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Woo, 300 pages of Strays! Here's to another 100 more. First person to translate Vihki's letter gets a cookie.

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  1. Congrats on the 300th page~

    This page conveys so much emotion… And I can’t wait to see what happens with Jyaku next!

    1. Wait!
      We cant assume it’s Jyaku just because he’s a cervian with a mask on.
      I’m holding my horse on this one.
      Good horsey.

      1. i was reading that comment and was literaly about to type the same thing the mask could be passed down through the family or it could just be highly coincedental

  2. 2nd post!

    1. And it’s Jyaku! This just got even MORE interesting…I didn’t think that was possible!

  3. I feel bad for Vihki D:

  4. Yay for 300 pages of win! Oh man Mal, you power hungry wolf man..xD

  5. Something tells me we might be almost upon the incident that gave Feral his scars and red eye+dark powers…. (Namely comparing to page 152 when Holland recalls first meeting him.. similar shirt and Feral looks around the age he’s here) Makes sense as to why Jyaku knows Feral and is familiar with his problems (and Holland knows probably via Jyaku about Feral’s past (Jyaku = witness) since Holland knows Meela is helping Feral “get better”)

    Can’t wait for next week! (How much you want to bet it’s switching back to the present? CLIFFHANGER)

    (Btw, Mal no wonder your name sounds like “bad”, you always are into bad things and make bad decisions. Let’s see how that seals your fate.)

    1. Knowing that “Mal” is a french word for evil, then yes. xD

      1. Spanish, Catalan, Esperanto (malica), French, Galician, Haitian Creole, Italian (male (dialect is way different)), Latin (malo), Portuguese

        …that’s about all I can think of.

  6. congrats on 300 pages!!! so exciting!

  7. Feral is so adorable. AAHHH can’t wait for the next page!

  8. I could be completely off, but the top part looks like it might say “I miss you! I miss you! I miss you!”

  9. 300 pages?! Wow I didn’t really noticed I’ve been so wrapped up in the story. Congrats!

  10. Jyaku is a mystery man who holds all the answers
    If only we get the answers he holds

  11. Jyaku, it’s always Jyaku. He seems to be connected to everyone in one way or another…

  12. Looks like Mal is going to bite off more than he can chew and poor Yuen is unfortunately dragged in for the ride. :(

  13. Lmao I don’t know why, but when I just glanced at the first line of her letter, I thought it said “Would you like a bun? Oui!” XD

    Although, I’m guessing its, “I love you, I love you, I love you”? :P

    1. Ahaha, it does look like it says that. XD That would be hilarious. And prove that she is completely insane for answering her own questions. Or maybe trying to give Yuen some lessons in French. Pfft.

  14. I translated her signature XD

  15. Because I can only just about read it:

    “I miss you I miss you I miss you!
    ep you co home
    on! is too t
    thought you e
    a write em oon”

    Give me a better view and I can do it all :P

  16. “I miss you! I miss you!
    I miss you!

    I hope you come back soon! life is too quiet
    without you here…

    (I don’t know what the Pesh’t’kah this means,
    the speech bubble’s in the way.)

    -Vihki <3

    P.S. How's Mal doing?

    1. oh, wait nevermind. it’s
      “Please write back soon.”
      guys, you forgot the character for “Ba” in “Back”.

      1. Actually it’s “Please write me soon. ” ;P

        1. How can you tell?
          To me it just looks like symols…

          Good job with the 300 pages guys ;)

        2. Yeah how did you translate it?

        3. @DarkAshelin i’ve been writing in viking runes as a hobby since i was thirteen.
          my method’s pretty easy. find a piece that’s already translated, arrange the original text and the translation line by line, word by word and then cross reference the characters. the ancient lupian text is a bit difficult because some words were written as one character like the words ‘so’, ‘be’, ‘to’, ‘he’, ‘we’ and ‘me’.
          once i figured that out, i started looking for other characters that looked like two individual characters merged together.
          in fact, Mal’s name is written as the merged characters ‘M’& ‘A’ followed by the single character ‘L’

        4. Do i get a cookie? :P

    2. Just an fyi, pesh’t’kah is actually a curse word in this world (visreal used it a ways back). But like you said vihki is actually saying write me soon in this instance

  17. aw shnap it’s jyaku this is gonna be cray-cray

  18. I wonder if this is before or after Jyaku met Holland….

  19. oh no is this possible when he lost his voice and his memory

  20. Ohhhhhhhhhh crap. O_O

  21. When are you going to do next double update?

  22. I must have missed the actual page that officially says Yuen is Feral, but if so: this might be the fight to show how he got his red eye. I remember Holland meeting Feral when Feral’s eye was bandaged……

  23. Dundundun

  24. This probably won’t end well… poor Feral’s talking to a brick wall. :(

  25. “Alright.”

