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Sorry, Holland's not gonna help you outta this one.

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  1. Oh Feral :3

  2. AWH MY HEART! that’s… Just to adorable. Highlight of my day right there (:

    1. Facts ^-^

      This is probably my favorite page out of all of them =*-*=

  3. Awwwww… :3
    Such a touching and funny moment!

    Lol, poor Feral. If only he knew how much that doll meant to Meela.

  4. HAHA I TOLD YOU GUYS HEHEE! Just had to wait a little longer. So adorable >u<

  5. Oh that is just glorious. Feral’s expressions, Holland’s expressions, Meela and Feral hugging. :3
    *pop!* that is the sound of my heart exploding.

  6. thats so cute!!!!

  7. Translation…
    Feral: Why the heck is she crying?! I NEED ANSWERS! HOLLAND!!!
    Holland: It’s okay, don’t worry about it~! This is a good thing!

    Lol, perfect reunion! ^_^

    1. i wish i can like the crap out of this comment

  8. lol feral’s expressions: HALP MEEEEE!!!!

  9. Oh my gawsh! Kawaiiiiiiiiiii! Head asploding! Head asplodin *asplode!*

    Dis is so kyuuuuute! Called it! Called it!

  10. Feral’s face on the 6th panel is PRICELESS.

  11. Totally enjoy how Feral’s tail is frizzing :D

    My favorite page!

  12. OMG the expressions in this one XDDD

    1. Panel 1: Bleh.
      Panel 2: Oh… My.. God…
      Panel 3: It’s.. it’s… BEAUTIFUL :'(
      Panel 4: WHAT THE HELLLL
      Panel 5: Oh myyy ♥
      Panel 6: GET HER OFF MEEEEE!
      Panel 7: Oh, get a room you two ♥

  13. HOW dare you give me exactly what I want >B”T

    Take some quick sloppy fanart.

    1. Wonderful fan-art, Sky! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Omg Feral’s Face! XDDDD
    But awww, he did such an adorable thing.


    Eeep <3

  17. Lmao Holland reacting like a real mother goose there while feral turns to him in panic lol

    1. Well, he is a goose…SO FUNNY!!

      1. Actually, Holland is a swan

  18. Oh my baby D:

  19. HAHAHA i love how holland is just like “awwwwwee” and ferals expression! Too funny and cute!!!

  20. It would be adorable if he hugged her back

    1. Adorable, but rather out of character >.>

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        Not necessarily. I mean, they’ve been together for a while now so you can say they’re kinda close. Also, he’s being hugged by a little girl who is crying for seemingly no reason, ran away last night, and ended up killing a man before they found her and took the injured pup back to camp.
        She’s been through a lot. Feral might just give her a hug; at least a little pat on the head or something!

        1. I don’t think he’s confused; rather, he’s realizing that if he wanted to get rid of Meela, this just took him a few steps in the wrong direction.

        2. Given how he searched for Meela in a panic after she disappeared instead of going “Good riddance” and continuing on with his day, I don’t think getting rid of her is tops on his list anymore.

        3. I agree ^^ I wouldn’t be surprised if he hugs her, simply for lack of a better option.

        4. I can also see him kneeing her in the stomach if she continues for much longer… although that is not what I Hope would happen :/

      2. Well, if he kinda looked down at her for a second then just*pat pat* on the back with an unsure look on his face is what i am imagining.

  21. The last three panels are pure gold. XD

  22. Oh my gawd there is so much blissful adoration for Feral. So cute!

  23. I love how this is too much for Feral, and he’s all like “HOLLAND, WHAT IS GOING ON I DON’T UNDERSTAND?!” and Holland is all like “Don’t worry brah, you got this!”

    I’m still not sure why I imagined Holland saying “brah”, but it just fit the moment so well…


  25. Thats just way to funny!

  26. <3 <3 <3

    Best page ever!!! :D

  27. Best. Ever.
    That seriously just made my day!

  28. Snowtail the Khajiit


  29. I love the way his tail just puffs up, poor guy wasn’t expecting all that.

  30. Ferals reaction is the reaction of a everyday man. I just loves Holands reaction. It reminds me of a loving mother that knows all. This webcomic is just absolutely amazing. I love the story and the art is just the best. Waiting every friday for this is worth it.

  31. My day is made!

    I have a stupid grin on my face, I just know it. xD It’s gonna end up plastered there all day now!

