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116 thoughts on “Page 328

  1. Omgosh every page like a cliffhanger damn them!

    1. I’m not sure if I want to see the next page…….
      even though I know that I want to know what happens next.
      Ooooooh, I can’t stand the wait!!!!
      Must see more… O.O

      1. So my theory is that Feral cursed Meela with his demon form when he killed the parents, right? Or, if it’s a thing that’s passed down from father to child, then Feral would have known about the demon thing anyway, right?

  2. Sure, he’d murder a lonely old man in a cabin but he won’t hurt a child. Thats why I love Feral.

    1. Weeelll, the “old man” had a gun, had taken potshots at all those who tried to get near himself or his home, and wasn’t all that old and tottery on his feet. Also, old men are rarely as innocent as children, given their age ;)


    3. You need to remember he was accused fo murdering his wife so your little moment won’t work XP

      1. For all Feral knew, Meela’s dad would have been the nicest demon on the planet and Feral STILL would have killed him if he didn’t have children.

  3. ;-; Feral was afraid- look at the first panel. Tail down/between his legs(or that’s how it looks anyway). He didn’t want to hurt children. God these feels- Meela’s dad tried so hard to protect them. And ended up dying. ;-;
    It makes me wonder of Feral recognized Meela from the very start?
    (With my luck this has already been addressed and i now look like an idiot)

    1. I don’t know I didn’t notice if he recognized her either so you wouldn’t be alone in feeling dumb……
      : P

  4. I love how one of her brothers pulls Meela back. I mean, that’s so adorable! And then one of them dies.

    1. You had to go there.

    2. Maybe that was Tannor?

  5. If he didn’t recognize Meela from the start then at least he would have had suspicions after being at her cave (old home). But it isn’t as if he can just ask her about it.

    1. I believe celesse said a couple of pages ago that Feral doesn’t remember a lot after ‘demon mode’ ;) She said something among the lines off ‘he only feels bad, he knows something bad happened, but not what it is. Like waking up from a nightmare and forgetting what it was about. (correct me if i’m wrong)

      1. no your right. couldn’t have put it better myself.

      2. I read that too, but Mal came out after he had seen Meela and after he had been in the cave already. I think he still remembers the area and at some point will link Meela with the little girl he saw in the cave. That is just what I think.

  6. ACF meeting!
    (Sets up pillow fort and food.)

    1. *crawls into fort* I brought s’mores :)

      1. This time I’m bringing tripple chocolate chunk brownies! And chocolate midnight truffle blizzards! *heads into corner*

        1. i’ll bring soda and key lime pie! :3

        2. Snowtail the Khajiit

          I’ll bring the tissues.

    2. ACF will soon be an official alliance of the Strays comic. They’ll make a Facebook page of us and everything. I have tons of glass bottle sodas for us! *pops the top off a vanilla coke*

      1. I has the ice cream and the soda :D Yep, we’ll all just camp out in here until next week.

        1. i want to join. chocolate fondue anyone? i have it all.

        2. I’ll bring the strawberries and pound cake for dunking!

      2. glass bottle sodas? is root beet among them? if so i’m so in!

        1. Did someone say ROOT BEER?

      3. We’ve started something here. ACF is gonna become a widespread internet acronym and we’ll have boasting rights of being there at its beginning. XD

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      1. ::never left::

    6. I’m here, too! *brings beef jerky and Jones soda* *squeezes self into a side space* Darn cliffies! And poor Feral… T^T

      1. Oh my…that’s a lot of food…
        No such thing as too much!
        (Brings 50 pounds of Pocky)

        1. *brings laptop with cute animal videos* Just to ease the pain a bit, I also have candy and chips

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        3. I come bearing chocolates and pudding cups! -snuggles down into the pillows-

        4. Sorry I’m late for the meeting guys but I brought the cookies from last time. God the feels hurt so much. Pretty sure its gonna be worse next week to, we’re gonna need more snacks.

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      1. All can join!

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    8. Omg…*snuggles into the corner with eyedrops and a platter of from scratch cookies of various flavors* The feels! :C

      I really feel bad for loving it, but that tail! So freaking cute even though the situation sucks.

    9. That’s it, I thought I could take it, but I’m joining the corner. *dives on a pillow and curls up* too…many…feels… *twitches*

      1. SO many people!!! *uses magic to make the corner a base* Oh gawd why am I using my magic for this!?

        1. It’s for a worthy cause.

    10. I’ll join, even though I’m late… But I brought my cats Kittens to snuggle with!

  7. an unfortunate set of circumstances. he would have left but he was spotted. not the kids fault.

  8. :(

  9. Like someone already pointed out, his tail is down in the first panel and in the fourth panel look at his hand not holding the sharp thingy, its splayed out and away from his body in a “Sorry Sorry Sorry” gesture. Feral is not a bad guy at all.

    1. D: A series of unfortunate events

  10. Wait wait wait are there THREE KIDS? Did Meela have two brothers? DID WE KNOW THIS ALREADY OR DID I JUST MISS IT?

    1. we have known. She had twin brothers. :)

      1. I don’t remember this. Does anyone know what page this was on?

        1. well, this memory was the dream on page 7-9, Conner name is revealed on page 203

        2. Page 250 shows the family story.

  11. Oh d’em feels…. T-T

    Conner, we hardly knew ye’

  12. Woahwoahwoah GREAT framing with the hand and the wall hanging in panel 3, gotta say!

  13. I brought a fox fails,cat tail and wolf tails plus rabbit stew :P

    I’m sure I’m qualified to join

  14. god these pages cause me physical pain

  15. I’m crying because Tannor and his brother TT.TT !!!

  16. I am kinda confused though, which one is tannor and which one is connor .-.

    1. Tannor’s probably the one pulling Meela back. Connor’s the one with his tail poofed. I get the feeling he’ll jump in to help daddy on the next page and get killed. :'(

    2. Conner is the one with the bangs going in opposite directions (and wearing the darker shirt.)

    3. You’ll know for sure in a few pages, since Tannor will be the one who lives… :-(

  17. wait wait wait!!!! I thought that tannor was the only brother!!!! goddangit, i missed something didn’t i….

    please someone explain what I missed? Who’s connor?

