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And chapter 13 begins! We're posting just the splash page this week while we work on building our page buffer. We want to avoid missing any updates this summer because of conventions, so we hope you guys don't mind the partial update this week :) We also want to announce that we have joined Patreon! It seems like a great platform for creators to gain a bit of extra funding for their projects, so we're excited about the possibilities this could offer us in regards to Strays. If you'd like to support us, please head on over to our page and check it out! We don't have a lot of options right now, but that's mainly because we want to hear from you guys! We need to know what you would like to see, so please don't be afraid to drop by the public welcome post and let us know your thoughts. Thank you!

66 thoughts on “Page 315

  1. Waiiit who is that??

    1. AAAH. IT’S MAL! Just looking slightly older/more demented then we last saw him in the last memory on page 300

      The clothes are the same and so are the piercings. It’s Mal! Of course that dummy’s going to (well did) something and Feral got caught up in the mess getting some of Mal’s power. (probably tried to intervene with the fight that’s going to happen against Jyaku)… Gaaah all will be revealed in time but still!

      1. Um… I’m pretty sure Mal IS Feral, based on the tattoo and piercings. Though I also suspect some life-changing lessons and losses in between then and now.

        I found this comic years ago when it was very young, then lost it and just recently found it again. I’m so happy to see such beautiful art, and a tremendous archive. Congratulations, and thank you for continuing to share it with us!

        1. No, it’s been established in the comments that Yuen is Ferral. Mal is someone else.

        2. Yes, the artists even confirmed that Yuen is Ferral. There was a color rendering of the Yuen and Mal. Mal has brown hair. Yuen’s hair is black. When you see older Yuen, there’s no way to deny it either. He’s Feral minus the scars and PO’d facial expressions.

      2. Actually, I don’t think that’s older Mal. I think it’s still past Mal. He’s still wearing the same collared vest he was wearing on the last page. But, yes, definitely more demented looking.

  2. Chapter 13… *sigh*
    13 is never a lucky number…

    1. ^^^ :(

      Plot twist, it’s a happy adventure chapter.

    2. 13 is my lucky number

    3. In China 13 is a lucky number. I’m Chinese! Woo!!!

  3. This looks like it will be a very happy and joyful chapter, right? ….right?

  4. oh my gosh is that Mal and oh goodness chapter 13…….. 13 is defiantly a unlucky number can’t wait loving this sooo much

  5. Bad things are sure to comeā€¦..

  6. I really like how the oozing magic(?) looks in this, well done :D

  7. Man what a tease, good but still a tease

  8. Unless Mal somehow turned into a cat person from the lupian he is portrayed as in the beginning chapters. I don’t think that is Mal, looks similar, But Visirial is not Mal, by a long shot.

    1. you think mal & kitty-boy look alike??? o-kaaaay…

      anyway, see the first post *turningleaves*

    2. I’m sorry, but that’s Mal. Look at his hand, and go back to Page 299.

  9. Bring it on. *smirk*

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk can’t wait.

    (splash page has me excited!) :P

  11. what if… mal was MEELAS FATHER!!!!!!!!

    1. …it isin’t just you, but after reading the whole comic how can people miss so much?
      pg 247

      1. I don’t think people really miss out on the things they’ve read, but they can forget you know.

        1. 0_o …a major character back-story epic reveal is forgettable???

          maybe someone can explain that to me. I don’t read very many comics/blogs/news articles… is it the “too much to process” problem?

        2. I think its mostly just time spent inbetween, after a while you can forget some things and remember others, unless you binge read every time an update comes out.

  12. Ughm… Is that energy, or… blood??

  13. seriously is that energy or blood people I really want to know >.<

    1. maybe both…?

  14. Welllllpsies, he turned out to be a blood bender- *shot for bad joke*

  15. what the hell happend to that cute little boy that mal used to be? D:
    great art by the way! :)

  16. Blood or dark energy? -thinks for a bit- -starts talking in a British accent- Bloody dark energy. (bad pun.)

    1. You’re making me hungry for some blood pudding. Yum! :D

  17. I know who that is… IT’S A RETARD

    1. Can we not?

      Use a better word, please. Can the above comment be removed?

      1. the definition of retardation completely applies to Mal…

        derogatory or not… pretty sure that if a comment will/could have been removed A LOT of mine would have been. so, i’ll wait and see what Chelese’s answer is.

        ::lurks and waits::

        1. I’ve seen one tasteless comment removed in the past. Possibly the artist hasn’t seen it yet.

          But no, the definition of retardation doesn’t apply to Mal, only the slang meaning. :/ Unless you mean specifically his impulse control.

        2. (2. limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc./ 3. something that retards; hindrance.)

          He’s a power hungry lil pup that needs Jayku to smack some sense into him.
          Mal is a hindrance, to Meloedy, Yuwen, himself.

          My 29 year old cousin has Angelman’s syndrome… I do not condone speaking ill of anyone.

          the dictionary is a tool & most use the knowledge within to belittle their fellow man… :(

  18. This definitely proves that Mal isn’t Feral. Feral has his power draining mark…thing on his left hand, Mal has his on the right.

    1. Pretty sure Yuen is Feral, but I’m not sure.

      1. It’s already been established that Yuen is indeed Feral. Mal is simply his childhood friend (gone bad).

  19. Mal is probably this really bad antagonist, especially considering “mal” means bad…

  20. I just really like how the girls don’t stick to conventional medieval/old/whatever period hairstyles…and clothes, for that matter. There’s this modern flair to their character designs that make them especially distinct. I like it.

    1. The period itself is more medieval, but there are hints of Norm (or modern world; other dimension) that have rooted into the world of Meoley.

  21. Just thought I should mention that the proportions on this picture are really off? His head and neck are pretty large for his body (neck being too thick) and his right arm is pretty short…

    1. Mal is tall, & big headed (ego too)… but it could be the fur, optical illusion & all… Victoria Secret does that too often.

    2. They are slightly off. We’ll try to fix it soon.

    3. Yes, his head is too big for his teeny tiny body! (We will fix it..)

  22. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh Mal… what have you done….

  23. Something wicked this way comes.

    1. is a great book! :)

  24. SHIIIT!!! This pic scared the fuck out of me when I first looked at it!

  25. Poor, cute, little Mal… all gone. :( Tis sad.

  26. And Mal once again lives up to his name! Dun dun dunnnnn


    1. It’s not the same bracelet. Her bracelet is much wider. He just happens to be as into ornamentation as most Lupians.

  28. I no this is a stupid question but what was medals dads name again?

  29. I wanna know why Feral can’t remember his past…and did anyone notice that when Feral touched Meela’s blood (the night she shifted) his hand sparked? It was small and dark, but a little red spark came off her blood on his glove, then he closed his hand…I think Feral knows Meela’s secret…just sayin.

  30. Also, what did happen to Mal? o.o It never said did it? I wonder if he will appear in this chapter…that or Meela will have another dream and/or Feral will get his memory back???

  31. I forget both her parent’s names…oops ^^’

  32. wow! that’s creepy, i think meela is going to turn in order to save them.
    i love this but still creepy

  33. O_O Meela need to find a boyfriend she has to do all the freaking work around here

  34. Has anyone else noticed that the first bracelet Mal’s wearing (the one with the beads) is just like the necklace Meela wears?

    1. I could just be over thinking this…

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