  32. Ahhh that just killed me a little! In a very DAWDORABLE sort of way!

  33. Love Feral’s face!!

  34. Her faces have no price! XD

  35. That is just too cute and awesome!

  36. Nearly crying at 9:30 in the morning. ‘Cuz Feral. And Meela. And Holland. ‘Cuz unbearable cuteness.

    Mmhm. Just another Friday in the life of a Strays fan. No biggie.

  37. I love how Feral’s tail gets all puffed up in the fourth panel, like, ‘OHMIGOSH, CHILD LAUNCHING HERSELF AT ME, HELP, WHAT DO I DO, HOLLAND, WHAT’S GOING ON????’

  38. Oh my word I can’t even take the facial expressions in this panel. XD Feral is all like “WHAT DO I DO CHILD AFFECTION?!!!” and Holland is like “NO THIS IS BEAUTIFUL CONTINUE WHILE I GET POPCORN”

    1. Ack, why can’t I “like” this????????

      You said it perfectly lol!


  39. This is the most adorable thing ever!!! My heart is fangirling so much. Thank you til the ends of the earth for this lovely page.

  40. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    This is so beautiful!!!
    When I read the authors’ description of this page, I thought for SURE it was going to be Meela that Holland wasn’t going to help. As in, angry Feral demands explanation for crazy crap that happened and Holland was leaving poor Meela to fend for herself. This is a MUCH better turn of events! So fantastic! Feral, PLEASE hug her back, and thank you for bringing the doll! :D

    Omigosh FERAL’S FACE.
    I missed this kind of comedic interaction. XD

  42. Feral’s fce <3 Omg <3

  43. awwwwwww so cute!

  44. Feral’s face, Holland’s face, meela glomp…. -dies of laughter and cuteness-

  45. This is straight up adorbs. Like, totes adorbs. Totes McGoats adorbs.

    Heh, McGoats (which brings up the question: goat/other “livestock” people in the world?)

  46. Feral: WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS!?

    Holland: Oh, don’t mind me continue~.

  47. These three last panel didn’t make my day, they made my whole week brighter. This is so cute and funny. Feral is so confused and Holland is so cute. xD

  48. This is by far my most favourite page EVER! I love it!!! <3

  49. That’s how you dodge an angryferal bullet.

    1. If you can’t outmean ’em, outcute ’em!

  50. This is one of my favorite pages to date!! Well done!!!!!!!!

  51. Hahah Feral is like: Can you HELP ME OUT HERE? WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?
    Holland: IT’s okay, enjoy the moment!

  52. haha xD Aww Feral’s face… “Small /crying/ female. WHAT DO???” :D

  53. Oh please, let the next page be him hugging her back and meaning it…. my heart will explode then!


  55. This page!!!! So much cute!!!

  56. This page is absolutely… cute and hilarious! I particularly love Holland’s face, those stylized expressions are one of the things that I most love of this comic ^^

  57. Awwwww! That is so cute ^_^ I love Feral and Holland’s expressions

  58. Aww, I love the expressions and motions (does that word work…?) of the last two panels so much! :3 You did them very well and it was a good time for some cheeriness. Is it a sign that things will go back to normal for a little while?

  59. Oh my gosh Holland and Feral’s faces! Best facial expressions so far! I think we’ve all made those faces at some point

  60. Words cannot express how much this made me laugh and go “Dawwwwwwww!” at the same time. This page is a MASTERPIECE!!

  61. Feral is so wonderfully expressive. I love this comic SO much.

  62. Oh, I love this page. XD

  63. …great, after all this awesome cuteness… I have to return to my real life. ( bawls for hours)

    great job girls! <3 ya!

  64. OMG, Feral’s face! SO. CUTE. Possibly the best panel ever!

  65. Ahahahaha! Oh wow, perfect page. Those expressions are priceless!

  66. Oh my. Their faces! > v <
    The feels.

  67. ahhh i love the way his tail puffs out when he’s startled

  68. I went straight from ‘D’AWWWWW’ to ‘Watch your hat, watch your hat, watch your hat!’

    1. well, with how mela is feeling/acting, this might just be the perfect time for her hat to come off… maybe.

  69. He is never going to be able to get rid of her now. It like with wild animals, once they know you have food they’ll never leave you alone. Now that she knows for certain he has a heart she’ll follow him to the ends of the earth.

  70. You make me happy.

  71. This page is so full of WIN and D’AWWW and LULZ! :D

    I can’t pick a favourite panel. Usually I can, but I just can’t this time. THIS WHOLE PAGE IS PERFECT!

