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Look who's back.

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  2. Holy win. Deer boy is seriously awesome-looking even without the mask. Gotta say though, I miss the tribal paint. XD Jyaku`s like a special bonus, he pops up all the time unexpectedly.

  3. Jyaku is cute. And awww sleepy meela is adorable.



    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Naw hun, that’s Jyaku. Feral is probably off somewhere, doing stuff. They’re two different characters. XD

      1. They mean in the dreams ^^

    2. what Holland is saying does not prove that Yuen=Feral in Meela’s dream. although there’s a lot of evidence anyway.

      1. In a way, I think it does. Remember she was Yuen back when they were the same age? If they were Mal (or someone else)’s memories, she probably would have seen things from their shoes, not Yuen’s.

        Nothing is confirmed yet; the only way we’ll know for sure is if Jyaku has a flashback of his own to point out who’s who or if Feral’s memory comes back.

        1. that whole Yuen/Mal merge theory is still possible… however unlikely.

  6. Awesome!. Wait was Jyaku’s horns supposed to be mirrored?I thought both little horns were between the two big ones. Then again I might be seeing things…it is like 2 in the morning lol

    1. Actually, you’re right. There is a slight mistake in the left antler that makes it look as if the small one is on the outside. You have a pretty good eye at 2am. I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out! :P

    2. You’re right, it was a goof on our part. It’s been fixed!

  7. -proceeds to mash keyboard with all the frustrastion one can muster- sadzfxgcgvkmncbSTzyxucivluiekideyuig
    Every time a question is answered 50 more pop up!

    1. I think that’s how everyone feels; all this frustration must be what the creators feed on, if they are this good at causing it! :)

    2. Oh i thought you were playing flappy bird lol jk xD but yes it is very frustrating but i shall wait for the next! :D

  8. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Yay! A new page!
    Ugh, now I have to wait another week for another tidbit just as satisfying-and-yet-not-satisfying!
    Well, it is Jyaku-official! Meela is seeing Feral’s memories! (not like there was much doubt about that…) now the question becomes why and how???

    1. Maybe shes actually a succubus

  9. Alright guys, you can stop speculating about whether those dreams were really about Feral or not, as that (rumor?) just got the Jyaku Stamp of Approval

  10. Well…Mella’s dreams are Feral’s memories…That’s an informacion…
    Sorry for my bad english…

  11. last pannel:
    Really, Jyaku? Whatever gave it away? And i’m sure you’ll be more than happy to explain why? but the masters of dramatic cliffhangers wouldnt want that, would they?
    Also, how’d you appear so suddenly without jingling?

    1. He isn’t jingling because he isn’t wearing the long earring thingies on his antlers that MADE the jingling-sound. :3

  12. While I really enjoy this comic and the art . . . I’ve been sitting on a criticism for a while now, one the artists may be aware of, but after these last two panels I just have to say it: there’s a really strong case of same-face syndrome here, and it’s only grown since the start of the comic. Every character illustrated so far (except the old folks) has the exact same facial proportions, and darn near the same features. Sure, there’s small tweaks here and there, but everyone looks like siblings. They all have the same jaw angle, the same sloping yet slightly upturned nose, the same basic mouth shape, the same nostril width. Maybe that could be overlooked if this comic had more of an anime aesthetic, where that sort of non-diversification is tolerated, but it seems like the authors aren’t going for that approach. Between that and the ample illustrative talent in other areas, like background and attention to detail, the uniformity between faces is jarring. Especially between Holland and Deerboy here.

    1. …I actually found this by looking under the anime/manga like tab of a webcomic review site…

    2. I can see what you mean here, the first thought I had when I saw Jyaku’s face was, “he looks sort of like Feral”. But every artist has their flaws, and they’re probably working on that, if, indeed, they consider it a flaw.

    3. Firstly, you have shown your ignorance of an entire medium of another nation. “Anime/manga” are not a genre with only a single aesthetic. They are a medium, much like film or books. There’s a huge range of styles in those two mediums, and only the low quality works would have this “lack of diversification” you talk about – much like art in the West.

      I invite you to play some copy and paste and see if those jawlines match up as well as you think. Because they don’t. And Meela certainly doesn’t look like the sibling of either character on the page, or Feral. In fact, she only looks like the sibling of… oh hey, her actual brother in flashbacks. The noses are also different (though not so much between Holland and Jyaku, but then again, I think there are enough characters that if every single one had a very different nose we’d have to get into some pretty strange shapes), the eyes are different, and if we weren’t on a page where two people are talking very quietly, you’d see that mouths are also different. I guess Piper and Kosher are dead ringers for Holland as well?

