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  1. Oh Meela… I love your expressions…

    1. Dat face! XD

      1. Dat Cat

        1. DAT CAT!!!!!!!

  2. Lol at the last panel

  3. He is affronted at the very thought of it.


  4. Way to be subtle, Meela.

  5. loool XD look at Feral’s tale bristle, can u say OFFENDED??

  6. Or maybe she is right!

  7. I feel like an idiot for just getting this now but… they’re eating the guy, right?

    1. Ew! No! It’s some game Feral hunted down!

      1. Sure it is. ;)

    2. Lol that’s pretty funny right there

    3. I was thinking the same thing

    4. you just made my day, lol

    5. I thought they were eating the guy as well. Considering the slightly shifty look Feral had when she asked him about where he got game at this hour.

  8. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    The last panel is the BEST! I LOVE Meela’s expression.

  9. I thought they were eating him too. Great minds think alike, no?

  10. I almost wonder now if Feral is reacting out of “how did you know?” instead of “of course not!” what with current theories… just a thought…
    Meela sure knows how to ask those awkward questions BLUNTLY

  11. Feral’s tail frizzes totally shocked.

  12. I love how Meela is holding the food like a squirrel would hold a nut, in the last pannel. xD

  13. When I first read that I was like “I have no idea what that means but he doesn’t appear to like the idea… XD”

    Now I know though hehe :P

  14. what is a demon lupian?

  15. “are you a demon lupian?”
    well, meela, it takes one to know one.

  16. Umm? In the first panel is it just me or does anyone else see that the food seems to be sticking to her face? How?

    1. You mean the big piece in her mouth? Or the little piece on her cheek?

  17. this is my second read through and it’s just worse now. my heart cant take this

  18. I love their expressions when she says: “Are you a demon lupian?”

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