    < Yet another fan whose week has been made~

  72. Oh my. The last three frames just killed me.

  73. Hollands face <3 so adorable

  74. And more tail floof! now if only we can see what Holland looks like with ruffled feathers… *evil grin*

  75. Is it just me or does Feral’s right eye look yellow instead of his normal green. Just wondering (Panel 4)

  76. Holland ships it!

  77. OMG!! I’M ON THE FLOOR PISSING MYSELF!!! XD XD XD OMG I LOVE HOLLAND! Its like he just think “I totally shipped them from the start!” LOL!

  78. I posted this to Facebook because I like using the word “interrobang”, and it resulted in one of my friends shotgunning the archive. I don’t know if this speaks to how awesome my friends are or how awesome your story is, but I opt for both. Thanks for bringing such wonderful moments!

  79. ah I love that face that feral has! hahaha~

  80. omg, so cute, ferals face is like “wtf do i do shes touching me and…shes soggy, holland hellllpppp meeehhhh”

  81. Wait a minute….Where’d Meela’s bandages go?!? O.Oj

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Holland healed her face, methinks. X3

      1. yeah… he does a good job of healing…

  82. OMG sooooo cute!!! This just made me so happy!

  83. I grinned so hard my cheeks hurt! XD

  84. Bubbling Mud Heads

    Oh sadness, you only update once a week…… sigh, if only you weren’t such an awesome webcomic…..

  85. Best. Page. Ever.

    That is all, damn it.

  86. Why don’t you guys live stream anymore? Dont you know that’s how I cheated and looked ahead? HOW ELSE AM I SUPOSE TO FEED MY ADDICTION UNTIL THE NEXT UPDATE !?!!

  87. ok I totally know what feral feels like and it is damn awkward.

  88. The Knight In Dark Armour

    i just love how freaked out feral is. it’s so cute! ❤

  89. I HAVE FOUND A PATTERN Feral dislikes tears :P

  90. Maybe it’s just because he’s mute, but I get Link vibes from Feral, especially during these more comedic moments.

    1. Haha, that’s so true!

  91. If Feral is going to pat her on the head and not give a hug. I hope he doesn’t feel the horns under the hat… (O~O)

  92. This is touching because meela thought feral might be upset with her, instead he brings her childhood toy. She must feel a lot right now lol

  93. D’aaaw!! Feral’s all like, ‘WTF?!’ And Holland is all like, ‘So sweet! Don’t worry about it!’ Great nonverbal expressions drawn! As always, an excellent page!

  94. Weird, the new one is up on Tapastic before it’s up here.

  95. Feral’s face hahahaha

  96. This is like the most adorable page in the history of the universe. XD

  97. HAHHA OMG SO CUTE <333

  98. OMG holland is like: just let it be! =^.^=

  99. GAH! I’ve been away from this comic for WEEKS and this is so CUUUUUTEEE! <3 Oh Feral~ ^.^'

  100. Great page. There are not a lot of comic pages that can truely make me smile, and this one, with it’s hilarious and touching facial expressions really did it! Making one of your main characters speechless is tricky because you have to rely so much on emotion in order to portray what they’re thinking, and you two pull it off flawlessly. Keep up the great work!

  101. Somebody make a gif out of that last panel.

  102. I like the dialogue that’s not really dialogue.


  104. OH MY GERD feral’s like “What is it doing!” and Hollands like “Let it happen its cute!”

  105. Hahaah Holland in last panel KAWAII!!!!

  106. So, I went searching for the page when I caught up to the story. This page was it. Ah, that horrible day when I had to start waiting for updates >-<

  107. Oh my gosh! Holland is killing me! He is so kind and loving and then Feral–GAH! Meela is so sweet and cute I feel like crying and laughing at once during these scenes. Best webcomic I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading–And I’ve read quite a few but Strays is my absolute favorite. If it ends well, I’ll be buying it all for sure! Keep it up you artistic geniuses you!

  108. So that toy grew giant……..

  109. So that toy shrank……..

  110. Feral’s Face! That needs to be a button!

  111. Haha Holland’s and Feral’s expressions are priceless XD

  112. Feral’s like “What…the fuck.”

  113. That’s a bit of frizz you’ve got there Feral ;D

  114. If Feral could talk, what would he say to that?

    1. he’d probably whisper, “the hell do i do!??”

  115. this is my favorite page ^-^

  116. I love this so much omg

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