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Yes, Jyaku, keep talking.

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  1. O 3 O Meela is a special pup. <3

    1. Yay! Meela is going to learn to microwave peoples’ brains!

      1. Lol, seriously couldn’t have worded that any better. :D

        1. Nah, sounds right to me XD

      2. Bahahaha! Too bad that bounty hunter guy is already dead. She could’ve made him dream horrifying torture each night til he went insane and threw himself onto his own weapon!

        1. well she can do that to Vassal (panther guy)… one can hope :D

        2. *Visrial

      3. rofl. That sounds about right! :P

  2. I love Jyaku’s face. He is so placid compared to Holland’s exuberance and Feral’s sullenness.

    1. Hahaha! Agreed! He’s like a midway point between their personalities!

  3. That is the coolest ability!
    I love the concept of it, I can’t wait to find out more~

  4. LOVE the last panel, VERY nice minimalism.

    I started cracking up when he said she was a dream catcher… My mom collects those and the image of Meela’s head weaved into one had me rolling :P

    1. I guess you can make a dream catcher with Meela’s theme

  5. I like how you really draw the faces of the characters differently. Like Jyaku has a big nose for example, and it’s repeated in every panel, so not a random mistake.

    Most artists try to draw every face perfectly or exactly the same. It’s nice to see someone that doesn’t.

  6. Yayyy, more explaining! Oh, how I wish this would update more often…

  7. “Are you a demon lupian?”
    How did she know that, you ask?

  8. Rare color in her Mom’s eyes, it’s neat and awesome that she has a cool factor too.

    1. But what will Feral do when he sees her? The anticipation I’d killing me.

  9. also, in the second panel, young yuen looks so cute, like glitch from the gamercat comic.

  10. well, this explains a lot.

  11. This is such a beautiful page…. <3 <3 You all are so wonderful, thanks for sharing. And I want to know more!!!! It seems like the more we know, the more we don't know! Argh!

  12. Jyaku my body is ready

    1. Please tell me that’s a completely innocuous FE13 reference. If not, I’m with Not Me.

  13. I just love how while explaining all this, Jyaku has this almost deadpan like face.

    Also, woah.

  14. ok this explains a lot, but why is Feral denying that he knows of the dreams? 0.0

    1. I don’t think he remembers.

  15. Oh, Jyaku, from the side, you look even beter, stop doing that, I don’t need more blush on my face.

  16. Ahh, this is a very nice looking page. ^ ^

  17. Aaaaagghh!! That last panel!! Super cool. You girls did a great job in making a action-less, dialogue-heavy page still very interesting. Especially the last panel. It’s killing me. Where’s Feral? I want to look at him again.

  18. Ok, deer boy, stop talking about Meela and start on Feral’s past.

  19. Can we have that last panel as a wallpaper?! PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE?!?! It looks so awesome! New vote incentive!!

    1. Yes, please, I would make the my wallpaper for life! (or one of them since I use slideshow)

    2. KaelinaLuvsLomaris


    3. Yes! Please! That would be an amazing wallpaper! I also like the 3rd panel for a wallpaper, but thats just….Keep it up girls! I love this comic!!

  20. One word to explain this page… Any ideas?

  21. Whoa! Cool gift, Meela! XD Waiting (im)patiently for the next page!

  22. Hmmm…. would you care to elaborate, Jyaku? Particularly about the part of the ‘darkness in Feral’?

  23. I wonder if he’s got himself a tail or not…ouo

  24. I just keep loving how this comic develops. Its so awesome. <3

  25. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    EEK! Please, more, more, more! Don’t you DARE stop talking, Jyaku! We need to know MORE! GAH!
    I really love the last panel! I second the idea of that panel as a wallpaper (vote incentive…. :D )
    And I love Jyaku in the second to last panel. He’s attractive in a different way than Feral, and they are both attractive in different ways from Holland. BUT THEY ARE ALL VERY ATTRACTIVE! :)

  26. Tiny Feral in that second panel! OMG! Too cute!
    Also, Dream Catcher, thats cool.

  27. So we’ve worked out, that Meela dreams of Feral in her sleep. That what she dreams about are Feral’s memouries. She has these dreams becuse her and Feral are linked~ throught their DARK SIDE~. *muhaha*

    What we don’t know is, how she got this power?

    We know that Meela’s father was a demon and her mother was a bounty hunter. And Meela may be a dream catcher, but where could she have gotton this power?

    Is it beacuse of her mother’s strange blue eyes or is it something she just developed after meeting Feral??

    PS. Amazing job on the page like always….
    PPS. Don’t stop talking Jyaku!!!!

  28. oh man
    pls tell me that development of her power is a thing that will happen :l
    it sounds so cool

  29. Hollands looks so SAD in the 4th panel

  30. I love the dream catcher concept.

  31. I love the third and last pannels. They are so great.

  32. Why do I have the feeling we are about to find out some more answers via Meela’s dreams? We almost always get a flashback scene when she passes out.