    4. I have to agree with Corsen. Comparing the character style now to what it was like in the beginning, almost everyone’s lines and angles have gotten softer and the characters don’t seem nearly as expressive as they used to be, which is one of the major reasons I even started following the comic in the first place. I’d say the most startling change is Meela’s. She’s gone from looking wild and scrappy in her features to round faced and even her eyes have gotten softer.

      Perhaps it’s because we’re in a more solemn part of the plot that the expressions have become milder, but many of the men in the comic look very similar in the faces and even at times, hair styles. Jyaku’s jaw is a bit wider and more square than Holland’s, but I wonder if we lined up Holland, Feral, and Jyaku, as silhouettes without their tails, horns, etc, if there’d really be a way to pick them out from each other. Character design is very difficult and these girls have lives and jobs outside of the comic, so they can’t dedicate every hour of every day making everything just right, and I get that, but the style change over the years has produced some “same-face” results and Corsen, you aren’t the first to say it or notice.

      As of now it doesn’t really detract from the story at all and so long as we don’t have to look at any of them as blacked out silhouettes it’s easy enough to tell who’s who with their colors. And I guess we’ll see how it pans out and how their style changes between now and the end of the comic.

      1. As far as I’m concerned, same-face has kind of been a problem for the entire duration of the comic. Yes, the angles/lines have gotten softer since the beginning, but I don’t think that change has contributed significantly to the same-face issue.

        The “wacky” expressions get toned down as the situations get serious, so yes, there has been a lack of extreme expressions lately.

        Though I have to wonder if, despite these complaints, that if we suddenly changed everybody’s facial structures that that wouldn’t be more of an issue. It could be too startling/dramatic of a shift in how the characters look and mess with overall consistency in the comic.

        1. I don’t know if you would need to do anything drastic, per se. It could be as easy as trying out a wider array of different nose shapes and jaw structures. Pushing features just a tiny bit more may make more noticeable changes.

          Jyaku seems to be older and more matured than young-looking Holland, so maybe all it would take to make him stand out more would be to heighten and sharpen his cheekbones a bit. I don’t know his age range but he looks to be later twenties to early thirties? Meanwhile Holland looks to be in his early twenties so the rounder cheekbones still work well for him. Just a tiny little adjustment could make a world of difference without throwing off your style or the consistency too much.

          I know it’s something you and Algy may not have a lot of time to dedicate to, and keeping a consistent schedule is a pretty tough endeavor on its own, but maybe it could save time, in the long run, not having to answer all of the “who is that?” and “are they related?” questions you guys tend to get!

        2. no touch-y Prince Holland’s just-want-to-squeeze-him face! (…please)

          this is your comic.

          If you change the faces completely to make the few people that are voicing their concerns happy…

          it is still up to you.

        3. It’s completely understandable that the characters are less wacky at this time considering what has been happening around them.

          I find the guys have very similar noses, maybe that’s the issue with the “similar faces”? Their eyes and face-shape usually looks distinct enough to me. :)

    5. organicgreekyogurt

      That is probably one of the reasons why people are always questioning if this person is related to that person or if that person is related to this person.

      1. O_o …some people have thought that organicgreekyogurt?

        I have been reading comics sense Fantastic Four #48 (Galactus’ debut). everyone has their own style.

        I see someones art work and I can tell with 98% accuracy who drew it, be it James Marshall, Jack Kirby, Antonio Prohías, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Mr. Disney…

        the point is that an artist is putting their work out for the world to judge and commend… ”Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.” — Henry Ward Beecher.

        Celesse and Algy… Let your soul SING!

    6. I admit that a lot of faces do look similar in this comic, but that could just be an artistic choice. And there are some differences, although not really in the nose line. The largest differences are eye size and chin shape.

      Anyways, I can’t draw cartoon people to save my life, so honestly, I’m not complaining. As long as you can tell them apart decently, I don’t think it’s a big problem.

    7. It is a problem that I’m aware of and something that I’m trying to work on. I guess it’s just easier to slide back into same-face when trying to get pages out on time when there’s a lot of other stuff going on as well.

      Sometimes it’s unintentional. Holland does look a little too close to Jyaku here. I do have certain face shapes for all of them that don’t always seem to make it into the final art. Meela’s face is V-shaped, Holland is supposed to have a slimmer chin and a slighly upturned smaller nose, Jyaku has a broad chin and large nose, Piper has a heart-shaped face, etc.

      The style has softened since the beginning, but it’s just the inevitable progression of style that happens with all things. It’s unfortunate for those who don’t like it, but we can’t just snap back to the old style.

