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Looks like Meela's on her own on this one.

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  1. MEELA. RUN.

    1. I’m not sure running will help her. *looks worried*

      1. I'm afraid Feral isn't available right now...

        Please leave a message after the tone

      2. If running is useless...

        …well then,

        Meela, fight back! Come on, tame this big wolf! Show ‘im who’s the boss!

        Or… running might be the safest option for her if she wants to live.

    2. I guess you could say
      She came out to have a good time and she’s honestly feeling so attacked right now.

      1. NO
        NO NO NO

      2. I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having a good time right now

        1. ^ This may be the best use of that phrase ever. Of all time.

    3. Hmm… I wonder if a ‘hug attack’, and sucking a good portion of ‘Teh Evil’ into herself, would work???

  2. Hey, Evil-Feral has a sense of humor.

    1. I say he’s the one who made me laugh the most till then.

  3. No, Holland! D:

  4. I have a strong feeling that the demon side of feral killed meelas father and other brother. It seems like he knows her somehow. When meela (at the very beggining) had that strange dream, the person who killed the father looked EXACTLY like feral. Both eyes were red just like ferals eyes are now.

    1. would explain why that guy was telling her to run D:

    2. That was exactly what I was thinking!!

      1. It would explain a ton of things, but will meela be able to trust him or feel safe around him after that? I think she’d run for it if she doesn’t now!

        1. I need to read the next page!!!!
          Why must we wait another week?!!!

    3. Where have you been?
      Meela’s father’s and brother’skiller has already been shown and is now dead. Korin, remember him.
      more importantly he mentions it here—>

      1. Actually, I feel like that was more talking about just killing Tannor. They don’t mention the other brother or the parents in either of those instances.

        1. I only assumed because she said a bounty hunter came after them. I assumed when Korin said he enjoyed cleaning up, “Meoely’s messes”, he was referring to her mother. She didn’t exactly finished the job with her father. That would be the first “mess.” I know it hasn’t been stated how long Feral has been a bounty hunter and I guess is my math is correct, he could have been. However it is just a little too coincidental

        2. Oh, multiple bounty hunters were after them on account of them being part demon, which was why they always lived in caves. But Korin only killed Tannor. We’ve been bouncing back and forth with our theories on whether it was Feral or Mal who killed Rollin and Connor, but now that we’ve seen Feral’s alter ego (or whatever it’ll end up being called), it looks like it was Feral. Or maybe it was Mal and the theory that Feral somehow absorbed Mal into himself is indeed accurate.

          As for Korin’s mention of “messes,” I’m pretty sure he was just speaking in general terms about the various bounties he’d caught since taking up his career.

          And I can’t imagine that it’s any more coincidental than . . . well, pretty well everything else that’s happened in this comic. XD Like, for example, Meela meeting Holland in the very inn where she’d found his necklace, after Piper was conveniently kicked out of her room, and then Holland turning out to be Feral’s client (and friend). I mean, really.

        3. exactly Sabtea!

      2. He killed yuens (ferals) parents and Meelas brother.

  5. O_O Oh dear…Meela…Get him to come to his senses!!! D:

  6. Come on Meela! Get wolfy on his ass! >:D

    1. Yessss >:D FIGHT FIGHT!!

  7. I don’t think she’s going to go Demon mode… She’s not angry at him, she doesn’t hate Feral. She’s just scared right now.

    1. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. XD

      1. omg a force reference… i love it!

      2. I wish there were like buttons just for that comment e?

  8. Oh nooooo Meela ruuuun!!! Actually I kinda want to see evil wolf feral.

  9. I like how Feral’s name is in quotes in the last panel. Kinda makes me think that maybe Feral knows the memories that Meela brought up before but is using a fake name to try and escape his past for this reason. His demon side shows no mercy.

    1. Or that this side of him knows more about who Feral really is than Feral himself.

      1. Exactly. My theory is that “Feral” seems to be a construction, his lack of memories hinting at the possibility that he was someone else before and emerged as a new person after his old self (Yuen) was merged with someone else (Mal). So, this would be Mal now talking. I wonder if Yuen is in there as well and conscious of the situation. And if he can do anything about it.

