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  1. Where do you expect her to go, Jyaku? Besides, she’s connected to Feral somehow… you might be trying to scare off the only person who could help cure him.

    1. Spoilers:



      I have a feeling he plans to take her under his wing. He seemed really interested in her abilities to dream walk, and seems like the kind of person who could foster that and maybe train her. My second guess is he knows someone else who dream walks and will prepare Meela to go liver with them. However, whatever plans he makes are going to probably be intercepted. I can’t imagine her and Feral being separated. I have a sense she is destined to separate and save him from Malkar….but whatever happens I’m sure we’ll love it.

      1. Those aren’t spoilers, lol. Those are just guesses about what might happen.

  2. YAY!!!!!!!
    Sorry… *clears throat* … I get nervous whenever a favorite comic of mine goes on hiatus… wether it is routine or not…..
    I lost too many good reads that way.
    I really don’t want to lose this one too. :'(
    Welcome Back!

  3. I’m pretty sure he is going to notice if he wakes up and Meela is gone. By the way where is she going to go that would be safe for her to stay?

    1. Ohmahgosh I cannot imagine Feral’s sad face when Meela is gone. Never knowing what happened… Unless holland tells him. Hmm… Will they ever tell Feral that he’s possessed by an evil spirit?

  4. Good to see you back! I like this story so much. <3

  5. Owww noo ;__;

  6. Makes me think of the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde :O

  7. Poor Meela. First, she gets Feral’s life story, which is far more than she bargained for when she asked who Malkar was, and now she’s basically being told to make herself scarce. Sure, she had tried to leave before, but she was just starting to think that maybe she’d be able to stay even if she was a half demon (although she still didn’t have the confidence to tell Feral the truth) and that Holland might be able to find a way to keep her demon blood under control long-term, and now she’s told that it’s no good and she’s on her own.

    After all, though he is saying this as much for her own good as for Feral’s, it is Feral that he has mainly been looking out for all these years. I doubt he’d take much time to help Meela out beyond possibly helping her find a place to hide out temporarily. Then, it’d be up to her to survive.

    Having said that, even if Feral realizes something has gone horribly wrong and is told to just let it go (*resists the urge to start singing*), I bet that Feral would use his skills as a bounty hunter to track her down, just as he did the first time Meela tried to run away. Even if Holland, having been informed of what happened by Jyaku, assured Feral that she was okay, I bet he’d insist on finding her.

    And then there’s the question of whether Meela will listen to Jyaku and leave. She might bring up Holland’s earlier promise and refuse to give up.

    *sits and waits expectantly in the Corner to see Meela’s reaction next week* Or better yet, Holland waking up around here and flat-out refusing to let Meela go, no matter what she or Jyaku thinks, haha. XD

    1. PS: Welcome back, Celesse and Algy! Hope you had a great vacation and are feeling rested and ready to take on the new year! ^_^b

    2. I don’t think he’s going to give her the option to go on her own. I think he’s going to take her himself. He doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to toss out a pup like that—especially one his charge has become attached to. He also seemed to take a big interest in her dream walking ability and hinted at training her to Holland.

      1. That is certainly a possibility, but still one with issues. He has taken it upon himself to watch over Feral. Would he truly have the time to train Meela properly and be able to keep the two of them separated and still be able to stay close enough to Feral to intervene whenever Mal gains the upper hand? I don’t think even Jyaku is that skilled.

        Not to say he won’t try, I just can’t see it working very well.

        1. Of course, there is the option of having her trained by someone else, but then the matter of her being a half demon must be considered. Jyaku clearly isn’t bothered, but are all cervians so accepting? We still don’t know that for certain. Those affected by demon power are clearly looked down upon as if they were little more than vermin at best in Meoley, so it’d be challenging to find someone who’d be willing to train Meela.

          Also, it isn’t quite true that Jyaku isn’t the type to leave a pup to fend for herself. He was originally intending to do just that before Holland insisted that she be allowed to stay. Yes, Meela had received training from Feral by then and it’d be natural for Jyaku to assume that she’d be able to manage on her own as long as she recalled her parents’ lessons on keeping herself hidden from society, but he had nevertheless intended to “remove” her from Feral’s company and gave no indication whatsoever of seeking a new guardian. Yes, Feral is more attached to her now, but since Feral won’t know why Jyaku wants to split them up and would undoubtedly be against it, I don’t think that sparing Feral’s feelings is a factor in Jyaku’s reasoning right now.

  8. Maybe it would not be so bad if she did stay… T ^ T

  9. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh poor Meela…. She’s finally found a family (a weird and mixed up one, but still…) and now she has to leave it! Poor girl. But I’m sure she won’t be separated from Feral for long.
    I want Holland to wake up! He’s been out a LONG time. He’s missing out on comforting Meela… (I wonder what it would have been like if Holland had been the one to tell this story?)

  10. Damn it… The whole situation makes me sad for the both of them! Where will Meela go? How is Feral going to cope with her absence?! Damn it!

