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No words to say this time.

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  1. I was kind of hoping to see a fluffy little deer tail. Oh well. XD I love the way the gold incantations look; all angular markings and such.

    1. Same Here xD

    2. Maybe he does, but it’s short enough to hide under his tunic thing.

    3. No, I asked Celesse quite a while ago if he had a little deer tail, and she said no. :c

      1. Not all deer have tails.

      2. I didn’t say that. He does have a deer tail, it just doesn’t stick out of his clothes :3

        1. Yay for tails!

        2. Now here’s a deep question: Do we ever get to see his tail? :3

        3. YES!!!!! Could you…c-could you m-make it stick out of his clothes? Th-the tail, that is.

        4. bwahhaha that comment made my night!

        5. In the second panel, it looks like he is worried about it omg

        6. Adding that info to my Jyaku cosplay notes. :D I WILL cosplay him someday! He just looks so cool!!

    4. I thought that those were actually demon horns, because he said that he has a piece of Malkar inside him, but maybe Malkar is just dark energy and take over people with the mark.

  2. That… looks painful. I wonder what or who it was at the time when Mal murdered Meela’s family that put him back to sleep. Also, are we going to see what happened back then when Mal and Yuen encountered Jyaku for the first time? Why does Jyaku have a piece of Mal within him?

    1. I hope we find out soon… Hoping, hoping, hoping…

  3. Bye, Malkar.

  4. Go Jyaku! Exorcise that demon Malkar from our Feral!

  5. this page is just so… wow

    1. This fits so well. Thank you.

    2. This… This is beautiful. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    3. Indeed, that is the perfect thing for this moment.

    4. That’s so fitting, it’s unreal…

    5. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Beautiful. Bring that poster to the ACF corner…

    6. That is the best thing XDDD

  6. why is jyaku looking side ways or is it just me?

    1. It seems like both Malkar and Jyaku could be looking to the side at the same thing- Malkar also looks to the side in panel 3

    2. I think Jyaku’s looking at the black blobby things rising up around him. Malkar is looking at the gold letters, probably trying to see if he can make a break for it. They’re both hoping their respective element wins out :-)

  7. Oooh Feral is consumed by the darkness! I hope he’s going to be ok! Btw, how is Holand?

  8. Off to the Shadow Realm

    1. Let’s just hope he doesn’t return with Zorc in tow, or things could get REALLY ugly…

  9. Yay feral is coming back!! Whoop! I wonder if jyaku will explain the story behind all of this.

  10. I wonder how long it will be before Feral recovers. Or Holland. We haven’t seen him for a bit.
    Jyaku is probably going to be the only adult functional for awhile. So he has time to explain this to Meela.
    (I brought cornflakes)

  11. :33< Feral/Malkar's tail is all fluffed out..just love those details! :33< This is why i love this comic…..

    :33< also, any meeting of the ACF Corner? I do have Catnip and marshmallows!

    1. Mmmmm… We should have a celebratory ‘It’s Almost Autumn/Mal Is Getting His Fluffy Behind Kicked’ AFC campfire! We can roast weenies and marshmallows! Then we can make s’mores! :3 Who’s with me?

      1. Mmmmm! I’m in!!!

      2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Totes in! I will bring stuff for pies over the fire! Apple pie filling, blueberry pie filling, peach, cherry, any other suggestions?

      3. i’m there. yay for fire and food, my two favorite things. I’m bringing mustard for the weenies, and some more root beer. I always bring root beer.

    2. I bring bacon, and awesome pillow forts to play with/destroy.

      1. I’m in! I’ll bring fuzzy blankets, kittens (complete with a playpen for corralling them), a portable dvd player, and some more munchies!

    3. *lights a tealight candle and hands out mini poles* Now we can roast our marshmallows ^.^

    4. *brings tea and a water container in case fire gets out of hand* I’m in!

    5. Don’t forget me! *Runs to catch up*

    6. i brang a life-sized wolf demon meela plushie

      1. I have the tissues just in case!

        1. :33< it seems we have lots more people…*grabs a cat to take with and a wolf :33< * i guess I need the hivemade(homemade) rice krispies now, any maybe some Cheeze-its!

        2. *catches up with a flask of mocha,, marshmallows, life size fox plushie and blankets* Count me in! o:

  12. Noo, what is happening! I’m sure he’ll be fine, probably maybe… but the good thing is…he probably won’t remember any of this…maybe… :3

  13. Awww, and I actually thought that Feral would wake up at this page.. >.> Guess that I’ll have to wait another week, then. >.<

  14. can’t wait what happens next!

  15. Rather than Feral, seeing how his chopped off arms are OK, I am more worried about how Meela will treat him after this. Malkar is still a part of Feral and it would just not be realistic for Meela to simply overlook that.

  16. Generic-username427

    Ferals tail is frizzed up

  17. …I love the colors of this page c:

  18. Jyaku just became my new favorite.

  19. Love all the dark energy and how you guys did it :D Bye bye Mal.

    Dat tail tho. <3

  20. meawhile meela has put 5+ miles between herself and the scene, tail fizzed to high heaven. Can’t wait for next page.

  21. Feral D: He’s feeling the effects of this too I’m 97% sure

  22. I dunno about the rest of you, but it looks like Jyaku may be taking a serious hit from the dark energy as well… better hope he emerges from this in one piece, otherwise we’re gonna have new problems…

  23. Is Malkar melting those trees in the background with his darky darkness? That’s some intense demonic power.

  24. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I’m listening to the song Freak by Molly Sandén, and some of the lines in it fit this a bit too well…..
    “The monster inside of me, freak, save me, the enemy is inside of me.”

    Poor Feral, and Jyaku, and Meela, and Holland. Pretty much everybody. I really hope that everyone comes out of this alive and whole.
    Panel 4, I love how the darkness is curling around Jyaku’s legs, like creepy dark hands reaching for him. Then in panel 5, Jyaku’s magic is able to overcome it and breaks its hold on him.
    I will also note that in the last two panels, it looks like Malkar is in severe pain, so hopefully that means that Jyaku is winning and we will soon have Feral back. However, I am sure that it will take a long time for Feral to recover from all of this, both physically and mentally… Again, poor Feral.

    1. If theres was a like button for comments on this site, it would sooooooo click it.

  25. I hope Feral remembers his friends when he comes back, didn’t he forget about his childhood? :(

  26. This has been racking at my brain sense Malkar came in. I don’t think Feral will remember an-y-thing that just happend when he comes too or even what he “was” going to do to Meela. And whats Meela going to do after all of this is done, is she going to runaway again, will she hate Feral. So many question and NO ANSWER’S. UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH…………………………………………….It feels sssssoooooooooo good to get that all out.

  27. *face palm*why did I spell my name wrong.

  28. I think Malkar and Jykau are maybe looking at Meela, maybes she turned into her wolf demon thing or something, or maybes something eles.

  29. i wonder what they are looking at…

  30. Oh I am excited to see what is gonna happen <3
    But poor Feral :(

  31. Is Feral dead? O,O

  32. XD lol in the second panel it looks like Jyaku heard someone farted and was like: Dude, Seriously?

  33. ha im listening to a song called im just a kid by simple plan and it just made me think of meela. its not about her really it just made me think of her.

    1. you know what does go with meela and feral. Bad boy by cascada.
      well not really. DOES ANYONE HAVE A SONG FOR THEM?

  34. /paces nervously and waits for the new page/
    gaaaaawd so Impatient ;n;

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