        1. Oh, Feral is totally an amnesiac Yuen who gets possessed from time-to-time by Mal.

  10. Dammit, Feral. PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE!

    1. I’m sorry. The number you dialed is not in service. Please try again, or dial 1 for more options.

      1. If you want to leave a voice mail please hold on and start screaming for your life until you hear a beep.

      2. The number you have dialed is imaginary. Please rotate your phone 90° and try again.

    2. Lol you guys are awesome.

    3. We’re sorry the number you dialed is no longer in service please press one say Alyogy turn around 10 times and say boo for more options.

  11. Tsk! Demons. Snarky arrogant bastards aren’t they.

  12. Could be totally wrong about this, but I think this is Mal, trapped inside “Feral”/Yuen.

    1. Me too.

      1. Me three.

        1. Elizabeth Faulkner

          Same here.

  13. Alright! People, just sit back and stop assuming what will happen, it’s there choice to decide what happens.

    This is not “Mal trapped in Feral/Yeun” This is Feral’s demon form, yet t could be possibly that Mal is attached to him in someway, not trapped inside of course, but yes Yuen, is indeed “Feral” as revealed on deviantART.

    1. We are just talking out our opinions and ideas here, its like watching a show and sitting there thinking “oh I bet this will happen next! Oh man thats not how i expected that to happen!” But instead of a show its a web-comic.

  14. oh hi feral didnt see yah there

  15. Holland sure went flying low. It’s a good old weather sign that it’s going to rain. :)

  16. K.O.!!!!

    1. Finish him!

      1. >_< I just peed my pants from laughing at your comments. – Thank you :)

  17. ok I think I just pissed in my pants maybe feral/yuen is just gonna go on a rampage n kill piper then everyone else in town until jayaku stops him :D

    actually, nah

  18. umm hello? ill be ordering a coffin for myself

    1. And Holland. And an urn for whatever we can collect of kitty’s ashes.

  19. panel three… look at ferals hands very close… double demon sign!!!

    1. No, I think that the other hand is bleeding where he grabbed Visiral blade. Or it looks like that to me.

      1. Yes GOMEELA! I was looking for a comment like this one!

        Power IS coming from both marks!!!

        TIME for Meela to kick some best-friend BOOTY!

        1. I don’t think Meela will hurt him. She is frozen in shock, and probably doesn’t know what the hell to do. Even if she did try to fight him, she would loose miserably.

        2. I agree with you there, but we don’t know that she won’t be affected by the dark power to the point that she takes on her demon form. I doubt it, but we can’t rule out the possibility, either.

  20. C’mon Meela! Demon out already!

    And as for you, sir, get the fur away from her! And let Feral control his own body, thank you very much.
    (This is gonna be a loooong week…)


  22. Now, I wonder why it is that this “demon side” has centered out Meela. He could have easily sent her flying, same as he did Holland, but he didn’t. He also makes a point that Feral isn’t there right now. Does that mean he plans to specifically hurt her, to get at Feral perhaps?

    1. If the theory that evil!Feral is the one who killed Rollin and Connor is accurate, then I would say it’s because he recognizes her from back then, which would explain why he calls her a mongrel (i.e. he knows she’s part demon, which Feral didn’t, even though he was suspicious).

  23. I think I see a demon dogfight coming . . .
    Demon Feral vs. Demon Meela, round one!


  24. Okay, I noticed Holland squinting with one eye before he went flying. Anyone else think that maybe something demony is gonna happen with him? Cuz Feral usually has the one red eye… Dunno maybe I’m reading too deeply into stuffs.

    1. He didn’t squint, he closed it completely. A common reaction to pain, not to mention a natural reflex if that shadow attack came close to his eye.

  25. Uhh I dont know what to think of this!

  26. Oh man! It’s really hard to wait another week!!! I need to know what is going to happen!

  27. Feral you arrogant bastard. That’s my birdman >:U
    ok not really but you are still a jerk evil-feral >8T

  28. Elizabeth Faulkner

    Well, now we know who’s stronger….

