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  1. First post. My life is complete!

    Boo for mercy killings!

    1. Mercy killings can be a good thing…

      just not in this exact situation.

  2. I did expect the story to be sad, but never THIS sad. Poor Yuen… or rather, poor Feral. I wonder if it was Jyaku who chose this name, or was it Feral himself – and how did it happen. I can’t get over how different they do look – Feral and Yuen. Almost as if they’re two different people. Well, in a way, they are, aren’t they?
    And his sweetheart is probably still waiting for his letter…

    1. Oh the feels!!

      1. :: heads to AFC:: ;-;

    2. Um, maybe they came up with the name because he was rather gentle and malkar was a rather wild spirit, and since they got fused together Yuen became uhm a little “feral” himself…? yeah.. just a thought.

    3. Would be interesting if Feral just wandered nameless until that point of time he meets Holland.

  3. But wait… Because Jyaku didn’t want to euthanize Yuen, a bunch of people died. Granted they had hits on their heads, but still…

    1. True, but another bounty hunter would have been sent instead anyway, so I doubt any of them would have lived otherwise. Maybe it would have taken longer to kill them, but that’s all. Though, Rollin is a possible exception, given his otherwise perfect track record of taking on bounty hunters.

      1. I’m thinking Rollin and Meela’s brother(s) would still be around—at the very least. I think if Mal hadn’t appeared Rollin could have overtaken Feral—even if he had tried to kill him.

    2. If you’re talking about the bounties Feral killed, well, that word has bounty hunter as a profession, so Jyaku probably doesn’t care about them – to him, bounty hunting is morally alright.
      If you’re talking about whoever Feral killed when possessed… maybe Jyaku still doesn’t care? And if he thinks killing random people is bad, then he just lost his bet that Feral would always be stronger than Mal. But killing him now would be hard (because he seems sane and healthy). And maybe Feral is getting better at controlling Mal ? And Jyaku is trying to be here to keep Mal from doing bad stuff when he appears.
      Would you kill one innocent person to save half a dozen others? Some people would think it wrong. Feral is that innocent person.

      1. I expect that Jyaku does care, or else he wouldn’t go out of his way to reseal Mal every time he got loose, or would have sealed him in the first place, for that matter. I doubt he was thinking too hard about future consequences of preserving the life of someone sharing his body with a power-hungry maniac at the time. All he was thinking about was saving the life of an innocent who didn’t deserve to die for the sins of the friend that had turned on him.

        Given that Jyaku refused even to kill Visrial when Mr. Kitty was trying to track Feral, it seems like Jyaku is strictly against killing. I rather doubt that the work of a bounty hunter was his suggestion. Especially if he had, in fact, realized how dangerous absorbing dark/demon energy would be to Feral, given that it isn’t unusual for bounty hunters to be sent to kill half-demons.

        However, we were clearly shown that Feral was still recovering from his injuries from the fusion when he met Holland, so I expect it was when he was with Holland that the idea of his becoming a bounty hunter came up. I look forward to finding out why that idea ever occurred to anyone in Feral’s acquaintance, though.

        1. I like the idea of Jyaku as a pacifist, I hadn’t noticed he refused to kill Visrial.

          I wonder what his job is, though, because following Feral around everywhere should take up a lot of time.

        2. That’s a good question. Can’t help wondering if the man had a life to begin with. We do know that he occasionally does things for Holland, like deliver messages, but it doesn’t seem likely that he was acquainted with our favourite prince prior to his running away from home and finding Feral. We can also see from this page that he isn’t a professional healer, though he knows healing magic. He might nevertheless be a sorcerer or something. It would explain why he was “loaded with power,” as Mal stated before attacking him. But what he actually did AS a sorcerer is still a mystery. Wonder if anything regarding his past before meeting the ill-fated lupians will actually be revealed at all.

  4. Great update! So, has Jyaku overcome the erratic side of his magic?

    Oh, and not to nitpick and I might be completely wrong as I’m not a native speaker, but should that not be “They would likely HAVE recommendED a mercy execution”? Since Jyaku is talking about the past. Or would the healers still recommend a mercy execution for Feral? ;)

    1. Yeah, I think you’re right. ‘They would likely recommend a mercy execution’ would make sense too. But hey, people make mistakes. Let us remember the corner of feels all started because of a simple miscommunication ;D

      1. I missed the birth of the corner, somehow. What miscommunication started it? I’m curious~

    2. I would say that he has since when battling mal he said, “you know I have full control of the part of you that lies within me.” And then proceeded to kick his ass with it without any problems.

  5. Eeeeehhhhhhh I can feel the feels coming. *sits down in AFC corner* I brought some hot cocoa, if anyone wants any. Fluffy marshmallows to anyone who wants them!

    P.S, I know this is serious, but Jyaku’s face in the second panel just kills me for some reason.

    1. I bring cheesepuffs and bacon, and I’ve got some milkshakes too, yummy. :3
      Awe, poor feral, he doesn’t look so good… :*( And what about Holland???

      1. ::hugs everyone:: i_i

    2. He looks constipated lol. I brought super thick blankets for this freezing weather we’re having. (and I live in Florida o.o) Anyone want a nice hot mocha? I have a peppermint pump too if you’re feeling winter festive.