  11. The last panel is very well done :)
    I love this comic so much <3

  12. AFC MEETING!!! It feels so good to be able to type that again.

    Anyway I brought chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and ice cream cake! And party hats!! *Hands out party hats*

    1. *curls up in usual spot* Predictably, I bring Ovaltine. Also, I bring shortbread cookies!
      Poor, poor Meela! I hope that Holland is going to show up soon and tell Jyaku that he can handle her demon-self…

    2. *Rocks in fetal position on a beanbag*
      I bring an upgrade to our Internet connection.

      1. I bring my usual tissues and books, I missed the AFC corner! *hugs everyone*

    3. *Takes party hat* I bring brownies!

      1. *Cheers for an update while sobbing with feels* I bring lots and lots of mattresses and pillows and blankets – we may as well be comfy while we cry… *plops on hat dejectedly* Jyaaakuuuu please let Meela stay with Feral I promise it’ll be okayyyyyyy

    4. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

      yay AFC meetings :) I bring smores and teddy bears to hug and cry with!

    5. Oh, I uh brought um… *searches through pockets* OH! I got Lint, and a half-eaten cookie! X3

      1. I bring the usual assortment of fuzzy things both living and not. Feel free to snuggle puppies under fuzzy blankets. I also bring an assortment of pies. I’m sad about the thought of Meela and Feral having to split up :c

    6. Ahh, always look yearningly at this corner, so it’s about time I join it! Oh, and I can make crepes! :)

    7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’ve got all sorts of assorted flavors of ice cream! I’ve missed these meetings!

    8. If it helps I’ve got sugar cubes.
      Sugar makes everyone feel better, doesn’t it?

  13. Yaaay so happy! Melee’s demon wolf is so cool. O_O

    1. 1. Who is Melee?

      2. MeelA has demon wolf heritage

      3. How the hell would she not be part demon wolf

      4. MeelA it’s an A.

      5. Still MeelA

      1. 1. It’s very possible that the person typed it out with their phone/tablet and was auto-corrected. That’s what it looks like.

        2. It wouldn’t have killed you to word that more politely.

        3. It looks like Felenrael just missed the word ‘form’ in ‘demon wolf form’.

        4. Politeness. It’s a thing.

        5. Seriously, politeness. Be kind.

      2. Rude much?

      3. The Strays fandom does not take kindly to impolite comments O^O shame on you!

        1. You know, there are entirely too many “look at all the fucks I don’t give” jpegs to choose just one…

        2. Jacklin Wolfgang

          You’re not okay. Go sit in a corner

  14. Poor meela

  15. So, I have a feeling that Jyaku cares more about Feral’s safety and wellbeing than that of a stray pup…although he is overlooking the fact that Feral rather likes said pup.

    1. In Jyaku’s defense, it’s been made quite clear that this is also in Meela’s best interest. Jyaku literally just saved her from being killed by Malkar, after all. He did originally concede to Holland’s wish to keep the two together in the hope that it would help Feral, but now that it’s come to the point that Meela’s life has actually been put in danger because of Mal’s reappearance, I’m sure Jyaku does believe that it is in her best interest to split them up. In fact, it is far more for her sake than Feral’s, as Feral is not harmed beyond being confused over the brief loss of memory while Mal is in control. It is Meela who is truly in danger here.

      1. Of course, it would also do Feral a ton of harm to wake up from a Malkar lapse one day to find out that he killed Meela. That would break his poor heart. :(

    2. I think he does care about what happens to Meela though—especially since Feral has taken to her, and Holland made a huge deal about it. Then there was that one conversation Jyaku had with Holland about the dream walking where he hinted at Meela receiving training. My bet is he is going to pack her up himself and take her to live with him (away from Feral) or get trained/educated by someone else.

  16. Nooo!!!!! Jyaku!!! You’re doing the same thing when Holland started hanging out with Feral, but then Meela isn’t gonna be stubborn like Holland and she’s gonna leave!!! She’s gonna wander and not gonna know what to do!!! T.T No, she is somehow gonna stay with Feral and help him, he needs her and she especially needs him!!! >:(

  17. Welcome back, ladies :].

    Great summation to the explanation scene… Really has me wondering where the story is going to go. Every time a new page comes out it makes me wish you two could do this full time, haha.


    1. RainbowButterflyCatUnicorn

      so much love in this comment :D

  19. Of course she’ll stay. It would not be interesting if she did what he told her to.

  20. awww TTTTT______TTTT NUUUU

  21. So… here’s something that’s confused me for a while. Why are Demons so bad in this world? Meela and her dad (and her brothers?) don’t seem bad/evil/out of control just for having Demon powers/blood/whatever it counts as. Maybe I just missed the explanation but it seems like they’re vilified for… being different?

    1. You’re half right. Holland himself is in support of half demons being allowed to live peacefully instead of being hunted down by mercenaries because he doesn’t seem them as being evil (in his words, most of them just want to be left alone). However, it has also been made clear that full demons really are dangerous (seriously, one tried to kill Mal just because he was there) and that it is possible for half demons to lose control of themselves when they turn into their demon form, as Meela did when she ripped Korin to pieces, so the fact that people in general are suspicious or outright afraid of half demons is hardly surprising.

