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  1. The Flaming Squirrel

    Feral… kill this man. And then burn the remains.


      1. No! HE NEEDS TO DIE!

        …but maybe a few questions first…….

        1. Interrogation isn’t necessary. DEATH IS!

        2. how about a slow, painful interrogation, and then death!

        3. If he interrogates the assassin, he might find out about Meela’s wolf curse thingy! PLEASE NO INTERROGATION!!!
          but I think it’s gonna happen

        4. Simple solution – Death by interrogation.

        5. Death… is only the beginning.

        6. “Suggest we melt his brain using projectile acid fish, then interrogate him. *beat* Other way round.” – Strax, Doctor Who: The Snowmen

        7. He doesn’t even deserve death. For killing him would mean to end his suffering.

        8. Tourture is better

      2. Not that Feral could interrogate him, being mute and all… Holland?

    2. No dont kill him. Let him lie their in agony. And then just before he bleeds out or suffocates smash his skull in!

      1. Uhh…

        Should I be scared of this fandom?

        1. Maaaaaaayyyybe……

        2. No need to fear us unless you piss us off and turn us into wolf demons. ;)

        3. this is exactly what I was thinking

        4. Yes, you should be afraid of this fandom.

        5. Well, I hope I won’t get too crazy from this fandom.

          Oh, and Feral, cut off his other arm, then wal-


        6. Be afraid,be very afraid.

      2. Yes, I like this idea. :3

      3. Orrrrr… heal him. THEN, flay him, coat him in lemon juice, seal that in with honey, and stake him out on an ant hill. Cast a spell on him that ‘broadcasts’ the image of the ants eating him into his brain, so he has to watch himself be eaten alive. >:}

        1. O_o

        2. Uhh…


        3. Lets add some needles being slowly driven through his flesh that are coated in salt and rubbing alchol. :D

        4. I am laughing my head off at this conversation

        5. But soak him in lemon juice beforehand.

        6. *looks up, realizes he didn’t bother to read

      4. *there

    3. lol, but i don’t think feral would survive the interrogation.


        1. we knew what you meant… ::huggs:: Merry Christmas!!!

    4. WHY ARE YOU ALL SO VIOLENT! Just put him somewhere he can’t hurt anyone and then forget about him…

      1. He’ll probably die in a few minutes anyway. Arm ripped off, jugular torn open… It’s already over for dear Korin ;)

        1. They live in a world of functional magic. They would be fools to trust in “obviously mortal” wounds.

        2. Holy shit, the comments. Anyway, I say tend to Meela while waiting for him to die, then leave him.

        3. i would dance on his face and make him eat dirt THEN kill him :D

    5. actually i think it’d be more interesting if Feral found out his own way because there are things he could do to Meela if he finds out…possible go on a rampage. Trigger her curse even deeper so deep it might not be cured… Besides would Feral even believe that guy..a stranger who almost tried killing Meela the little girl who made him open up more after the more time she spends trying to cheer him up?

      1. OMG the amount of comments in this one post LOL.

    6. Feral’s going to kill Korin with a multitool! Cool! :P

  2. OMG FIRST?! (Not that…I normally comment)
    Anyways, thanks for the new page. Amazing, as usual. =^_^=

  3. …Oh no… I think Feral is going to find out something about her, as this is the second guy who said something about that…

    So what I can take from this is, is that some people really want her dead, and that old man from forever ago knew about this, and was telling her to get out while she could, because she is more sought after than she might have realized.

    1. Finally, all that refreshing paid off, forgot to put this in my earlier comment.

      Also, CRAP… I took to long to comment, otherwise those guys wouldn’t have been ahead of me…

    2. Oh my word, the old man!!! *goes to read to see if she can figure more stuff out*

  4. HOW THE HELL IS HE STILL BREATHING?! Ah well at least he won’t be for too much longer.

    1. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!! When I read this I was like, “… How?” :P

    2. Don’t forget…Feral survived the same thing happening to him. Lupians may just have thicker flesh protecting their jugular, considering how often they fight with their teeth.

      1. …m a y b e .

