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Did Jyaku make the right decision?

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  1. Feral’s excited little face in the last panel, I’m cry.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Same. I made a little half-choked squeaking sound and flailed when I saw the last panel.

      1. I feel for Feral so much and that little face made just… AGH. he’s an image, girl…. he’s an image… he ain’t real ahhhhh

  2. ;~;
    Ferallllllllllll you poor bb

  3. And excel he did.

  4. :\ I kinda disagree with Jyaku’s decision. It shouldnt have been his choice to make.

    1. Well, yeah, but I think it was one of the better options (in my opinion). If he’d given Feral the journal to read, I have a strong feeling he would’ve had a pretty big temper tantrum, if ya know what I mean. I don’t think Feral’s mentally strong enough at this point to be able to handle what’s in there. That’s just my way of thinking, sorry. ^-^

      1. no need to apologize for an opinion yo. I agree that Feral might not have been emotionally stable enough at that point to be able to read the journal, and he was under Jyaku’s care so the guy had the responsibility to also look out for Feral’s mental well-being… but he seems a lot stronger now, so I hope Jyaku isn’t still holding out on him.

        1. well. Right now Feral’s a bit of a mess. But once he gets back on his feet.

  5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh it’s so good to see Feral SMILE! :)

    1. Ah, not sure about that. It’s a bit of a Malkar smile, slightly sinister and somewhat too eager.

      I wonder what Feral thinks of all this, what he thinks happened to him. Or did Jyaku tell him? And as Meela has been able to open and “read” the book (she couldn’t decipher the dialect, though), I wonder whether Feral cannot open it or can’t read it, and what he thinks about that, too.

      1. I think Jyaku must have told him at least some details of what happened. First of all, no one would wake up with amnesia and not question the person taking care of them. Sure, he couldn’t ask the question out loud, but he could write, and Jyaku was able to read his dialect, so some sort of conversation must have occurred eventually.

        Aside from that, Feral knows how to use the mark on his hand and also knows how dangerous it is and that he should expel the energy he absorbs. I conclude, therefore, that he was told all this (and the reason why) by Jyaku.

        I expect that Jyaku’s seal on the book only applied to Feral, but it does seem that Feral understands that the book is important, even if he doesn’t know why. That’s not strange, really . . . he’s been writing in that book since he was a child, so he must have had a strong emotional attachment to it that even amnesia couldn’t entirely erase.

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        He should be able to read it because he still writes in that alphabet. I think it’s that somewhere in his mind he knows that he needs to keep it around, but the seal somehow diverts his conscious mind away from the journal so he never thinks about it.

    2. O-O
      ….. Feral can… Smile?
      Seeing Feral smile is like hearing a dog say meow.
      It’s just plain unnatural.

      1. MentalikesNarwhals

        how about a cat barking XD

        1. My cat barks.

        2. Awwwwww….. :)

        3. My cat eats muffins.

          But on the subject of animals and weird sounds, cheetahs chirp.

  6. Feral looks happy.

  7. Well, I can see why Jyaku sealed it. I mean, Feral was practically going crazy for a long time, and Jyaku didn’t want anything to accidentally trigger it again. And also, can you imagine, what Feral’s old clan and old friends would think when he suddenly reappeared as, not the Yuen they once knew, but an easily angered fighter like Feral who doesn’t even remember them?

    1. I agree. No doubt his girlfriend (can’t quite remember her name) missed him terribly and was very worried, but the fact is that he was no longer the guy she fell in love with, not to mention that he would have no memories of her. Even if he knew who she was because of the information in the journal, he would no longer have feelings for her. I think she’d be even more broken-hearted to see him forget about her and be turned basically into a savage because of Mal, rather than to assume that the two of them had died on their adventure and just move on with her life.

      On the other hand, if he ever gets a job that brings him into contact with her again after all these years . . . oh my. We can only hope she wouldn’t recognize him! ^^;

      1. I really want Feral and his old girlfriend to meet for some reason. I think it would be interesting for the plot, even though they would probably never be able to get back in that sort of relationship again.

  8. Gosh, I love this comic so hard. The feels… *sob*
    I will buy it as soon as its finished. After Teahouse has ended in the middle I dont buy comic anymore until they are finished. Sorry u_u

    1. Because of your comment I red this “teahouse” and will do the same thing. No buying comics that are not finished! – but again, to the writer… it’s their work, they can do what they wish.

      (…even if they leave their readers screaming in agony!!!!!)

      – “teahouse” not the best story, but the artwork- wow.

  9. Well, at this point, Jyaku is playing a father role and he’s trying to make the best decision for Feral. A parents decision may not always be the best, but he has the best of intentions. Given the situation, this is just what he felt was best for him. Trust me, it’s pretty hard to be a parent and make the right choices when the child doesn’t know any better (which is kind of where Feral is right now).

    1. I agree with you. Feral was in no condition to make a decision about his future at that point. He had no memory of his past and thus nothing much to base a decision on. And given how much he’s obviously enjoying his training, I daresay he was all for the decision for him to become a bounty hunter/mercenary.

    2. I also agree. Jyaku understands responsibility when put into situations like this. Cervian people seem to be the wise types.

  10. Eu acho que o Feral deveria ler seu diário. – I think Feral should read his diary.

  11. Omigosh. Happy Feral :D

  12. Feral’s smile is bittersweet to me. It’s cute, like a kid playing a game. But, fighting isn’t a game and the fact that he’s enjoying it is obviously something that comes from Mal, not Yuen, so it’s sad, too.

