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No rest for the weary when the plot must progress!

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  1. o w o Her cuteness is bigger everyday.

    1. You took the words of my mouth!
      I love them :3

    2. I think that’s just her eyes though owo

  2. OMG. I wanna see!

  3. What’s the betting Feral is showing his horns or something(if he has any)? :P

    1. I’m more willing to bet that either Jyaku or Visrial just showed up…

      1. Thats exactly what I was guessing too.

      2. Oorrr it could be another kid her age? Shes got to meet someone her age at some point.

        1. She could just be shocked that she’d slept for a few days.

        2. Maybe it’s Piper? Been a while since we saw her.

        3. no she woudn’t be that suprised over piper and viseral is dead

        4. Viseral isn’t dead; that was Korrin.

        5. It could just be that she’s surprised that they still want her, despite Holland knowing about her demonic nature. Couple that with fear that she might lose herself and hurt them, and it would explain her expression.

        6. But how do you explain the ‘What?’ speech bubble coming from the right side of the page? It must be either Holland or another character, because the pointy line part of the bubble doesn’t lead from Meela.

      3. or maybe korin, just a guess…

    2. Maybe Holland’s eyes changed? Idk, but he doesn’t show them at all this page!

  4. Not so sure about that Acrid…that almost looks like fear. Perhaps i’m wrong?

  5. Omg….. Wow.

    So, another Clothes change? I like the new ones! X3

    But who the hay said “What?”? I MUST KNOW! Friday ain’t coming fast enough…. :C
    We’ll all have to endure….

    1. I’m thinking the “What” is from Holland because Meela looks so darn terrified. I have to agree with Kitty Kross above, it might be Visral or Jyaku

      1. VISRAL IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!

        1. Actually no. Korin is the one that’s dead, Visral had a struggle with Jyaku but he never killed him. Considering that the last meeting between Meela and Jyaku didn’t work out so good, my guess it’s him :P

  6. Um, as much as I love Feral’s expression in panel 6, is Alomst meant to be almost?

    1. I think she’s just stuttering, :P

    2. Typo >__<;; I've already fixed it, but it will take a while for the cache to refresh.

  7. i dint wanna be rude,but the word “almost” in the fifth panel is spelled “alomst”,just sayin


    Cliffhangers man I cannot wait another weeeek

  9. Who say “What?” Holland? 0.0 This is killing me… -.-‘

  10. YAY!!! You went with my idea! :D I wonder what meela is looking at? Hnmmm

  11. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Such a cute bird. XD
    But awww, Feral didn’t just stand there like some people thought he would. ^w^ Such cuteness~!
    But what has shocked our little Meela so? owO

  12. I think Meela just looks shocked because she expected that since Holland knows she’s a demon, he wouldn’t want her along on the job. When he responded with “Pfft, nonsense! You’re fine!” Her shock at his indifference/non-pregidous is evident on her face. Then he’s just like “What?” because either he’s deliberately trying to make her think he’s clueless/just that indifferent, or he really IS clueless/just that indifferent.

  13. To be honest, I actually did think that it was only the next morning.
    But I’m curious, is Meela shocked because of the “few days” part, or that they missed out on something to help her?
    I’d think it’s the fact about how she’d be asleep for a few days, but hey.

  14. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Yay!!! Feral sort of hugged her back! :D
    I agree with people. I think it is Holland saying “what?” because of Meela’s shocked/horrified face. And I think she is making that face because she is surprised Holland would want her along.
    I love this comic so much!!!

  15. if feral could talk
    Feral: Hey, Holland? Dont you think Meela is a little too attached to that hat? She never takes it off.
    Holland: Oh, come on. She has her hat, you have those tacky earings. Everyone is entitled to their own fashion sense.
    Feral: That sounds gay.
    Holland: I’m not gay.
    Feral: Says the guy who carries a dress in his bag and styles little girls’ hair.
    Holland: Touchè.

    1. Nitroxy Wildspirit

      lol gawd I wish there were like buttons

    2. XD

      You win an internet!

  16. Wait. Is Holland wearing a half glove? Is it an archer thing or something? It’s weird. x)

    Seeing Meela’s face, I think she saw something behind Holland and I hope it’s not dangerous. Please, be only Jyaku.

    1. Actually, Holland IS an archer :3 ( ) So it’s not that weird~

      1. Yes I know, that’s why I was asking if the half glove was an archer thing. Sorry if you didn’t catch it. x)

        1. -_- it’s an archer thing.

  17. I doubt it’s Jyaku. Jyaku isn’t supposed to show himself to Meela, it’s most likely Visrial or a simple overreaction on us, the viewers, part.

