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I don't think it's going to be that easy, Holland.

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  1. Feral! SNAP OUTTA IT!

    1. May I have a moment of your time to say I love your username?

      1. LOL IKR

        1. OMG ”Oh Dear”.

          Perfect for this page!

        2. Looks like Feral wants to take Holland out for dinner

          Why else would he ask if he’s going anywhere

    2. You are afflicted with Demon’s shadow. Pray to this shrine to remove all diseases and afflictions?
      (Praying to this shrine will remove all perks revieved from other shrines.)


      1. Generic-username427

        But one of my active perks is double all damage :(

        1. If you don’t get rid of Demon Shadow, you will be unable to interact with any friendly NPC. =(

        2. Generic-username427

          ahhh who needs NPC anyways, kill them all!!

        3. “You have commited crimes against Meoley and her people. What say you in your defence?”

        4. >Murder court and local law enforcement along with witnesses.

        5. Generic-username427

          what I say is I have double all damage, so bring it on, -kills entire criminal justice organization and steals their gavels-

        6. >Only one armed person left in a town full of bodies
          >zero bounty

  2. feral! stahp! you dun wanna hurt them!

  3. Game over man! Game Over!

    1. Good one lol xD

  4. I find it awesome how he can teleport with his shadow… or something like that ^^

    1. Now he’s thinking with shadows.

      1. Damn it! You beat me to that one!

  5. Both of Feral’s eyes are red!

    This is getting tense, seriously the week until the next update is going to be so long.

    1. Both Feral’s eyes are red and the tattoo under his right eye looks like it dissolved.

      1. Perhaps the tattoo was a counter balance against his powers like meela’s dad had those jewels. Only feral absorbed so much power that it broke its seal and couldn’t contain it anymore

        1. I think you guys are on to something–if you go back a couple of pages, during his transformation, that tattoo looks like it’s melting off…

        2. Man, I didn’t even notice the tattoo thing. That totally makes sense though!

      2. Maybe the tattoo was helping to hold his demonic half in check, like in the Dresden Files?

        1. You mean like in Mnster Girl Quest where Luka’s ring is what keeps his angel half in check because if he takes it off his angelic half will eat at his body until he is pure energ– oh no.
          STOP, FERAL!!!

  6. If he were to absorb any form of Meela’s demon…

  7. ooooOOOOOOOOHHH this is getting interesting!!

  8. Did… did he just teleport?

    1. I. Uh. Think so lol

      1. Shadowstep?


  10. I’ve been reading this Webcomic for a long time now..and omg it is getting intense!

    But somehow…I want to know what would happen to Feral if he did hurt them(Not to the point of killing of course) and then get his senses back right then…It would really freak him out..O_O

    Nice job on this comic and all of the wonderful pages!

  11. Oh noes! Things are getting interesting!!!!! Run Meela!!

  12. At this point I feel like demon meela might be their only hope for survival. There is no talking this one down. Meela was wild, feral is psychotic

    1. Jyaku would be more of a help, I think.

    2. Run Meela, run!

    3. I wonder if Holland can use any teleporting magic??? I doubt Meela could beat Feral in a fight. She might be able to hold him off long enough for Holland to use some really powerful magic, but a student is only as great as their master.

      1. Unless the student becomes the master lol ;P

  13. Dat smile. Omahgawd. *o*

  14. In a way Feral now looks like Mal…. I think something happened that made them one person…..

    1. I think it is now very obvious Mal either possessed Yuen or Yuen absorbed him since it has been established Feral (or whoever he is right now) absorb Kittyboy. A Yuen with amnesia is probably usually in the driver’s seat though–except for times like this.

    2. Ok Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one thinking something like this.

      1. *oh goodness

    3. Definitely. The name of this chapter is ‘Darkness Within’ with a picture of Mal. So I’m pretty sure that Mal is the darkness within Feral/Yuen.

  15. Awww snap!

  16. Yay Sexy Evil Feral! And he can talk too! *supports Evil Feral*

  17. Uh oh.
    And yeah, both his eyes are red. Wasn’t sure until now.

  18. baaaaaaaaaaad doggie

    1. reeeeeeeeeally bad doggie

      sorry couldn’t resist

  19. Feral looks a but odd in the last panel, I think his chinking should be dropped down a bit more.

    1. Yeah I was gonna say something about that. He seems kinda odd in that last pannel, like his proportions aren’t quiet right.