  29. Alright, could someone PLEASE animate this!?

    1. that… would… be… … … AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  30. ahhhhh why omg Holland QnQ
    If he dies I’m gonna be like done

    this webcomic got so stressful so fast

  31. Gaawiin, demon-Feral, gego! Daga! *is unable to speak much English due to panic* (Translation: “No, demon-Feral, stop it! Please!”)

  32. No. I’m afraid Feral isn’t available right now. May I take a message?


  34. I think I speak for a lot of us when I simply say “AHHHH! NOO!!”

  35. D: omg! Feral plz WAKE UP! SNAP OUT OF IT!

  36. Kick his demon-corrupted ass, Meela!

  37. How fitting is the name Feral right now… shit got real so fast…

  38. It’s really not Holland’s day. First, he was bitten by demon Meela, then got a dislocated shoulder by Visrial and hit by a dark magic blast from demon Feral. He needs a day off after that, seriously.

    1. Seriously though..holland is gonna wake up and be all like “jeeze, I try to protect you people and get treated like this?! I AM SO DONE”

      1. *Holland then proceeds to snap his fingers, turn, and flounce off*

        1. Lee of Team Avatar

          You forgot the hair flip.

  39. Aw man, that demon double talk back behind the words makes Feral-Demon’s ‘speech’ very creepy!

  40. Crap, crap, crap, crap!!!!!! O_O

    1. ::points you to the potty:: …we keep it in there.

  41. TheShitJustHitTheFan

    Oooooohhh crap. Is anyone else reminded of the anime Bleach at this point? Gosh, it just keeps gettin’ better and better!!!

  42. I am thinking that Feral absorbed Visrial’s soul or something; I know, it was too much dark magic he absorbed, but the fact that he called Meela ” pup” makes me wonder if it doesn’t have something with demon magic…

  43. Methinks it’s all to convenient the only two left possibly have the same curse upon them. She knows of his memories( dreams) and Holland only knows of “Feral’s” past by experiencing it with him. If the demons have supernatural sensing ability (Jakal may be observant, but did he really know Meela? Could have been a sensitive as well.), then it’d be one demon sensing another. Secret pact time!

  44. Leave a message at the beep!

  45. What was that weak attack supposed to do Holland?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Maybe he was just hoping ferals inner artistic demon would come out and hate the color yellow and leave, lol

      Holland: look at the shiny light
      Feral: Noooooo!!!!!!! Yellow clashes with my red and black broodingness }:(

    2. My understanding is that he was hoping a light attack would suppress/drive back the dark-energy-driven evil!Feral. It might very well have worked, too, if it had been strong enough, but Holland was already injured and we know from things Celesse and/or Algy have said that lyrians have a low pain tolerance. Thus, the pain and the fear and the lack of preparation time meant that his attack was totally worthless. But in that situation, with Meela to protect, he wasn’t going to give up without a fight, regardless of how weak he was. Noble, even if it didn’t get him anywhere.

  46. Im sorry, Feral isn’t available now. You may leave a message or wait for his demon form to turn off. Thank you. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!

  47. Sorry Feral is not in at this moment. Please leave a message after the blood splatter and disintegrating skeletons.

    1. Much more appropriate than beeping. :P

  48. shiiiiiit demon Meela v Feral fight

  49. “I’m afraid ‘Feral’ isn’t available right now.”
    please leave a message after the beep

    1. “Hey this is Meela calling and I just wanted to tell you to, like, hurry up and come to your senses. No pressure or anything, just, I don’t know…you kinda blasted Holland pretty hard and he may need some help and stuff. Also, you’re scaring the living heck outta me. Again no pressure….nope…none AT ALL…” •_____•

  50. Is he talking to her telepathically or what?

    1. Yes, he is. Algy said on a previous page that it is actually a fairly common ability in Meoley.

  51. I have a feeling the next page or at least in another one Feral and Meela will fight each other…

  52. I have a feeling that the reason Feral doesn’t remember his past has to do with his friend. I think Feral and his old buddy (Can’t think of his name). Are sharing 1 body. Which if you remember he was power hungry wanted to fight anyone strong, and we do not know what happened after he saw Jyaku(Sp?). So Maybe now that he is out, he’ll want to suck up Meela’s powers cause from what I understand her dreaming ability is rare and strong. Hence the mark on his hand… Just saying.

