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Looks like somebody's about to get what he asked for.

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  1. Did Feral speak?!? O_O

    1. Looks like it?? Or some sort og telepathic message

    2. OH MA GOSH, I didn’t realise he had until I read this comment xD

      1. lol me too XD

    3. I think that it is his demon side speaking….

      1. im kinda scared…lol

        1. oh, so THAT”S why Feral never speaks….
          it scares the SHIT out of everyone. 0__0

        2. I’m pretty sure he never speaks because he’s had his throat slit. When Meela asked him about it, he showed his throat to her. I’m assuming he’s mechanically mute, meaning he doesn’t have an intact voice box to make the sounds. I’d hedge a guess that it’s some sort of outside demony thing going on, and not Feral’s actual voice.

        3. I can imagine Feral with the same voice as Batman ^^’

        4. YES!!! Feral hasn’t even SMILED until now!!! 0__0

        5. sorry, I take that back: Feral did a ” smug grin ” on page 68.

      2. Omg!
        I need more this is great!

    4. It seems more like some psychic broadcast/disembodied voice thing, thus why it’s not in a bubble.

      1. Can I be your friend? you seem so smart & knowledgeable without being pushy… un-like some other people I could mention… :)

    5. OHMYGOD
      I had noticed it but it didnt click that Feral had said it until I ready this and I just-

    6. Technically, Feral should be still able to whisper one way or another. It does not require vocal cords as it is basically just loud breathing with articulation.

      1. Hashgar the Demon Lupian

        Actually, it is impossible to speak without vocal chords because, when they vibrate, it makes a sound, causing voice to be heard. Also, you others are kind of correct, some Demon Lupians do have telepathic powers, so it is possible Yuen is one of the few Demon Lupians containing the power to send telepathic messsages through speech without containing vocal chords. Although, one power that is very uncommon for us Demon Lupians to have is the power of dreamcatching, which is Meela’s special ability. This could be from her mother or father’s side, but this is unknown because of lack of knowledge from the creator of this series. The only person who could tell us now is Jyaku.

        1. Actually, I gotta agree with the other guy, you can make somewhat speech-like noises without a voicebox, it just comes out as all breathy and whispery. There’s more than one way to talk without a voicebox, some people can whistle and have it come out a lot like speech too. Voicebox isn’t involved in whistling either

        2. How do you know some demon lupians can talk telepathically?

        3. Telepathy is common for all folk in Meoley. Dreamcatching is not a specific demon lupian ability, it is just a rare ability.
          Strays gives a limited perspective to the vastness that is Meoley, there is much more than what you see here.

        4. Hashgar the Demon Lupian

          But, to be fair, it STILL IS rare, which is my point.

  2. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. Now you got it. In a sense I guess.

  4. F-Feral…. OxO;; (Also, LOVE the “OH SHI–!!!” expression in panel 5)

    1. I guess he’s fully possessed now?

  5. I love this comic, but I have porblems reading it… I’m used to read manga… :D
    Anyway, I don’t think this is Feral speaking. At least, not the Feral we know about.

  6. …well, that’s perfectly horrifying. ._.;

  7. He grabbed the BLADE!!?!

    1. I KNOW! 0_0 Seriously, wth demon feral?!

      1. That was the closest part, and it ensures that there won’t be any unwanted stabby-stabby going on. Perfectly logical chice when you’re going full-demon.

        1. yes, even perfectly logical in some situations without being demon too.

  8. Wow. Cat got his tongue…or at least becoming the next mute. I guess we are seeing some idea how Feral came to be with his condition? I feel a little bad for Visrial becoming a victim. I guess he didn’t see that coming.

    1. Maybe…or maybe a certain demon wolf offspring changed to protect himself and his sister after the rest of his family was murdered. It was confirmed Feral is Yuen, but he looks an awfully lot like Mal here. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

      1. Wait, what? Can you explain that first sentance a little more? I’m curious as to what you mean.

        1. Evangeline Grey

          Oh, I see your comment further down now…interesting theory!

      2. Elizabeth Faulkner

        We know Feral is Yuen, and even though he looks like Mal, Mal’s demon rune was totally on his left hand and not his right hand, like Feral’s is.

