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And Holland continues to be a pain in the rump.

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  1. oh my god the cuteness i can’t aaaaaaaah

    1. so adorable, isn’t it?

      1. :33< *ac pokes karkitty* •U•

  2. Aaaah, it’s too cute! He’s too cuuute!

  3. Holland, you… you… You little waffle with whip cream on top!

    1. great, now i’m thinking of adult Holland sitting in a vat of whipped cream…

      hApPy ThOuGhTs!!!

      1. It is isn’t it? XP

  4. Maybe Feral is reminded of him and Mal when they were kids whenever he plays with kid Holland.

  5. Aw he is so adorable!
    Some kids just have that special thing about them. Holland definitely has it with Feral. Whatever he is doing. Do we get a chance to find out in the future? Or is it just left up to speculation?

  6. For a second I was like “Why doesnt he just turn into a swan and fly out the window?” but then I realized he probably isnt old enough….unless its different rules for lyrians. Maybe he’d just turn into a baby swan….a swanlet or like a swanling? Oh wows… WAIT CAN HE TURN INTO A SWANLET??? (>A<) OMGAH BABEH SWAN HOLLAND!! Grey fluffeh lil swanlet just floppin around trying to cheer up poor Feral.

    1. EEEEEEEEE Cute! ^-^

      1. EEE Cute seconded! Want to see that now…

        1. OOH! Make a voting incentive out of that!!!!

    2. For future edification, a young swan is known as a cygnet. :)

      I agree; that would be absolutely adorable.

      1. Animal Young

        antelope calf
        badger cub
        bear cub
        beaver kit
        bobcat kitten
        buffalo calf
        camel calf
        caribou fawn
        cat kitten
        cattle calf
        chicken chick
        cougar kitten
        coyote puppy
        deer fawn
        dog puppy / pup / whelp
        duck duckling
        eagle eaglet
        eel elver
        elephant calf
        elk calf
        ferret kit
        fish fry
        fox cub / kit
        frog tadpole
        giraffe calf
        goat kid
        goose gosling
        hare leveret
        hawk chick / eyas
        horse foal / colt / filly
        kangaroo joey
        leopard cub
        lion cub
        mink kit
        owl owlet
        peafowl peachick
        pheasant chick
        pig piglet/ porkling / gilt
        pigeon squab / squeaker
        pike pickerel
        possum joey
        rabbit kitten
        rat pup
        rhino calf
        roe deer kid
        salmon parr / smolt
        seal calf / pup
        sheep lamb
        skunk kitten
        spider spiderling
        swan cygnet
        tiger cub
        toad tadpole
        wallaby joey
        walrus cub
        weasel kit
        whale calf
        wolf cub / pup / whelp
        zebra foal

        (Me on Espresso)

        ALL CUTIES!!!

        1. ::facepalms:: they were all triple spaced and in 3 columns!!!
          – I don’t think my computer likes me ~ sorry girls :(

        2. “Peachick.”

          Pokemon instantly comes to mind.

          A roe deer is a kid? XD I thought “fawn” was universal for most cervids except for moose, elk, caribou, etc.

        3. A baby rat is a kitten. *shivers* I can think of some cruel pranks to come from that.

        4. Dude, if someone said they got me a kitten and they handed me a baby rat, I would be ecstatic! (Currently have two adorable ratty boys)

    3. Aren’t baby swans supposed to be ugly though? Unless the Ugly Duckling was just a big fat lie! My childhood! noooo

      1. They’re actually not all that ugly. I think they’re utterly adorable.

        1. Where did he get all that cloth and i really want to see him as a baby swan!

      2. Baby swans aren’t ugly per se… though they’re not particularly graceful. The point of The Ugly Duckling was that baby swans make pretty weird looking ducklings. It was that he was being compared to a baby duck and falling short of that ideal that made him ugly… not his swanness in particular. You could reverse it and have The Ugly Cygnet just as easily (in theory, in practise ducklings are beyond adorable and the story would be weird).