      2. That’s a pretty good conclusion there. Who says they don’t evolve like animals?

        Then again, that does indicate mass killing of the frail…


  5. Did Korin just officially prove that Feral is Yuen/Mal?
    AND WTF HOW IS HE ALIVE?!?!? His throat is slashed so wouldn’t he be unable to speak because of the damage to it? Holland’s expression in the third panel o.o

    1. Yuen and Mal are two different people (I’m pretty sure)… just fyi.

    2. well, that’s why the text is screwed up, because he’s having trouble speaking.


  7. Oh my goodness gracious…

    1. OH SNAP! (see what I did there? xD)

      1. Yes. MWA HA HA, you so clever. ;P

        1. Oh thank you! :D *bows*

  8. I can’t believe that guy can still talk. If nothing else, he’s choking on his own blood

    1. And that’s most likely the reason why there are those “hrk” sounds in red XD and that blood/saliva drop coming out of his mouth on the seventh panel XD

  9. OH FERAL! Your expression is tearing my heart to BITS!

    Probably not the best thing to say Korin. Definitely not the best thing to say.
    Feral’s just like “Yup. You’re dead.”

    1. T_T I just realized that I have to wait a week to find out what happens. *sob*

      1. i feel ya…

        1. *goes to cry in her corner*

        2. May I join you in the crying corner? *sniffles*

        3. I’ll bring some tissues for us weeping people.

  10. Gahh!! dangit the suspense is even worse than the last page! I’m dying from it… aaaand now I have to wait a week to see what happens. Oh Feral looks p*ssed. Korin really should not have said that.

  11. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Oh God. He’s still alive? Those wounds….should have killed him awhile ago. Jeez….Feral, please kill the poor guy. A mercy killing, as it were. He isn’t recovering from that, not without magic.

    1. Y would u want to show him mercy he’s a killer as well and hurt mela (don’t know how to spell) he deserves a slow and painful death hanging upside down slowly bleeding to death in a tree

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        I say to show him mercy because even murderers don’t deserve something like a slow, torturous death. He didn’t even really do anything especially heinous! Think about it! Yes, he killed people. So did Feral, whom we all love. Yes, he hurt Meela. Who is to say Feral won’t when he finds out what she is? Are we going to give Feral “a slow and painful death hanging upside down slowly bleeding to death in a tree” if he ever did that? Or even just for killing people who may or may not have even been bad people?
        I love all of you, my fellow Strays fans, but seriously; Calm down. You guys are getting so vicious you forget how to write proper English.
        I’m just sayin’.

        1. empressofmelnibone

          OMG. Now I’ve seen everything. A person on the internet with common sense. It’s so rare nowadays.

        2. empressofmelnibone

          Now I’ve seen everything. A person on the internet with common sense. It’s so rare nowadays.

  12. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Oh God. He’s still alive? Those wounds….should have killed him awhile ago. Jeez….Feral, please kill the poor guy. A mercy killing, as it were. He isn’t recovering from that, not without magic. I’m still trying to figure out how he is even alive.

  13. Wow… So apparently the whole debate about who Feral is… It’s cleared up in my book. Obliviously he is the son of Mal and the chicky

    1. Wah?

      I thought Feral was Yuen and Mal was his friend.

      1. Same here I thought he was yuen.

        1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s Yuen also…

          And maybe since Mal has the hand scar thing that he called a “gift”, maybe Mal died and when he was dying he gave the “gift” to Yuen and maybe if Mal died in a fight it could have been when Feral got scratched in the throat causing his muteness… This is just what I think so far, still don’t know what tricks and turns the story is going to have. :P

    2. Flameear… if you truly believe what you posted…
      please re-read the entire comic… you’re missing a few gaps man.

      1. It’s hard to know who’s who. Mal has Feral’s hand thing, but Yuen has Feral’s face. *GASP* MAYBE MAL’S SOUL GOT TRAPPED IN YUEN’S BODY!!! …… okay, probably not. XD

        1. (but I do still think that Feral is Yuen)

        2. If I remember rightly, Mal’s symbol was on the opposite hand as Feral’s.

        3. Ohhhh!! It was!! I think… *goes to check* Yup! Opposite hand. :)

        4. hikariangelwings

          O_O you got it right…

    3. Flameear, I like your theory there of Feral!
      I would never have thought of that…

      And how is this guy still breathing??
      I think we’re gonna find out the truth about Meela and Feral very soon ;)

  14. Feral kill this man right now. -hands Kirin over to feral- thank you. -gets a chair, popcorn, and soda- this is what he deserves.