  33. Omg this comic is awesome! the story, the art, everything! I want to know more!

  34. The thick plottens…

    1. ::huggs:: I love witty repartee…

  35. I love so many things about this page and this comic, but as we find out more information, I can’t help but feel sad. As questions start to be answered, the end gets closer. And I love your art and storytelling so much, that that’s hard to face. Great job, guys! =)

  36. Dat bond between meela and feral is so AWESOME

  37. I’m pretty pretty sure that Feral is also a kind of a demon. But I don’t want to expect, so, I’ll wait to next friday!

    1. And Im pretty sure, also, that Ferals teenage girlfriend is Piper! We all know that!

      1. Feral is a normal Lupian, but he gained demonic powers through the mark on his hand (i.e. the ability to absorb others’ magical energy).

        And his girlfriend as a teenager was a Lupian. Piper is a Vulpian. It’s impossible for them to be the same person. They do have features in common, though, which may explain why Feral has a natural attraction to her.

  38. Really? o.O So she actually could watch other people’s memories and dreams as wll?

  39. I’m just waiting for Feral to walk in on them talking or over hear something and all hell breaks loose and and things start escalating and spiraling out of control LOOL

    No but this is awesome, some serious character development here ;u; wwwwwuuu I can’t wait to see if Holland trains her for it, or doesn’t tell her and stuff.

  40. “Dream catcher” sounds AWESOME! I’m glad we finally have an explanation for all that fun stuff. And I did suspect she was connected to Feral through the demon stuff.

  41. So… Meela is Professor X?


  43. Wait. There’s something Holland didn’t know!? D:

    In all seriousness, though, this is a great page, and yay for explanations! It’s wonderful to finally be able to understand how all these dreams came about. I look forward to seeing how she develops this ability. :D

    Also, someone earlier commented on a Meela-themed dream catcher and that would be awesome. I mean, one for every character, in the shop. They’d be more expensive than the other merchandise, but still, I bet they’d look amazing.

    1. I want a Holland one with swan feathers and blue beads <3

  44. Is it just me or does anyone else find page 9 suspiciously similar to the last panal. We all know Korin killed meela’s brother but that doesn’t mean he killed the rest of her family and to me that silhouette doesn’t look like Korin but more like one certain bounty hunter we know, hmm?

  45. Also I’m still curious as to how that old man new meela, is that ever going to be answered?

    1. I have no doubt that it will be answered. Unfortunately, we were given very little information to go on. All I can guess is that he was maybe a friend of Rollin’s and was helped him find a way to hide his demon features (or hide in general from bounty hunters). Hence how he knew of Meela’s bloodline.

      As to your previous comment, I went back to look at the page. There is certainly a very real possibility (or even probability) that it was Feral.

      I’ve been thinking it over and some things that didn’t quite make sense to me before do now. For example, the fact that the killer wielded his weapon with his left hand (Feral is right-handed) and was apparently able to defeat Rollin with little to no injury. It occurred to me that he probably held the sickle in his left hand because he had used the mark to absorb Rollin’s energy, which would also explain the easy victory. It also occurred to me that he didn’t necessarily get out of the fight completely uninjured after all (he might have just seemed so because of adrenaline or something). Which may mean that the fight with Rollin and Connor was the source of the injuries he had when he met Holland. This might also be the source of his memory loss (or perhaps it’s memory suppression? Trauma can do that). Of course, they could just as easily been from the event that led to his getting the mark in the first place.

      Also, it might have been absorbing all that demonic energy from Rollin (while being completely inexperienced and thus unable to control it) is what made him go psycho to begin with.

      Orrrr it was Mal and not Feral at all. Hey, you never know. (I don’t actually think this is the case, though.)

  46. The last panel is so epic.


    1. Your id pic…..GAMERCAT!!!!

  48. Off topic but not sure where else to post this…
    Last week I got my copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 – thank you so much they are awesome. Once I finished reading them I added them to the Goodreads website for book lovers. If any of the information that I added is incorrect I ask that the authors please contact and let them know what needs to be updated.

    Free advertising for your books!

    Keep up the awesome work!


  49. I love this! This is my new fandom thing. Now every friday Ill be running to my computer to see the new panle!!

  50. uh… thank you Dr Quin?

    Seriously, let her be awake to hear it! Poor girl’s confused enough! And Feral… I wonder if he’s in any position to judge? hmm…. HMM??

    >_>; O_O

  51. I really feel like the characters’ info on the characters tab needs to be updated, seeing as Meela isn’t 12 anymore and the drawing style has changed…Also goes for the banner up top

  52. The last panel would we an awesome background. <3 Amazing page, by the way.

  53. eee I started reading this when it first came out and I still love it even though it’s been so long since I last read it~
    I just finished reading it up to now and ahh so much //pets


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