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108 thoughts on “Page 325

  1. Didn't expect that

    Oh my… o___o

  2. So did he kill her parents?!

    1. Her father and one brother, but maybe he killed her mother, too, since she disappeared. He may have found the rest of her family through her. Maybe she had been hunting him.

      1. Question is: Why, though?

        1. I was thinking that faral was about the age of 13 when holland found him sitting the on that stump and just thinking about it it’s a long shot but maybe mal lost control like meela did and accidentally attacked yuen when meelas father seen it and tried to stop him he killed them to but after coming to his senses he tried to save yuen and instead was absorbed into yuen it’s a random theory and most likely wrong but worth a try

        2. I like the theory – but I just thought I’d put that Feral is nine years older than Holland, so Holland would’ve been only four if Feral was thirteen.

        3. I have my own theory but maybe Mal was going crazy with the demon absorbing and he went after Meela’s family of demons and he was about to absorb Meela when Feral stepped in and he tried to protect Meela from Mal and they fought in wolf form which resulted in Mal tearing Feral’s vocal chords off. Did anyone notice that the mark on Mal’s right hand is on Feral’s left? Maybe Mal was trying to absorb Meela when Feral was in throat pain but then Feral grabbed his marked palm in order to push him away and something went wrong with the absorbing process and the mark (along with Mal) was imprinted into Feral. That’s why he doesn’t want any more dark energy being absorbed into the mark because the same thing might happen to him.

          But thats just my theory.

        4. Maybe Meela’s father was the one who gave Mal and Yuen their demon mark

        5. I doubt it. How would he have time while watching the children? By the timeline, he was murdered not that long after Mal got his mark–because Yuen was still around the same age when he became Feral. I think Mal had a runin with Meela’s mother and came after the rest of the family as a result.

        6. whitewolfcancry

          Huh good point on my theory he was not quite that young when they met well I gauss we will have to wait n see what happend kind of hoping mal will awnser some of our qustions when talking to meela. I’m new to this comic and I know I got quite a few myself but like they say “all qustion will be awnsered in the end and the ones that weren’t are an unfinshed story”

        7. Power. Why else? They were Demons and likely had something that the symbol on Feral’s hand wants.

      2. Her mother was killed by the guy she ripped the arm off of. She hit her head on a table while they were fighting.

        1. no that was yuen’s mother. meela’s mother was a bounty hunter remember?

  3. Wow! The question is was it Mal possessing Yuen or Mal in his own body.

    1. Betting Mal was in his own body when it happened. The killer seemed more shaped like him than Yuen, and Meela didn’t seem to recognize him.

    2. *Gasp* that’s a great theory!!!

  4. Suspennnsseeeeeeeeee

    And so many people mentioning this posibility a page back are given a cliff hanging suspense

  5. Oh by all the goddesses.. o__o Oh No. I feared something like that happened.. D: Nuu!

  6. I literately said “Ohhh whoa” out loud when I saw this page. This has to be one of the first times since finding this comic that I can’t wait each week for the next page. What a turn things have taken!

  7. Oh no. Mal is going to get Yuen/Feral killed. Isn’t this how whats-his-face lost his arm and ended up having to be euthanized??? Bets on whether Meela will demon out or not?

    1. I don’t know if she will, I think she is too scared and shocked right now. I have a feeling she’ll try to run and thats when jyaku will step in.

      1. It seems to be a combination of fear and anger that triggers her transformation (p. 284), so I hope he ticks her off so she can attack.
        But she knows Feral is in there somewhere, so she might be holding back…?

    2. I think Celese or Algy said once that Meela would only be able to go into full demon form once, when it first woke up.

  8. I have a feeling this might put a dent in her relationship with Feral.

  9. Wait, so he’s Yuen, Feral, and Mal? I really want to know more about this guy’s background, when do we find out?! I must know! I can’t wait til next week! (even though, of course, I have to anyway)

    1. It’s kind of obvious that somehow Mal and Yuen fused bodies, probably due to the dark power that Mal acquired. Feral is the poor sap that seems to be what remains of Yuen although he has acute amnesia. Even so, this has been a great arc in the story and I can’t wait for what happens next!

      1. I can tell you right now this wasn’t an obvious guess at all for me lmao! xD Not til I read this page would I have ever come to that conclusion.