        1. Cygnets are adodorabler than ducklings.

    4. I’m not sure at what age Holland learned to transform (I’ll have to check with Algy) but even if he could right now, he is not yet old enough to fly. So yes, he’s still an awkward, fluffy gray cygnet at this point ;)

      1. All I can imagine now is this little cygnet waddling over to giant demonic Feral-wolf like “lets be friends!”

        Or maybe poofing into a cygnet to evade capture making Jyaku chase him around–which would be hysterical.

        Either way if Holland poofs into a baby swan it would SIGNIFICANTLY improve finals week.

        1. If you can draw. This MUST be done. Like, now. Go. Do it. Before I set you on fire. THE WORLD NEEDS THE CUTENESS. >.>

        2. Actually I would love to do some fan art :3 Ive just been so swamped with finals. Is there any fan art policy? Algy, Celesse, may I draw your lovely characters?

    5. Cygnet. Baby swans are called Cygnets. It comes from Cygnus, the Latin word for swan.

      1. I feel edified! :D

        And now I know what the constellation Cygnus is suppose to be, haha.

        1. Ever hear of:


        2. >_> Was there a point to that very strange list?

        3. they are constellations that “might” have been … we were on the topic of constellations – somewhat. :P


    1. Haha, those are two of his brothers. eue

      1. I hope at some point, I know it’s unlucky now, that we could see more of Holland’s brothers look like. Perhaps in a vote incentive or something.

        This is about my 5th time completely rereading the comic, and I love all the little details I had over looked before, like Holland’s brothers’ appearance here, or how sometime back, Meela’s blood activated the mark of Feral’s hand


      1. We didn’t see these kids before. As Algy said, those are Holland’s brothers and they’ve only been mentioned in passing by Holland (who has yet to give up on his habit of escaping the palace to follow Feral around, apparently).

        As for “crow dude” . . . he’s talking about a certain individual who was up to no good. The job he hired Feral for, which led to the battle between him and Visrial (and Meela’s poisoning) was related to what “crow dude” was doing and that fight actually took place on his roof.

        1. “The job he hired Feral for” — “he” being Holland. Just realized how vague that was. ^^;

  8. holland is such a problem child ^^ but he’s lovable like that.

  9. Holland’s face in panel 3… Oh my god, so adorable in that ‘i-hate-you-mom’ way! :3

    I must read more of adorable holland

  11. :33< *head pokes out of ACF corner* aww, so adorrrrrableeezz! :00< maybe he will heal feral or something? :33< *ac confines to nom on Milano cookies in the ACF corner*

    1. Lol not way too many feels today. But baby Holland sure is a cutie pie! I bring the gift of eggnog and sugar cookies

    2. I wanna squish him! He’s too cute for my eyes!
      I bring Thin Mints!

      1. I come bringing a fireplace, fluffy cats for everyone, and gifts of snickerdoodles! Let’s get ready to spread the holiday cheer!

    3. EEEEE!!! Epic cuteness!!! I bring candy canes and chocolate truffles!

    4. I baked a cake! Also I brought Zelda Twilight Princess DS demo!!! It’s brand new and super rare, so play while you can! (I got it at a garage sale for 20$. They didn’t know how rare it was.) *Cuddles with kittens*

      1. :33< * ac squishes le kitten softly and not harshly* :33 :DD< I've nefur played that game before, so can I watch? *sits beside Fuschia*

        1. I bring more random games and playing devices, tablets and books. And supplies to make lifesize young Holland plushies!

    5. No feels today but I am freaking out over the two boys in the corner on the top panel. Its Holland’s brothers! I bring sadly nothing today

      1. SO MUCH FEELS
        I bring crab legs and butter.
        Do not question my strange eating habits.

        1. Why would I question my own eating habits sense they mirror yours? :)
          (brings slow churned lemon butter)

          Come, let us gorge ourselves on these legs of Crabs!

        2. SAVE SOME FOR MEEEEE!!!!!!

  12. Can… Can I keep him? Please?

  13. Be honest. Little Holland’s angry face was inspired by the “Angry Bluebird” photo, wasn’t it?

    OMG, he’s so cute!