    I wouldn’t be eating popcorn and drinking soda while watching. It’s more of a joke. So don’t think I’m some odd person who would watch somebody’s death for fun.

    1. Korin. Stupid auto correct.

      1. well Kirin are more cuddly than Korin…

        ::hugs Kirin::

        1. Maybe. -pokes Kirin- ok you haven’t killed us….yet.

        2. I’m tempted to draw this Kirin. XD Even though I’m not good at drawing. :P

        3. Er… Who/what’s Kirin? A fangirl made alternate not evil version of Korin?

        4. Lol. It’s Korin’s alternate/twin. So have fun. I am ok at drawing not that great.

        5. No, it was a typo I made.

        6. …you guys need to get out more…

          Kirin dot com = answer

        7. I’m thinking of Prussia (Gilbert.) again. I didn’t know that was a real thing. Lol.

  15. Yeah, keep talking Korin. Trigger some memories for Feral/Yuen. Remind him how you killed both of his parents. Give him some more reasons to finish you off, go for it. ;)

    1. …thinking he’s gonna tell Feral that Meela is a demon…

      after that wound & he’s still alive I don’t think there is any room for a “mercy killing”

      …he’ll pretty much survive, so at this point it would be murder.

      1. feral is a bounty hunter. don’t think he has an issue with that.

      2. Korrin survives this hes gonna spend the rest of his life fearing 12-14 year old girls.

      3. He may, but there has to be more reason he’s alive than that, because I’m sure Feral can piece together Meela’s a demon pretty quickly already. Really hoping At least a little shard of memory hits Feral from this. It really looks like he is starting to recognize Korin.

  16. I know that Korin is probably talking about Meela, but it is funny that his last words can apply to Yuen too.

    Other than that, I am loving the page.

    1. He might actually be talking toward Yuen, honestly, it’s one of my thoughts anyway, and then Feral is just taking it as him meaning Meela because he doesn’t remember being Yuen. ._.

      1. ;P you get the Gold star!!! ::hands him a foil gold star::

      2. oh my gosh you’re right o_O after reading your perspective anx going back to the panels i see it now. thank you so much :D

  17. I’m going to EXPLODE from terminal suspense!!! Feral, interagation before killing!!! You know this!

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Hard to do when you don’t have a voice. XD

  18. Called it.

    Well, not really. I just read author’s comments and based my assumption off of them. But still. Called it.

  19. how the heck is that dude still alive? not gonna be a problem much longer tho!

  20. twenty_fifth_night

    love feral’s face after korin speaks up. korin’s all like ” h-how are you alive” and feral’s like ” scuse me, do I know you? I don’t think so.”

    1. twenty_fifth_night

      also love how the website thinks i’m posting at 1:59am, when it’s actually 10:49pm here still. totally got the webcomic earlier than expected, booyah!

      1. twenty_fifth_night

        sorry, 1:39am.

        1. Same here. It thinks I’m replying earlier than I am. About maybe an hour.

        2. Later. Sorry. Right now it’s only 4:14 and it thinks I’m doing it at 5:13

  21. Twenty-fifth, the website logs posts in its local time zone…

    But yeah, I can’t wait for next week!

    1. Yah. So hey if you’re not in the same time zone…you can time travel! -hops in TARDIS and grabs sonic screwdriver along with bow tie-

      1. Yesssssssss!!! :D

        1. You can be my companion. Allons-y! (Combination if 10th and 11th I needed the bow tie to be recognized).

        2. Yes!!! I would totally be your companion!! XD We shall go on daring adventures together~ AND RULE THE UNIVERSE- ha ha, no, sorry, let’s not be the Master, Skittery. Bad Skittery, bad! :P

        3. I think we will get along. -starts TARDIS up- where would you like to go?

        4. Yah let’s not be like the master. -shudders slightly-

        5. Wibbily wobbly timey whimey.

  22. Feral lost his memory at some point.

    I’ll bet my good foot.

    1. I say its suppressed memories and am willing to put my right hand on the line.

      1. definitely with you on this one Heyoceama & I’m willing to put my di-, wait I don’t have one of those….
        …maybe a pinkie.