      1. I’ll take some (sits in AFC corner) that sounds really good now irl i want some

      2. Why must we insist on turning every comment section into a picnic? … … … I brought a space heater and some cookies and plates, can I join the corner? It’s really cold up where I live, and I need a cuddle from worrying about what’s going to happen after this, with Meela, and Feral and Holland- what happened to that guy, anyway?

        1. These little picnics are our way of being there for each other when the “feels” make us sad. I bring you all Hugs and Pugs! Let the cuddles begin!

    3. *sits in corner* i bring pillows and warm brownies

    4. I have a mini campfire kit and sticks! oh, I also have chocolate and ghram crackers for anyone who wants to make s’mores. ^_^

    5. *curls up in corner* Hey guys! COLDCOLDCOLD weather here too… I have some dark roast yerba mate teabags, if anybody wants some!
      Poor Feral! I wonder how he’ll act when he wakes up? Will he try to talk?

    6. He does look like a constipated grandpa.
      I bring magic to the corner.
      ( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆

    7. I brought Fall Out Boys CD, any requests for CD’s next week?

    8. I thought it was ACF (Alliance of the Corner of Feels) I’ve seen it as AFC couple times now so I’m a little confused
      that aside, the feels are real :( *goes and rolls around in despair*

      1. I bring fluffy animals and a pen to keep them contained until someone desides to cuddle them. And chocolate covered fruits.

  6. the last 2 panels are really beautiful <3

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    The last two panels, as Jyaku sits in the rain while Feral is in the shelter… Jyaku is very protective of him. He’s taken on a lot of grief and pain and trouble after this situation. If he had let Feral die, or mercy killed him he could have saved himself a lot of future trouble. But I’m really loving Jyaku because that’s not the kind of person he is. He feels somewhat responsible for what happened to Yuen (even though it definitely was NOT his fault), so he is taking care of him. :)
    I want to see little Holland. Also, Feral looks older here than he does in Holland’s flashback about when they first met.

    1. He’s a truly generous person. :) You’d never know they were complete strangers to look at them.

      But what a day for Jyaku, if you think about it. He was just travelling down the road, minding his own business, witnesses likely the strangest phenomenon he has ever seen and basically gets his life turned upside down when he decides to continue looking after Feral, even after his injuries finally healed. Not only Yuen’s and Mal’s, but also Jyaku’s life changed completely that day. Only, in his case, it was mostly a matter of choice.

    2. PS: Maybe Feral lost a lot of weight over the course of his recovery, so he’s just a lot skinnier by the time he meets Holland?

  8. Compared to the rest, the cut over his eye wasn’t that bad, yet it’s still bleeding. Even if it’s deeper than it looks, it should have scabbed over by now. Does the dark energy cause him to heal more slowly?

    The bloody bandages are a nice touch. It communicates clearly how things were for days with a single image. :)

  9. *sits in opposite corner of room* I need to be aloneeeeee T_T

    1. (Drags you to the ACF corner)

  10. Jyaku is a good kid.

    1. is he not 80?

      1. 80!? Uh, there’s no age listed on his site profile, so unless the beast people (or at least cervians) of Meoley are very, very long-lived, I can’t imagine him being that old. He looks more like he’s in his thirties or forties.

        Unless something like this was actually stated by the creators in the comments but left out of the profile for the sake of new readers. I could have missed it easily enough.

        1. I only remember them stating something about the age of Korin Vs when we saw him in Melas dreams… I’m sure the info is there… but i’ll find it later.

  11. Jyaku is very kind to look after Feral. It’s obvious that he hasn’t recovered from the rune marks and yet he takes the time to care for this boy he just met under the worst possible conditions. Jyaku’s face in the fourth panel is very sad, like he knew what the outcome of all of this would be and he was heartbroken for the losses Feral was going to have live with. whether his memory returns or not!

  12. I wonder if we will ever find closure on what happened to Meela’s mom? I find it difficult to believe her disappearance would be connected to any of this as Mal would have blabbed (bragged) about it when he made his appearance.

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I’m sure they won’t leave that loose end hanging.

  13. Awwwwwww, this is cute and sad and Feral needs a hug :(


    1. Heyz, howz it going?

  15. If you like Piñacaladas and getting caught in the rain

  16. If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain…

    1. I now can’t stop thinking about Guardians of the Galaxy… thanks…

  17. Fight, Feral! You can do it!! Don’t give up (because all the fangirls will cry if you do)!

    1. This is a flashback, you know…

  18. Oooh poor Feral! The last panel just looks so… painful!

  19. His face in the second panel x)

  20. Did anyone remember th last dream Meela had of Feral(Yuen’s) past? Yuen and Mal last met this guy at the top of the hill on page 300? This is what emediay happened next! Look back and back me up !! XO

  21. I have a feeling Feral is gonna wake up and have lost his memory and be all, “Wat where am I,” and run away, or something, and that’s how Holland finds him :D

  22. does this Feral become the skinny teenager Holland met?

  23. ugh, so much blood… Oh well! What’s a story without a bit of blood?

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