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  1. Holy moly, he just ash piled him!

    1. Plot: He was a vampire and Feral is simply a vampire hunter doing his job :)

      1. I don’ know if Feral came from that old fort near Riften, though.

        1. No the old castle off of the cost of Solitude. The one no one ever goes to.

        2. That’s where the vampires live…

        3. Wonder if he has an armored troll?

        4. omg! XD That was good; thanks for the laugh ^^

      2. Dude bring on the skyrim references! I wonder if he ever met Selena.

    2. am i the only one have a mental debate about whether or not feral will attack holland and than meela defends him demon form or is that too soon…..

    3. Feral used Dark Pulse. A critical hit! It’s super effective!

  2. Holy crap!


    1. well said.

  4. Well, that was very scary.


  5. Yay finaly here! But you did post first on Tapastic :) Anyway I really thought that the Kitty would play a major role in the story. Looks like he doesn’t ^^’

    1. I do think kitty plays a major roll. If this didn’t happen, Meela (or us) wouldn’t have found out about this part of Feral.

      1. I meant that I thought he was gonna stay as a secondary character a little longer before coming out saving or killing or just doing shit during an important moment of the story :)

    2. Actually, they were both scheduled to update at the same time.

  6. O.O Oh shit! I’m curious to see what happens! :3

  7. So… It certainly looks like Visrial has lost his voice in panels 1 and 2, which might be all for the better, since Meela and Holland don’t have to hear him scream this way. But it begs the question, if this is what happened to Feral, perhaps in a fight with Mal, how on earth did he survive?

    1. Unless he is Mal! Now I have to go reread to make sure there’s no way Freal could be in Mal’s body or something like that.

  8. Hey, Celesse, this is a random question, but I was curious about whether there was a type of sign language mutes in the world of Strays used. Like ASL but not American. You know? I’m just curious :)

    1. There is sign language, yes. Feral was just never taught.

      1. Got it. Thanks, Algy :)

  9. I never like the vilain which come back again and again … This one won’t.
    That’s for sure :-)

  10. Daaaamn. Bye Visural. Gotta love Meela’s face and Holland’s. Meela’s like “OMG NO” but Holland’s just “uh oh not again I hate ash clean up duty.”

    1. ::hugs you:: you, my friend, are… awesome.

      1. -hugs back- Thank you~

  11. Am I the only one who’s not sure which character is scarier?
    Meela’s demonic wolf form or Feral’s evil split personality?

  12. Or should I ask……which was scarier? The way Meela ripped that one guy up in her demon wolf form or the way Feral disintegrated the guy in his psycho side?

    1. Both were equaly scary, but meela changes only when her change is triggered and Feral changes when he takes in too much power. Considering these factors, Meela is even more dangerous. Its mainly her temper that she has to control.

      1. Elizabeth Faulkner

        Jesus f***ing christ that was terrifying. And a little anticlimactic. I was expecting a super duel and then Visrail just gets friggin vaporized. *cowers in a corner*

        1. Elizabeth Faulkner

          So sorry in answer to the original question; I think evil Feral is much scarier. With Meela’s demon form you can at least put up a fight but that looked so easy for Feral (or not-Feral).

    2. I think Feral’s is scarier, because while Meela seems to be fueled by anger, not-Feral seems to enjoy it *~*

  13. Now this looks really badass!

  14. okay…now does anyone know how to turn off Feral’s freaky people vaporizing powers? Holland has seen this cray-cray stuff before so its hopeful Feral will umm….come back to himself I guess?

    1. I don’t think Holland saw exactly this powermanifestation before, in the flashback he meets Feral after the incident. It looks more to me like he knows what the spiritpower is, but never experienced it before. Look at his actions, he seems just as confused and scared as Meela is. If he knew Feral could vaporize people, he would either stop him our run away while he’s busy. I think deer-guy told Holland what he knows, after they started traveling together, afterall, Hollands knowledge often comes from deer men. I think they sre screwed without him.
      Just my thinking. :P Also, sorry if my english is shitty, not my first language.