    1. Lol! I think it was!!

  14. Hehe… from Holland’s perspective, Sexy Deery Guy is too tall to fit in the panel. <3

  15. *Deer

  16. He’s still so cute. I really like how this page was drawn fer some reason. really great job!

  17. Hollands face in third panel is Soooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

  18. Why didn’t Jyaku move their camp to where Holland couldn’t find them again?

    1. Who says he didn’t? He probably put up all kinds of wards too, but Hollands child-wonderment was unstoppable.

    2. Yes, he did try moving around, but it didn’t really work. Plus Jyaku started to worry about the little babu wandering around the forest alone and in danger looking for them.

      1. Could it also have been that Feral started getting attached to him, or does that happen later?

  19. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh my! He is SO adorable!!!!

  20. Isn’t Holland currently still unconscious in the background while Jyaku’s giving this enlightening exposition?

    1. He sure is.

      1. Omgosh! Holland is unconscious!!!! Let’s tell emanrassing childhood stories about him!!!

        1. This comment, +1 for making me LOL.

    2. That awkward moment when you wake up to Jyaku explaining your practically life-long obsession with Feral xD

      1. YES! I so want that to happen now. XD

  21. Lmao. Awww

  22. Soo cute! OMG I’m loving this! X3

  23. I feel like part of the reason Holland became obsessed with Feral was because he was something that he was told should be avoided. ALL THE MORE REASON TO SEEK HIM OUT!

  24. I’m sure many felt that artgasm when we saw Holland’s home *-*

    1. Why do I feel like the term ‘artgasm’ should be in urban dictionary…

  25. DAWWWWW!! :3

  26. He’s so ADORABLE OMG <3

  27. Panel three makes me SQUEEE!!

  28. That little stinker, he’s so cute XD

  29. Aw, so cute. And now why Feral enjoys Meela’s company.

  30. It reminds me of this time a retirement community here had ducks in the swimming pool, so the maintenance people packed up all the ducks and took them to the river where they belonged. By the time the maintenance people got back, the ducks had already flown back to the pool


    1. That’s not crow dude, actually.

    2. Poor kid is getting so much abuse just for having black hair. XD There’s such a thing as a black swan, you know! And really, he’s probably just a white swan who gets to have a black cap when he transforms. A very unique swan indeed.

  32. Holland didn’t mention any of that <D

  33. A pain in the rump he may be, but he’s an adorable pain in the rump. <3

  34. The cuteness of little Holland!

    And I imagine the reason Feral as aggressive toward Jyaku and not Holland is that Holland wasn’t the one that basically turned him into Feral. Or Feral just has a soft spot for kids.

  35. AAAGGGHH THE FEELS IT BURNS!!! *Explodes into a million sparkles*

  36. Hmm…

    Encouraged by previous comments, I decided to search some baby cygnets >:3



    *Remembers they are one of the largest flying birds, and can kill people.*

    … :’D

    Anyways, on the topic of the page, I was really wondering if we’d ever even get a basic concept of Holland’s siblings! ouo Interesting.

    1. Oh my, cygnets have to be the fluffiness things on the face of the planet!!!! How can a thing that adorable and that fluffy, also be able to grow up into something known for it’s gracefulness?!?! Swans are lucky duckies.

      1. I was attacked by a swan when I was six… But they are very pretty when they’re not pecking your fingers off… They’re almost as bad as geese

        1. A place I used to live once had a platform out on the lake for kids to swim out to . . . until a swan decided to make it his turf and attacked anyone who swam near it. They had to remove it to get rid of the swan. :’D

          But, yes, when there’s a healthy distance between, they are truly beautiful to watch.

  37. i wonder if we’ll find out holland and pipper’s backstories. also i want to know the conection between the old man ferel killed in the earlier chapters and meela.
    holland is so cute!

  38. Holland: “Hi there! I have just met you and I love you!”


  39. Did the blend of souls cause Feral to stop aging? Or is he just aging slower?

    1. I don’t think so. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I believe Feral is currently 28. This memory is from his late teen years. I think he’s just one of those lucky ducks who looks really young for a long time. If you look closely (or have been reading this for a few years like I have :3) you sort of notice that he was A LOT less muscle-y back then. He probably put on some weight and extra strength when he became a bounty hunter. Hope this answers your question (and I hope I’m not misinforming you)!