  20. If Holland dies I’m gonna punch a wall…

    1. I second that.

      1. And I third that. D: Noooo!

        1. I fourth that to the extreme.

    2. I fifth the hell outta that. I’m a major Holland fan-boy!

    3. And i sixth that i mean he wasn’t my favorite charcter but i still liked him!Meela better demon his arse if he lunges at Holland.

  21. Ahhhhhhhh, how will I wait to see what happens, HOW?

  22. NOOOO!! please Feral come back to us!!!! Don’t kill Meela and Holland!!!! Please?!?!?!

  23. I think Holland is a few seconds too late. They should have high-tailed it out of there when Demon Feral had his other playtoy.

  24. OMGOSH…. FERAL! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did anybody else notice the glowing eyes in panel 3???

  25. Look at Feral now. Then go back to first page or something and look at how he looked not all demon. Also look at page 315. (Chapter page) see how the hair is turning into Mals?

  26. Okay, Had to say. What if Piper can along right now? We forgot about Piper. Could she maybe draw Feral bad out (Along with Holland and Meela) Or will she die/fight Feral?

  27. Hmmm, I wonder what he wants with Meela and Holland. Absorb them, too? But then, but then… Feral would eventually turn into a black hole! Absorbing everything and everyone around him! Oh dear, stay away from his event horizon!!

    Ahem. On a more sane note: His smile in that last panel is definitely Mal’s. And oh so creepy.


    1. I think he is indeed the person who can help: back in the chapter, mal en yuen encounter him and mal wanted to fight him, i think jyaku did the same as visreal, overloadimg the absorb power… He clearly was there when whatever happened happened!! Right know, he is an observer of the status quo of ferals health, i hope he is close by and going to save the day….

  29. fearal, enough psyco killer mode.

  30. Hollands right arm looks a little weird in the perspective on panel 5. Otherwise this is great!! I can’t wait to see what Feral does!

  31. D: feral what are you doing! Stop!

  32. Wait a minute, Feral is talking or its just HIS imagination?

    1. Telepatic shizzle our the ghost speaking probably

  33. Heeerree’s FERAL! /breaks through tree
    No? No.
    Also, Panel 5 is awesome.

  34. Oh dear… o__o

  35. Oh crap XD I must say, I still love those red eyes of his XD <3

  36. Are Feral and Holland gonna have a fight?! O.O or Feral and Meela…

  37. I just noticed Feral’s ears are pierced. Is it bad that THAT is what is on the forefront of my mind right now? Well that and I hope nothing happens to Holland. And Meela of course. I do not condone child abuse xD

  38. I have been reading the comic since almost its beginning and I have to say that these almost final pages are just absolutely amazing. The effect the art has on us readers and our love for these compelling character cheers for us to hope for the best of our heroes and pains that we have to wait another week for the next installment. But it will be worth the wait.

    Now on a more fangirl note. FERAL YOU A FREAKING SCARING THE HELL OUTTA ME!! I mean my god! FERAL! GEEZ!

  39. Feral! You’re cool and all now but snap out of it bro :(

  40. Oh no Feral! But may I say you look so BADASS in the 3rd panel! Acting as if its nothing to teleport!

  41. Holy cheese on a cracker!

  42. Did he just talk? And teleport?

  43. MEELA!! MR. BIRDY!! RUN!!!!

  44. Am I the only one who thinks Feral looks hot in the third panel? :D

    1. Nope” I second that.

    2. Third! :D That smile and pose just makes the hotness able to melt metal! <3

  45. ok holland, you need to use whatever swan magic you have and snap ferals butt out of this freakout he is in…stat!

  46. Omg. Feral with two red eyes look awesome. Now I wish he would stay like that. Only not all kill everyone, and not with his hair changing. Then he would be awesome x 50.

  47. Did anyone else notice in panel 2 the Marks under Feral’s right eye are gone?

    1. It does sort of look like they’re being washed off. You can see the smudge that’s left.

  48. Oh hey, both his eyes are red now. LOL
    I still preferred him with multicolored eyes. And seeing him grin creepily like that just freaks me out. Where’d the awesome, impassive, calm Feral go??!! Bring him baaaaack…

  49. Did anyone notice that his scares disappeared?

  50. Elizabeth Faulkner

    Nooooo Feral. Stahp. DX

  51. NO, HOLLAND, NO!!!!!!!!! Such a good man. *wipes tears*


    1. OH CRAP! Let’s just hope he doesn’t eat Gluttony again. *sigh* Pride is bad enough as it is, we don’t need a Hungry Pride. Or would that be a Gluttonus Pride? ACK whatever. XD

  53. Ok, whoever is controlling Feral? LET HIM GO!!!

    1. He absorbed Visrial. Kitty dude might be in control.

      1. Actually you might be on to something there. He wanted the power right? So take care of that and you have ferlizal! Just like that! I think it makes sense considering what happened the previous page. But I also think it could be mal as well.

