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  1. Poor Meela..

    1. so that’s what happened to Mal…

      1. but….. how did he get inside Feral?
        did the Jyaku guy do it ………… maybe by accident?

        1. maybe Feral killed Mal, and somehow that caused the transfer to Feral; like now they share the one body, and it is a constant battle in Feral’s mind to control the body…?

  2. Noooo! Why did feral do that?

    1. That’s what he does for a living; he’s a bounty hunter.

      1. Generic-username427

        hey Flyteck

        1. So many friends

        2. Oh so you follow this webcomic too?! Stop following my life!! *leaps through window*

        3. FLYTECK

        4. Generic-username427

          Darkcocaine! you too!

        5. It’s a party! And Avis, oh my god, we like go on all the exact same websites wtf

        6. Okay, so which of you have I seen on Off-White. I’ve definitely seen you around, Flyteck. xD

    2. It’s not like he knew he would become friends or at least aquaintances with her

    3. It was a DEMON. If you ask me, I’d pretty like all demons to be dead.

      He probably would’nt have killed two kids anyway. Evil Feral did taht.

      1. One kid. Mal only killed one (the twin of her brother who basically raised her). The other guy who Feral disposed of just a bit earlier was the one who took out her other brother.

      2. Have you even read the comic? Meela’s father was a perfectly nice guy despite being a demon. Thinking they’re all evil is a common misconception in this world. I’m sure some of them probably are, but then again, there are assholes everywhere.

        1. I’m surrounded by assholes…

          (Word play on Scar’s quote (The Lion King, if you didn’t know))

        2. Oh i see the word play quite funny.

  3. This is so horrible and I am so confused. Time for a re-read. Also, those fifth panel baby eyes. Such a contrast to the second.

    1. I know! It really is like they are different people…

      1. They are different people!;). I must admit, from what we’ve seen of Malkar so far, he’s sly, cunning, devious, and totaly evil. Ferral has this certin dog/brother like charm to him. Hey wait…. MALkar? ITS MAL!

        1. You just now figured that out? :|

        2. I also figured that out just now… (hides in shame) I thought there was a new character. o-O Mal in the dreams didn’t seem this bad…


        4. wow take it down a notch with the judgment there

  4. oh my god poor Meela! Feral…. oh dear

  5. Arika

    He was doing like how Meela’s mother was doing. He got a bounty to take out a demon.

  6. Ohhh i think i see. Feral went to the den, but saw that there was pups and decided not to do it, but then Malkar took over and did it anyways. Cuz Feral plays the tough guy, but he’s not all that bad.

  7. **

    “You know… There are some lines… you REALLY shouldn’t cross…”


    1. agreed. nice music choice.

  8. I… I have no words.

  9. I just noticed that on page 310, feral’s long earrings disappear in the fourth panel and they still haven’t come back.
    Did he take them off??

    1. maybe they were sealing his demonic aura or something and they broke?

      1. No, he takes them on and off frequently throughout the comic. And there was a clothing change on that page. Notice how between two panels all of them are wearing different outfits.

  10. I had a hunch since the beginning (about 6 or more months ago when I found this comic and read from the beginning) that Feral was in some way tied to murdering Meela’s Dad. After all, that one man in the cabin seemed to remember and was surprised that Meela was with him. He warned her to get far away from Feral while she still could.

    1. Good recall! That certainly explains the man’s fear, though how he knew is still a mystery.

      1. Maybe he and his wife were the ones to have found and managed to distract Malkar in some way and save Meela and Tannor? Perhaps that led to his wife’s death? I really hope to find more about that man. I feel there was more than met the eye with him. I’m thinking he’s been through a key plot element there.

  11. I dont think he killed them as himself, but in berzerker Mode instead… i hope.

  12. I appreciate a good twist, but makes little sense–continuity-wise.

    1. How? As MI kindly pointed out, this was vaguely foreshadowed much earlier in the series. Also, it makes sense, given that Feral is a bounty hunter, and we’ve known for a long time that he makes efforts to hide and maintain his dark powers. It was only a matter of time before they burst out. And in what better way than to shatter Meela’s innocence?

      I love this development. As much as I adore Meela and think innocent Feral is like a cute but reluctant older brother figure, I’m all for anger and despair in a comic. Hope Meela has to kick some ass again before this is over.

  13. My brain has literally just melted!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!!

  14. This webcomic is hurting me so much


  15. *Dies from fangirling* I haven’t slept tonight because I’m fangirling.

    1. Are you who I think you are? …. I realize that’s really vague but if you are, you’ll know.

  16. Long time reader, first time commenting. Holy…. After going back an re-reading the first few pages. Totally should have seen this coming. Also why do I have a feeling that this Malkar personality is his friend Mal and that when Feral acquired his demon powers Mal somehow became a part of him.

  17. Well, that escalated quickly… :C

    Um, does Feral usual go to missions in sickle in hand.

