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So cute, yet so heart-breaking.

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  1. Meela is so cute and innocent D:

      1. Well… sometimes…

      2. Okay but this was before that???

      3. Would we not all be “monsters” that situation?

        1. *… in that situation…

      4. Still cute and innocent :)

      5. I knew someone was going to bring that up!

    1. *Shares chocolate with you guys*
      We are…
      Or ACF for shortsies.

    2. I’M GOING TO CRY! D**NIT!!!!!!!!!! I love feral and meela so much– but even more now to know that feral hesitated at the second HE HESITATED because he doesn’t take from children….

      Feral really was a hero. He’s not evil.

      1. I don’t think that has ever been in dispute.

  2. Omg no what is this the suspense is going to kill me why please no
    *I’m just going to go crawl into a Conner and silently let my soul die until next Friday*

    1. ^^^ This!

      This is how I have felt for the past three weeks. TnT

    2. *huddles in corner with you* We will make it together.

      1. Oh good lord XD I’m sorry, but that totally reminded me of a scene from Tales of Vesperia.

        1. Ironically I just got done reading part of reading a fanfic for that game… spooky coincidence is spooky!

        2. More ironically I am currently writing a fan-fiction for that game. So spooky it’s not even a ghost anymore.

      2. *huddles in corner too* so many Feels T.T we all make it together

        1. May I huddle too? I’ve got plush pillows and plush blankets.

        2. i’m joining in, and i brought tissues for those of you who’s feels can’t take it anymore *sniffs*

        3. ::shakes uncontrollably and hides under your nice warm fuzzy blankets until the evil is gone::

      3. \(TTATT)/ Together!!!

    3. *Huddles in corner with the rest of ya’ll*
      *Munches nervously on chocolate*

      1. Any room for me? *puppy dog eyes* And I expect you to share your chocolate with the rest of us.

      2. *scoots very close to you and stares at chocolate with wide eyes* you are going to share that right..?

    4. *squeezes into the corner* it’s getting crowded… but I brought mocha ice cream and triple chocolate ice cream and some jones sodas to get us through this emotional time. Now who wants chocolate syrup?

      1. Can I join? *sad smile* I brought chocolate and Carmel syrup… *Sortof squeezes into corner with others* next Friday seems like EONS AWAY!

        1. *uses magic to make corner bigger* Can I join? I brought stuffed animals! *gives pillow pets to people* *starts rereading on laptop*

        2. I WANTS THE UNICORN (his name is Charlie Falcon :3)

      2. i’ve got strawberry and marshmallow sauce, as well as hot fudge. can i join in the corner please?

    5. May I? *scoots in with cookies and brownies*

      1. YUM! cookies and brownies to help with the feels! Do the brownie have nuts in them? I love brownies with walnuts! *continues rereading on laptop*

    6. /lays on floor in front of the corner /dead

      1. -joins the corner with everyone else- I brought chocolate marshmallow cookies -helps Sofy make in the rest of the way to the corner-

    7. *Shares chocolate with you guys*
      We are…
      Or ACF for shortsies.

      1. ACF IS EPIC! free cuddles!

    8. Hope there is room for another wolfie because I am joining! Plus I like cuddles!
      Isn’t this cozy?

      1. ACF should have weekly meetings with s’mores, cookies, and ice cream


    9. Most likely the meetings will be on Fridays in the corner with cuddles, blankets, and overall Penguinism from how many people will be huddling in the corner from Strays feels… Make some room I need to get in this corner.

      1. (Looks at ACF comments)
        (But seriously, we need a bigger corner…one with a PILLOW FORT.)

        1. Really? Now I’m using years of magic training to make pillow forts!? Oh well! *makes pillow fort manor*

      2. Forget the feels, I’m here for the free food. Move on over, y’all.

    10. Screw corners!!!! We shall all climb into Conners!!!!! ALL CONNERS SHALL RUE THE DAY THEIR NAMES SOUNDED AND WERE MISTAKENLY SPELLED AS “CORNERS!!!!”
      Poor Meela. She’s just like “hi person I don’t know. My teddy will hide me “

    11. I find it terribly amusing that only one person (other than myself) seems to have grasped the pun that Kageryuu was hinting at in the original post. Unless that was a typo… but I find it hard to believe it was a typo when it was Capitalized and everything. Hahaha. XD

      1. Oh….our whole corner of feels was founded on a lie…

  3. Awwwwwww them eyes. QwQ

  4. Meela’s dad looks so peaceful… poor clueless bastard…

  5. This page is so cute! *Fangirl Squeal* The week wait was worth it. But now… *Cries* Another week… This Comic is going to be my death.

  6. Oh my biscuits, his face in the fourth panel is heart-breaking. Meela’s shy, little wave is absolutely precious… This is gonna hurt.

    Also, it is a little hard to read the words in the text bubbles. Maybe make the font brighter for more contrast?

  7. oh god if this is giving me the feels already, imagine when feral figures out that was meela…!!! D,,:

  8. Shouldn’t she be snuggling the little wolfy her brother made? Or did he make that after her dad dies? She found the wolf doll again here though, right?

