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Last page of chapter 12! Hooray! We're going to do a partial update next week - We'll post the splash page for the next chapter while we work on building a page buffer for the summer. We're hoping not to miss any updates due to conventions this year :) The first page of Chapter 13 will go up on May 9th.

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  1. Oooooooh!!!! Pretty purple magic vortex thing! Exciting exciting!

    1. and now to make up names for this purple magic vortex thing

      Magic / Spiral/Spinning / Darkness/Shadow

      2 word minimum
      10 word maximum



        …Er, I actually used the words Animal (panther), Darkness/Shadow(currently a bad guy/evil spinning attack), and Poison/Venom(His special poison).

        BUT, if I were to use your three, it would be:


        …Or something like that XD


        1. That. We’ve found a name for it XD

      3. Bane Cycle! (Poison/Venom / Spiral/Spinning / Darkness/Shadow)

        Dusk Black Crashing Claw! (Animal / Spiral/Spinning / Darkness/Shadow)

        Midnight Omni Pollution Brute Shadowy Barrage Dark Attack!! (Animal / Spiral/Spinning / Darkness/Shadow)

      4. Spinning darkness, spinning shadows ,dark panther night shadow, an for the final one panthers dark magic shadow attack!

      5. Cute Handsome Cleaver Cleaving Flash Peaceful Axe Hacking Strike!
        Charismatic Gorgeous Sugar Shearing Bane Scythe!
        Cleaving Charismatic Pacifist Lovely Peace Beam!!!

        No wait, I think I’ve used the wrong categories…

      6. Bane Ebony Swirling Enchantment Alchemical Spell Crasher
        Bane Wheel
        Bewitching Shade Spiral Chant Invocation
        Bolt Twisting Enchanting Ritual Dark Flash Mystic Assault
        Chant Charming Veil Dark Reaction
        Crashing Whirling Ghostly
        Cyclone Turbulent Spinning Alchemist Midnight Whirling Vortex True Spiral
        Dark Turbulent Sorceror Conjuring Shadow Veil
        Ebon Shadowy Sorceror Black Spin
        Enchanting Rotating Wheel
        Ghost Battler Bane Whirl Blasting Spiral
        Mystical Ebon Ritual Charming Shadowy Flash Dark Magic Circulation
        Power Twisting Veil Spinning Umbra Shade
        Sorceror Ebon Twisting Wand Black Magic
        Spinning Battler
        Spinning Warlock Twirling Charm Bane Spell
        Twirling Crasher
        Veil Midnight Charm Crashing Swirling Ritual Hurricane
        Way Battler Shadowy Reaction Gyro Bewitching Rotation Ebony Shadow Orbit
        Whirling Tornado

    2. Night Panther Vortex Magic Violet Blast!!!!!!

  2. Haaaa-dooouuuuu-KEEEEENNNN!!!

  3. 3rd comment yay !!!!

  4. o.o ermergerd!

  5. That’s an evil looking spirit bomb e_e;

  6. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” ~StarWars

  7. let me guess… BAM ! Demon wolf form, go ! >:D

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! :3

      1. that would be swiz but she looks to scared I think it happens when shes mad. 8-p

    2. HulandFuraleMeala

      You do realize if she does that Feral will find out? Remember, she doesn’t want feral to find out. Has no one thought of this?

      1. …she remembers what his little poison throwing knives did to her…

        she might panic.

  8. Meela! Run from the bad man!

    Also, ooooh, purple on black always looks great!

  9. Noooo! I love how expressive Meela and Holland’s faces are in the last panel!

  10. the last panel “oh well this isn’t good” feral come on you can do it

  11. Feral is gonna go BERSERK!!!

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      I’m more worried about Meela doing that. Again.
      That spell might mess with her powers, and make her shift into her other form.

      1. ::still hoping Jayku shows up::

  12. Time to test how much Feral really cares. ;w;

  13. I hope Meela goes all demon on him that’d be great. But really Holland you turn into your swan and go UP Meela you go wolfie and go DOWN. He can’t hit you both then

    1. It would be hard for Holland to fly with his dislocated arm/wing. :/

    Well, alright, maybe the creators have a good reason to say that, but it isn’t a “hooray” for the rest of us. :(

    Also, Meela! Go demon-wolf form and tear his threatening arm off! That’s the only satisfactory way to move the plot forward, at least where I stand.

  15. Where has Piper and Jyaku been through this

    1. hopefully not together… or Jyaku might be bankrupt.

      1. ROFL! XD

      2. Nitroxy Wildspirit

        Lol if that happened… well yes bankrupt sounds about right.

  16. Didn’t Holland teach Meela how to make a shield with her magic? I can see her struggling with it and then revealing her demon magic in that fashion..but where’s the fun in that? <:D

    1. It would be wonderful if she managed to have a sudden moment of inspiration and throw up a shield in the nick of time, but I think that shield is supposed to be for blocking solid objects, not magic attacks. I could be wrong, of course, but that’s the only thing Holland threw at her when teaching her.