        1. Umm… Maybe…. Maybe my immortal soul….that I…don’t have?-tries to sound normal- Not too keen on losing anything.

        2. well i hope you find your soul & answer to all of life’s questions ;P

        3. Funny. One of my friends said something very similar.
          Me: my immortal soul.
          Her: what soul?
          Me: exactly.

        4. …that is truly sad …I was serious.

          Duncan MacDougall (doctor) – look him up.

          ::holds your hand:: i’ll be here after you are done reading.

        5. I’m joking. It’s a joke between one of my friends and I that I have no soul. I do though! Don’t panic!

  23. Does anyone else think the knife is for nonviolent reasons? To me, it seems a bit OOC for him to kill Korrin.

    I know he pulled a knife on Piper, but there’s a difference of threatening an able bodied able to run person with a knife and killing someone lying on the ground, choking on his blood.

    Then again, Korrin did say he should have killed Meela, or at least that’s how Feral interprets it.

    How the hell do I find this heartwarming?

    1. Feral already killed an old man on very little evidence just because he’s a mark, so I can see him killing someone because he threatened Meela :P

    2. Meela’s like his little sister! When someone says that they’d like to kill your sibling, YOU kill THEM.

      Don’t worry, I find it heartwarming too. XD Feral’s face makes me wanna go cry. :(

  24. Does anyone else notice Holland’s face in the third panel?

    1. Lol.

      “You sure you don’t- wtf?!”

  25. The look on Hollands face in the third panel says it all “How the fuck are you still alive?”.

  26. Is Korrin gonna be granted Joker invincibility? I kind of want to see him get his ass kicked just a bit more.

  27. Holland`s face xD

  28. *whimsical guess*Maybe Holland will cure Korin so they can interrogate him :P

    In reality, I did think that Korin’s wounds where THAT severe.

    Holland’s face on Panel3 is just HY-STER-I-CAL!

  29. Actually, what he said could be:
    “I should have killed Past Pup In The Dream (sorry, not good with names) right away, since now that pup is Feral, that helps that demon Meela” as well as:
    “You should have killed Meela right away, she’s a demon, you’re making a big mistake (and it seems hunters have a moral duty to kill demons, since everybody assumes Feral is dangerous to Meela and better not know the truth)” or
    ” I should have killed Meela right away, before her powers awoke”.
    And I don’t think the knife is for killing him.

    1. Me neither. It does seem OOC… At the most I think Feral will do one of those “knife pressed against throat” thing, then Holland or Meela’ll speak up or something.

      1. Eh, at this point, I don’t think Korin will really be bothered by a knife on his already busted throat. Just a thought. But hopefully you’re right, and Feral get’s a little info out of him. I just hope Meela doesn’t wake up…. this is too much for her to take, and I doubt she’d stay sane for long if she saw Feral kill the guy she thought she killed.

    2. Judging by Holland’s discussion with Jyaku, though, it seems more like Meela is a danger to Feral, not the other way around.

      1. Ditto on what you say, Bluerosebud.

        And guys, Feral is a bounty hunter. He’s killed before. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take much AT ALL to kill this guy right here and now. Just my opinion…

    3. I think he’s saying “You (Feral) should have killed that pup right away” but that’s just my opinion. Maybe not. Guess we’ll find out XD

  30. woah, feral getting protective about meela, woot!

  31. I really wanna just go to sleep for 3 months and just wake up to read a whole chapter… Or go to sleep for 2 years XD there already like 3 new books out

  32. OMG Hollands FACE in the third panel!

  33. Feral…. >:|

    That… is a truly feeble knife, Doge. Such knife. Much disappoint.

    1. well he does have a bigger one -_-

  34. LOL!! I know this is terrible of me to notice with all the drama and tension, but I love Holland’s face in panel 3!! XD “BWaaaaah!?”

    but Ooooooo so excited for Korin to die! :3

  35. Osh-! Shut just got real!

    1. That u is an i

  36. I like Holland’s face in panel three. He’s like “Crap he’s alive, please don’t spill the beans on Meela….”

  37. so feral was supposed to kill her all along but he chose not to?! OH MAI GAHD OH MAI GAHD!!