  15. Bye bye Visrial.

  16. JESUS! That was intense! Though, come on, Visrial had it coming!

  17. Well, that’s creepy.. and I’m loving it! <3

    1. that statement summed up my thought process reading this page :) :)

  18. Everyone is commenting on the vaporizing, but can we talk about how beautiful this page is? If you read this, the page shows how skilled you are, color, compesition, light, the perfect climax for all the build up. New favorite page! :3

    1. Ah, yes. The beauty of disentagrating skeletons and demon Lupians. Charming isn’t it? XD
      All joking aside, I do agree with you. These last few pages have been very suspenseful, it was built up very nicely, and the art and coloring is phenomenal. I love their facial expressions as well.

      1. oooooooO… pretty colors.

  19. Did he… absorb him?

    1. He sure did.

      1. HE DID WHAT?! Ok thaaattt is scary shix right there! I wonder if he will ever go back to normal.

      2. so, he absorbed Mal too?… Now Feral is going to have 3 personalities? …can they “leave”?

        1. 3 personalities but which one is reallly him? who does feral need meela to know him as…who does holland know feral as?

        2. Generic-username427

          Well actually I think Feral has absorbed much more then just three people in his life, and its possible that at a certain point the personalities begin to clash and start to destroy the originals sanity and own personality. I think this happened to Feral and brought him to the point where the only way to save himself was to destroy his memories and in some way the other “souls” inside of him

      3. In that case I’d look back to pages 127-129 where Feral acts in a violent manner like Mal may have, but when he comes to he looks very regretful. This leads me to believe that he is Yuen (Feral) and has his own personality, but the other one comes out occasionally.

      4. Whoa that is even scarier than the act itself. Does this mean Visrial is going to come out from Feral when he loses control again? That would just be … so many levels of wrong…

  20. Oh no… Feral… Why do you still look murdery… Are you gonna hurt Meela and Mr. Birdy….?

    1. “Mr. Birdy”.
      I want someone to call him that in the comic now.

      1. OMG YES. Celesse and Algy, pwese?!

      2. You’re not the only one.

        Believe me.

  21. Way to go, DEMON FERAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yay!! New updat-HOLY MOTHR OF AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

  23. Bwahahhaaaaaaaa!!! That is so awesome!


    1. yup yup, DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    2. im just sitting here going “he killed that dude….” squeaks “just like” waves hands all over screen ” just like…that”

  25. Holland looks so sad and scared. :(

  26. Koko Ed Patterson

    Yup. Definitely High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

  27. ….. I think I share Meela’s opinion of this whole thing.

  28. Holy….! Can’t unsee!
    What now?! :S

  29. Holy crap. That was gruesome.

    … but so pretty!

    1. it was so…vivid….it was a beautiful nightmare.

  30. does anybody else think that Feral is enjoying himself? that smile //shivers//

    1. I don’t think that’s Feral at the moment.

  31. Uh wow. So that just happened. At least Feral was thorough, no nasty corpse cleanup required! Now they just need to calm him down…

    1. easier said than done. :(

  32. Well, panther guy is dead, good thing done, but how’s murdery-Feral going to react to Holland and Meela?
    I hope Holland’s blue magic can somehow purify him and turn him back to normal.

  33. Oh… I did not see that coming. <<My reaction… exactly

  34. ……….*insert freakout noises here, complete with arm flailing and running in circles*

  35. D: what…. what just happened? He got pulverized!

  36. Om nom nom!

    Much like a snake, Ferals hand won’t need to feed for another week after that meal :-D

  37. 0n0 I was not expecting that.

  38. When I see this. first:Freak out. Second:Read Comments. Third:Die from having to wait for next update.

    1. Me with most every page… React, Comments, Wait, Repeat

  39. Also I just noticed Feral seems to enjoy himself but his tail is fluffed up like he’s scared. Is the Feral we know trapped inside of him (something like that) and is scared or something? But that tail fluff means Feral is scared in some way.

    1. maybe it’s just the static of the power?

    2. I would assume it has to do with possible adrenaline rush? whether it be by fear or excitement.

  40. I guess Visral doen’t have the guts to do that again…or strength…or muscles…

    1. Or bones…

  41. …I think he meant he wanted to be able to Use the power, not Be a part of it.

  42. I knew that Feral would kill the Kitty, but I wasn’t expecting a death like that.

    Holy Shit!

