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Well, at least it didn't blow up, right?

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  1. This… This doesn’t seem good… at all.

    Welp, all aboard the Worry Express everybody!

    1. *choo choo* XD

      1. …Feral looks more worried than any of us. ::hugs Feral::

    2. Link, get the Lokomo ready… oh wait… i’m Link

  2. oh nos! hope feral doesn’t loose it and go…feral (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun~)

    1. I think we should be more worried about Meela losing it in front of Feral. Or both of them at the same time… O.o

  3. 3rd Commen-*gets bricked*

    Okay, kind of stiff running animation in the first panel, could look better, but it’s alright.

    Also, Visrial is really becoming creepy.

  4. Oh man, getting intense… I can tell already that Feral is gonna have some trouble tackling this, and I think he knows that too. Good thing he’s not alone, heheh.. go, Meela, go!!

    1. Yeah, this is real intense. I just hope Meela and Holland will recover from the shock in time… :|

  5. Look at Meela. You can tell she’s nearing her sanity threshold right about now.
    Who’s betting on a wolf form appearance soon?

    1. bet bet bet

    2. or Jayku body shield time :)

  6. Ohhh i wonder if Ferals red power thingy is stuffing up becasue of Meela? He hasn’t used his powers since she turned all demon wolf and Ferals ‘dark magic’ is stuffing up now….

  7. Oh man, did Feral absorb more of that dark aura?

    1. Kinda looks that way, doesn’t it…?

      1. Dude, your gravatar somehow adds a sense of creepiness to your comment O.o

    2. …page 296 might have something to do with this.

      No idea on how much control he has, could be a random power surge. Pg 215?

  8. Meela, you gotta do something! DONT DIE FERAL!!! UR 2 AWESOME 2 DYEEEEE!!!!

    1. but what if he does die and meela is so broken up she revives him and he becomes “Undead Feral”… hero to all who live? :P

  9. This just doesn’t seem good for feral’s health, let alone anyone’s sanity. (including us reader’s)

  10. I bet I know exactly Feral’s thoughts on the last panel: Fuck.

  11. Ohhhhhhhh boy.



    1. I don’t think anyone realized until they saw your post maybe someone who is a demon made him a half demon so he has one red eye but can use demon powers

    2. IKR!? its creepy!! Almost like his demon power is taking him over… Though that can’t happen… Can it?

    3. hopefully all these questions will be answered by the comic is done… but there are a lot of questions.

    4. Elizabeth Faulkner

      The glowing eye thing has happened before this time. It wasn’t that hard to notice…

  14. just waiting for him to see that meela? I think it is also known as the little girl is a demon

  15. Panel 1 Meela in the background holding her hat on her head…. She looks so worried. COME ON!!!! HAVE A HEART ATTACK ALREADY VISERAL!!!!
    Lol :)

  16. I’m a bit confused as to what exactly is going on / just happened. Can someone explain?
    Visreal shoots the magic thing, he blocks it, then his hand goes wonky and he shoots something?

    1. Feral’s hand absorbed the blast from Visrial. It’s kind of hard to definitively convey which direction something like that is flowing in still art >__<;;

      1. you’re doing a great job! ;)

  17. I know this is such a small thing compared to everything else going on in the page…but did Feral change his earrings? Cuz I can’t see the dangling beads anymore. Does this mean our Feral cares about his fashion statement? hahaha >.<

    1. I had to go back and look but you’re right, and he’s even switched them out twice in the past few days story wise XD He had the ones he’s wearing now when they found meela, switched them back to his dangly bead earrings when looking for meelas things, and now has switched them back to hoops today XD What a dork

      1. The beads are actually strings that clip into his hair, not earrings ;3 So they’re easy to take on and off.

  18. what if his eye is glowing in response to meelas demon side starting to come out?

  19. Noooo! Don’t roll a critical fail on us now, Feral!

    1. …being impaled by a unicorn is an awful way to go…

      That is what happened to me the last time my Lvl 8 Fighter critical failed on a dodge roll… ::cries::

  20. Totally wont give any spoilers, but if you are able to participate in the parten thing, it is worth it to be able to see the page larger size for all the details. (The next page before everyone else is also awesome.)

  21. O_O; *chews fingernails*

  22. Wow…Visrial has got him REALLY anxious, not just because of his demon powers having to be used either. But when he attacked Holland and Meela, you can see in the corner of that first panel that Feral actually /dropped/ his weapon and ran to help them…I’m worried of what might end up happening in this fight sequence. TOO MANY PEOPLE WITH TOO MANY FEELINGS

  23. I finally catch up in reading this web comic and I’m reminded of all the freaking cliff hangers! Lmao

    1. Me too!
      That awkward moment when you click the page only to find out that you’re at the end of the comic.

  24. Yea, i think Meela is gonna save them all

  25. Meela to the rescue!!!!!!!

  26. Ok,Meela needs to turn herself into that demon from and kick Visrial butt.And in the back she looks worried in some kind of way or losing it.

  27. Go Feral! You can handle this buddy!

  28. I wonder how Feral came to that power… because in the dreams we saw earlier he didn’t had any interest in the power…
    so how the hell did he get it?

  29. they are all trapped in a cess pool of doom

  30. I swear I’m willing to see Meela f**k the s**t out of that cat with her demon form..

  31. Omg omg no…I am going to be in panic mode forever now!!!

  32. 0.0 * panice mode activated*

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