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I think you need to find a new tactic Feral. Fast.

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  1. First?
    And C’mon Feral u can beat the cat

  2. Uh-oh! Maybe he’s going to go berserk?

    1. Yeah, it kind of looks like he is doing his best to hold it in maybe?

      1. Though it would be neat, I don’t think it’s in his bloodline though. guess we’ll see.

        1. It might actually happen, in the “going crazy from a magical overload” sense, which is what I personally believe happened when Rollin and Connor were killed.

    2. Allen Swordweaver

      Uh oh? Uh oh? I think i would be COOL!

      1. Allen Swordweaver


  3. Better way to phrase that question might be: “How much more can you take in … before you launch it all back at me?”

    1. Man, couldn’t you just see Visrial’s face if that happened? :)

      1. Elizabeth Faulkner

        I want to see that cat run away with his tail between his legs. XD

    2. Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh XD I hadn’t thought of that

  4. Whenever Feral takes in that magic, it kind of looks like Meela’s demon form magic…

  5. Visreal is totally not aware that his opponent doesn’t even scream when he launches his purple doom vortex… Dude is not the brighest right know is he? Like a little kid.

    1. Ummm… what does Feral’s muteness have to do with the fight? I guess Visrial couldn’t care less whether his opponent screams or not – though of course, for him, it would heighten his enjoyment to hear Feral’s pain as well. But he will get that power one way or another (he thinks), even if Feral can’t tell him where he got it from.

      1. The point is that Visrial keeps asking Feral questions that Feral obviously can’t answer, being mute. Sure, maybe he figures he’ll manage to get the power somehow anyway, but the point is that he keeps asking questions. Sure, this last one was a yes/no question to which the answer was obvious, but his initial questions certainly weren’t. It’s not that I think Visrial hasn’t noticed yet, but it apparently doesn’t even occur to him to ask Holland or Meela if they know where the power comes from, y’know?

        Though, to be fair, there’s no reason why he would realise that Feral also has amnesia and that Meela knows more about his power than even he does. XD

  6. *Patiently waits for Feral to go all Kamehameha on Visrial’s ass*

    1. *waits with you* Popcorn? :D

      1. *insert GIF of Michael Jackson eating popcorn here*

        1. That just made my entire weekend

        2. I also had a good laugh. XD

        3. This whole line of thought is the best, I wish I had been there… I have cookies, you want some?

  7. Ut-oh! D:

  8. The backlash should be epic lol

  9. Seems to be time to skin a cat.

  10. Hmm, I wonder… The day after Feral drained Visrial’s energy, he had to release it again (nearly blasting Holland by accident). So, I guess he could release it now, at Visrial… No?

    1. This is what I personally think is going to happen. There’s only one problem: previously, he did it in a controlled fashion using his swords. Now, he’s dropped his sword while running over to protect Holland and Meela. Does he have the necessary control to direct the magic without a solid object to channel it into? That is the question. Let’s hope he does! *crosses fingers*

      1. Also, to add to my point, it’s been clearly demonstrated that this magic is not just dark, but also volatile to the point of being explosive. It may be that if Feral tries to release a lot of it at once, it’ll just explode in his face instead of attacking Visrial (who obviously has more experience in controlling it properly).

        1. I would also like to argue that if it does have the potential to explode/go out of control that Holland and Meela have/are retreating from the potential blast radius

  11. It really hurts feral to suck in energy, considering how all that power changed his friend mal a long time ago he is taking a huge risk here. It also seems that the more he takes in, the more pain he feels. At some point he may become weakened and not be able to fight anymore without help.

  12. I wonder what Visreal will do if he learns that Ferral can’t tell him even if he wanted to. He won’t even be able to read anything he writes!

    1. Lol!!! Ikr!?

  13. Something tells me Feral is gonna snap and the cat is gonna regret his fatak mistake

  14. O_O one word… Wow… You know… At first I thought visreal was a woman… *Embarrissed smile* Now I’m pretty sure visreal Is a guy… :) lol
    Was I the only one who thought that?

