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  1. Hmmmmm… Is Holland… A DEMON SWAN???

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      That mental image though.
      If we assume that all demons have horns, then no, Holland doesn’t have any so isn’t a demon. But if they don’t have to have horns… XD

      1. What if he is using his magic to hide them?!?!?! (gasp)

    2. The horror! I’m serious! NORMAL swans are evil enough! A demon one would be terrifying!

      1. When you say demon swan, all i can think about is an angry goose.

      2. Seriously swans are evil….but pretty lol ive been attacked by on before for no reason. So yeah a demon one would be cool !

      3. I was attacked by an evil swan once, when I was a little kid. I seem to recall my normally reserved mother nearly kicked back into the pond…

        1. Im dying of laughter over here XDXDXDXD

        1. What is that thing???

        2. I totally didn’t go and read that whole comic after seeing that post…. totally…

        3. I remember you from Offwhite :3

        4. <3 Red Tails Dream. We even bought a print and book from them.

      4. If I were to list everything that had attacked me, a majority of the list would consist of the feathery creatures called birds…they tend to be territorial, and don’t like people, lol. But I’m not going to call them evil…just my adversaries, lol. I argue that Swans are not evil, just that they tend to hate people (mankind does have a history of making enemies…). I’m mainly taking my time to make this arguement here not just because I love swans, but because recently I watched YouTube videos where black swans were FEEDING the koi fish in their pond…it was freakin awesome. (I did a little reading, and it may have started by accident, but clearly the swans are having fun feeding the fish.) If a creature takes care of another kind of creature where it benefits them little to none, I’d have trouble saying that creature was “evil”. (That said…I’ll probably never go within striking range of a Swan, since unfortunately I’m one of the species on it’s hit list… ^_^;)

      5. Aw, I wouldn’t say that. There was a wild swan I knew that would walk right up to you and eat bread out of your hand. I think he was used to humans though. Plus he didn’t seem to have a mate or nest. Poor guy.

    3. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

      Thank you so much for this beautiful mental picture!!! LOLZ

    4. He could be a goose. those things are vicious.

    5. I was wondering if anyone on here would be able to recommend more webcomic series? Preferably PG ish ones that I can read at work. Thank you!

      1. A Redtail’s Dream ( and Off-White (some blood in this one) (

        Off-White is on a brief hiatus right now; updates are usually every week or so. The hiatus should be over soon, the authors are just working on a short motion comic at the moment. A Redtail’s Dream if finished, so no waiting for that one!

        1. Thank you :) I started and finished what is out of Off-White and I love it

    6. Now that you say that it kinda makes sense. Meela’s father wore spellbound artifacts that concealed his demon-like-ness. And that got me to thinking that when we first saw Holland He was wearing a hood and was looking for the necklace… *GASP* That swan necklace could be an artifact to conceal his true self!!!!

  2. I’m not sure if that’s Jyaku’s hair or red marking on the side of his face.

  3. …..O_O Uh oh. Holland better ‘fess up.

  4. Yaaaay! Meela’s eyes are back to normal!

  5. Third panel….
    Holland looks so hot i just cant even

  6. Okay Holland, but how can you do that- where did you learn to do that, what secrets is hidden behind that sweet mask-!?

    Haha, I have noticed that many have been a bit suspicious about Hollands cute behaviour from the start-

    But whatever intention he has and so on, I really doubt that he will ever hurt Meela- but you know what, you never know what will happen in this comic~!

    1. IrittatedMiniRant

      Like this!! This is a great comment about Holland being awesome but with more substance to it than “look he’s hot”! More like this please !!

  7. Those horns though. :’3 Where’s feral? And her hat?

    1. Her hat is on the pillow next to her.

      1. Blah, it’s early. Meant next to her pillow.

    2. And her bracelet. I haven’t seen it in a while.

  8. I just thought, Would it not be cool if the masked guy…. What’s it’s name… Was Meela’s MOM!? After all… She didn’t necessarily Die! She just vanished! But then again… Everyone refers to it as a boy… Oh well… I guess we will just have to se if it unmasks itself… Unless someone knows.

    1. We’ve seen Jyaku without his mask remember? :P

      1. I know… Oh well :P

  9. Lol, i remember when people were calling the antler dude a she, hurrhurr.

    1. :) Really!? :) now it doesn’t seem so farfetched!

      1. ….No, still far fetched XD I think that was the point of the comment. We’ve already seen Jyaku and confirmed he was a he.

