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He doesn't want much, does he?

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  1. Holland no!!!!!

    Fight time is upon us… go FERAL!

    1. Feral used mega drain.

      1. It’s super effective! Wild Visrial fainted!

        1. Lol! You guys are awesome! That made my day. xD

  2. Dupid visrial
    i wonder if somehow Meelas powers get involved and he then targets meela and not feral, and Feral finds out about Meela

    1. I know i was thinking about that to how maybe meela ‘s demon wolf shows and feral sees

    2. Generic-username427

      What I’m hoping for right now, is that Visrial and Feral get in a fight, and it gets to the point where it doesn’t look like Feral’s gonna win, and then Meela goes demon and ripes Visrial apart with no apparent effort at all!
      I think that would be sweet as shit!

      1. noooo, cute kitty, can’t kill the kitty!

      2. And then Feral would be all “WUT” O.O

        It would be an interesting way to break it to him. I imagine she’d run after, and then they’d have to track her down again, but she’d be afraid of Feral.

        1. And wait hey Generic! O3O

        2. Generic-username427

          flyteck! I found You!!!

    3. That would be awesome I love media Demon wolf form!! So awesome!

      1. Generic-username427

        indeed, Meela’s demon wolf is certainly pretty awesome, I can’t to see how see acts when she’s learns to control it

  3. 3rd comment! *gets hit by bricks*

    Stupy Pantha, you can’t take that kind of powah, X3

    Love this strip! Definitely worth the week wait!

  4. power hungry pantha needs a times outs again

    1. Greedy little kitty, isn’t he?

      1. greedy little kitty or greedy crazy kitty heh

  5. Did he break Holland’s arm, dislocate his shoulder or…? He seems to think that Holland is out of action for now. :( Poor Holland. That must have been quite the scare.

    1. Looks like it, hard not to be crushed by a big kitty like that!

    2. well… let’s just see how fast he can heal then, yes?

    3. I think he slashed his tendon or something, judging by the claws. It’ll take a while to heal if he did, and leave some permanent muscle damage.

      1. actually, looking again, it does look like he crushed it.

  6. Got a question: Why does Feral always have that black splodge-like thing over his green eye whenever he uses his power-draining power? If that makes sense…

    Oh, and Cat-Boy, I don’t think Feral can or will give you his power just because you’ve hurt his friend and threatened him. At least, I wouldn’t.

    1. I think Feral’s “black sponge-like thing” is probably just a deeper shadow for added dramatic effect. He just looks more intense if you can only see one eye. It’s an art thing :P

      1. Yep, that’s what I think too.

  7. I don’t think that the best way to go about this is how you’re doing it.

    Also, please don’t make Meela use her powers and let Feral find out, this isn’t the time for that.

  8. How I imagine this battle’s going to turn out:

    Visrial wants to battle!

    Feral used Intimidate!
    It doesn’t work on Feral.

    Visrial used Bite!
    Feral evaded the attack!

    Feral used Absorb!
    Visrial flinched!

    Feral used Slash!
    Visrial used Bite!

    Feral used Absorb!
    A Critical hit!

    Visrial used Poison sting!
    Feral evaded the attack!

    Holland withdrew Feral!
    Jyaku has entered the fray!

    Jyaku used Secret power!
    It’s super effective!

    Visrial whited out!

    What!? Meela is evolving!
    Congratulations! Meela evolved into [Meela with Nightmares]!

    1. Feral used Intimidate!
      It doesn’t work on *Visrial.

      This is why i hate typing on a PS Vita.

    2. OMG Epic play by play, the only thing missing is the HP reductions and experience gains.

    3. That was awesome. XD You win an internet!

    4. Genius!!!
      Just…that was beautiful
      You’ve made my day
      Thank you

  9. Daw, Feral’s tail is all fwuffed up. <3

    1. He’d better be careful, or it might get stuck like that.

  10. I think it would be a good thing if the visiral and feral fought for a bit and feral grows tired and visiral almost kills him for jyaku to jump in and defeat visiral and scare him off or something since he can’t kill him, as he said a while back.

  11. what the f*ck Jyaku we can’t wait all day

  12. demon Meela transforms Feral Blacks out and yet again JYAKU get yo butt over here by the time he comes dead puma on the floor with blood everywhere and a demon wolf sitting *cricket cricket*

  13. demon feral Imma guessing cos he has those little red Sparks plus days why Meela can connect wit him wit her dreams as u should no from noisy Jyaku

    1. Feral doesn’t have demon blood, but the mark on his hand is implied to be of demonic origin.

  14. I love the amount of perfect grammar here xD
    Anyways, loving the comic so far! Keep up the fantastic work! I can’t wait to see more :)

  15. No. No one hurts Holland!!!! GO MEELA GO!!!

  16. That cat is so fluffy, I can’t be scared of it.

  17. Man, well visrial is so greedy and mean. I meen come on, holland just fixed that arm from when meela broke it!
    Hang in there holland baby :)

  18. I have a terrible feeling Meela is gonna lose it again real soon…

  19. I’m kinda hoping for a beast fight right now X)

  20. PLEASE have Feral turn into a wolf to fight him! PLEEEEAASSEE!!

  21. Poor Holland. Just had is arm broken and now his shoulder is dislocated. Dude can’t catch a break. (I’m assuming his shoulder is just dislocated)

  22. Feral can take that panther down! X3

  23. CopyCAT!! Get your own power!!

  24. Damn it Visrial! Feral, you better get those daggers right and sharp!

  25. Visrial, kitty, that kind of power is not good for you. I think you’d better leave it to the people who actually know how to use it properly…
    Feral, if Meela changes… DON’T KILL HER!!!