      1. What’s more, dark energy/magic can drive people crazy (Exhibit A being Mal) and it appears that those with demon blood naturally have dark energy. Those who don’t can utilize dark magic (e.g. Visrial), but can also make use of other forms of magic. However, so far as I can tell, demons and half-demons can only use dark magic because their energy is itself dark. Whether that in and of itself makes them dangerous or not, I can understand people being afraid of them.

    2. I am thinking it is like people who judge people who come from horrible families. A lot of them are unpredictable and they all have dark magic/energy. They have to learn to control their demon side. Probably there are a number of them who don’t know how or take the time to do it.

  22. NUUUUUU!!!!!! You cannot leave him!!!!!


  24. I know she was already leaving when this all happened but… O.Q Dang Jyaku

  25. Whhhaaaatttt nooo

  26. Is it weird that I can somehow hear Meela’s and Jyaku’s conversation in my head? It’s like, I can imagine their voice and tone ;A;

    1. I do that regularly. My imagined voices are generally not that clear in my head if I don’t take the time to put a specific voice to them (i.e. decide who’d actually be the voice actor if the story I’m reading was animated), but I do try to at least make the characters sound (fe)male and old/young in my head when reading, especially with graphic novels/comics.

      That doesn’t mean you aren’t weird, though. I’m pretty weird myself. Let’s enjoy our shared weirdness! :D

  27. ohh *squeal updates!
    but nooo are they gonna be separated? QAQ

  28. Panel 4 is really trippy. It looks like a profile of Meela, but it also looks like she is look almost straight at us, with the left side (her right side) of her face shaded by her hair o.O

    1. It really is a profile shot. The shading is the inside of the bangs on the right side of her fact. It does look a little odd at first, though.

  29. Assuming it doesn’t happen in the actual comic, can we get an illustration of what Meela will look like in her late 20’s, early 30’s when it’s over? I always love seeing characters age and grow up. =D

    Now I wanna see how Meela gets to stay with Feral, and he better get his memories back! Maybe he’ll even find Vihki again!

    1. I second this motion! :D

      Though, Vihki has probably moved on by now and may even be married with a pup of her own, though it would certainly be nice for her to get proper closure regarding what happened to Yuen and Mal. Poor girl.

      But, yes. A grown-up Meela would be awesome. :D

      1. That would be fantastic!!! But what if Meela dies? (Shudder) why did I think about that. Ima go hide in the corner.

  30. Wait.
    Wait what.

  31. Whuuuuuuuyyyyyyyy!!!! Poooorrr Meeeellllaaa!!!! First she learns that her guardian and best friend killed her family, then she learns his life story, then holland’s and now she must leave them foreva!!!! It’s doubtful that she’ll train with Jaiku because he often watches Feral to make sure he’s okay, Meaning that Meela would be in close proximity with Feral. Which would mean explosions.

  32. WAit wait wait wait wait….I was rereading the FAQ for this comic and it still says you’re planning on 3 volumes. Each volume has had 5 chapters. This is the 5th chapter of the 3rd volume!!!!! PLEASE don’t tell me Strays is ending so soon!!!

    1. This is actually the 4th chapter of Volume 3, but yes, after the next chapter Strays will be ending. But don’t worry, we still have like a year of updates to go :)

      1. That’s still too early!! T-T Another year will be nice but I am really going to miss this story!

  33. wait,…WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!WTF? GREAT NOW IM PISSED,MALKAR why’d you have to drop the bomb like that I’m mean you could’ve said it just a little bit NICER!!! I mean, just, uh(sobs) now I have all these feels that are running wild aND I DONT KNOWN what to DO!!!!!!!!>:( :..(

    (I’m sorry just ignor my comment)

  34. Why this comic got to end its to good to end :(

  35. I have a tingling feeling that Feral isn’t gonna be too happy that Meela is leaving…..Forever… I mean come on Malkar you can’t hide the truth from him forever,I mean you can use all your magic on him all you want, but feral isn’t stupid, okay, he has a mind of his frickin own and he’s gonna find out sooner or later. But in a way he is kinda right it would be good for both of them physically and emotionly to stay away from each other so, yeah

  36. Ooo… Just wondering… Are there other demon-animal people other than demon wolves—like are there demon swans or demon deer? Can there be a half-human demon? Also, since demons seem to be able to breed with everyone does that give the half-demons the ability to hook up with any other races or demon hybrids? Like, could you have a character that is 1/2 demon, 1/4 cat person, 1/8 wolf person, and 1/8 deer person?

    1. Demons can breed with just about anyone. But any half breed that is a lupian/demon, can only breed with lupians or other demons with the same species within their blood. There can never be a mix of other races in one being. (Like a Demon Lupian hooking up with a pure Vulpian (fox), they couldn’t have kids.)

  37. Mind if I ask, are you guys going to be at Katsucon?

    1. No, sorry, we are not attending Katsucon.

  38. T_T noooo don’t force them apart

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