  17. Jack that jerk to jitters, Feral!

  18. Wow, this can’t go well. Meela! Don’t release the inner demon! Stay the on the side of good! Don’t let you evil control you!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter, and update. Those sound like they’ll be good! Thanks for everyone so far! X3

    1. Also, I consider this page an Early Birthday present. Thanks! X3

  19. Looks like Meela and Holand better start running!

  20. Meela’s expression in the last panel looks hilarious though.

  21. No Mr.Kitty! Bad Kitty! >_<

  22. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh no!!! Feral, you need to stop him! Meela, stay calm. It’s too early for Feral to know about you! Now would be a good time for Jyaku or Piper to show up…. But these guys (Feral, Holland, and Meela) need to start handling these big issues on their own. No more last-minute, swoop-in-to-the-rescue from Jyaku.
    As much as this situation sucks, Holland and Meela’s faces in the last panel are fantastic. But Visrial DID say that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill Prince Holland, so I don’t know that he would kill him now. The energy must be aimed for Meela….

  23. well, the sh*t seems to have hit the fan.

  24. That was a dirty trick, Visrial!

  25. Whoa!!! I’m sooooooo excited for the next page!! :D

    1. ur gravatar makes that sound sarcastic

      1. H. fan, read some of his previous posts, I assure you skitterydoo is all heart.

        1. Thank you, not me. :3

          Ha ha, but yes, I love my gravatar. :P

  26. O_O; Gaaah… Bad Visrial! VERY BAD VISRIAL!!! Meela? Careful with the demon wolf form. We don’t know what Feral will do… *sits impatiently on edge of seat gnawing on knuckle* Can’t wait for the next update!!!!!!

  27. Aaaaaannnnndddd bye bye throat ^-^

    1. ::huggs you:: wow, you almost always say the things i’m thinking word for word!

      ::sings the DOOM song::

  28. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    I absolutely LOVE the visuals on this page! I love the perspective of the first panel. Having Holland’s feet in frame is super cool. Also really love the *skid* And the way Visrial is standing in the last panel is just awesome. I love it! His stance is super cool, and his smirk. And of course his purple magic-swirl thing looks like he’s summoning a black hole or something. Awesome imagery on this page. One of my favorites.


  30. Could we maybe get a new vote incentive soon? I’d love to see detail shots or more in-progress pages!

  31. Hate to play the art cop here, but does Vistral’s head look too proportionally large in the last panel? /is shot

    Vistral’s just /asking/ for Meela to turn demon-wolf on him.

    1. We noticed after we posted it. We’ve actually already fixed it, just waiting for the cache to update.

      1. C. you are soooo attentive! thank you for taking pride in your work!

  32. Generic-username427

    That may be Meela’s best durp face yet

  33. OHSHIZ.
    Feral, sic’em. GET HIM NOW.

  34. O_O O3O ;3 feral nobody has got your back good luck btw u wil soon get free tickets to see demon Meela

  35. Visrial (sorry if it’s misspelt) just needs to die in a ditch. KICK HIS BUTT FERAL! BEFORE HE MESSES UP YOUR BUDDIES!

  36. Meela looks terrified >.< Feral save them :D

  37. So many cliffhangers…. You leave us wondering what will happen in the next page every page. It’s so amazing

  38. Anybody beside me wonder why Visrial, after tracking these guys on and off for *months*, is suddenly too short on time to have a decent fight? >_>

    Unless he knows that Jyaku actually isn’t far away and only just barely managed to get by him. Considering how easily our mysterious Cervian friend owns his kitty butt, he would undoubtedly prefer to get this business done and over with before he’s caught.

    1. It’s the latter. He expects Jyaku to jump his ass at any minute, so he’s trying to hurry.

      1. Ah! Thanks for the confirmation. :)

        That makes it funnier, too. The big scaaary panther is gonna beat the truth outta that wolf! . . . Just so long as the deer doesn’t kick his tail first. Haha. XD

        . . . Feral would probably be ashamed if he knew that Visrial is scared of a Cervian, but not him, even with his magic-absorbing power. What a blow to the ego that’d be. ^^;

  39. I cant believe how stupid this guy is! How has he not gotten the jest
    that he cant talk!?!? STUPID CAT !!!!!!

  40. his ass is getting jumped for sure


    I just read the entire comic in 2 hours and NOW THERE’S A CLIFFHANGER!!!!

    Really great comic though. Keep it up!

  43. Dude.
    Not cool man, not cool.

  44. Was Meela’s tail always darker on the tip?

  45. Well just another bit of evidence in kitty stupidity.

    Well done feline – take your eyes off the guy holding two swords, drop your guard completely in order to ‘charge’ up your swirly purple thing.

    Its not like Feral doesn’t have demon magic charged ranged attacks or magic sucking abilities that could make said attack null and void…

  46. where are bunny people we NEED bunny people

  47. hurry the bunny people are waiting to be discovered by DA FREAKING WORL

  48. PREDICTION: Meela will throw Holland out of the way, and her hat will fall of, and her horns exposed :D

  49. Little does he know that the child he’s aiming at can tear through his throat like paper.

  50. I just had a thought. Since Holland’s arm is dislocated, I’m guessing that he can’t fly away, either. He’s grounded. That must feel terrible for a bird :(

    1. Not saying that he would, but just the fact that the option is unavailable would be sort of unnerving if I were him.

  51. I am so upset and confused feral stapped him in the chest for Goodness sake. HOW IS HE STILL ALIVE!

    1. This is the bad pussy from the party, not Korin (Korin also had his arm ripped off by Meals)

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