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This doesn't seem good.

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  1. Image seems broken?

    1. Yeah, I don’t see the image either.

      1. That’s why it doesnt seem good.

    2. Sorry, little technical glitch. Should be showing now!

  2. ……Oh….no… O_____O

  3. Yay! Mauve and maroon!

    1. Everytime I see the word mauve, I think of the Hey Arnold episode where Harold insists on naming his handbuilt wooden racecar “The Mauve Avenger”.

  4. This isn’t even… my final form.

  5. Feral, Nooooooo! D:

  6. Sooo… guess we’ll be able to understand what happened to Mal very soon.

  7. Holy smokes…O.O

  8. I wonder if this will effect Meela

    1. Beginning to wonder that myself. Like if she’ll come to Feral’s rescue or whatnot O.o

  9. No Visrial, ‘yes’ is NOT the corect response.

  10. purple magic + red magic = ZZZZ[insert vowel] sound

    1. Basic fantasy maths! :D

  11. I’ve had this odd thought for a while, that perhaps Mal in some way or another was sealed into Feral. Might’ve been by soul, simply his powers- I’m not sure.

    But even so- it might just be that guy showing up in some way here now with all this power bubbling up.

    Then again, our lovely creators have many ways to suprise us.

    1. yes, yes they do :)
      & they are very lovely.

      1. I just read there ‘lonely’ …and I was like “What the heck?” then I reread…

  12. Oh…My…God. This really isn’t good. Why do I get the feeling that there’ll be a funeral soon…For Visrail? Feral, kick his little kitty ass!! Loving the last image!

  13. Oh no feral! What have you done!

  14. Those effects are awesome! :O *sits on edge of chair*

  15. You have Wowed me again! You guys rule!!

  16. Generic-username427

    cue Meela demon powers in 5…

    1. …4

      1. 3…

        1. Meela demon form is unavailable at the moment, please wait for this to be fixed and try again in a few updates, thank you

        2. Generic-username427

          I would like to thank all those who participated :)

  17. So all those wonderful little powerbolts where just feeding the monster?

  18. Finally some drama with Feral!!!

  19. Bad cat! Stahp that! >:U

    1. Your icon makes that perfect!

  20. Visrial: Now I will be able to take this power for myself!
    Feral: *Demon Form*
    Visrail: Oh poo.

  21. Feral’s bout to wreck some skulls.
    gg kitty

  22. Can we please please please get that last panel as a poster?

  23. Feral… If you do go demon, DON’T go after Meela!!! And what happens to Visrial after this page is his own fault… Kitty, don’t mess with a Pack; not even an unconventional one!

  24. But what if both of them (feral and meela) go onto demon form and attack each other or feral attacks meela! Arg we just have to wait.

    1. I have a feeling just all the negative energy alone is taking its tole on Meela already. Look at her face… Doubt it’ll be long before her demon takes over.
      As for Feral… I doubt he’ll turn into one there might be some explosion of sorts with all that build up of energy though. :c

  25. Okay that is dangerous stuff ,but that last panel is one of the most beautiful looking things I’ve ever seen!

  26. Regular Reader/Fan

    aaaaaah!!!! I cant wait! please make this week go really fast x3

  27. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, so much excitement for this page and the next one! I can’t wait!!!

  28. Oh noooooez when theres a close up of the eye…shiz about to go down.

  29. ITS OVER 9000

  30. Elizabeth Faulkner

    Oh shit….

  31. Elizabeth Faulkner

    I have a feeling this is what happened to Mal….

  32. D: *in shock*

  33. Kaza ana!

  34. whoa pretty

  35. Lightning BLADE!!!

  36. let it go :D

    1. Cant hold it back anymore…

      1. The purple demon-aura never bothered me anyway.

        1. ::facepalms:: :D

    2. OH NO you didn’t… XD

  37. This will probably end well…. maybe…. uh-oh

  38. its a black hole, its a black hole just like inuyasha

    1. I dont think its a black hole comparing the swirls from the second and sixth panels it looks kinda like the flow is reversing into a magic cyclone of sorts

    2. actually it looks more like the wind tunnel Miroku deals with. Since it is sucking in the power that Visrail was throwing at Feral. And now that the Rune is over flowing with Visrail’s power it is litterally consuming Feral now. At least that is my opinion.

  39. oh…crap…poor Feral :( why did it come down to this!!!!!!

  40. Meela was quite a bit large than her regular form when she went Demon… I wonder how big Feral will be….

  41. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I REALLY want to know how much Holland knows about Feral….

    1. He’s made it pretty clear that he knows basically nothing about Feral from before the day he found him injured and bandaged because Feral had already lost his memory, as well as his voice. However, there’s no one who’s been closer to Feral since that day, so on a personal level, he knows him very well. It’s likely that he overloaded himself at least once when first learning how to use his power correctly, so I’m not at all surprised that Holland understands the danger.

  42. o.O Meela! Do something!

  43. Oh. Dear.
    Feral! No! You can make it out of this! You don’t need Meela’s help! Meela, stand down!

  44. You know what? I don’t even know what Vistral is trying to do anymore. It’s like he’s TRYING to get Feral to go kamehameha all over him. This isn’t going to benefit anyone.

    Awesome effects btw.

    1. Risking life and limb to find out how that rune works. Either he is indeed suicidal or he’s a closet scientist. >_>

  45. oh crap, feral’s going into his demon form…


  46. I read this comic back when the plot was still Meela getting Feral to let her follow him. I just found it again, went back and read the whole thing, and this is the page it ends on?!?! Gosh, I have good timing : P

    This is such a fantastic comic, the art is spectacular, and I love everything about these characters!

  47. Vegeta, what does the scouter say about her power level?

    1. *decides to be obvious and predictable for a change*

      “It’s OVER 9000!!!”

      You may now go back to your regularly scheduled internet.

    2. Vegeta: It’s…. 1006.

      Nappa: Huh, really?

      Vegeta: Yeah, kick his ass, Nappa. WAIT I HAD THE SCOUTER UPSIDE DOWN, IT’S 9000!

      DBz abridged x)

  48. Generic-username427

    This may just be Game of Thrones syndrome speaking, but I think Feral is gonna die

    1. well people might think that if Sean Bean plays Feral in the movie adaption…

      look him up on IMDB his character has died in 80% of the movies he has been in.

  49. I think Visriel’s about to get owned.

  50. yay there all gonna die ;) ill be coming to your funeral visriel

  51. I really hope the next update lands on my birthday :) 7th 7th
    Regardless, I can practically hear dramatic music as I read this!

  52. For some reason, Meela doesn’t look like she is cowering in fear to me…

    1. Your right, she really doesn’t O.O Is the evil energy/fight going to draw out her demon side?!

      1. Maybe. I agree on the fact that she doesn’t seem to be afraid.

  53. On the eye close-up, his tattoo is missing. Was that intentional?

  54. Hey, just noticed this but Feral’s tattoo beneath his red eye is missing in the fifth panel.

  55. Yeah, keep feeding energy to the strange dark rune in your opponent’s hand. Great idea… not!

  56. Oh, screwballs…

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