        1. Yes, but it seems that Feral is possessed. It’d totally make sense if it he was possessed by Mal. That grin…

  9. I also wonder if Meela will be seeing Visrial’s memories in her dreams, like Feral’s? That would be interesting.

    1. well we will see, so far she hasn’t had any memories from dead people… (*wink* *wink* ~nudge~ ~nudge~) :P

  10. Oh goodness f f feral OxO’ and power hungry kitty may be regretting what he wanted

  11. Isn’t kitty’s head too big?
    Great page *-*

    1. Considering it’s about to go *POP*… not really.

      1. Did you ever consider that if you look at your icon while thinking of your comment, It makes it reeeeeally creepy? XD

  12. Koko Ed Patterson

    Looks like were headed for a good dose of some High Octane Nightmare Fuel!

  13. Feral grabbed the blade of Viseral’s sword… all I’m thinking is owwww, but obviously Mr. Possessed/Demon/Evil? Feral isn’t too worried about that

  14. Duck. Duck. Duck. You’re dead you know? Visrial? You know you’re dead now

  15. Karma is a bitch… or at least Demon Feral whateverheis.

  16. Oh god oh god. *whimper* What the heck?! I guess I havent been reading for awhile cause I just had to catch up with three pages but…. oh I am not ready for this. Not ready at all. Nope. nope nope nope.

  17. Oh… Wow

  18. In panel two Meela is still adorable even when Visrial is going to die! And Demon/Evil think Feral is out! Awww. But also I don’t think it’s Feral speaking but more Demon Thing speaking.

  19. Generic-username427

    Feral is crazy, he grabbed the knife blade with his bare freakin’ hand, owwww!

    1. he has a padded glove on.

    2. At this point, considering he kinda lost himself to the demon side of himself, I don’t think he really cares about slicing his hand open at this moment in time

  20. Omg. Back at page 316 I was like O.O What’s gonna happen to them? They can’t block his attacks. I thought this is bad! Now see what happened!

    1. I ment to say “I thought that was bad!” xD

  21. Oh dear. That’s gotta leave a mark! And you know, it wasn’t before I read the comments here that it actually clicked that _that’s_ possibly how Feral got the scars on his neck that rendered him mute. Yeah, I’m dense like that. But I’ve got a feeling that Visrial, unlike Feral, won’t survive the experience. Where’s Jyaku when you need him?

  22. Does anyone else besides me think that Feral’s terrible grin looks a lot like the grin of the one who killed Meela’s family back in the first few pages…?

    1. *Jaw drops to ground* You’re right!!!!!

    2. Yes. And he looks like Mal too—not just the grin either. We know he’s Yuen, but somehow maybe Mal’s spirit is attached to him and “hulks out” during bad times.

    3. I do see it! But it wasn’t Feral. The person that made Meela’s demon form come out killed them and he’s dead. But it still looked like it! And I know someone called Griffen. I showed him this.

      1. Er, unfortunately that guy, Korin, only killed her brother, and Yuen’s parents…we still don’t know who killed her father and her other brother…If I’m wrong, please correct me ASAP! ToT

        1. Oh your right! Korin only killed Meela brother! Maybe Feral did kill Meela’s brother and father but would he recognize her? But he lost his memory. Now I wish I knew!!!

  23. Oh, damn. Holland, cover Meela’s eyes! She shouldn’t see Feral kill someone.

    1. Hee! Considering she tore a guy’s arm off only a few pages ago, I don’t think Holland’s worried…

  24. “T-tell you what! We’ll call it a draw!”

  25. Well…I think we’re about to see the end of Visrial sometime in the near future. Possibly the next page. or before the end of this chapter…What a way to go, mauled by a demonic entity :E

    1. …mauled? maybe… could just crush his throat. we have yet to see if this “version” of feral is sadistic.

  26. Ow my gawsh. This can’t go well.

    Feral! Control yourself!

  27. FERAL SPOKE!!!:D (or thought communicated or something)

  28. Reading Feral’s voice as the Dark Planet speaking in 5th Element.

    1. That just made my freaking universe!! Omg I love that movieeee >.< #multipass

  29. So awesome! :D I’m loving this.

  30. Feral is bleeding where he grabbed Visrial’s blade of his sword.

    1. yeah… for all we know that could be a two edged sword, or blood left over from clutching his other hand.