    1. That was after their father died. c:

    2. Her brother made the wolf/dog after her Father and Other brother died. And I believe the Wolf/Dog thing was in another spot, Meela and her brother stayed at for a while.

  9. Wait a second. Feral/Yuen didn’t have the mark on his hand. Mal did. Which means Feral couldn’t suck up Mal. We’re not seeing Malkar taking over Feral, we’re seeing Mal regain control of his own body.
    Because it is Mal’s body and not Feral’s, Mal might have more control and able to manipulate Feral’s soul/mind (or whatever he sucked up). Mal is responsible for the loss of “Yuen” leaving only “Feral”.

    1. It could be true, but I’m not so sure since we know what they looked like as kids and teens and that is Yuen’s/Feral’s real body, though Algy and Cels could pull a fast one on us xD

    2. Mal’s hand mark was on the opposite hand as Feral :/

      1. I didn’t notice that!
        Must work on another theory! (Strokes invisible beard)

        1. Work on it over here in the corner with us. *scoots to make room*

        2. Perhaps Mal convinced Yuen to get one… Or maybe there was some weird power transfer thing? THIS IS HURTING MY BRAIN.

  10. Aw, wasn’t Meela such a cute little…er pup? I’m kind of surprised Meela didn’t recognise Feral at some point during their travels, but I guess the traumatic experience of losing your family does that to you.

  11. *sits in corner* PLEEAAASENUUUUUU

  12. a tear ran down feral’s cheek first time

    1. I think that’s actually a sweat drop. ^^;

  13. So one thing this does is shoots down the theories that Rollin had caused Feral’s scars and existance. Also unlikely he was the one to introduce Mal to black magic. He’s just a poor guy who got caught up in it all. It is still a mystery how Feral came to be Feral.

    1. I personally think it was from when Mal and Feral fused.

      1. We know that, but there was the theory his throat was ripped out by Rollin in demon-wolf form. There was also the theory Mal got demon powers from Rollin. While that could have happened (even with Yuen and Mal being “fused”), it appears Rollin had nothing to do with it. I think Feral is Yuen after he was scarred and possessed by Mal.

  14. *explodes from the cute Meela* FGJHKSAKGFSJHFJSAFJHH@@@JKHSJHF /incoherentthoughts

  15. I was sure Meela was older when his brother was killed ! ._.

    In the very first pages, she says “it’s been a month since you left”.


  16. Dad of the year, right there.

    1. Ever parent full-time? Every parent who sees this relates. Besides–it’s night so the kids were probably in bed. Doesn’t mean they stay there. 4-5 year olds are especially capable of getting up in the middle of the night (speaks from experience).

      1. Hoo boy, stuck my foot in my mouth with that comment.

  17. Meanwhile in the ANTI-CRISIS BUNKER: *rolls around on floor* I didn’t ask for these feels!

  18. My heart…. that little wave…. Feral’s look when he catches sight of her…. and is that an ale bottle right next to Meela’s father?
    Oh joy and I thought that the last few pages hurt…. these upcoming ones are going to smart.

    1. It may be an ale bottle, but if he was “self-medicating” the house (and Rollin) would look a little more…chaotic. Looks to me he stayed up reading and worrying and fell asleep reading.

  19. D: omg that some twist to the story… a bit like a tv soap drama… can’t wait what happens next!!!!!!!

  20. Aww so cute ;-; so very cute Meela! Poor Feral love the cuteness! But we all know what the end result was T.T I am so scared to see what happened!

  21. My feels. I’ll just… be in the corner. Crying and waiting for next week.

  22. Alright. New theory. Potential spoiler…

    What if Yuen isn’t really possessed by Mal’s spirit, but being controlled (like a puppet) by a very much ALIVE Mal from a remote location? We’ve been assuming Mal is dead, but how do we know for sure?

  23. My heart hurts! ;o;
    that cute little adorable Meela…TOO CUTE I CAN’T. (\ xx(\

  24. *squees* No no no! *cries for days*

  25. That little baby hand wave!!!! OH gods! And Feral’s reaction! Too much heart breaking cute on one page! ….help…..

    1. plus it comes from behind a teddy!

  26. Feral’s face in the last panel…

  27. I can just imagine that somewhere Algy and Celesse are reading these comments about us drowning in our feels and are laughing about it because they know there is more to come.

    1. Hah! I may be laughing, but I’ll be in that corner with you guys! XP



      3. Sorry Algy but your request to join our corner had been denied

        1. ;n; but…I have feels too!

        2. Psst, we can go in the opposite corner away from all the cool kids =o=

  28. -melts of adorableness-

  29. I agree with very one the suspense has been killing me waiting for this page and now more suspense until next week. But what I think is going to be heartbreaking is when Feral is no longer demon Feral and Meela mentions he killed her father and brother(s)

    aside from this heart wrenching scene. Meela was so cute and adorable.