    1. uh, no.

      1. unless it is every duty of the people of Melody to kill any and all demon born/afflicted… i’m with OrpheusEx.

        1. Wait- that’s what this world is called?! Damn, I never paid any attention.

        2. purpleheart3000

          Actually, the world is called “Meoley”, not Melody.

        3. ::hits purpleheart3000 with a rubber squeaky hammer::

          -_- …the idea was communicated… ::locks self in closet::

    2. He had no knowledge of the bounty on Meela, or just didn’t connect the two.

    3. This person could very well be right. No one said Feral couldn’t hide things. There is no telling. It might not be likely but it could be possible.

      1. But Feral was genuinely surprised at the bloody mess she left. Holland just asked who he was. Wouldn’t he be more calm about it?

    4. I think you are misunderstanding how Kosher is saying his lines. He says, You.. How?” Then he says in a separate sentence. ” Should’ve kill the pup right away.” He is not saying that Feral should have killed Meela sooner, her is saying he, himself, should have killed Meela sooner so as to not have given her the chance to turn demoney.

      1. Korrin not Kosher. :P

        1. ::comes out from closet long enough to yell::

          The idea was communicated!!!

          ::locks self in closet again::

  38. Hollands face! The third panel! It is somehow both adorable and creepy.


  40. Korin… Is NOT supposed to be alive. Not after losing that much blood. He got an ARM RIPPED OFF! Unless he can somehow unconsciously clench the muscles in his shoulder to stop the bleeding…
    Want him to DIEEEEEEE!!!!
    ^_^; Heh, I can be bloodthirsty sometimes…
    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next page!!!

    1. Actually, if your arm is ripped off in it’s entirety, the body automatically goes in a survival state and collapses the artery and winds what is left of the muscles to a taunt state. This can cause additional problems, but slows bleeding.

      1. wow, …can I start a fan club devoted to you? …awesome.

    2. I’m pretty sure it’s just like I said last page – the wounds weren’t nearly as bad as they looked. Korin does seem to need immediate medical attention though. Luckily, Feral has his pocket knife handy.

      1. I love Holland’s expression in the third panel, by the way. It looks to me like Holland thinks he’s just seen his first zombie.

  41. NO no knife ! Just kick him in the head!

    1. Ha ha!! I forgot about that! XD Wow, I need to go read through the whole thing again!

  42. Got in in at 11:55? Good hustle, guys, lol

  43. Oh, I guess Feral DOES know that guy…

  44. Yes Feral, carve out his heart and turn his spine into a fancy cane

    1. I like you. Your violent X)

      1. … watched ‘Predator’ when it came out… I was 4… …lets have lunch?

  45. I love Hollands face in panel 3… He’s like “I shiiiiiiit!”

  46. I had a really strange idea, but first let me say; I don’t remember if the girls ever showed how Feral was attacked (which left him mute) or got his spooky demonic-y ness.

    But with the memory loss and that scar on his neck, I mean… Maybe this happend just before when he was Yuen and not Feral, and after the memory loss etc etc he became what he was today-

    If I remember correctly, the sign on Mal’s hand and that on Ferals aren’t quite the same, but like… What if, and this is really all I just wanted to say is some various little thoughts;

    1. What if it was Mal that attacked Yuen?

    2. Maybe he didn’t get his weird powers from the same dude Mal met, but maybe something happend, per say that Mal and Yuen was together around the time the attack which left him mute, and maybe he was close to dying or something, but Mal somehow saved him with these weird things but it cost Yuen his whole memory + given weird powers?

    Haha, I dunno.

    1. That’s a really good idea…
      We’ll find out soon, I think and hope ;)

  47. Feral’s face when Korin talks about killing Meela.

    Nothing is more priceless.


  48. This… is just getting better and better! Updates one day a week is not enough, but I understand that other stuff is going on in your lives, so I shall sit quietly in my corner and stalk this page until the next comes out.

  49. I can’t wait to find out who suppressed or made Feral forget his memories. Obviously Korrin remembers him. I enjoy seeing Feral’s reaction to Korrin threatening Meela’s life. It is so nice to see how he grown attached to Meela, despite him wanting to get attached lol

    1. him not wanting to get attached*

  50. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh man! Panel 8. Feral’s eyes… wow.
    There are definitely three ways to take what Korin just said:
    1. Korin should have killed Feral/Yuen right away.
    2. Feral should have killed Meela right away.
    3. Korin should have killed Meela right away.