      1. I wouldn’t think it’s a double edged sword with how the blade/grip seem to line up, and the curve of the blade itself. It could be, as anyone can make just about anything however they want to, but I’m fairly certain V’s blades are single edged. (Double edged things are usually straight blades, and with a shorter sword like V’s, it would be pretty odd having a double edge on something with half the blade not centered with the grip)

    2. Hope it wasn’t poisoned D:

  31. DEMENTED FERAL VOICE!!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh this page. Maybe Visrial will get what he was asking for but become a mute as well… oh so many theory’s, so much excitement!

  32. Gasp! That grin! That sadistic psychotic! We’ve seen it before. :(

    We know Feral is Yuen, but perhaps those saying Feral is merged from Yuen and Mal are correct. We know Feral/Yuen is not evil, but maybe Mal’s spirit is linked to/trapped in him and it “hulks” out of him during bad times?

    Maybe those wounds Feral ended up with were from a certain demon wolf—perhaps one trying to protect his little sister from his father’s and brother’s murderer?

  33. I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT FRIDAY!! I-I… Im imagening Feral’s ‘voice too be the classic sexy-demon voise… *Fangirling a bit* >w<

    1. Tim Curry… that man’s voice can melt your heart or curdle your blood…

      1. Better than curdling your heart (though melting the blood is probably okay…keeps it flowing smoothly)

  34. By the looks of it, meela and ferals demon sides seem to be connected somehow so i doubt meela will have dreams about vistral. Yet how is it that meela feels pain when feral becomes a demon when they have never met before, what is their connection?

  35. Notice the blur effect he’s got showing his speed. NICE. Love the evil smile to. >:3
    I have a feeling Meela’s going to interfere at some point, Feral will push her away, hurt her just a little as he does (like shove her hard against a tree), and break out of it. Of course, that might not happen, but that’s my prediction. :)

  36. O_O; Ohhhhh crap… Visrial is a DEAD kitty…

  37. Oh man. Freaking out a little. Feral, please don’t go evil!

  38. Virsals defently a dead kitty

  39. Is that how Feral got his powers, only from some other demon?

  40. O.O ….welp…. this is terrifying….

  41. FERAL IS SPEAKING!! But.. What the heck is he doing?! Visrial is a jerk, but you don’t have to kill him!

  42. Well, now we know how Feral’s throat was damaged and he lost his voice… I’m betting Mal did to Feral what Feral’s doing to Visrial. I wonder if Visrial will become mute and amnesiatic now? And once Feral’s passed on the power, will he lose it and regain his voice and memories?

    1. Yes, this is exactly what I was thinking! I’m just to lazy to type it out myself :P
      I wonder what Feral’s voice would sound like? I mean, he hasn’t talked in a long while. Probably would sound like crap.

    2. :D i was scrolling down the comments just looking for someone to say this! everybody else is like “visrael is gonna dieeee” and im like, “no he’s just gonna be ‘changed,’ and lose his voice, and possibly get a red demon eye…” =w=

      kudos to you for posting this ;v;

  43. Grab + Snatch = Gratch. Brilliant

  44. Was it a sexy voice?

    1. in your head, it can be anything you want. :D

  45. He’s SPEAKING?? Oh that alone is a bad sign, man. Bad sign.

  46. yah of course he is alright Meela -.- yah um feral is gonna need a whole army to stop him now

  47. Elizabeth Faulkner

    So the last few chapters have officially destroyed all the lightheartedness that was in this comic….

    1. …::jaw drops:: you have the power to read anything you want to into this.

      if there was no darkness, how would you appreciate the light?

  48. *curls up under the covers and cries* Stop being scary Feral, go eat some pears, you’ll be happy again, just don’t be scary-demon-red-lighted-with-black-background-dark-entity-possibly-being-controlled-by-mal guy, be happy-quirky-pear-obsessed-awkwardly-adorable-mute guy instead, we like happy-quirky-pear-obsessed-awkwardly-adorable-mute guy ;-; I need a hug…

    1. *Hugs* I feel ya!

  49. theory: feral and that mal dude kind of share the same body… ????

    1. I like this theory. It would explain how Feral has the same symbol that Mal had, despite Feral being Yuen.

  50. Remember how Mal wanted to fight everyone. Meela is very very powerful now with her demon state

  51. Looks like Feral is losing himself here. I also noticed he gave no sh*ts about grabbing the blade of Visrial’s sword with his bare hand, as well. Panther-man is f*cked.