  10. By the way, I love that evil smile!!!

  11. Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit!Oh shit! >w< *fangirling so hard over Malkar* Why!!! /;n;/ *but also scart becourse i'm afrad if Melaa gonna get hugt*

  12. Omigosh…. That next page…D’:

  13. AAHHHHHH!!!! Poor meela..she must be so scared right now.. O.o

  14. Oooohhhh this is tickling my brain the wrong way. Now I’m kind of wondering if Yuen actually got killed and it’s been Mal the whole time, except he has a jekyll and hyde complex, except his Feral personality doesn’t have any memory. But Feral looks like Yuen according to Meela’s dreams… So maybe Mal kicked Yuen’s soul out and went in there instead? Meh…. I’m thinking about this too hard.

    1. I’m thinking that perhaps Mal drained Feral at some point and because of the way he did it they became merged into one. I’m not sure exactly how it would work.

  15. So is Mal in control now? Because it looks like we aren’t going to see Feral for awhile. Is Feral still “awake”, because I think that he can see what is going on, however he can’t control the body. And what about the other dude they sucked up? Will he be able to control the body in the future or will he be too weak?
    And seriously Meela, demon out, HE NOT YO’ FRIEND NO MORE!

    1. I don’t think feral is even watching because if he was he would remember it, but he doesn’t seem to remember the last time it happened with her family so I’m guessing only mal can remember things when he’s in control.

  16. And now… hug! ;D

  17. O_O wow……..

  18. Panel 2… Is Malkar LICKING THE BLOOD OFF HIS HAND!?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Yes he is….

    2. A couple pages back Malkar grabbed Visrial ‘s knife while he was attacking him. That’s where he got the blood from

  19. well, this has gone quite bad. meela, slap some reality into him.

  20. Something tells me that this will throw a wrench in their relationship…


      1. Oh…never-mind…lol

  21. O_O Uh oh. And dang….the feels. This is going pear-shaped. ><

    1. If only Meela had a pear…Mal loves pears

  22. Generic-username427

    mmmmm. tasty blood!

  23. OHSNAAAAAAAAAP. I get the feeling Feral committed that horrible deed, or maybe there is a dark spirit whose soul was sealed in that power and he’s looking for a new body. Probably just the first idea lol

  24. nononoNONoNONONONO.

  25. Am I the only one here who’s going add and is most surprised by the fact that mal’s full name is malkar? Yes? No?

    1. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      I was going to say something about that, but you beat me to it! Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that….

  26. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! If I were Meela I would turn into my demon wolf and kill him. I mean like, I know its Feral but I would still kill him since he killed my family. Then again she could just tell him about all the “fun” they had on there journeys and try to make him snap out of it. If that doesn’t work, SLAP HIM SILLY. Lol jk, but if it doesn’t work I would just run away and uhhh…. I don’t know I guess I’ll just run away.

  27. Wah! I…I did not see that coming. Snaaaaaap~~~~!

  28. ok okok did anyone else think Malkar….. like MAL omgomgomgoomg :O

  29. Okay, so I went back through the pages and searched for any proof that it was Feral/Malkar that killed Meela’s family. After looking at page 09 (silhouette of the murderer), the hair doesn’t seem to match either Yuen or Mal at the time they were last seen on page 300 (flashback). Even more confusing is that Feral’s hair is too spiky to be Yuen’s, but not as spiky as Mal’s. It’s almost like Feral is a combination of Yuen and Mal, which is a theory I’ve seen others post.
    To support that theory, if you compare Yuen’s facial structure and hair on page 152 (where Holland found Feral all bandaged and lonely) to page 300, Feral AGAIN doesn’t match either Yuen or Mal. Is it possible that, through some dark magic or Mal’s accident, Yuen and Mal combined and became Feral? It’s kinda creepy, but it’s the only thing I can think of that explains the discrepancies between the hairstyles (well that, or the artstyle changed over time :) ).
    On that note, we can assume that Feral (or Yuen’s soul with amnesia) is being forced down by Malkar and will return as soon as Malkar is dealt with (and with this theory we can be positive that it wasn’t Feral who killed Meela’s family, at least not while Feral was in control). Meela will probably have to knock him out or call out to Feral to get him back.

