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  1. WatchoutforWendigos

    Epic Reject

  2. Am I the only one that thought of that old game show “wrong answer” noise in the last panel? xP

    1. Bwuu-bwuuu!!!

      …and no you were not.

    2. What language is that called? Can it be decoded? I know that that says Feral.



  4. <3 Fluffy! <3 *glomps Feral*

  5. Am I the ONLY one who can read that?

    lol at the rejection! I was thinking of an anime where I heard someone yell “REJECTED!” in the background! XD

    1. Dyssius is what I’m reading. Must be using a different root language…

      1. Wow because I read “Feral” there

    2. nope, i can too

    3. I read Feral there.

      1. Where did you all learn to read it?

        1. Well, some idiot decided to tell me Feral’s name before I read it, so I kind of went looking for the name in there.

        2. By the way, I am shapeshifters16, but I forgot the username so I used one of my normal ones :)

  6. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Feral’s REJECTED! is I think my favorite of his nonword words. (Cuz THAT makes perfect sense!)

  7. Glancing back at these first pages… I suddenly realize that everyone he meets gives him a nickname that ends with -uffy. Interesting…

    1. Yea like scruffy

  8. I CAN REEAAD IT!!!!

  9. What language is that O.O?

  10. I love mute characters, first of all, they tend to be awesome, second of all, I love how they have to rely on facial expressions and hand gestures to get their message across.

    You guys do such an awesome job with Feral! Keep up the good work.

  11. all i get get from that is………………………………………..
    seven, arrow, loopy thing, chicken foot, I

    1. try turning the first couple around and remember that everything is a bit more stylised than usual. odd, but it took me about half an hour of staring before i twigged… :3

  12. What language is that? :D

  13. Second panel says: 7eeyl. Lol dude you spell REALLY BaDLY XD

    1. technically it says “7epal”. flip said seven and add a line in the middle and it’s an f. add a line to the p and it’s an r, spelling feral in hylian


  15. Meela, you’re just as “fluffy” as Feral… That’s like me calling one of my friends “Furless”…

  16. … Why would you call a guy like Feral “Fluffy”? And I just love Feral’s epic reject

  17. I could read feral there too… hmm. If you squimt…

  18. People can read it because they know what to look for

    Question: can she not read it because she can’t read, or because his ‘handwriting’ isn’t worth the dirt it was scribbled in?

  19. One piece of sign language that all have to know.

  20. I love the “Rejected”

  21. Feral inspired me to do a shapeshifter rp with a guy that can’t talk. My character’s name is Raven, and he had his tongue all scratched up so he can’t talk, but he motions and I write what he means in bold. He also carries around a notebook :)


  23. Meela’s face in the third panel is the face I made when there was algebra homework……I’d just be like “Are you serious?!”

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