    1. Btw… BEST COMIC EVER!!!!!!!!!! you guys are the best!!!! Every week leaves you hanging…. Eagerly waiting the next… How do you do it!?? :)

  15. maybe that feral is yen and mal wanted yen to share the power. So mal carved that rune on his hand. Then yen killed mal cause either power hungry or mal went crazy. I would like the second better.

    1. yuen sorry

  16. It’s so sad (but a big compliment to you!) how sucked in I get. Even after a week, when I click on the link and arrive at the page, I’m cheering on Feral, Meela & Holland, or growling at their attackers, or wincing when they get hurt, or saying ‘poor baby’ when they cry. Definite emotional investment going on here, haha. Thanks for uploading and for all your hardwork; still loving the art and the story. Looking forward to the next few pages to see how this all goes down!! *\(^o^)/*

    1. Totally me 2!!!!!!!!!!!! They are awesome!

  17. Wow, words cannot even describe how amazing this comic is.

  18. What is Meela and Holland doing right now….?

    1. Recovering from being blown over by asploding magicks.

  19. “um, dude, he can’t talk…..” I seriously want someone to say that to Visrial. X)

  20. I don’t know if Visrial has picked up on Feral’s being a mute yet or not, but if not, I look forward to the look on his face when he does. XD

    But mostly I’m looking forward to him being blown into a tree by his own magic, because that would be both poetic justice and just plain ol’ entertaining. >:D

  21. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Wow! Things are getting intense! Feral, figure something out or everyone’s gonna die! I think that eventually Feral will have to get rid of all the extra energy he’s been taking in, and hopefully he will have enough control over it to direct it at Visrial and not kill everyone in the area….

  22. Nooooooooo~!

  23. thats probably why and how he got his half demon eye…

    most likely he learned an ability using runes (i guess) to suck in demon power. he probably learned it for his friend. he mightve attacked Feral when he got too violent and so feral sucked in his power to the point of perhaps killing his friend. in turn transforming his eye and gaining a “curse” having this dark energy to bear.

    1. That’s a better description than what I was thinking.
      I thought maybe mella faral might both be half demon.

  24. I’m just waiting for Holland to yell at Visrial and tell him that Feral can’t talk

  25. I’m waiting till you guys figure that maybe he knows he can’t respond and he’s just talking because he’s cocky and/or he thinks it taunts Feral because he can’t tell him to stfu. o.o
    If he doesn’t know he can’t talk, then he just doesn’t know, lmao.
    Man.. i always forget about this comic for a couple months so i’m not so impatient and then when i catch up i’m impatient again.. :c

  26. i know like a page or two back he was just like “tell me where you got it”


  28. Oh whoops accidentally read the whole archive again
    Eh, you know how it is

  29. I know he can’t answer these questions because he’s mute and writes in a funny language… But if he could communicate would he know the answer?

  30. I’m just sitting waiting for Feral to unleash all that energy with a huge BAM !!!!! and make that naughty kitty toast >:D

  31. This is a random question but seeing that Feral is mute, I was wondering if he could ever learn sign language if he wanted to. There must be other mutes out there so I would assume they’d use sign. Or is that not a thing in this time period? Just curious :)

  32. What IM waiting for is Meela to come to Feral’s rescue in her Wolf-Demon form. Can you imagine how surprised Visrial and Feral would be? I rink that’s where this course of action is headed, with Feral at a quick-becoming disadvantage against Mr. Grumpy-Fur using his volatile magic.

  33. tomorrow im warning you,you betta come or imma mess you up

  34. Just reread page 268… if the Yuen+Mal=Feral theory is correct, then Yuen and Mal would have to be facing each other when they were combined, hence Mal’s demon left hand is combined with Yuen’s right, so the demon sign is on Feral’s right. :P

  35. And reading back over all of these all I can think is, “Man, Vys, that was a baaaaad idea…”

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