  18. Once a week is culling me

  19. Could maybe be her mom or dad… We don’t know if ether of them are dead
    But we know her siblings are dead

    1. Well, we do know for a fact that Rollin is dead. She saw him get killed along with Connor when she was a baby.

      As for her mother, well, that is admittedly up in the air. But I don’t think it would make sense for her to randomly appear at this point in time. If she did turn out to be alive, I expect that reunion wouldn’t happen until near the end of the story. It’d be far too major an event to just drop in any old random chapter, after all.

  20. To me, the fear looks like she’s scared of what Holland said. Maybe she knows something else about her powers and so what Holland said is startling. That was my first thought, but I have to agree with the thought that it’s someone else approaching.

  21. Feral be like “I’m onto yo shit”

    I don’t think he likes her hiding something from him, specially since he can completely tell she’s doing so. She’s not good at hiding it.

  22. Did anyone else notice that Feral’s ear piercings are gone in the fifth and sixth panels? xD
    Meh. ANYWAYS I LOVE THIS COMIC SO FAR GUYS! Keep up the great work!~

  23. Is it me or has the comic taken a sudden upturn in quality? 8O
    Very nice new clothing designs, among other details, are making me like this page as much as the last one.

  24. I think that maybe meela is reacting to hollands eyes? Notice how they arent shown in this entire page. Maybe they look different, perhaps in color or shape, and meelah was shocked to see them? Maybe him helping meela controll her powers is having some sort of effect on him? I feel like that would be a reasonable explination, because in the previous pannels i didnt see anything behind him…..

    1. Hmmm, his eyes are suspiciously not shown in this page. But if there was something wrong with them because he is helping Meela control her powers, wouldn’t he have done a magicky thing to them so Feral wouldn’t notice?

      1. Nitroxy Wildspirit

        Yes, maybe, but what if he doesn’t KNOW that his eyes are different? It could have only just happened so he might not have noticed.

        1. I think you guys are onto something. The lack of eyes in all Holland’s appearances here is definitely suspicious.

          Or else it’s a red herring. Never know.

          But I think, out of all the theories posted so far, there being something off about Holland’s eyes is the most likely cause.

    2. But if it was that his eyes had changed why are feralye’s not shone in panels 2 and 4?

      1. Nitroxy Wildspirit

        Hmm… well that’s a good point, but maybe the creators simply did that because he had his head down so it would take less time to not make them at all rather just do a tiny section of them… plus, every time Holland was included in a panel, it almost seemed as if they made a point to not include his eyes. BUT I’m not a genius and this isn’t rocket science so forgive me if I’m wrong. ^-^

  25. I have to say, during this whole Mella and Feral hug, I think I speak for all of us, that we were all Holland

  26. I have to say, during this whole Meela and Feral hug, I think I speak for all of us, that we were all Holland

  27. I’m guessing that it’s shock over it having been “a few days.” Not only that they would sacrifice the time to care for her – knowing she’s demonic – but also that Holland continues to be so casual about the whole thing.

  28. I thought that bird in the third panel had a weird green horn 8) . My guess is that her dreams of Mal and Yuen have become more than dreams, and are appearing in real life now, like hallucinations.

    1. I agree with you, but that’s a leaf.

  29. Ha Feral gave up and just patted her back. It still amazes me that they can fit all the stuff they have into only three bags

    1. Nitroxy Wildspirit

      So true, I’m very curious about how they aren’t pulling their hair out by now … ah well they are very talented and I appreciate the fact that they are making this for us. ^-^

      1. The creators said once some time ago that there is actually a magic spell on those bags. Think of them as being like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag. :D

        1. yep! bags of holding…
          LVL 4
          weighs 50 lbs weather full or empty
          cost 10,000 Gold
          can hold up to 1,500 lbs.

          or spell “pocket dimension”

        2. in …D&D 3.5

  30. I don’t think she looks scared so much as shocked, as in “Holland, what happened to your eyes?!” shocked. Or maybe Feral’s doing something odd that she never thought she’ll see, like the chicken dance.

    1. Thanks for that visual. XDDD

      Y’know, it’s a good thing Feral (and the other characters, too, really) can’t read our comments. I can’t count how many would have especially mortified poor Feral.

      1. Nitroxy Wildspirit

        Lol oh but if he did I would want a picture of his horrified face! xD

  31. I finally found out what I have been missing my whole entire life…STRAYS!


  33. In other news, this whole demon form finally appearing thing finally made clear Meela’s reason for “needing” that cap. Most of the theories at the time were centered on memories of her brother, but, as we now see, it was in preparation for this situation.

    Props to her for learning how to plan ahead! :) Now if only she could find a way to alleviate Feral’s obvious suspicion . . . .

  34. oh and jae isn’t viseral korin

  35. I’m betting Feral said “what”…

    1. Dude, he can’t talk.

      1. I think that was the point.

      2. But yeah, he can’t talk.

  36. I think she’s accessing dreams in the waking world, fueled by her own recent demonic awakening. If so, she’ll probably slip away into a trance to everyone else on the next page. What do you guys think?

