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I've been looking forward to the next few pages. I hope you guys like them.

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  1. Oooh, Holland. True, but poor guy anyway. ;-;

  2. Yay more transformies! 8D
    and if you are excited, then I’m excited! What’s next in store >u>

  3. Why do I have a feeling Visrial will make an appearance soon?

    1. Visrial is DEAD. did you not read the beginning of the chapter?

      1. No he’s not… That was Korin. Visrial is the cat-guy.

        1. Weelll… he’s actually a panther-man, but who cares?

        2. Panthers are a kind of big cat.

      2. Visrial isn’t dead… did YOU read the beginning of the chapter?

  4. Holland and Jyaku are like a singled couple xD

    Jyaku: No, this time its your turn to look after the kids. I had them last weekend!

    Holland: (ヽ `д´)┌┛★)`з゜)

    1. Oh… Bloody yes.
      You made my day.

    2. My God yes. That’s so great.

    3. Radioactivepoptart

      OMG! YES!
      That completely made my day <3

    4. omg yes XD

    5. Totally xD Take your invisible-not-facebook-like! *like*

      (the last Holland “dialogue” was epic xD)

    6. Nobody important, only knows where your house is >:)

      Don’t tell me that, or my yaoist senses activate. :D

      1. >_< I knew something like this would happen soon. I just thought it'd be with that mama bird comparison…

    7. I “like” this comment.
      I +1 this comment.

      This comment deserves a medal for making my day.

  5. Feral-wolf has been spending a lot of time scent tracking lately.

    Panel 5, Feral: Every day I’m snufflin’. /dance

    1. HAHAHAHAHA yes!

    2. *falls off chair laughing* PRICELESS!!!! Thank you for causing that hilarious image to appear in my brain! XD

    3. Lol, that is so great!

    4. I think he should find something such as family photo then suddenly visiral shows up and BOOM more dramaaaa

    5. Allen Swordweaver

      Sniff Sniff!

  6. I’m wondering how well this is going to go when Feral starts to realize certain things.

  7. I wonder if he will find something out. Like he sees a family photo and sees meelas dad and how he is a demon.

  8. Oh Holland.
    He shocked me by snapping at Jyaku like that.
    What will Feral find in the den. Another dark spell maybe?

  9. snuff snuff snort…

    Also… I think that’s the cave Meela grew up in… the table…

  10. yes finally i love this book

  11. Oh dear, what will Feral find?

  12. Awww Feral searching for her bag, that is such a big-brother thing to do. Cute! :3 Big Tough Bro Feral to the rescue. He would totally beat up the bullies if Meela was in highschool. XD

  13. ‘Nother good page! And yes, I am excited for the next ones :3

  14. …Santinka…you just made my day…but how did you get out of my book?

  15. Does that cave still have the spell on it? To alert people when someone goes in? Or will Feral get other memories from gong inside? I wonder…

    1. Korin snuffed it out when he arrived to find Meela. I imagined he set it to alert him specifically and now that it’s spent it shouldn’t be a problem.

      1. Yeah, and he’s dead now, so it won’t alert him even if it is still working.

  16. T’will be interesting to see what Feral finds.

  17. I love Feral’s wolf form. ♥ I really wish they’d be in their animal forms more often, rather than just when it’s necessary.

  18. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Ahh! Holland and Jyaku, don’t fight!
    Feral, you are such a good brother-esque guy! But what will he find in Meela’s family’s cave…? Something to trigger his memories…? I hope so! We need to start getting some answers here! We’re entering that stage in the story….

  19. Yay! What’s going to happen next?

  20. I like the ‘snuff snuff’ sound! XDDD

  21. Are Holland and Jyaku related? They have awfully similar faces.

    1. I think that’s just artist style; they’re completely different species (bird vs deer)

  22. So many enjoyable comments for this page. :D :D :D

    My vote for what Feral finds is her diary. Either it’s going to fall open conveniently to a crucial page or else he’s going to purposely snoop through it to confirm/allay his suspicions about her.

  23. Feral makes me think of FeralHeart and FeralHeart makes me think of rping and rping makes me think of…*gets onto laptop and rps on FeralHeart*

  24. OMG!! Just spent most of today reading this! Its sucked me in. Now I’m at the point where I wait all week for an updates for the rest of my life.

  25. The way you draw wolves <3
    I hope to see their animal forms more often

  26. Let’s get some things straight: Even if Holland is evil or just overly suspicious, he is really friggin’ hot. Same with Jyaku. And Feral, well… He won’t admit it, but he really does care for Meela. *cough* not that he could admit his care for meela but *cough*

    1. wait, Holland might be evil? tell me more

  27. Woah. They actually got MAD. *shock* Whod’ve guessed? Well, at least they’re worried about Meela. And I hope that something happens to Feral when he goes into the cave. Preferably something good :)

  28. Yay! You guys got funding for the cintiq :D congrats ^_^

  29. Ut-oh. Nothing good came come from entering that cave.

  30. uh oh. What will Feral find (except her bag)? o.O

  31. omigod I cannot wait if I do I gonna…


  32. Ah ye, Wolf Feral!

    He is so prettyawesomeful!

  33. i <3 dis comic!!! jyku (hope spelled right) what was that other matter that you couldnt watch meelah? *glomps* NO KILLIES MEELAH *whispers to feral: or i bring out da iron pipe*

  34. *glomps feral**

  35. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH ITS ALMOST TIME!!!! I can’t even sleep on thursday nights anymore cause I am so excited for the next page!!!


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