  30. Aawww, she looks so adorable!


    1. that face too cute

  32. I love how we’re just yelling about feels.
    And Cel and Algy are probably there like,
    Or they are just drowning in feels with us, or feel sympathetic and/or laughing because they know we won’t be able to handle what happens next.
    Or they’re just sleeping right now, I don’t know their lives.
    But seriously I love this fandom.

    1. I would wager all of the above qualifies here, lol


    Feral, go sit in that corner and hug a pillow.

    Meela, go sit in the other corner and stop being so cute.

    MAL, GO DIE. 8K /hides Meela’s adorable dad

    1. Anyone else notice that Meela’s father looks an awful lot like Klu-Ya from Wayrift?

  34. Those eeeeeyes! :3

  35. theres a question i’ve been wanting to ask the authors all day long:

    where does that old man from chapter 3 fit in? Y’know, the guy who they thought killed his wife and he knew Meela, but she didn’t know him, and he did something to cause trouble but died before he could tell her anything? Yeah, that guy. I’m just worried he’s going to be a lose end that will never get tied up. I mean, i can wait and all if it will spoil the plot, but i just need to know if and how he fits into this equation.

    1. I had actually planned to answer this, but we’ve shortened Strays a bit and he’s not as important as other matters we need to address. I’m still hoping to fit him in before the end, but if I don’t then I will be sure to tie it up on the side so people aren’t left wondering.

      1. ::hugs:: ThAnk yOu!!!

      2. …”end”? D:

      3. have you guys thought about what you might do after strays?

        1. We have ideas for new stories, though we won’t be collaborating again. We each want to do our own thing now :3

        2. IrondragonMetals

          well, i hope you guys stay friends, that’s what’s most important i think. :)

        3. its kool that you both have ideas planed for after Stray’s… it sad just thinking that, but am looking forward to seeing what both of you are going to create. While its sad that is won’t be a collaboration between the two am sure there both going to come out good.

      4. it would be awesome if you can’t tie up lose ends in the actual comic to tell us on the side just so we aren’t scratching are heads wondering about some possible plot hole lol

  36. Someone arrest her, because it’s illegal to be that cute! Feral, you sweet sonova bitch

    1. That little wave from behind a teddy! no words left to describe

  37. So that is what she looked like when she had long hair, I was wondering wut she looked like. Thanks guys!

  38. T____T That is just precious….

  39. (In response to Celesse) WHAT!?!? STRAYS CANNOT HAVE AN ENDING.
    Goes into corner with everyone else and panics with chocolate.

    1. PANIC TIME! no no no no!

      1. You guys haven’t heard? Algy and Celesse have said on several occasions that Strays will probably be only 3 volumes. We’ve got another 2 to 3 chapters left i think.

  40. *huddles into corner with everyone else* enough room? yah? no? never mind cuz I brought marshmallow bunnies

  41. Nuuuuuuuu!!! This is just soul crushing!! Cannot. wait. for. next. week. O-O
    Rocks back and forth in the corner crying with all the other heart broken fans.
    But enjoys the variety of comfort foods everyone brought.

    But kudos to the authors for an amazing, heart breaking little Meela.

  42. Young Meela is kyute. Oh well, this is going down-hill. *jumps of cliff*

  43. Hm, from the beginning of the comic, Feral didn’t seem to recognize Meela, maybe when this part of him took over he had forgotten?

  44. I.. I just want Friday to get here.. *sobs quietly*

  45. I swear I had this part called from the beginning, meaning that it was Feral that killed her father. I mean, yes it’s really evil Malkar, but hey, it still counts. Poor Meela and Feral though. I wait excitedly for the next page on Friday!

  46. So me and my friend, are huge fans of Strays, and we were coming up with theme songs for the characters. And we started will Feral, and both of us, at the same time, said, Demons by RadioActive. And you have to admit, it goes with him well.

    1. Did you mean Demons by Imagine Dragons? (who also have a song called Radioactive?) because I agree that song really fits. Or is there another song called Demons by a band named RadioActive?

  47. Can I just say that we need to spend a few minutes or seconds or any spare time to realise how amazing Celeste and Algy are as writers and artists as they have created an amazing comic with breathtaking designs which has captured the hearts of so many of us fans. So thank you because without you two most of us wouldn’t be looking forward to Fridays half as much as we do now and that’s all down to this amazing story you have created about Feral and Meela. So THANK YOU!

    1. I agree with you :D . I look forward to this every Friday ><

  48. Friday, so I’m waiting for the next page :3

    1. I’ll wait with you :) warning where I’m at its 4:23 in the morning and i haven’t slept at all so I may pass out. Just make sure you wake me when it updates

  49. She is just sooo cute, with that little wave, other works have caused me to see bad things happening to her now :(

  50. empressofmelnibone

    What I don’t understand is why “demons” are evil? What we saw of the demon that was in Mal/Yuen’s flashback it seems like a regular animal. So why are demons or those with demon blood discriminated against enough for them to be hunted down and killed?

    Someoone please tell me??

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