  26. Consarnit, looks like Holland’s had his arm broken twice now. :I

  27. Generic-username427

    I found this comic two days ago, and it’s friggin awesome!

  28. Generic-username427

    I found this comic two days ago, and it’s friggin awesome! I read through it in like three hours, you girls rule!

  29. Did he snap his shoulder or dislocate it or-?? What happened?? Was it when he hit the ground initially?

    (Awesome update!)

  30. GOSH!! Did he break Holland’s arm?

    Boy… Holland is just getting his arms hurt, broken, chewed, and stepped on all over the place!! Can’t wait to see where this is going!! :D

  31. …Is it next Friday yet? I need it to be next Friday!

  32. Duuuuude.. Meela is gonna flip the hell out >_> I’m just waiting for it. Tear that cat in twain.

  33. kill that kitty feral

  34. Can’t Holland just heal his arm like he did when Meela fractured it? Or does Visrial not know that? Or does his low pain tolerance make it difficult to concentrate enough to heal…whatever it is big kitty did?

    1. His shoulder’s been dislocated. It’s not something you can fix with healing magic.

      1. Ooooh! That makes sense. Thanks for the info. <3

        1. I feel like there could have been more visual cues that he dislocated his shoulder, though. It’s really hard to tell even after being told that’s what happened.

        2. Holland is going to say as much in the next page. I wasn’t really sure how to show a shoulder being dislocated with absolute certainty, so I’m having the characters relay it via dialogue. We just haven’t reached it yet.

        3. A Friggian huge 300 + # panther/tiger pounces on you, he’s being delicate if all you have is a dislocated arm!

          …in the panel where he lifts his paw off of Hollands shoulder there is clearly no blood. With the expression on Holland’s face and how he is struggling in the first panel the damage would be inside his arm.

        4. ok….wow,

          that last comment was aimed @ Blueroebud…

          Celesse, your comment was so not there when I clicked “reply”

          ::sighs:: I do sound anal… -_- maybe I should change my avatar to a big steaming pile of poo… it would fit… :(

        5. Really all it looks like is that Holland suddenly got a cramp in his arm after Visrial lifted his paw up. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know how to draw a dislocated arm either, though, so I’m not upset over it. 8/

  35. So… how does he expect to get this power exactly?

    1. He’s not sure, but he’s gonna try anyway.

  36. ok where did meela go? coooooooool poof!

  37. I found th comic 1 day ago and i really really love it its so cool and in emotional pages i just cried <3

  38. Celesse is he still talking in a sarcastic voice? Because, that’s how I’m reading it and it doesn’t quite fit.

    Awesome comic keep it up!

    1. No, he’s not being sarcastic now. He’s serious about what he’s saying.

  39. Wolf vs Panther:


  40. Visrial, you are a dumbass *facepalm*
    I hope you realize this

  41. why cant versal kill holland?

    1. Because Holland is a prince and killing him would lead to dire concequences

  42. if you kill me……. what, what will happen

  43. I wish you guys had birthday supplies I would like to do a strays themed party 4 ma birthday

  44. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    It’s weird having Feral referred to as “the mercenary.” I suppose Visrial does not know his name.
    Poor Holland…. hang in there!
    Feral, kick Visrial’s butt and don’t let Meela try to fight! Feral can’t know yet….

  45. The fact that Vistral wants the power to himself makes me hate him even more.

    Also, I don’t understand. Even if Feral /wanted/ to give Vistral his power, would it even be possible?

  46. I bet Meela is gonna blind side Viseral when he attacks Feral. And she is not going to be able to stop herself from saving her pack.

  47. The fear in Holland’s face in the first panel… oh /gosh/… Poor thing. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Useful being a prince like that.

    I definitely agree with the pokemon duel above, or at the very least, I’m not sure Meela is in the /condition/ to where she’d be able to. Physically, maybe, but emotionally I think her fear will stop her from transforming unless something really bad happens to Feral. Something that would make her more mad than scared. And I feel Holland may not be as injured as he seems. It’s a useful strategy, letting the enemy think he has succeeded, one of which I’m sure Holland would take advantage of. Or he could be really hurt, and my heart could break even more.

  48. I can’t wait for next page

    losing your comic I showed it to my friend and she loves it!

  49. loving sorry stupid no good keyboard!

  50. whiskey tango foxtrot, visreal is dead feral stabbed him!!!!!!!

  51. dat was Korean wait wha?!?

  52. That’s one damn big cat! Visrial, what are you, some prehistoric kitty? Bloody badass though!

  53. I really dig the way you’ve drawn Visrial. I mean I like all your art in the comics, of course, it’s all very good, but I particularly love that black big cat up there.

  54. Oh, hey, I’ve gone through the whole archive now!


  55. I have no sympathy for the stupid cat – Jyaku warned him, wonder if he will leave it to Feral or would he interfer if it looks like Meela will lose control?

    hmmmm reasons to keep reading :D

  56. When is more of this going to come out?

    1. They update every Friday

  57. No. Can’t Haz. (lol sorry someone had to >.>)

  58. “I want to have that power as well! And you’re going to give it to me!”

    Peasant, Feral doesn’t give away free handouts.

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