  13. I might not be the first person to say this but i wanna mention it anyway. Just a theory but, could Jyaku be monitoring Feral because he was the original owner of the demon power and wants to monitor Feral because he lost his memories during the transfer and is not aware of the danger? It would make sense then why Holland and Jyaku are working together, Holland has this ‘i know what you don’t know’ atmosphere around him and Jyaku seems to fee really responsible for Ferals condition. Talking about Meela as a ‘bad influence’. Also, he must have something to do with demon powers because his arm-sign thingie reacted to Meelas demon-magic attack when she tried to escape him…

  14. Well, now we can all speculate if Feral was lying to Meela about Mal or he’s just got memory loss.

    1. Damnit! Stop giving us questions! :-)

    2. True memory loss—maybe even deliberately caused by Jyaku as he seems to know Feral’s past but doesn’t tell him his real name or any other information about it. Holland already mentioned Feral had amnesia, and it seems like Feral would have had a bigger reaction to hearing his original name when Meela brought it up. He also didn’t really react to evil mother/brother-killing goatee guy (forget his name) until the dude recognized him and said “should have killed that pup.”

  15. Jyaku/Meela pls

    1. Be gone from this place, you naive shipper.

  16. Awesome!

  17. Something just occurred to me, or rather it occurred to me a while back but I’m only remembering to post it now: if there are demon lupians, are there demon versions of the other species like demon vulpians or something?

  18. I have to agree with that guy up there… I love the comic, but all the faces look the same.

    1. …I only see it between Feral and Jyaku… maybe I only WANT to see it that way because Holland is so cute.

  19. Nice one, Jyaku! Always comes in at the WRONG time :P
    I was hoping to see Feral back, when it said “Look who’s back.” But oh well. Still a good page, totally worth a Week’s wait.

  20. Is it wrong I envision Jyaku having a Yoda voice? XD

    1. That’s what I thought…I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because he is an all powerful being!! Or maybe it’s just the fact that I like people with Yoda voices.

  21. Jyaku sure seems to know a bit about Feral’s past. I wonder if he’s deliberately keeping it from him—or even caused his amnesia either to protect Feral or protect others from whatever Feral really is?

    1. Anyone else notice the longer the comic goes the more Feral seems to chage. In the beginning, Feral seemed to look a bit like Mal with his wilder hair and angry face, but now his hair is styled more like Yuen and his face is usually more relaxed. Maybe that is why Holland mentioned Meela being good for him.

  22. Jyaku is pretty handsome!

  23. Dayum….He’s sexeh c:

  24. Maybe this is how Celesse and Algy (Forgive me if these are not the correct spellings) are going to reveal Feral’s past and maybe this is why Feral doesn’t remember his past because Meela does! So many things to discover.

  25. Hmm, it’s been bothering me for a while now, but I’m finding that the art is decreasing in quality a little. And I agree with above comments about how they are starting to all look the same. One of the reasons I fell in love with this comic is because of the art and expressions of the characters, but they all look so different now. Holland used to have a bit longer hair and not such a long face. Milla’s head seems to be getting smaller and smaller. I don’t know if it’s because the artists are rushed or something but I’d rather they take longer to make chapters and have the same quality of work as before. The story is still awesome though. No doubt about it. And this is just my opinion, don’t go on a bashing spree.

    1. Who’s Milla? I think you are mistaken. The art has evolved but is still gorgeous. The characters have changed with the style, but a lot of that seems to be pretty deliberate. Meela has not only gotten older but is no longer malnorished so she’s filled out to healthy proportions (making her head look smaller). I believe Feral’s change in appearance is linked to her remembering his past. He’s been looking more and more like his past teenage self the longer she’s had the dreams—including the calmer facial expressions (he looked so angry when the story began). Both the story and the art (even stylistically different) are still excellent. I speak as both a loyal reader and a professional artist.

      1. Asking that question at the start and answering it later on doesn’t make you seem very smart, no offence. You know who I meant. I was playing Tales of Xillia at the time and confused the spelling of their names, big woop. Also, if you were a professional artist, you would see that the differences go past that. Only have to go back and forth and compare. People don’t have longer faces and bigger noses all of a sudden. You are strictly speaking as a loyal fan that wants to stand up for the comic. And I get that. I’m a big fan as well. But to me it doesn’t have the same impact that it did in the first two books and believe it’s because the art is not exactly the same. I also didn’t mention Feral at all, reason being that he’s barely changed. I’m talking about the obvious changes. I will always keep reading this comic because yes, it is excellent.

  26. Yay! Jyaku’s face! Finally! Now where is Feral??

  27. Jyaku looks a lot like Feral. I wonder if they’re brothers?

    I can’t wait to see how Feral reacts to this. I wonder what he’s thinking right now?

    1. Jyaku and Feral are of completely different races–Cervian and Lupian, respectively. It is a literal impossibility for them to be related. Likewise for Holland, since he’s a Lyrian.