    Jyaku made the best decision he could, given the situation, but he’s probably regretting it now, given his relationship with Meela. And then there’s the occasional job where he must face half demons and dark magic users, which are obviously a serious problem for all involved, not just Feral.

    Just a little side comment: I want to thank the folks for their well wishes a couple weeks ago. I do miss my client, but at the same time, I’m glad for her sake. She died in her sleep, which is exactly what she wanted. :)

    1. Another thought: Given that Feral couldn’t possibly join a lupian clan, really, his options were quite limited. And can any of us see Feral, either then or now, working as a merchant, innkeeper or clergyman? I sure can’t. And healing magic is obviously out of the question. He didn’t have the necessary skills to become a tradesman like a carpenter or blacksmith, either. And after the show he put on on the last page, I doubt anyone would consider hiring him as a tailor. XD; Honestly, I don’t think there was anything else for him to do (at least, that was legal).

    2. I think that smile is 100% Feral. He may have once been Yuen, and he may carry traces of Mal, but he is Feral. Feral is the man who loves Holland like a slightly irritating younger sibling, who is athletic and enjoys the risk and reward that bounty hunting provides, who sees Jyaku as a kind mentor, and loves Meela with a strong, nameless bond.

      1. Well, I did say it was “bittersweet.” Yes, it’s Feral’s smile and I can’t help but want to smile with him. I like Feral, after all, and it’s nice to finally see him smile. But it also reminds me that Mal is part of Feral as much as Yuen is, and that’s sad. After all, what was it that first got him to smile like that? Holland? Learning to sew? Eating his favourite fruit, pears? No. It was learning to use a sword, which is obviously part of Mal’s influence. Hence, bittersweet.

  13. I’m gonna cry that smile

  14. Am I the only one that imagines Jyaku played by Liam Neeson?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Oh man! That’s beautiful…

    2. YES

      1. where’s the like button? Liam Neeson has been one of my new favorite actors because he supports the horse carriages. Go Liam Neeson!

        1. Read up on that NY thing – I always admired Liam Neelson – But now i’m an active “fan”.

          Still, Aslan will always come to my mind when I hear his voice.

        2. IrondragonMetals

          I’ve been following the NYC thing and watching their stupid mayor for a while now. I want those poor horses to stay in the city where they belong so that they can continue to do their work proudly and happily.

  15. Sealed? Meela took a gander at it when she found it and the only thing that stopped her was that she can’t read the old western Lupian dialect.(think that’s what he said it was)
    Guess it’s specifically sealed from Feral.
    Also, tough choice Jyaku, don’t really think there is a *right* choice for something like this though.
    Huuuge fan of this comic by the way. So pretty and a fantastic story!

    1. It’s more like a deterrent, but seal is a better word. It’s linked only to Feral and whenever he opens the book, before he can even read the words he loses interest and puts it down, which prevents him from reading it.

      1. That’s a very clever seal. That way, Feral doesn’t realize he’s being prevented from reading it in the first place. If it had stopped him from even opening the book, Feral would have known what was going on and probably had one of his little temper tantrums on Jyaku.

  16. Look at his face. This is the first time he has really smiled since the accident. He’s finally accomplished something that he feels is worthwhile.
    I’m sad.
    (It’s so cute though, I want it on a t shirt.)

  17. Looks great!–Wrong form of “led” there in the last bubble, though.

  18. That last panel. Feral you adorable cutie!

  19. TennesseeLoneWolf

    Could we possibly get smiley Feral button in shop?? :D

    1. As a button collector I second this!

  20. That smile in the last panel almost makes me think of Meela when she gets things right. They both smile. It’s so cute!

  21. Aww lookit dat smile. <3

  22. I’m gonna miss the snacks at the ACF for a while… and this would also explain why Meela could never understand his journal earlier in in the comic

  23. wow i love this so much but i’m a little confused

    1. De ce confuz?

  24. AFC meeting! *Throws sparkles and confetti into the air* Kinda sad we started it a day after the page was posted, but we started it. I have pictures of a smiling Feral!!!

  25. Now I understand why horses even mild-tempered ones don’t like Feral… poor Feral. And I believe Jyaku made the best decision at the time. Feral would have had to be well… put down… because of a full mental breakdown if he read that journal then. Not sure if that is the case now but with Mal having popped out, Feral has been setback for sure on some things.

  26. Oh gods, I’m gonna cry so much. :’) weird face I know, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m just gonna cry.

  27. Why did he train the crazed wolf with anger issues how to use a sword? (:l

    1. So he could work as a mercenary, which is a more acceptable outlet for it than a bloody rampage.

    2. Indeed! We’d all much rather that Feral kicks criminals in the head and not innocent bystanders, right? :D

      1. Good point but now if he goes on a bloody rampage it will probably be more bloody though it is less likely to happen

  28. I must admit that given Feral’s condition, I am questioning Jyaku on this decision. If I were Meela, I would interupt at this point and be like “you did WHAT?” But then again, I am reading a story, and I don’t know everything your characters know about their world.

    New fan here! Found you guys a few weeks ago. I hope that you’ll do a livestream of the process of painting the background sometime, as I’d love to see that. But it is to my understanding that they’ve been discontinued for a while, correct?

  29. what if meala found the journal

  30. sorry i mean meela

    1. She did find it. She can’t read Feral’s dialect, though. Not that it makes a difference now, since she’s getting all the rest of the story that she missed in her dreams.

  31. Awwwwwwwwwwwww his face is soooo cute in the last panel!!!

  32. Jyaku did what he thought best, It might have been worse for him to try to fit into his old life with his new personality.

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