    1. I agree with you, but neither Feral nor evil!Feral are even aware of that special ability of hers. Yes, she did talk about the dreams she had of Feral’s memories, but he didn’t know that was an actual power or anything. Also, it doesn’t seem to me that the rune actually enables one to absorb specific powers like that. It just absorbs magical energy. Of course, he could still be intending to do that to Meela, since she has a fair amount of dark energy in her.

      Oh, and his old buddy’s name is Mal.

  53. Sorry, the first thought in my head was “what’s up with feral’s eye?”. My second was “awesome.” my third was “oh no holland”. And my last was “meela is so screwed right now.”

  54. No mal, you shut up! Now is not the time to be getting cheeky >:(


  56. Not Another Cliche Please

    I hope that the next page isn’t some cliche event of Feral coming back from his demon side and fighting it off by willpower. I don’t hope for Meela to die, just want to see something unique or rare.

  57. -grins- ok class today we will be doing a test. to see who the hell feral thinks he is

  58. So, folks, which do you think? Is this demon!Feral or is this Mal, who resides somewhere in Feral’s subconscious until an overload of dark energy brings him out as a result of whatever it was that enabled Yuen to take on Mal’s rune way back when (probably as a direct result of something Jyaku did when Mal attacked him)?

    Either way, I think this confirms that Feral (sort of) is the one who killed Rollin and Connor. Feral, who probably did not, at that time, know what would happen if he took in too much dark magic, was given the job of tracking and killing Rollin and his family. In the ensuing battle, Feral took on too much dark energy from Rollin and turned into what we see before us now, at which point he easily killed those two while Tannor and Meela escaped (somehow).

    Now that this guy’s back out, though, he recognizes Meela from way back then, hence why he’s referring to her as a mongrel.

    As for future predictions, some talking will occur and then Jyaku will finally show up (by tracking Visrial) to save the day by somehow suppressing demon!Feral/Mal/whoever. Possibly by using that rune on his arm, which seems to either also be for energy absorption or else actually neutralizes magical energy.

    And then we’ll find out where that shadow attack sent poor Holland.

    *sits on edge of seat*

    1. I wish there was an edit button. I was so preoccupied with what Feral said that I didn’t pay that much attention to the attack he used on Holland. For some reason, I thought it had been another teleportation, which he used to send Holland some distance away. Silly me. *bonks head*

    2. Oh, and one other possibility I just thought of is that this form of Feral is essentially powered by all that dark energy he absorbed, so maybe he can only stay out for as long as that energy lasts and he’ll actually go back into Feral’s subconscious once it runs out. Which would either mean that by attacking Meela he’d trigger the switch back to normal Feral or that that would be the simple and direct way that Jyaku would “suppress” him–by absorbing that energy himself, or at least enough of it that evil!Feral can’t stay out.

      We shall see what we shall see. :3


  60. I wish I could throw bison shit at demon feral (bison turds are HUGE)

  61. I’m thinking that this is Feral’s friend Mal. Somehow he fused with Feral at some point….

  62. Holand nooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!

  63. apologies if this has already been brought up but


    if so, how O.o
    his vocal cords are damaged arent they?


  65. if you look close in the 3rd frame, it looks like he now has red marks on both hands. sorry if anyone else commented on this, there’s a lot on here and i might have missed it.

  66. i guess im going to wait for another 1 year for this comics to be finished..

  67. C’mon Mella! Time to release your inner demon!

  68. So…..IS Feral a demon or not??????

    Sooooo cinfused here!!!!!

  69. So…..IS Feral a demon or not??????

    Sooooo CONFUSED here!!!!!


  71. I have a feeling the Meela’s “Powers” would either have the demon thing be interested and let her live
    or Meela’s demon side overpowers Feral’s because she was born part demon while Feral was just given some demon power… Though I would imagin Meela losing herself for a bit…

  72. Ok this doesn’t really matter but it’s bothering me- whats with the random lines on Holland’s face?

    1. Just a shadow effect to make it look more dramatic.

  73. Perhaps to fight a demon one must become one?

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