    1. also Korin doesn’t seem surprised to see Yuen having two different colored eyes…

      he is a demon hunter should know one when it’s staring you in the face, …right?

  51. I know I am new posting here. But does anyone notice that the hand with the knife is the hand that IS disembodied?

    Just saying…

    Korin may be hiding something too if he can now wield a knife with a hand no longer attached.


    It was misdrawn XD

    1. Feral’s holding the knife, not Korin.

      1. Now I see it, I just seen the glove and assumed. Oh well. Love this comic <3

  52. interesting observation that the bad guy as the same type of wound as feral.

  53. KILL HIM

  54. This comic is so suspenseful and addicting ;-; …

  55. kick him in the head!

  56. Yes, Korrin. You should have killed her right away, but instead you had to taunt a poor orphaned child…until she turned into a demon. Let me guess intelligence isn’t a strength for dear old Korin. Migt explain why he’s no longer leading a pack.

  57. Why does Feral have a tiger eye? (look at his left eye)

  58. so violent… “no mercy” “Kick him in the head” “Dismember him” he’s torn apart, yes he tried to hurt Meela but his throat is torn out and he’s missing a limb. Meela fared really well in the fight, and he’s on the brink of death. Even ‘scum’ should have that kind of pain ended quickly… just my opinion…

  59. Hollands face in third panel speaks to me it says: -clears throat- OMG ITS LIKE A COCKROACH. IT SURVIVED THE MEELAPOCOLYPS. SQUISH IT!!SQUISH IT!

  60. HEY! HEY EVERYONE!! My sister has this really good theory: What if Meela is the reincarnation of Mal?? I don’t believe in reincarnation, but think about it; they look very similar, her and Feral bonded really fast and well, it could happen. What do you all think?

    1. …………GAH!! Never thought of that…..O_O that’s a scary thought…

      I suppose they look a bit familiar, but….there are quite a few differences. Meela, for one thing, is a girl. Her hair is also a different color. Mal is more of a black while she’s a bit of a red-head. And she doesn’t have a glowy thing on her hand.

      It’s a good idea though, it’s got merit.

      1. Yeah, I think how reincarnation works is just you have to same spirit and sort of the same personality, but your past, appearance, shape, gender, etc. changes… I think. :P Of course I wouldn’t know if she is him, but it could be a possibility. *shrugs*

        1. have *the* same

        2. Yeah, that’s about how reincarnation works. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a bit more. Every soul you meet is the same souls you meet in every reincarnation, hoping to achieve enlightenment via making peace/friends with them. For example, in Meela’s next life, Korrin could be her tomboy sister.

          The soul is very flexible.

  61. i knew feral knew him on the last page i think korin did that to feral. korin could be mal and feral yeun so mal could have done what the traveler did to him but feral fought back and mal tried to kill him but thats just my theory.

    1. But Korin killed Yuen’s parents when he and Mal were kids…

  62. i agree with you hollen fan can’t wait to read the next reply if you can’t either.

  63. i agree with you hollen fan can’t wait to read the next reply if you can’t either.
    i think that feral will kill him because he’ll get mad because of a flash back to when he was little.

  64. basicly what just happened if my theory is correct KARMA esept feral didn’t die and korin can still speak

  65. oh okay i love it

  66. actually forget my comment korin killed yuens parents but mal and yuen watched yuens dad die by korin. ooooooooooooooh every thing is starting to make sense.

  67. Oooh…Feral is seriously pissed now…

  68. Yupper doodles…

  69. Guys I think dufus is gonna die no matter what Feral does, his subclavian artery got severed when he lost his arm! (Kinda amazed he hasn’t already bled out!)

  70. I think the “pup” Korin is referring to is Feral!! ………. Maybe. 8D

    1. Yes cuz look at pg 164 i think that Yuen is Feral

    2. That’s what I was thinking o3o

  71. I think this dude remembers Mal.

  72. cat sitting on me i could barely type this

  73. the speed that Feral snaps the knife open when that guy said he should’ve killed meela

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