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Look at that cute little nuisance.

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  1. Oh. My. God. eeeeeeeeeeee little Holland!!

    1. its so cute!

  2. “a little nuisance” AWW HOLLAND

  3. It’s Meela 1.0!
    Also, I have a feeling Feral’s about to go Momma Bear mode on Jyaku.

  4. I’m starting to think Holland is channelling the spirit of cuteness from Glitch from the Gamercat comics.

  5. Oh my lord he is just too adorable.

  6. Little Holland is just so cute!

    Also, what’s with Feral being a magnet for little kids? XD

    1. “Tough guys” are suckers for “squishy companions”

      1. I absolutely love your comment. :)

      2. It’s the strong-&-silent type & the lovely item

        1. its like in ouran host club with Honey and Mori sempai.

        2. This was my first thought as well!

    2. How Clint Eastwood!

  7. Holland: “Hi, I’m Holland and I like warm hugs”

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      “Some people are worth possibly getting maimed for.”

      1. Snowtail – that is epic cuteness :D

        1. * Human Inuyasha – >_<

        2. ok that reply was meant for way below!

          YAY!!! Holland is soooooo cute! I can’t take it! ::cuddles everything in sight::

      2. *When Mal and Yuen touch hands and fuse together*
        Holland: “An act of true love will fuse two separate hearts :D”

      3. Meela: do you wanna build a snowmaaaan!!??
        Feral: *grouchy face*
        Meela: if you don’t help me i’ll shave your tail while you’re asleep!!
        Feral: *sigh*
        Meela: YAY!! :D
        Narrator: and so they built a snow man but as they finished meela thought the snowman was missing on weffevlast detail.
        Meela: Hhhmmm… what last detail is the snowman missing?
        Feral: *I dont care face*
        Meela: i know! *Gets out a necklace with a shiny blue pendant* *puts it on the snowman*
        Narrator: And as soon as that necklace went on the snowman’s neck he burst to life and said:
        Snowman: Happy birthday, also im holland and i like warm hugs!
        Feral *what the heck face*

  8. Wait so… how old is Feral? I thought he was about the same age as Holland :O

    1. Oops, meant to post a reply but ended up with a new comment – Feral is nine years older than Holland (see below)

  9. According to the characters page Feral is 28 and Holland is 19 (it says Meela is 12, though, so 29 and 20 might be closer to the truth now)

    We first saw this meeting in comic 152, btw – I spent some time looking for it so here it is if anyone else wants to have another look:

    1. Omg, I look on the page and I finally get the “Maybe!” Holland said.

    2. Oh. Thanks ! That’s very nice of you :D

  10. 3rd panel, Holland: “Ooh, fluffy wolfy! Gotta hug him!”
    4th panel, Feral: “Whatever… Just whatever…”

  11. *Squeals like a fangirl* Little Holland!!


    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’ve got ALL the candy in the world!

      1. I have books?, thanksgiving leftovers?, oh right! I have the plushies!

    2. Ack! CUTE Holland! I bring chocolate chip cookies and chocolate Ovaltine!

      1. I got plushies of all kinds! Place an order now cause they’re goin’ fast!

        1. plushie “Life-Sized Inuyasha” please!

        2. OOH, life sized Saske!! Also, I think a party is in order, it’s been awhile since we’ve had anything to celebrate.

      I bring Ninjago to the corner.

      1. :33< *squishes le holland* o yeeeeesh. Oh, and I carry crunchy sugar cookies and scalemates(dragon plushies)

        1. Omg that giant goofy smile. That looks like a missing tooth is involved? Adorable! I bring the campfire set and smores stuff!

  12. Ahhh, it’s like a parent trying to keep a child away from a big doggy xD

  13. Awwww he looks so cute! <3

  14. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    HOLLAND IS MISSING A TOOTH!!!! Oh my gosh that is ADORABLE!!!

  15. Soooo effing adorable!

  16. Love this comic :) It is just so funny can’t wait to see what happens next xD

  17. Little Holland literally saved Feral by being an irritating, curious adorable child. D’awww. Feral is going to feel so much guilt for hurting Holland and Meela when he wakes up. ;.;

  18. Aaaahhhh Holland you cutie ;u; <3

  19. I love Jyaku, even if he does have the master of all mullets. XD

    Also, chibi Holland = CYUUUUUUUUT~!