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Don’t kill her family! D: D: D:

    Although I already know they dies. ;__;

  19. Whoa!!!! So…how many of you are flipping through tbe archives to find the clies that were missed? LOL!! AWESOME update.

  20. No comments!……………..!!!!! :(

  21. Ok so his green eye does come back after malkar fades, I was wondering about that. I also wonder if feral knows what is happening when malkar is in control.


      1. x’s a zillion….

  22. So why is Feral hanging around her when he obviously knows she’s a demon lupian, and if he doesn’t why no? Amnesia like his childhood? This freak Malkar is hiding that memory from him? I must know what’s going on! Every page is a new question. And I have to say I know Lupian’s age slower but Feral looks unmistakably younger in the flashback on panel 5.

    Still enjoying this!

    1. Reading this, I’m wondering if Mal destroys his memories/locks them up each time he ends up being awakened. So what if after this Feral has no memory of anything or anyone? That could be why he doesn’t remember anything of his past.

    2. Keep in mind, the last time Feral/Malkar would have seen her, she was very small and dressed like a girl. Later on in the comic, Meela’s brother deliberately cuts her hair and dresses her differently so nobody will connect them to the demon-lupian family (they would be looking for a brother and a sister, not two brothers) and Meela is repeatedly mistaken for a boy at the beginning of the series (much to her frustration), in addition to being MUCH older. I doubt Feral actually made the connection, since Meela was ALSO very careful to not mention the demon parts of her family tree to Feral–at MOST she mentioned she had a brother who died, and that her mother used to be a bounty hunter.

    3. Good theories, guys :) All these things play a part in why Feral didn’t recognize Meela when he met her at an older age, but for the most part he does not remember what happens when Malkar takes over. He kind of blacks out and the only thing he retains is dark, distorted, fleeting memories that rarely make sense.

      Think of it like when you awake from a bad nightmare, but when asked what it was about, you can’t remember anything except the horrible feeling you had during it.

      1. Whoo I love it, I didn’t realize my questions would go off on a tangent. I love amnesia it’s such a fun story element. At first I was only more frustrated with Meela being all hush-hush about her past, but now kudos for Meela, her secretiveness was probably the only think keeping Malkar/Feral making the connection! Or was it? What if he’s known for sometime and he’s really been trying to fight it. What if Holland knows about everything between Meela and Feral (it would not be the first time he’s surprised us.) and he knows–or used to as his knowledge did squat this time–how to keep Feral’s darker side under control. Who knows but the authors!

      2. If Feral ends up hurting her during this whenever he does get back to himself he’s gonna feel terrible. I imagine if he has fragmented memories and sees a beat up Meela he’ll put two and two together.

  23. i really hope they both come out of this alive. i mean seriously, meela’s at risk of going demon form here.

  24. Hmmm I wonder why he doesn’t have is eyelid tattoo in the second panel… Maybe he hadn’t gotten it yet… Idk

    1. Oops nevermind. I just looked back a few pages and it seems that the tattoo (whatever it is) disappears when Malkar takes over

      1. The tattoo appears to be melting away on page 320 shortly before Feral’s green eye starts turning red. The next time you can clearly see his face the tattoo’s completely gone.

    2. That makes me wonder if the tattoo is there for a reason, like to help keep Mal under control? It’s only under his red eye, and it disappears when he turns into Malkar…

      1. that actually would make a lot of sense o3o

      2. A magic rune, perhaps?

  25. Wait! But what about a few archives back when Feral went back into the den to get Meelas stuff?! Didn’t it occurr to him who she was??? Or did he know all along? :OO

    1. I think it’s a different den, Kiritsun. This panel is showing Feral attacking the den of the full family (demon father, twin brothers, and Meela), in which he kills the dad and one of the brothers. Later on, Meela and her last surviving brother were in hiding in a different cave.

  26. I knew it. I had a feeling, but reading the comic you didn’t want it to be and Meela didn’t know. Poor Meela! I’m so glued to these 3 ;A;

  27. This art is so amazing! It’s like, in panel 2 and 5 it’s the exact same face, but it’s obviously two different people. It’s so well done!! I love it

  28. Yeah…this is definitely going to throw a wrench in their relationship….;_;

    1. Relationship 911, how may I help you?

  29. I gotta say, I want Feral back! Panel five makes me miss him a lot. :’) You gals are doing an amazing job on the art as always, and the story is practically excruciating because I’m so involved! I would like to reserve a copy of your third book when it gets to print. ;)

  30. Dammit Feral I knew it.

  31. I knew it….

  32. Dang it!!! I called this back when I first saw that page but wrote it off cause feral had a red and green aye not two reds!! You tricked me >:C
    Also apparently after feral goes mal and then back to feral his eye turns back to green instead of staying red.