  43. Bye-bye kitty >:D MUAHAHAHAHAAA!

  44. wow. i think feral has a few anger issues. kitty got what was coming to him.

  45. Sigh once again, another bad guy that was so easily killed. I the only one NOT happy this guy is gone? I seriously hope we get some actual re-occuring villains who are NOT killed so easily, otherwise it’ll get pretty dull and predictable fast. Both villains we’ve gotten so far looked like they’d be pretty interesting to see and yet they were killed off too fast when they finally made a reappearence. C’mon this comic needs some villains who give the heroes a run for their money! Every good hero needs a good villain too.
    Anyway that’s my only complaint about this comic. Might also be a tiny bit miffed since I have a soft spot for cats and panthers are among my faves, but I digress. THe art for this page was well done and I love the coloring.

    1. Well I think that they killed Visrial to show was demon Feral could do. I think Visrial main purpose in this comic was get demon Feral out, and when that was done they didn’t want him to come back so they killed him.

    2. Well, to be fair…now there’s Feral that Holland and Meela are going to have to deal with… So, very easily Feral’s Demon side COULD be that villain that you’re looking for. I hope so. I love that kind of inner battle/struggle against a darker inside.

      1. Same here, characters with inner conflicts are the interesting ones for me :3

      2. That’s what I was thinking. It may turn out that the most horrible villains in this story are the heroes themselves.

    3. …what if Feral was the real “villain” all along…? he’s pretty much a re-occurring character.

    4. Well usually when a villain is killed of quickly like that somebody even worse comes around. Kind of like an earthquake before a tsunami. At least that’s why I’m not bothered all that much, they were more or less catalysts for the events unfolding. I do agree on a more individual level however. Perhaps some things will possibly be revealed in the future?

  46. Hollands face kinda shows that this may have happened before, or something similar to this event. I think Meela might be afraid of Feral now or at least freaked out by him! I know I would be!

  47. Looks like someone has some pink sparkly powers XD

  48. Hmm… Well, I guess someone regrets challenging Feral now, don’t they?
    I really like that creepy smirk Feral’s got there… Very well done. ^-^

  49. Now that we see how demonic energy affects Feral, I wonder how well he will take the news that Meela is a half demon, I’m worried for her… :(

  50. Oh my god. I can’t believe that actualy just happened. Though its a shame to see such an interesting character go, its a really good way to show Feral’s power and what it can and will do. We feel more sad that Visrial is gone than a total stranger, so we really get how far Feral and his power will go to save his friends.

  51. Elizabeth Faulkner

    So….you gotta wonder how all this crazy demon stuff is going to affect how Feral and Meela view each other…you know…

  52. Oh man, I was NOT expecting that. So now how’d feral going to expend all that dark energy
    Ironic though, i’d just made a joke about cats being liquids to fit in boxes…

    1. LOL well said. I was wondering how they could fit in every kind of box you could imagine.

  53. OOOOHHH crap… Feral, what are you gonna do now?? PLEASE don’t hurt Meela and Holland…
    Worrying for the other two aside…
    Tha’ was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!

  54. Its already been said by everyone else in the comments but HOLY SHIT!! THAT WAS THE SCARIEST-CREEPIEST-MOST-AMAZING THING!!! I mean kitty boy just got disintegrated holy freaking cows on motorcycles that was scary. But one thing that scares me more about Visrial getting absorbed… is do they know how to “turn it off?” I mean just look at what he did, is he just gonna collapse and stop? I highly doubt that

  55. Where are Meela and Holland in relation to Feral and Visrial? Are they behind them? At the last panel is Feral looking at them?

    1. They are off to the side. Look on page 317.

  56. Generic-username427

    well fuck a duck, that was not what I was expecting!

  57. ummmm virisal… LOL TROLOLO U DIE


  58. Well now I’m concerned on a number of levels.

  59. Kitty go down the hooooole…..

  60. Well that’s just the most beautiful disintegrating skeleton I’ve ever seen.

  61. Holy bananas O____O” Crazy Feral is super scary, worried about what’s gonna happen next :O

  62. so…did the seal of awesome…absorb? or decintegrate?