      1. Nah, I agree and I’ve been reading this comic for quite a while too ^.^
        I’ve also noticed that aswell, he is a bit more scrawny as a teen.

  40. awwwwwwwwwwwww

  41. Sure he’s being annoying, but you can forgive Holland, right? Please? I mean, he’s SO CUTE!!!! You can’t stay mad at that adorable little thing!! >.<

  42. Picture on panel 4 response:
    AHHHhHHHHHh!!!! Too cute!!!!! It IS THE CUTENESS APOCOLIPSE!!!!!! Every one to the emergency bunker!!!!!

  43. Awwwwww this is so adorable (: I suppose they must be rather close to civilization, then, if mini!Holland can so easily escape from the palace and find his way here. Holland must not be able to transform, then?

    1. Nope. Like Celesse and Algy have said, he can’t at this point. And anyway, Meela didn’t learn until she was 12, and Holland’s still basically a toddler in this flashback.

  44. Oh my word now we know where he gets it. Jiaku is where Feral got his grumpy older brother/guardian attitude. I love it.

  45. Little Holland would totally make the perfect merchandise. I would buy so much things if it had little Holland on it. XD


  47. This page. I needed it so much. I’m a home caregiver and my client just passed away, so this page was just what I needed to lift my spirits. Everything is just adorable and hilarious and such a wonderful change from the previous part of the story.

    I know the timing is just a coincidence, but thank you, Celesse and Algy, for the pick-me-up. :’)

    1. (As an aside . . . Holland seems to have quite the knack for stealth, given how many times he evaded palace security! XD)

      1. I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you find the happiness you deserve for all your hard work. I have been a care giver as well and it is just like losing family.
        Bless You!!

    2. :) we’ll be here if you need a friendly ear Goldmare. ::huggs::

  48. Also, seems like Feral just loooves children <D

  49. This comic is beautiful.. At moments I wanted to cry at moments I laughed… Please continue it… Maybe I can learn off of it so I can make my own one day…

  50. Good boy Holland. Good boy Feral. Good dog best friend.

  51. I’m so intrigued now by Holland’s family <3

  52. Agh, it’s too freakin’ adorable! Me thinks Holland had a bit of a boy crush on Feral~ XD

  53. I love this cuteness!! The feels…… Hmm, now I’m not sure I can bear any more of my kitten being adorable. I might very well die. Oh well, I’ll die happily going :3

  54. wait what? Feral is older than Holand… wow

  55. On a compleat unrelated note… The bionicle hype train will be arriving soon! Get your tickets while you still can!!!!!

  56. Completely … I hate spell check…

  57. Okay so I’ve been reading this comic for who-knows-how-long (not me) and for every page I have enjoyed reading the comments they always make me laugh and SOMEHOW I have never commented before. And the past few weeks have been really hard on me and I just laughed the hardest I’ve laughed in a long while when I read the comments of little Holland being a cygnet. Thank you. Anyway I just thought you all should know that. Oh and Celesse and Algy I absolutely adore your work! Keep doing the awesome stuff that you do ^_^ Love cute little Holland’s pouty face :)

  58. catspieandlupians

    I feel like there’s nowhere to go in the story from here. The main conflict was that we didn’t know what happened to Feral and then Meela’s family. But now we know and the secrets are slowly being revealed and now we know what happened to everyone and who they are. Now what though? What resolution could they come to that we haven’t already had. They could go back to camping around. But meela will never get her family back and Feral won’t get his old life as Yuen back…

  59. catspieandlupians

    I feel like there’s nowhere to go in the story from here. The main conflict was that we didn’t know what happened to Feral and then Meela’s family. But now we know and the secrets are slowly being revealed and now we know what happened to everyone and who they are. Now what though? What resolution could they come to that we haven’t already had. They could go back to camping around. But meela will never get her family back and Feral won’t get his old life as Yuen back…

    1. STOP BEING DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!

    2. We don’t know how the old man knew Meela.

  60. HollandxFeral shipshipshipshipshipship

  61. I forgot, what does ACF stand for again?

  62. Okay is it just me or does young Holland look like Alois Trancy from black butler? Good show. Even though the characters are COMPLETE opposites.

  63. Holland, you little squirmy wormy!

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