  20. <3<3<3<3<3<3 awwwww~ ~u~
    so cute, Holland<3 pleaseeeeee~ more :3

  21. Oh my gosh little Holland!!!! 3<

  22. The noises I make every I time I see this page
    /Adult Holland makes me squeal what is this sorcery/

    1. it is Epic Sorcery!!!

      ~ great, i’m gonna go force-hug my kittie… she hates hugs and I don’t mind scratches :P

  23. MissPoppyfication

    “look at that cute little nuisance”

    I DIED

  24. CUTIE! Also, Feral :( <3


    And also, I’m still reading every page, I just haven’t been able to find words to comment here. XP Great job on EVERYTHING!! :D

  26. >.>…………..<..>

    *glomps chibi-Holland* ^w^……>.>
    *runs from Feral Feral*

  27. *A wild Redlight has appeared! ouo*

    First comment. Excuse typos Xp


    *Counts chapters so far.*

    *Realizes this is the fourth chapter of volume 3.*

    *Remembers the comic is planned to have 3 volumes.*

    Oh…so, am I wrong, or will we be seeing the official finale of Strays in the next chapter? o.o

    It seems like I just started reading this comic yesterday…;-;


    Now we have no choice but to demand a movie/animated series with every chance we get, now! XD

    On the topic of this page (and the last few pages in general,) its good to finally see all this! Feral’s past had a ton of theories, seemingly from day one. And now it is all revealed, and it is very interesting to look back at which theories were correct and which were faaar from it xD

    Its also amazing to see how much the artists have improved since the beginning! ^u^

    Even if it is not relating to this story, I will be keeping an eye on each artist and awaiting their future projects! 0v0

    *You thought that was long, you just wait until the final page is released.*

    1. “Now we have no choice but to demand a movie/ animated series with every chance we get”

      You are amazing. Slow clap for you sir and/or ma’am *claps slowly out of respect*

    2. WwwwwwWWWAAaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want it to end!!!!!!! D’:

  28. It’s just me that he’s got blonde hair in that flashback rather then platinum, right? It would bring in some ‘chick’ biology if that’s the case.

    Love the page. Wish Holland had met him just a little earlier. Feral reminded me of my rabbit there; All helpless and ‘meh’ until you attempted to scratch ‘im behind his ears and you’d get a growl in return.


  30. I know it’s odd for a grown man to say… But little Holland is just the cutest damn thing I’ve seen in ages. I wanna huggle him to death.

    ALSO, this is getting interesting! I can’t wait for the next page! The last few have all been AMAZING.

  31. Nan Akanbō <3 what a cutie

  32. OMG!!!!!!! He’s sooooooooo cute! And look at feral’s face in the fifth panel he looks so how do I say this? Like… Caring I love feral.

  33. Holland is soooooo cute!!!

  34. This is how Holland saved Feral, by reminding him that there is also beauty in the world!!

  35. Cliff hanger!!! Ghaaa!!!!

  36. Can I have something that cute bug me?

  37. OMG THE HOLLAND COOTS! i just died of cuteness. That face! eeeeek!

  38. Oh my God, Holland so freaking CUTE!!!

  39. EEEEEEEE Hi chibi-Holland!


  41. OMFG! He’s so cute!

  42. Oh my … Look at the babby… I can’t even….

  43. Ahh, cuteness overload! ♥

  44. This begs the question as to how old Feral really is…

  45. Tiny Holland is tiny. And very, very cute.

  46. *wanders in shyly* hello, I just caught up with this wonderful story and I am suffering from what I believe is called the ‘feels’. I hear you have a corner set aside for this afflicted as such?

    1. Welcome Nishikikouji! Please join the AFC corner where there is comfort for all the feels!

  47. Is it bad that the first thing that popped into my head was “Good Lord! How old /is/ Feral!!??”?

  48. Can we keep him? Please? Forever? Little Holland? He’s not allowed to go away now. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.

    *locks him up, and throws the fans at him* Have it, folks! *joins the fray*

  49. How old is Byaku anyways? … He looks just like he did when Little Holland was around, and now Holland is like… all grown up, and that Byaku dude didn’t age a single day o.O

  50. Been a while since I’ve read this, but I gotta say, you don’t disappoint. This is an awesome series :)

  51. MY HEART.

  52. Ergh it’s thursday!! I CANT TAKE IT!!! >_< Just a little longer before the next page eeep!!!!

  53. Somehow I have this image in my head of a tiny duckling approaching a confused wild wolf with such immance joy

  54. Mini Holland should be like,
    a state are something.
    Hes so Adorable!

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