    1. cuz i’m assuming pile of ash at Feral’s feet…but we’ve seen the dingus in his hand absorb…despite the whole mini dialog about giving the power

  63. Damn. That was.. an unexpected method of extermination.

  64. For some reason I don’t see this as being vaporized. I feel more like he just got…downloaded…in to Feral….I’m sure I’m very wrong here…

    1. Nope. According to Celesse when asked if Feral absorbed him, she responded, “He sure did.” so kitty man is now an everlasting gobstopper in Feral.

      1. That is…pretty much what I just said…..

        1. …so you were not wrong… BE HAPPY! ::flees from the chat boards for yelling so an angry Ferral doesn’t show up::

  65. OMG………………….

  66. I don’t understand if visral was absorbed by the seal or did feral released all the energy from visral’s attacks into a disintegrator power? As he vanished in a purple energy (like visral’s attacks) and the “do you want this power” quote, like “let’s see it you can handle it”.

    1. Absorbed him.

  67. Ok on the like fourth and last pannel Feral looks, well, feral. He seems wild and out of control, but with a touch of satisfaction. Is anyone else slightly unnerved?

  68. *mouth drops* …. well then, I’m guessing we won’t see anymore of him around… ever…

    And now I wonder how things will go now, with Feral being all evil and stuff… I’m sure Holland will calm him down. :) Maybe…

  69. (o[]O) Aw man…I fear for Meela and Holland right now.
    How’s Feral going to snap out of it? Will Holland snap him out of it like he did Meela? Or will Meela snap him out of it? Where’s Jyaku? Good grief, Friday, Y U NO COME SOONER??

  70. Possible spoiler below.




    Oh yes… That grin. Totally buying Mal possesses Feral (Yuen). It’s very possible that he was “running” Yuen when Meela’s dad and brother were murdered by him (them). Bet that’s how Feral got the scars—but not the creepy hand symbol and eye.

    1. it is a possibility………… poor feral….. I wants to hug him so bad & make everything all better.

  71. What’s wrong kitten?
    You look a little… choked up.


  72. Gotta say, I’m amused by all the “how scary” and “how gruesome” comments lately. Meanwhile you got this guy -points to himself- siting over here having watched Higurashi (horror/gore) Elfen Lied (Horror/gore) and Corpse Party which is 90% intestines and 10% brain splats. Then again I assume most of the readers are in their early teens, and I’m 21?

    1. Elizabeth Faulkner

      But it’s scary in the context of this comic. Most of it has been like adventuring and happiness and stuff and then suddenly we have Meela ripping someone’s throat out and Feral disintegrating Visrial. So it’s pretty scary considering the general mood of the comic up to this point.

    2. what is that phrase? AH!

      – “you’re only as old as you feel” –

      then i’m 6! HuRAY!!! ::dances::

  73. oh crap did this to my d&d players once
    it didn’t end well

    1. naw,…. how could absorbing your fellow players have turned out well?!?!?!?

      <– Herald lvl GM in the RPGA (now defunct)… i want to know. …really.


  75. Congratulations author, you just made me go “AUGH!” out aloud, when I got to that middle bit.

    I bet this is going to adversely affect Feral for days, or longer.

  76. Well I knew it was gonna bite kitty pretty badly but DAMN never expected him to be terminated via one wicked soul drain…..And uuuuh, how are they gonna bring feral outta this one?

  77. it was so…vivid….it was a beautiful nightmare.

  78. Ya know, back in page 152 Meela asks Holland if Feral was alone when he first met him and Holland says “Maybe.” Perhaps Mal and Yuen are in one body now and that’s what Holland meant by that.

    1. Oooh, I like this theory.

  79. and in todays episode, Feral demonstrates his pimp hand.

  80. I like demon sparkle party, sparkle party.
    Very demon sparkle party, sparkle party.


  82. Oh my damn! o_O
    FATALITY!!! straight out of MK that was!
    I guess that makes meela’s an animality. lol

    1. Totally agree, only “FATALITY!!!” can encompass the lethal ownage kitty has suffered.

  83. Holy moly. That was awesome. I was not expecting him to get melted. And Feral looks especially scary in the last panel.
    I really enjoy this comic, and the art is fantastic.