    1. On page 09 – while its just a silhouette, its still an action shot. The hair is just flowing with the force of his movements. When someone is out to cause harm, most times they put their whole body/force into a blow. The momentum of the swing WILL cause your hair to swing too. The hair appears “spikey” because its in motion. Not trying to debunk your theory, rather just making an observation.

    2. The art style was different back then. I do think it was Mal. The face shape doesn’t match Yuen’s/Feral’s face–even how he is drawn in the early days, but it does look a bit like Mal. Even possessed with Mal’s psychotic expressions, it’s definitely different as it is longer than Mal’s. Either way it was definitely Mal in the flashback. He pretty much is bragging about the killings here.

  30. Remember me, Eddie?? (etc)

  31. Oh sheet.

  32. Well, that's a plot twist

    o-o Well, shit. I sure as hell didn’t see that one coming.

  33. At PG 250, it said Meela’s father couldn’t chase Mama down. If he was supposed to be ‘dead’ and his mother was still paid, that could be the reason Meela’s father was discovered. He was the sole provider; if theft was one of his few options, someone could have sent out Malkar (then appearing as Yuen) and he’d have discovered Meela’s father was very much alive. Dad hasn’t kicked the bucket, and Mom still took the cash. That’s theft x2.

  34. malkar could be short for mal
    maybe mal got absorbed into yuen some how

  35. sorry ment maybe mal is short for malkar not other way around

  36. Ohhhh, hehehe. This is just getting better and better with every passing page.

  37. I will remember youuuuu~ Will you remember meeee~?

  38. Oh snap. xP

    Well I’m sure this will all turn out okay, and in the future they’ll all look back, and laugh about it. And from this point on Pears will become Meela’s trauma trigger.

  39. OH MY GOD!! I actually thought he was the one who did that to Meela’s family when she had the first flashback because it looked like Feral with the like weapons. Then I tossed them aside when the bonding continued and when the mention of it was pushed farther away into nothingness. ;-; though I did not think it was a split personality thing with Feral being possessed. Before knowing his personality I though Feral did it for the job. Poor Meela! Poor Feral!

  40. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Gosh, panel 3 is so creepy, yet I LOVE IT!!! Why?!?!

  41. -Feral licking the blood of his hands- “Mmm yes, yes your blood sustains me mmm”

  42. Damn you Visrial!! This is all your fault! >~<

  43. Here’s my theory (apologize if its already been said before)And my theory on how Feral got the mark is maybe Mal went crazy and almost died and Yuen (/feral?) Tried to save him and Mal seeing an opportunity some how took over Yuen (Feral) s body but only ig he’s strong enough which would explain why Feral does his best not to take in so much dark energy because he knows that Mal will take over and kill again.

    And Feral, like now, accadently absorbed too much dark energy which allowed Mal to take over. And like before when they were kids Mal is power crazy and goes after other people with demonic like abilities or power to help keep him in control and in hopes of growing stronger. Maybe Mal was close enough to Mellas mother picking up on not only her own strength but Mellas fathers demonic power as well and went after him and of course killed him absorbing him(maybe her mother as well and I believe one of her brothers as well) like he did the kitty (sorry, his name left my mind). and Feral either came too or Mal ran out of either time or energy/power and couldn’t kill (or catch them in time before time ran out) Meela and her brother.

    Any who, thats my theory of this whole mess xD

    1. That, my dear, is the most concise and thought-through theory I have read in here so far. Also, keep in mind that there might be a larger conspiracy going on, as hinted at by the man with the shotgun Feral had to kill in the beginning, where Meela accompanied him.

      1. Thanks haha xD
        But yeah I know. It’s just what I thought .w.

  44. 0___________0
    S H I T

  45. whatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwatwat



  46. OMG.. Shoes.

  47. I hope Holland is okay D:

  48. -throws an acorn at Evil Feral- leave Meela alone!

  49. So Mal couldn’t continue using his own body and now resides in a dark space in Feral’s (Yuen’s) subconscious?

  50. I… HOLY SHIT!!!

    Okay, you guys are just really awesome story tellers and I just REALLY REALLY REALLY love your comic. I’ve been reading this practically since the beginning and I’ve loved every twist and turn you’ve thrown at us and even when I’ve been able to see some of them coming I still feel surprised because the way you tell the story it never looses the magic.