  52. Feral has just gone mad now

  53. WELL THEN..He spoke..

  54. Oh feral don’t get yer tail in a poof. Just get a water bottle and spray kitteh in the face. BAD KITTEH! BAD!!

  55. It kinda looks like Holland have seen this stuff happening before

  56. i don’t know if anyone noticed but feral basically just grabbed the guys sword… to grab for his neck. i hope he will turn back before he hurts Meela and/or holland.

    1. Yeah, it was mentioned a bit earlier in the comments. Fastest way without disarming V to ensure he can’t stab at anything vital while Feral does…whatever comes next. Plus, there’s that shock factor, cause you know you aren’t going to be thinking straight when the guy you were overpowering suddenly rushes you & grabs the blade of your sword, not to take it away, but to keep you in arms reach (which then leads to the throat grab)

      Basically, Feral is ignoring the hand injury (which, with all the crazy, angry energy flowing through him, could already be healing) to go for a definitive offensive action.

  57. oh you know he dead

  58. The anticipation. Its killing him. xD

  59. REALLY hope that blade didn’t have poison on it…


  61. I just hope that after Feral smears Visceral across the ground that he gets himself in check. Mal had a tendency to want to fight to the death anyone with a powerful energy. And Meela’s got a lot of energy with her recent transformation.

  62. Holy crap!! O_o


  64. I just couldn’t be quiet here. I’ve been reading this comic for a while and yes at the beginning, Feral shows Meela the scar on his neck. I couldn’t help but notice when Feral ‘says’ “So… You want this power?” He then lunged for Visrial’s neck. He happened to grab his neck in the same spot Feral has his own scar. He also used the hand where he absorbed all the power.
    Perhaps he is giving Visrial what he had supposedly wanted. But in exchange for the power it would make him mute. As seen in Ferals case. We know now that Feral must be Yuen, so maybe Mal got upset towards Feral one day and did as Feral is doing to Visrial, resulting in Feral having this crazy side and being muted with a scar left on his neck? Just sort of brainstorming ideas here.

    1. Ah flowerlark thought the same thing.

  65. @Celesse Quick question: Do you write the story by the chapter or something, and then draw the comics for it each week, or do you come up with the story as you go along? For me, it would make more sense to do the prior, but just wanted to see what you did :3

    1. I have general summaries of each chapter written out, then when we complete a chapter I write out the script of the next chapter in detail. I try to keep the script loose overall because I do have new ideas by the time I get to certain pages, so I will change things sometimes.

  66. Now we see why he is called Feral.

    Honestly I could understand bating him if his name was Fluffy but Feral? probably should thing about that.

    Wonder if he named himself or was given the name.

  67. I can’t help but notice how bright holland,meela and, visrial are compared to feral. is it just me?

  68. I’ve always thought Feral’s friend went mad from taking in too much energy and went on a killing spree, or perhaps just turned on Feral. I figure Feral stopped him, but got mangled in the process (hence his throat being torn out and all the scars) and Holland met him right after that.

    I think Jyaku is the one who bandaged him up afterwards and left him in Holland’s path to arrange the first meeting.

    I don’t have a theory as to how Feral got the mark unless his friend (a) put it on him against his will/while he was sleeping, or (b) the mark transferred when Feral killed his friend. If it’s the latter, then his friend got the mark by killing the ‘stranger’ outside of town.

    Just my thoughts.

  69. Where are his horns? If he is all demon he should have horns! Lol>.<. Jkjk


  71. I agree with about everything Graywhisper said/typed. I mean, it would make sense that his friend [or he] would go power hungry. However, at the same time it could be like the episode Meela had where she couldn’t control her powers, but his was controlled until now…..

  72. Just a quick question, is that “Gratch” right there in the last panel…? Or is that “Cratch” or some other word? Neither of those are words I’ve seen before. Is that supposed to be Grab?

    1. It’s “gratch” and it’s just a sound effect – think of the sound it makes when you say it sharp and fast. It’s basically a combination of grab and latch.

  73. Awww, look at Feral: being a good boy and using his words!

    Actually no, that’s some pretty scary stuff. I totally didn’t expect the word usage. O.o

  74. You post on Tapastic before you post here?? Just curious :)

  75. O,O Did Feral t-t-t-talk?!

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