    “Time to smuggle some kids with mah cape.”


    1. Maybe he found the hobbits and ‘borrowed’ the cape

    2. Obviously he was coming from Lothlórien.

      1. Best reference! Maybe it’ll make him look like a rock to Mal….

        1. A very deadly rock.

          Now that we know Jyaku has an elvish cloak, he’s even more unstoppable than before.

  27. Two words: OH SNAP.

  28. I got my books today but I got the wrong bookmark…

  29. Okay, I went back and looked at page 152 ( ) and my mind was blown. See Mal’s ‘hawk there in the top panel? Now look at Feral’s hair in the bottom one on 152. It’s looking to me like a Mal-Feral fusion is actually a possibility, something I’d never thought plausible before. And notice that Holland doesn’t actually confirm that Feral was alone? Jyaku might have been there, or maybe what was left of Mal.

    1. Regarding the hair thing, it just seems rather unlikely that a fight would result in his hair being so incredibly similar in length. It’s probably either intentional, or a result of something strange.

    2. I’m starting to wonder if Jyaku fused them to try to stop Mal. Yuen and Mal are kind of like ying and yang, Mal wants to fight everyone, and Yuen is more peaceful. Fusing them together could cause like a sort of balance they both lack.

      On another note, vol 1 and 2 came in the mail today and I am ecstatic. I read both, and have stored them in my closet with the rest of my books. They have been added to my collection.

      1. That actually sounds pretty plausible, but the fact that mal is listed as a character and yuen isn’t makes it clear to me that yuen has to be feral, especially considering how much meelas dreams center around him.

        1. I definitely think that Jyaku has something to do with how Feral is who he is now.

          Theory 1:
          My first thought was Mal attacked Jyaku with his power, but since Jyaku is so powerful, he rebounded it and it either hit feral, or feral jumped in front of Mal to protect him. Thus causing Feral to absorb this energy/dark magic that Mal has.

          Theory 2:
          Your theory is quite interesting Bekah,
          I never thought a Mal-Yuen fusion would be possible, but you never know. This would explain why we haven’t seen Mal yet, and like you said why Holland only said that Feral was ‘maybe’ alone. Though it could also mean that Jyaku might of still been around. I have no idea but its pretty cool to think about it.

          Idk…this just got a whole lot more interesting again! Celesse and Algy, you both keep me on the edge of my seat every week reading this, both of you are so amazing!!

        2. A fusion of Mal and Yuen could create a “new person,” which could be why Feral didn’t recognize the name Yuen or anyone else when Meela asked him about it.

  30. Guys! Guys! What if… what if… what if Mal…is Meela’s Dad?! I mean, the guy keeps changing his hair, so she wouldn’t recognize him just yet. Plus he’s got the whole negative energy whatever going on. And you KNOW something really awesome/gut wrenching is about to happen! It could happen!

    1. But we already learned about Meela’s parents a few chapters back

    2. ….it could happen i mean meelas dad did “dissapear” and nothing was heard of him and it didn’t really say why her dad was a target of her mother…but anything could happen

    3. We saw Meela’s father and mother already. Remember Rollin? He he has white hair; he’s not Mal.

  31. I know what’s going to happen already in my head… everything makes sense now!

  32. My heart ;-; my heart is breaking! From this sad Vihki and Yuen relationship ;-; On another note, looks like were are going to get into some more revealing events! Unless, you know, Celesse and Algy decide to troll us and go back to reality after this page.

    1. “troll”? …you don’t enjoy the story?

      1. I think s/he is just making a joke :P
        It would be awfully agonizing to get this close to answers and then lose the opportunity–not that the authors aren’t free take that route, but people are going to have feels.

        1. …ever watch an American show called “Lost”?
          …after watching that the girls have a long way to go before i’m agitated by “jumping around with the story”
          … I have much patience for such things, now, thank you J.J.Abrams!!! ;P

        2. It was a joke, I don’t think I or the original poster would actually be -angry- if the girls chose to take them right back to the real world. ^^;
          Although no, I haven’t seen Lost OoO; is it so trollish?

  33. Maybe Feral couldn’t remember that his name was once Yuen because in the ‘incident’ where he lost his eye and got the strange powers/Holland found him, he got amnesia or something? That’d be cool.

  34. Yay!!! 300!!! Congratulations! I can;t wait to see what happens!

  35. Ah man it’s the deer guy!

  36. I think we are about to witness quite a load of plot, and I don’t mean the anime/manga type of PLOT.

    That is, unless Algy/Celesse decide to have us continue guessing by throwing us out of this dream state. If anything though, this is probably where Feral gets really wounded before meeting Holland.