  10. What are you really up to Holland? You better not be lying to Meela.

  11. I thought jyaku was a deer. Hmm.

    1. he is a deer, his mask is a bull

  12. The third panel makes me laugh so hard!
    Oh, and poetry!

    I could’ve helped you, you know,
    I would’ve slowed the grow
    of fangs and horns so sharp,
    you wouldn’t have to show.

    Wait a minute, wait a bit,
    I’ll heal those cuts of yours,
    and soon there’ll be no trace of it,
    that pain of yours, it will be gone.

    You don’t need run off again,
    hiding it there is no gain,
    we’ll help you bear the pain
    no need to run in vain.

  13. I love Hollands face in the third panel. He’s such a nice older brother. LOL

  14. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Holland is the best! Not only is he attractive, he’s also caring and mysterious. And powerful. Never forget powerful! I hope we learn the truth behind him soon… We’re in the last volume, right? :(

  15. Holland you’re so adorable. Very much like a big brother to Meela

  16. What are you hiding holland?! >:3 Demon swans unite!

    1. ::huggs:: happy valentines day! – i hope it’s happy!

  17. Why do people keep saying that Holland is a demon swan? His animal form is normal, without any of the dark energy, and he certainly doesn’t have any horns! Seems to me that he’s pretty normal…

    1. People seem to be assuming that he’s a demon because he can help her control it… not sure why they’re jumping to that conclusion.

    2. I was just joking actually. It is suspicious he knows how to teach her to hide her demon side, though.

      1. It likely has to do with Jyaku. Recall that marking he has on his arm that allowed him to block/absorb the magic blast Meela threw at him without injury (also, the implication in Meela’s last dream that he was able to defeat Mal’s magic). It seems fair to assume that Holland knows about it and perhaps even knows how to apply it (or at least can ask Jyaku to do so).

        If not that, then I must conclude it’s a simple matter of his being a prince with way too much time on his hands who likely has read a lot of books about magic and such. And, given his stance on half demons and the like, has probably read books about them as well, for political reasons. It’s natural that he would know more about it than Meela.

        In fact, it might just be that he knows the very enchantment that was on Rollin’s artifacts and can apply it to something of Meela’s himself, like her bracelet.

  18. Lol, I love how he’s wagging his finger at her. And his expression.

  19. About Meela’s bracelet, her brother gave it to her and was rather insistent that she keep it on her person at all times. Remember how protective she was of it? I wonder if her bracelet was one of those artifacts of her father’s that she was telling Holland about…

    1. Wow, you might be right. It seems like a magic artifact, anyway, and Meela did say that her father wore it originally.

    2. I thought of that, too, but Meela specifically states that she doesn’t have any magical artifacts. Given the fact that she knew about Rollin’s, I think it’s safe to say that Rollin/Tannor explained the whole business to her clearly enough. If that had been another artifact, one of them would have told her so.

      Really, it’s just superstition on her part. Rollin gives the bracelet to his son, then he’s killed. Then Tannor gives it to Meela and dies. Now, Meela is convinced removing the bracelet is a death sentence. That’s all there is to it.

  20. Daw….Hollands such a nice guy.

  21. Holland! Why didn’t you volunteer this information sooner? Then poor Meela might not have felt she had to run off.

  22. no idea why, but im suspecting the stag head is meela’s father o-o

    1. Um, no. Her father was a demon Lupian, and she gets her demon traits from him, so Jyaku can’t be her father.

      1. Seems to be a rite of passage for every character for someone to speculate they’re Meela’s father.

        1. Yes, even though we know for a fact that he’s dead, along with her brothers. We’ve also seen Jyaku without the mask (in the marketplace) and he looks nothing like Rollin.

          *shrug* Ah well. C’est la vie. :P

        2. I know right… *gasp* What if Piper is Meela’s father!

  23. Holland is so dang suspicious :/

  24. I wanted to buy a T-shirt, but can’t D: Anyone else having problems buying on the international one? It won’t let me because I don’t live in a state… x___x I live in Norway…

    1. International supporters must send payment via PayPal. The information is in the description.
      Unfortunately, with only 6 days to go, I don’t think any of the shirts will be funded enough for print.

      1. Aw, that’s too bad :( I donated some money via paypal anyway ^^

  25. I’m new to strays, and I finally caught up to the currant page, and I’m quite disappointed that I have to wait until Friday to see what happens next. But it will sure be worth the wait!

    1. yes, yes it will :)

  26. If I were immortal, Meela, I would take care of you if you needed me. Since I would be immortal, you could not kill me. therefore I would stay be your side.

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