    2. Jyaku doesn’t look anything like Feral to me…. maybe a bit like Holland, but Feral? I don’t see it ^^

      (and as Amanda said, it’s impossible anyways)

  28. Oh hey, the guy has a face after all! :Dd AND confirmation that she’s seeing Feral’s memories! Excitement!

  29. Is he related to Holland?! the faces echo….

    1. (which is as good as saying he is quite cute.)

    2. He’s a deer (& a dear :) )… Holland is a Swan… pretty sure the Lady’s mentioned that there was no interbreeding possible…
      Do they hang out a lot? yes…
      adopted? (shrugs) maybe.

      1. yes, I should have taken longer to look before commenting :P
        Now I have…none of their features match except the nose. Which, as it happens, is the first thing I notice of a face.

        so when Feral lost his memories, they weren’t lost… they only left him, and ended up in a form Meela could access? some kinda demon aura holding tank?

        1. “demon aura holding tank?”

          :D you funny!

          right now.. we can only speculate.

  30. Ohhhhh boy!! OHHHHHHHH BOOOOOOOOY!! Ha ha… I’m tired. :P

  31. I love the developments, yes, but um, I think Jyaku’s far horn is layered wrong.

  32. Why is everyone going “FINALLY! JYAKU’S FACE!”? :/ We already saw his face when he spoke to Holland after stopping Meela from stealing the hat in the market.

    Having said that, do all Cervians have such an absolutely impeccable sense of timing, or is that Jyaku’s special talent? :P

    Also, I love the pace of this webcomic. Yes, it means that if feels frustratingly slow when you’re reading it update-by-update, but taken on the whole, it is just the way I love a story to be: starting out fairly lighthearted and having lots of humour, but with hints of the drama to come, before getting into much more serious plot lines and character development (but still interspersed with humour to keep things from getting too heavy). Beautifully done, Celesse and Algy! :D

    1. Oh, and just in case anyone wants confirmation: Jyaku’s face! (and the next page)

  33. And he looks soooo hot. XD

  34. WOOO! Manalope is even sexier without the mask…. ;)


    okay I’m done

  36. Why am I getting the feeling that Feral is like… BOTH Yuen and Mal… like a DBZ fusion gone wrong? And all the messed up energy is what’s affecting Meela’s dreams? :O????

    1. That actually makes some sense, considering Feral has Yuen’s personality and looks, but some of Mal’s demonesk features.

      Not sure how that could happen, but it’s an idea for sure.

  37. You know I thought that it was gonna be Feral who came back, nope its deerboy. Where in the world IS Feral anyway? We have seen so little of him.

  38. Man, deer boy’s ninja skills are impressive! o.O

  39. I CALLED IT I CALLED IT!! (i’m kidding most of us guessed that it was Ferals memories.)
    i just didn’t expect antlers (i mean jyaku) to reveal it.

  40. i will wait patiently *NOT* for the next page…

  41. Right, so we’ve established that Meela is dreaming about Feral’s past…So where is Feral? Maybe he’s still sorting out that guy’s body. The one that Meela attacked, who killed her brother, I can’t remember his name.
    The guy in the last panel: Page 296

  42. YEAH


    1. >_<
      …great, now i'm envisioning Jyaku in the lead role for "The One" thank you!!!!!

  43. Freakin’ sexy beast.

  44. I want to cosplay Jyaku so badly!!

  45. I started reading this today and, OMG I’m so glad they explained it at least

  46. I just kinda swooned over a comic character.

  47. I wonder if jyaku is linked to Feral’s apparent amnesia and wounds [BTW how many times is this now that we’ve seen Meela almost die?

    1. I think it’s only been two actually XD

      And I’m 100% sure he is in some way or another.

  48. wait. Meela got horns after demonifying. Jyaku has horns. !!! What if Jyaku is Mal and Feral is Yuen and Feral somehow accidentally got hurt by Jyaku and that’s why he can’t remember?!

    1. Jyaku has horns because his is a deer species. Meela, being a wolf, does not naturally have horns except for the fact that she’s a demon. Jyaku has them in his animal form as a deer.

      1. thanks

    2. Jyaku is a cervian…. aka deer man. His horns look nothing like Meela’s (or Rollin’s for that fact)

      they’re antlers ^^

      1. I suppose that does make sense, I just feel like Jyaku is somehow involved with the thing with feral. I dunno why exactly, maybe I’m crazy. I guess we’l have to wait and see.

      2. Thank you; I couldn’t remember the term cervian and I’m ashamed at myself for calling them “horns” and not “antlers.” I do know better, I do! I swear!

  49. Cant wait for the next page I’m so excited!!!

  50. how is that ?

  51. i just realized the top left corner of this page is a little wonky. might wanna edit it a little before you guys print this chapter.

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