  51. My theory: When Mal and Yuen were traveling they encountered Jyaku in page 300 and Mal was all about absorbing his energy. What if Jyaku used some kind of magic to “imprison” Mal in Yuens body? And made the mark so Yuen would keep consciousness and control of the body and Mal wouldn’t.
    It’s plausible, Jyaku seems to be quite strong, i bet he could’ve done it. And if you look at Feral from the flashbacks, he’s different. His hair is not so spiky and his teeth are not so sharp, heck, he doesn’t even use piercings in his ears. It’s like he is a combination of Yuen and Mal.

    1. I was just thinking that was what could have happened. So ibagree with you! x100

  52. O.M.G!!!I knew somthing like that would happen!!!I just knew it!!!

  53. I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT PAGE!!!! also did he just lick the blood off his hand? yikes…

  54. ok before when he was changing I was like kill virisal kill virisal! but now all I can say is

    we want virisal defeated. check.

    but we don’t need anyone else ash piled :3

    so calm the f down feral :p

  55. I’m tired of watching evil feral spew his darkness all over Meela
    it looks like he already killed holland :p

  56. ok so I have been reading the other posts but screw it I am going to wait

  57. Just curious, this Malkar… How is he speaking to her? It doesn’t look like he’s verbally speaking. Is it telepathy, is she hearing his thoughts?

    1. Think of it as standing in a room and a number dark ominous voices echoing around you, but not all at once. Scary.

      1. I’m reading this at night algy!!! Why would you say such things!!!!!!!

  58. Just realized…. Malkar is Mal….The kid form Feral’s past 0_0

  59. Alright, so after reading everyone’s comments and theories, mine is this: Yuen and Mal ran into Jyaku during their journey. Mal challenged Jyaku to a fight, which Jyaku refused initially. Mal pressed the issue and got himself merged with Yuen. Jyaku did not walk away unscathed, and was perhaps injured or partially drained during the confrontation. Jyaku has implied that he doesn’t, or perhaps cannot, kill people (see page 262), and likely wouldn’t have finished Mal/Yuen himself; nonetheless, he likely caused the injuries that rendered Feral mute. He later may have hired Jira to go after him. Jira disappears, possibly due to the confrontation with Feral, but not before triggering another ‘Malkar fit’. Malkar heads to Jira’s place to absorb the rest of her family; Tannor and Meela escape; and the fit passes. Eventually Feral gets his job as a bounty hunter and runs into Meela. Cue the premise of our lovely comic!

  60. Feral…
    How could you?
    I am so disappointed in you, Feral…

  61. Everyone do the 5$ pledge! We don’t have to wait a whole week then!

    1. I’m poor but this is stressing me out and I’m seriously tempted

  62. So many theories… :O I’d like to add my own to the mix :P
    When Mal and Yuen met Jyaku, Mal went to fight Jyaku. He planned to absorb his power like he did with Visrial a few pages back. Then Yuen got involved, probably trying to stop Mal from killing Jyaku, who’s attacks were probably making Mal’s demon side go crazy. So, blinded by rage, Mal turned on Yuen and grabbed his throat, like he did to Visrial, but instead of killing him and absorbing his power or whatever, he was himself absorbed into Yuen. Which would explain the scar on Feral’s throat – left by Mal grabbing Yuen, and Malkar’s surfacing.
    Then, it’s possible that the demon side was unstable at the start or something and Feral stumbled across Meela’s family or something.

  63. This page made me go back and re-read the whole comic. Well done. Loving all of the theories, too. They leave one thing unexplained, though: how did Korin become involved in hunting/killing Meela’s brother?

  64. Malkar=Mal

  65. *Strangled noise*

  66. MAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T DO THIS! DON’T GO TO THE DARK SIDE! GO BACK TO THE LIGHT!

    And gosh! He was the one to murder her family? Guess I should have seen that coming…

  67. Lol. Back in the hundreds, I looked on youtube to see if there was any Strays things on it, there was one. Now there lots! (I think…)


  69. Ooooh fuck fuck fuck! I have a very bad feeling! I seriously doubt Meela is going to like Malkar’s next words..

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