  84. Whoops, guess I was wrong about Feral passing on the power!

  85. Oh.

  86. Man if he can do that, imagine what she can do.

    1. or what they can do together… – just, you know teaming up… :)

  87. Is the fact that i like Feral better when he’s all smiley and kill-happy make me insane? Because really, overall the guys who go demon, kill-happy just make my day. Examples: Frankenstein from Noblesse, Naruto in Fox mode (before he gained control, like the time he battled Orochimaru on the bridge), Alucard from Hellsing, and i know there are a few others.

    1. Oh, forgot to say, AWESOME-FLIPPING-TASTIC job on that smile in panel 4. Gives me the shivers, in a good way. Makes me feel mischievous >:3

    2. Same here :D

  88. Oh no, pretty kitty. Bye kitty :(

  89. Problem solved. :)
    There comes a new one though…

  90. I think feral is actually mal but changed his name to feral, of course that would make much sense but where on earth did he get his powers in the first place? That something I would like to know.

  91. As a reader I would just like to thank the authors for making the bad guys not idiots, and the good guys efficient.

    1. Hear, hear! Here, here? Not sure which it is, but suffice to say I’m in complete agreement.

  92. Dayum! And the winner of this years Darwin Award goes to…

  93. I just realized that I have never seen Feral smile. He doesn’t smile for the entire series so far… so seeing him smile like THAT is just wrong.

    1. I reread the comic to check your theory (I know right? I get that habit from my dad. It’s not like you were challenging anyone after all) and I found page 68 where he grins slightly, but doesn’t really smile, but on page 175 he smiles when he sees pears. Anyway, you’re right that there are very few occasions where you see him smile even when he’s around his little group.

  94. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  95. seeing all the pain Feral has been through something came to mind

    I’m only human

    I bleed when I fall down

    I’m only human

    I crash and I break down

    words in my head

    knives in my heart

    you you build me up

    I fall apart

    I’m only human…

  96. he’s a lupian it still…

  97. Ahahaha! Definitely enjoying this comic so far, can’t wait to see more. And may I add, Feral looked so freakin AWESOME.

  98. Uh… I don’t think that was disintegration. I think that was Absorption. Feral just ate the guy… with his hand… am I wrong?

    1. Truth. He had dust stuff on his hand that seemed to stick there. At least, to meh that is.

  99. O,O Why haven’t I noticed that scar on Feral’s palm before?

  100. *huddles in a ball like Holland and Meela*

  101. Meela is like: OMG What’s happening!?
    And Holland is like: This is always disturbing to see.

  102. Theory time:
    Feral was originally yuen but was forced to find the creepy guy to gain the demon powers in order to stop mal after mal tried to attack deer dude (blanking on his name) which is how the deer guy got that scar on his arm. Feral/yuen fought mal and won but not without two huge concequences: he became scarred and deaf from mal trying to absorb him (also reason for memory lose) and he gained his red eye after absorbing mal because it was the only way to stop him, also resulting in giving feral duel personalities whenever he excessively uses his powers. Now that he’s absorbed visreal he will have two red eyes and tri-personalities, still with yuen being the dominant one but with ever increasing mal and vis personalities. Also he won’t have memory lose this time (other than for these events) because he wasn’t subjected to absorption like last time.
    Also as a side note what kind of crazy psycho just hands these powers out to a bunch of kids. It’s like the extreme strays version of some old creepy guy giving out drugs to kids. Seriously, WTF!

  103. well..that’s not okay…

  104. what the fridge? wait wait wait, So… if mal is feral now visreal is feral but visreal killed yeuns parents soooooo :-s wait no. I’M CONFUZZLED. feral is in mal but feral hides him. but visreals dark energy or something was to much for feral to contain mal so mal comes out. DIS IS MY THEORY.

    1. No, Korin killed Yeuns’ parents

  105. That’s one way to skin a cat!

  106. Well, shit just got real.

  107. That’s some straight up Shang Tsung action there.

  108. Feral is so OP

  109. Why’d Feral absorb his clothes?

  110. death. darkness. doom. destruction. old man. in the basement, lolz random … i should just shut up now….

  111. Camolot the Creator

    Full absorption, conversion of matter into energy.
    They’re screwed.

  112. my face is the shocked expression of Gamercat right now..

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