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Hurry up and do something, Jyaku!

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  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jyaku took Meela with him to train her dream weaver abilities and help the demon side of her.

  2. Believe you meant Malkar in the last dialogue box. :)

    1. Dammit.

      1. It’s okay we all make mistakes. Its still amazing.

        1. what did it say before?

        2. She just spelled malkar wrong thats it

      2. your work is none the less AWESOME!

  3. This is where we all remember that shortly after this, Holland comes strolling by with his little pack and sees this scraggly Feral covered in bandages.

    Thus, a friendship is formed.

    1. I’m just waiting to see that part again cause little holland is so adorable! X3

  4. Too bad it can’t be drawn out like poison. Basically Mal’s influence is a bullet wound with the bullet still in it, causing pain at times only with this it’s dark powers and possession O_O

  5. Jyaku’s crying, Feral’s hurt.
    Feels. Many much feels. (We’re not going to be able to leave the ACF corner for awhile. Send more provisions.)
    Beautifully drawn! I usually do not get emotionally involved, but WOW. The art, the characters and the story line are all really developed professionally. It draws a reader in. I love you guys!

    1. I think ima set up a store or small shop in the ACF corner…unlimited provisions for all! snacks too :3

      1. Can I join? I brought puppy chow. Oh I was wondering what ACF stands for.

        1. I think its Association of the Corner of the Feels or something like that XD

      2. ;-; Can I join please!!!!! oh the FEELS ;-; I’m sooooooooooooo sad!!! I brought pillow pets… He looks like he’s in pain!

      3. ::wanders in like a scared little pup and takes shelter in the company of friends::

    2. I think he might be sweating, rather than crying.

      1. I agree, I’m sure it’s sweat. He’s still obviously in distress, though. ;_;

    3. Flames is right, we may be here a while. I have leftover halloween candy, since no kids ever come to our house. There’s Twix, Snickers, and Reeses if anyone wants any.

    4. I have fudge, my Mom’s homemade chicken stew w/dumplings, and Ovaltine. Angel, may I have a Twix, please?

    5. How do you already have Halloween Candy? Lucky! *Crawls into Corner* The Feels… I don’t know how much more watching I can take. I miss the good old days when I could just read without waiting. So long ago…

    6. Am I allowed to set up an ACF Corner on another comic?

      1. The Alliance of the Corner of the Feels may be spread. Go forth and build a blanket fort wherever it is needed.

        1. Best response ever

        2. Thank you fully! I will now make a blanket fort on the shore of SSSS!!!!

        3. Btw you can read ssss here

        4. SSSS! Yay! been such a fan of the artwork! – I want to move to Denmark when I read that comic. – such cute guys :)

    7. oh my gosh…. *crawls into the ACF corner* guys, help, I can’t deal with these feels

    8. Seems like we might need some cheerful music in the AFC corner, so if no one minds I’m going to set up a small dj station, send requests. *starts playing “Try” by P!nk*

    9. :33< fruck. guess im here to stay as well. :33< at least I brought Doctor Who, Netflix and plenty of Pocky(Japanese candy) for evfuryone.

      1. I come for the Pocky, but I stay for the comfort!

  6. As we slashers say, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. No offence!

  7. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh man… Poor everybody….

  8. By the way, I forgot to mention this and you technically can’t see it all in this page, but I really love Jyaku’s hair, particularly the gradient. :D

  9. :( poor feral.

  10. Yes poor, feral it’s so sad to see him like this :(

  11. You know, the more I look at these last few pages, the more I keep thinking that the scar on Feral’s throat isn’t really big enough. Mal’s wolf form looked like it could have gone all the way around Yuen’s neck. Very scary.

  12. I’m guessing from all that black magic that’s how Feral must have lost his voice. Right?

    1. I think it’s more from the giant bite that malkar took out of his throat

    2. I’m thinking it’s because kinda crushed his larynx, hence that “crunch” from earlier.

  13. Jyaku’s face in the 5th panel makes me want to cry, he seems so desperate to save Feral.

  14. Oh gosh!! My feels aaaugh. But hey, anyone else notice Feral’s right hand in the second panel? THE MARK.
    I’m reeeeaally looking forward to this chapter!

  15. Did this page get taken down? Pictures not loading for me no matter what I try :(

  16. Its odd to see him out of his usual level headed and strait faced mode

  17. Ooooooohhh man, the years I’ve waited to the answers of my questions so many feeeels *sulk in the corner* I assume that because of the incident that happened to yuen/feral it caused him to change appearance/form right? Cuz the the page where Holland first met feral he looked tall skinny like teenager.. Then again hopefully it will reveal what happens after jyaku help him. I’m so rather curious how the story will end.

    1. ::cradles you and helps you stay warm in the ACF area:: you’ll be ok…

      1. Thhank you.. its just to many feels, I don’t think my body is ready for this.

    2. I think it’s just that the vest he’s wearing right now makes him look bulkier than he is, whereas he’s no longer wearing the vest when Holland meets him.

      I totally understand how you feel, though. It really makes you wanna cry, seeing Yuen/Feral in such pain here, not to mention Jyaku’s desperate efforts to help him. ;_;

  18. yum!
    so interesting! can’t wait for more!

  19. TnT Poor Feral..

  20. I can see how badly Jyaku feels for his part in Yuen/Feral fate. I can’t help wondering if he had any part in Malkar learning dark magic (I don’t remember), if he did then he would be partially responsible for all of this. I know he is a good person and I worry for his mental well being.

    1. I highly doubt Jyaku would have granted such a dangerous ability to anyone, let alone someone as young and reckless as Mal. Also, everyone (aside from Mal) seemed to think the person in question was “creepy.” I really don’t think such a word ever applied to Jyaku, even with his mask. Calling him creepy suggests that the guy was already insane himself, or fast on his way to becoming so, which would also explain his foolish decision to give the power to a teenager.

      Having said that, there’s been a lot of speculation, I think, as to just who that stranger was and if he plays any other role in the story than giving Mal the mark and thus setting him on the path to his own demise. I’ve been wondering myself for some time now. Only time will tell . . . .

      1. Thanks, that helps allot. Though now I am wondering about the “creepy” person.

  21. Jyaku is a good person

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