    1. I acutally think that makes a lot more sense than my theory. And the backround is kinda changing too. I can see that meela isnt looking behind holland, so either meela is seeing things, or something is wrong with holand directly.

  37. ok, either Meela is seeing things (demon powers activating), someone new just showed up (Jyaku) or she’s shocked about how much time has passed. My bet is on her demon powers.

  38. Holland has pretty boots. O_O want…

  39. it could be possible it was feral…well because its a FANTASY comic so um-hm it could be possible

  40. Love Strays and looking forward to reading more ^^

  41. I think Holland, as you can assume, said what due to Meela’s stare, but I don’t think it was directed to his eyes. I understand that his eyes aren’t shone, but maybe that was to throw us off. I think she could be looking at the guy with the mask, oh shoot I forgot his name! But anyways, I noticed that a bird tweets whenever that guy comes so….. Can someone refresh that guy’s name to me? It’s like Jayraku or something….

    1. You mean Jyaku I think.

  42. So if Holland HS magick healy powers, why doesn’t he heal Feral’s throat so he can talk?

    1. Maybe Holland’s powers has limits? Feral seems to have this wound for a very long time now and I think went they met, Holland was rather young, thus not as powerful and knowledgable as he is now.

      Tl;dr: Holland probably can’t heal old wounds like Feral’s :3

    2. Healing magic can only do so much. Sometimes the damage is too extensive to be fully repaired.

      Different wounds also have different levels of difficulty – for example a laceration is much easier to heal than a burn because of the nature of the damage.

      1. But Visceral (spelling?) uses magic to talk when he’s a cat. Why can’t Feral do this too?

        1. The “magic voice” is actually just a projection of a real voice. Feral doesn’t have any voice at all to project, so he can’t speak with magic.

    3. Maybe you have to know how a wound is and how it’d be reformed before you can actually heal it? Or maybe spells are specific to healing and not removal of scars and mutilated body parts?

      1. I think part of it is that Holland was young when they met.But my theory on that is that Feral’s throat healed all by itself.I don’t mean that it healed ‘correctly’.
        Just that magic cant fix a wound that’s not really a wound anymore. : o

  43. I think Holland can only heal certain wounds that are fresh like mary-chan said, but maybe Feral’s wound was too severe that Holland could only do so much. He also was younger and not as powerful or had as much knowledge as he does now…. I mean he couldn’t speak, so you can assume the wound was severe or already scarred. I think Holland can heal wounds that are fresh of deep and healing on their own… I guess it would depend on how deep it was though, I mean I know if a person walked up with a deep wound or was bleeding badly, he would not be able to do anything…

  44. maybe, Meela is looking scared because Visiral killed Jaiku & has him draped across his arms… walking proudly into the glen with this “Now, I can kill you” grin…

    of course Meela’s mom randomly showing up is more likely…

    1. >_< …almost :)

  45. Will her horns still be on her forehead from now on? :o

    1. Yep, those are permanent.

  46. I have this sick feeling that Visrial just popped up and stabbed Feral ono

    Meela is looking over Holland’s shoulder, sees it, but he doesn’t know since Feral is mute and wouldn’t have made any noise if taken by surprise.

  47. If you look back on the page, you can see a bird…. I noticed a bird on another page awhile back when Holland went to talk Jyaku about Meela’s dreams…. Ler me find the page so I can prove it. But anyways, I think Jyaku is coming with his mask and that might set her into her first daydream flash back, and finishes the dream about Mal and Yuen meeting Jyaku.

  48. Lovely page, as usual!

    The bird was a welcome addition to the forest scenery.

  49. After spending the last few hours reading the archive: this might be one of my favourite webcomics – and I read a lot of them

  50. I’m gonna guess she’s seeing auras?

  51. Oh snap! What now? What is it? What happened?!

  52. Maybe it’s her missing brother, we know for sure one is dead by what about the other one?

  53. I’m guessing that that is Piper!

    1. Piper’s no one new, so probably not.

  54. feral will be like her dad :p well he is kinda her dad already

    1. He’s more like her big brother than a dad.

  55. I guess it could be holland but what is he saying what? about

  56. I’m stop Making me suffer O_O

  57. I’m gonna die plz I can’t wait another minute

  58. my birthday is coming and I’m gonna buy stuff from the store probably and I wish they had strays birthday decorations

  59. I finnaly realized that she wants the hat to hide her horns.

  60. panel 1 :What was that about?

    panel 2 :*pat pat*

    panel 3 :*tweet tweet*

    panel 4 :hhhhhhhmmmmm

    panel 5: What are you two hiding?

    panel 6: Nothing!!! Nothing for you to worry about, just gona hide under my hat, for no reason at all!!

  61. Come on, she can’t hide her horns forever.

  62. Ohhhh, is that why she bought the cap? To hide the horns?

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