    1. Meela’s dead older brother. I believe he was the twin of Tannor.

    2. Meela had twin brothers, see page 250

  18. I love how Meela’s father was just like ‘Waaait what!’ and then, ‘Oh! I. Do. Not. Think. So’

  19. Oh no! Dad and Tannor’s twin DIE here, don’t they??? D:

  20. yup from bad to worse… but still we wait another week for more info. also daddy looks bad-ass in the last panel.

    Questions, are we going to get answers to the demon blood in Meela’s family??? Plus while we were never given an actual answer to what happened to Meela’s mom we assume she is dead will we get an actual confirmation of this by the end of the story?

  21. I think what’s more heart-breaking is that Feral wanted to leave and Meela’s father was just protecting his babies :'( Malkar was the one who ruined everything ;A;

    Btw, Conner with his puffy tail xD so cute <3

  22. NOOnonononononononononononononononononononononononooooo!!! D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

  23. I know it is very serious right now but that face on panel one was funny xD

    1. Panel #3** not one

  24. no nonononono ononono nononononononono!

  25. This is just so sad I can’t take it!!!!!! T_T and what’s worse is in the next I’m guessing three pages we won’t discover any more ground breaking secrets but we shall probably just see half of meela’s family get slaughtered by stupid stupid malkar!!!!!! And then I guess maybe after those flash back pages we might learn why feral has da weird demon side but until the there shall be some painful waiting in the corner with chocolate fondu.

  26. It’s gonna take forever for next Friday to get here. ._. My heart can’t take much more of this.. Gahhh.. ;-; *huddles in corner*

  27. So Meela had TWO brothers? That was never mentioned before was it? Were they twins? That makes it all the more tragic that only one of the boys and Meela survived.

    1. Ok, started rereading from the beginning, and now I see two boys in the flashbacks. Well done. Even though he was not mentioned, he was there.

  28. Daddy to the rescue!

  29. If one of Meela’s brother didn’t alert the father they would’ve probably been alive.

    1. No good deed goes unpunished, as they say

  30. -brings bison sticks to ACF- Is it possible to hate and love this comic at the same time?

  31. This is utterly breaking my heart! ;~;

  32. Awesome; this comic just keeps getting better.

  33. Ohh, Feral!
    Stop being so mean to Meela! What’d she ever do to you?!

    1. What the heck are you talking about? O.o… He’s done nothing to Meela in this scene.

      1. Well, to me he looks like he’s about to mental murder her.

        1. Mentally*

        2. No, all he is showing is surprise and is either frozen in place or is slowly backing away. Look at the page before this, last panel. He is actually looking at her with an “Oh, hell… I was never informed about any kids! I gotta get out of here!”

  34. Well at least the Demon is telling Meela that Feral was not the one who intentionally killed her father and other brother. That Feral actually wouldn’t have went to kill her father when he heard there were kids involved.

  35. Ok those beads…they seem to be the latest fashion of those times…

  36. I went away for a month and came back to this… Its too much!! I don’t want to have to relive this part of the comic, it was heart breaking enough the first time!! Oh my gosh this comic is so good, but damn the feels!

  37. Came here from “Ode”, going to go back and read the rest now

    1. Well hello there, my friend!

  38. Doesn’t anyone notice the dad in panel 3. U can’t miss that XD he’s all like “WHO DA WHA” XDDDDDD

  39. Okay hold teh phone… This is super duper unlikely, but what if Meela’s papa was the one who gave Mal demon powers? xD Probly not, but that’d be kind of ironic in a way.

  40. Eeep!!!!!! (shivers) can i come to the Acf meeting i bring choc-mint iceceam and choc-chip cookies (sorry if i mis spelled anything)

  41. Is this the moment where his throat go all… well no more actually ?
    He got the scarf-like thing around his neck, I can’t tell.

    Well, let’s wait!

  42. Damnit NO! No no no!

  43. I know I’m a little late here, but whether Meela’s father had a huge bounty on his head remember? Meela’s mother was also a bounty hunter after him, but ended up falling for him. And another thing…how is Malcar in Feral? I hope it explains what happened after this…

  44. I love strays! Thanks for the opportunity for a great story with lovely art!!

  45. Woah I just noticed something! Feral doesn’t have the dangly beads on his ears, and Meela’s brothers are playing with beads…. Need I say more? :D

    1. O.O

    2. Oh my gosh :0 . Thank you for pointing it out!! :D

  46. All caught up, now time to wait (poor Meals :()

  47. Does this mean there are only 2 more chapters left after this one? :(

  48. *sits on the corner and preparing for feels* oh my gawd ive been waiting for 2 or 3 years to finally see what happened on that day D:i know others have waited 8 years or some other less but i still have some questions! i haven’t followed the series much other then read the comic pages and read some of the comments everyone makes(the theories that some people are make are quite interesting), is this series really gonna end soon? ive read that someone commented that it’s been confirmed yuen is feral on deviantArt? uhh…( i should re-read the series again) anyways malkar is mal right in feral’s body?

  49. This guy is just… creepy…
    How the heck did he get into poor Feral?! O.o

  50. Hmmm so Feral has already had his neck scar? Raised suspicion on WHEN it happened

  51. Their dad seems cross eyed in that picture

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