  54. I can totally hear that high pitched violin screech they use for horror movies with this page. The suspense is killing me.

  55. well….. you move a few states over and you miss all the action.
    I just got to a hotel with internet for the first time in months and Feral went crazy?

  56. moving sucks.

  57. OH F**CK!

  58. “Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time to talk about Satan the devourer of souls?”

  59. Strays: Literally the best comic in all of exsistance.

    1. Misuse of the word literally.


  61. This is a totally inappropriate moment, but… DAYUM Feral!

  62. Now I’m just waiting for Meela to demon out and have Super Epic Battle Fun Time with Feral.
    Then Mr. Birdy shall watch helplessly and I will laugh at his misery.

  63. I’ve been away for the last couple chapters, it’s great to see a long form comic when it really starts to deliver on its promise….

  64. Dammit, going to have to wait till Friday!

  65. I’ve been reading this comic since around September 2011… I am always in awe of the artwork but hating this once a week stuff… and BAD FERAL!!!

  66. Are we going to see a Demon fight?

  67. I think the time for running was three or four pages ago, really. You’re a little late.

  68. holy crap were all dead

  69. Wait, wait waaaait its Mals hair, the last panel 0-0 all spikey, that is not ferals/yuens hair do.

  70. Looks like someone waited to long to run. Should have been doing that while Feral was making ashes out of cat boy.

  71. I wonder if Feral will recover from this…? I personally kind of hope for a fight between his and Meela’s demon forms. I feel like it would be interesting xD

  72. Ah shit. He talked. That’s not good.

  73. NUUUU! Don’t you DARE kill Holland!

    I swear to god if that mute pain in the butt wolf boy touches Holland or Meela I will kick him to the dang moon! If it is Mal inside of him, and making Feral go off on a psychotic break, then I will smite the little jerk until he is nothing but a pile of ashes!!! I swear!

  75. Omg…Feral looks soooo hot wow….just wow

    1. Why are the cute ones always fictional?!

  76. the last panel is just creepy

  77. I was listening to a kpop song earlier and before the song starts, there’s this creepy laugh that’s like he he he he with some weird yet cool music. It fits this whole seen so perfectly. Also I would like to marry Feral

  78. Holland looks so young in that second-to-last panel!

  79. Feral’s shadows looks sticky… o-o Beware of it!

  80. I think this might become Demon!Feral Vs. Demon!Meela….

  81. UT OH! O.O

    Also neat trick with the teleporting or whatever that was.

  82. oh no T_T FERAL T_T

  83. first up, how is he saying that is it written in the air or is he telepathically communicating?

  84. this reminds me of the question in the begining and I quote,
    “Are you a demon lupian?”.

  85. I love Holland’s character. Even in the face of danger he’s still protecting Meela :D

    Personally, I would have tossed her a feral (remember the first chapter lol) and booked (flew?) it outta there.

  86. No, don’t do it, Feral! You were a good guy! You were always a good guy! T-T Remember that you’re a good guy! Good guys don’t go around spontaneously combusting his childhood friend and new little sister!! O.o

  87. Oh, no! I hope Jyaku comes to the rescue.

  88. I hate to be the dude that pokes the strange and unusual but has anyone noticed that Feral is missing the tattoo on his face or is it just being hidden to due the fact that Feral has completely snapped?

    1. Yes the tattoo is gone or is almost gone.

  89. So if absorbing some jackass and not so much as leaving a skeleton isn’t enough, Feral now has Villain Teleportation!

  90. RRRRrrrun Holland and Meela! (Or something!)

  91. empressofmelnibone

    This comic is So amazing!!!

    The characters, the world, and of course the Artwork!!!

    Buying this gorgeous piece oof art as soon as I can.

  92. oh lord all I can do is say “lawl Meela is dead so are u holland”

  93. Feral looks wierd with out his markings..

  94. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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