wonder who is going to tell him; on the flip side, maybe he’ll notice she’s gone before they can say anything. I think that would be most heartbreaking of all

  27. Is it just me our is Ferals smile reeeaaaalllllllllyyy creepy

    1. Naw, it’s just a bit goofy. Like he’s not used to smiling.

  28. Maby I’m just being weird about

  29. uh oh, looks like he knows mal got out or something.


    Too bad it won’t last sob. -savors it while I can-

  31. He’s smiling now.
    Wait until he realizes Meela’s gone.
    That smile’s gonna turn upside down real fast.

  32. The innocent smile. NO HE DOESNT KNOW YET!!! sob

  33. So what is it like for Mal to be imprisoned inside Feral? Does he see and hear everything? Does time pass like normal for him? Or is it like solitary confinement? I don’t know, but as evil as Mal is, I feel some sympathy for him being locked away with no one to talk to. Poor Mal…

  34. THAT SMILE. He’s so happy to see Jyaku. Poor Feral. He’s with essential the first two people he met and probably adores a lot) at the same time for the first time in awhile and he’s just gonna get really upsetting news. So not fair.

    I hope the three of them hang out a bit though. For some reason the thought of Holland, Jyaku and Feral hanging out just makes me really, really, happy.

  35. Daww, he’s so happy to see Jyaku. T^T The feels.

  36. That’s just too cute. Holland and Feral both. <3

  37. Awww man… the smile before the frown D:


  39. OMG! Feral, poor baby. He doesn’t know what’s coming his way. I feel so sorry for him and Meela. I don’t know how he’s going to take it, but I guess probably not too well. I mean, the guilt alone once he finds out that it was HIM – well, not him, but the bad inside of him – that killed her family and left her an orphan and justalsdkfjalskdfjalsdkfjalskdjf!!! The feels are killing me.

  40. I don’t care how Mal feels about being locked up… the you know what deserves it. Poor Feral… I’m sure he’s gonna feel awful when he finds out that Mal (in Feral’s body) was the one who killed Meela’s family and who knows how he’ll react about Meela’s gone-ness….

  41. Jaku looks so confused. A priceless reaction to accompany Feral’s adorable happiness!

    Just … GAHHH!!! The feels!

  42. I bet Feral is not goint to be too happy with Jyaku after he hears what happened.

  43. Seeing Feral so happy and Jyaku obviously reluctant just breaks my heart. At this stage, though, it seems likely that most of the times that Feral actually sees Jyaku are when he needs to reseal Mal. I wonder if Feral feals any kind of suspicion after finding Jyaku around whenever he randomly passes out? >_>

    In other news, the first panel gave me a chuckle. That pretty much sums up their entire relationship from day one. Holland just does whatever he wants and Jyaku gives up. XD

  44. Something just occurred to me. I wonder if Kosher ever heard how things went down on that job when Mal killed Meela’s father and brother? I mean, he was supposed to kill them anyway, but if Jyaku explained Feral’s condition fully, I wonder if Kosher made it a point to reject (half-)demon hunting jobs from then on? I hope so, or that might not be the only such tragedy he’s gone through unawares.

  45. …I don’t like the look of that smile. Something tells me disappointment ensues afterwards.


    1. No need to yell and rant, dear.

  47. The entire comic I started reading yesterday and I must say that this is one of the coolest comic book I had ever read.
    I am looking forward to the next page and hope that it will be as soon as possible :3 <3

  48. Now comes the hard part of explain meela left

  49. Oh god… the feels hit me so hard… he’s so excited to see him… T_T I dont even want to see the next page where his world comes crashing down.

  50. Holland is not stopping Meela or asking Feral to go after Meela. 0-0 he’s been brainwashed.

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