  37. Never steal from a deer, just…don’t do that. They have powers. I’m betting Jyakua is controlling some kind of power that is to strong for Mal to control and he’s going nuts in the pages to come. (If we get those pages.) Explains why Jyakua wants to keep a close watch on Feral, they’re going to transfer some power that should’ve stayed with it’s deer owner.

    alsdo, a compliment to the writers, best cliffhangers ever in this comic!

  38. I predict that Mal will get whooped by the mysterious deer-man.

    1. Well, considering Jyaku is still alive and kicking in current pages, and that Mal is dead for all we know…I think that is a forgone conclusion.

  39. Awesome, i really want to see what happens! c:

  40. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Ohhh… Answers are SO close! But I think we will have to wait a long time still…. Congrats on 300 pages!

  41. Wow, great :)

    …and congratulations to 300 pages.

    *looking forward to the next updates*

  42. Congrats on 300 pages! :D

    Since we know for a fact that Jyaku has a mark (at least in the present time) that basically is able to absorb dark energy, Mal is clearly screwed. In a way, I feel sorry for him. He is frankly an idiot and now he’s going to pay the price for his idiocy and arrogance. If only he had learned how to listen when he was younger, eh?

  43. Yeah, Mal, let it go. Jyaku`s around in the present…and you aren`t, as far as we know. You`re screwed, man.


    1. you make me laugh ::bear-hugs:: :D

  44. I bet this isn’t a flash back from Feral… We’re in Meela’s subconscience-dream while she’s out cold. Which means we wkn’t get a definitive answer to if Feral is Yuen and what happened to either.

    1. am i the only one who see’s the similarity?…oh well that is a good thing

  45. I feel sorry for Feral/Yuen, being gone so long and having to watch/try to coral his friend who is obviously losing control.

    + am i the only one who thinks that the pic of Jyaku is HOT!!!! < he looks like he's doing a sexy walk :D (melts)

  46. *face::palm* Mal, you’re an idiot… *bounces* Can’t wait for the next page!!!!!!

  47. feral was about this age when he stopped speaking and got beat up

    1. actually i dont know feral was 19 when it happened because if you look at the charectors it makes sense holland was ten and he is curenttly 19 so 28-9=19

      1. I think Holland was younger than that (he looks 6 to me), and he did mention that Feral was ‘really scrawny as a teenager’ so he couldn’t have been 19 already

  48. The plot thickens!!

  49. i think when they go home or if vihki will be over yuen. vihki will be dating mal or some one else.

  50. Ooo can’t wait to see what happens…but I think we’ll have to wait longer than friday since what I saw on the livestream had Meela and Holland but who knows we could be in for a surprise the livestream a never give enough away to tell anything after all!

  51. Wow. I just found this comic and I have to say it is awesome. On the level of two kinds and Goblins. Congratulations on your three hundredth chapter! And here is to three hundred more!

  52. I’m calling it right now. Meela is Mal’s child and she inherited her demon powers from him.

    1. well…that was straight up but im starting to believe this whole mal and meela father daughter thing it could be true some doubt it but we all know that Meela’s father was a target for her bounty hunter mother. Nothing is really known WHY he was a target in the first place. I mean he wore a bandanna surelly that’ll indicate the fact that he was hiding horns evil things. Mal may have grown them over the time period. so it is possible

  53. Remember when Feral drained Visrial’s energy. It was like another side took over, the red eye side… Mal’s influence or Mal himself?

  54. I want to cosplay that deer!

  55. Hmmm… I wonder if Mal is Meela’s father? And having a run-in with Jyaku turned his hair grey?

    1. I don’t think Mal could be Meela’s dad. I haven’t looked back so I can’t tell for sure, but even with gray hair Mal doesn’t look like her father.

      Their personalities also differ greatly. Mal is power hungry and almost out of control, not caring what others say to him as what his actions bring about. Meela’s father on the other hand is very caring, and thinks about what he does. That is proven by how he deals with Meela’s mother. He’s very in control of himself and is able to outwit her every time she tried to kill him. He’s very protective, and takes good care of his children, excepting the incident when he was killed. He wouldn’t leave them behind to look for their mother as well, showing that he knew if he left there would be consequences.

      It is possible that Mal could change, but it seems like a very drastic change, and one that wouldn’t be made easily. There could be a chance he’s Meela’s father, but it seems very slim to me.

  56. ugh its bugging me so much the overlapping speech bubble

  57. Nope, this won’t end well.

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