  33. Also look how young feral is, must have been one of his first missions. He’s so adorable :3

  34. *dies of stress*

  35. I think deep down inside we all had a guess that it was Feral who killed Meela’s family…. we just didn’t want to believe it.

    1. Why wouldn’t we want to believe it?

      1. Because we like Feral and we like Meela? Doesn’t go well together when one is the murder of the other’s family, does it?

  36. Oh r ember last time what happened when you talked about killing the family?

  37. empressofmelnibone

    What if Meela’s dad’s demonside and Ferals darkness, curse thing reacted to eachother, changing Feral into Malkar; or something similiar??

    Any thoughts??

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if one triggered the other. If they do react, then Demon!Meela should be showing very soon.

  38. Poor Meela! D:

    I can see why she doesn’t want to believe him considering how close she is to Feral. :c


    1. This just made me giggle for like five minutes.

      1. Thank you kind person!

  40. Demon Feral: Hey Meela, can I borrow your hat?
    Meela: What? No! It’s, um, part of my character design! The readers wouldn’t recognize me!
    Demon Feral: Hmm, you have a point there… I guess you can keep it…
    Meela: Yes!
    Demon Feral: …So they can identify the body!
    Meela: D:

    1. Holland:*wakes up* Wh..What? Guys, what did I miss?
      Mal: Shut up, Feather Face! *K.O.s Holland*
      Meela: Get away from Mr.Birdie!
      *Meela Demons out*
      *Sam and Dean get salt.*

      1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

        Yeah! Sam and Dean! :D

      2. My fellow strays fans..I believe we are now combining with supernatural to become… STRAYSERNATURAL

  41. So I just marathoned rereading Strays all over again, and man did I miss a lot of foreshadowing! This comic has always been one of my absolute favorites. I hope you all keep on keepin’ on with the gloriously frequent updates (though gloriously not frequent enough! PAGE A DAY BWAHAHA do it).

    Can’t wait til next update!

  42. the worst betrayal.. and if you go back to the beginning when she’s dreaming and she sees the silhouette, it is a perfect match to this picture of Feral…. :(

  43. woof?

    1. Woof.
      The Fault in our Feral.

  44. Yessssss. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

  45. I guess no one gives a shit about half dead holland in the corner that everyone was screaming and panicking about

  46. Is it weird that the two things I took away from this page were, “Oh god no,” and “New outfit for Feral! Yay!”

    I’ve got a lot going on and I think my brain’s acting out in its quieter moments.

  47. Whyyyy?

  48. I KNEW IT

  49. I have a bad feeling that shes going to get upset to the point where she turns demon..
    And looks like my therey was slightly right ;~;

  50. So the “Demon taint” was other people that Feral was sent to kill?
    Or rather, it was Meela (her family too?). I’d like to say that Feral wouldn’t kill a child…but I don’t know.
    Then Mal took over and killed the parents and Meela’s brother took her and ran.
    Even though it was Mal who killed her parents, I get the feeling that this revelation will cause inbetween Meela and Feral. He was there to kill her, after all.

  51. Now I can’t get this song out of my head…

    Tragedy storms him when demons spare her life
    And all discover she has a demonheart

  52. So, while everyone is awing over Feral killing Meela’s father and brother, I would like to take a moment to aww over how cute baby Feral looks >.<

  53. PenofSmokeandMirrors

    You’re going to be okay, Meela. Everything will be fine, I swear. All that hate is brewing, and it might just explode. Don’t worry, it won’t be your intestines hanging off a tree branch.

  54. Oh Meela…
    I am so sorry…

  55. The plot thickens! DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!

  56. There is a tuft of hair in the bottom right corner of the first panel. Is that supposed to be there? If you look back to page 09 the hair matches Meela’s when she is waking up from her nightmare. Now on page 326 it doesn’t make sense for the hair to be there in the panel.

    1. Why shouldn’t it make sense for the tuft of hair to be there? It’s Meela’s head, she had that hair color as a small child as well, and if you look at page 9, she’s being carried away by her brother, so looking at Mal/Feral over her brother’s shoulder… Makes perfect sense.

      1. It doesn’t make sense because that isn’t Baby Meela’s hair. When she is being carried by her brother you don’t see her hair, it’s her brother’s hair that you can see. The hair is from when Meela’s wakes up from the nightmare where she remembers the attack, which is technically in a separate panel. On this page the panels were just edited but Meela’s hair was not taken out. So it doesn’t fit in with what is happening. The hair ruins the effect of the first panel.

  57. For all the “No, why did Feral kill them!” beings out there, it “technically” wasn’t Feral who killed them, it was Mal or whomever this is possessing Feral.

  58. After all of these years, who else called it?

  59. All I can think when I read this page is, “Wow, Mal, you’re such a dick.” but I’m so interested in his character. I think we all had a hunch it was Feral (Mal) who killed Meela’s father and brother.


  61. FRICK.


    NOW WHAT?!

  62. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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