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Holland speaks several languages and he's quite fluent in B.S.

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  1. Uwah!!

    The concern on Feral’s face!!

    Is Holland covering for her or…? :O

    1. i love how feral is more concerned of the blood on meela’s face than the fact that korin is lying there all torn up and dismembered.

      1. I started crying seeing Feral’s face. :'( so much emotion.

        1. *cough* Anyone else think that would make a nice vote incentive? We’re due for another one…

    2. I really don’t think Holland wants Feral to know the little tidbit of Meela being a demon. Especially since bounty hunters kill demons.

  2. Holland holding Meela so protectively, that may had killed me more than Feral’s reaction to seeing her :(
    I just want everyone to hug already, okay?

    1. I know right? His concerned face makes me think of him like a big brother. Holland and Feral the protective big brothers of Meela

  3. SO I have no idea if someone has pointed this out already but, if you look back at when Meela is talking about her father his tail has some sort of cover over it. Now we have not seen her tail since she returned to normal so….

    1. You can see the base of it when she first turns back to her humanoid form. It hasn’t changed

      1. The cover only is on the top half and runs the length. Page 249 the last panel has a great shot of what I mean.

        1. And then on page 250 you can see him wearing a different cover on his tail.

      2. i think suddendeath means that there are probably spikes going down the top of the tail. meela does have spikes that run down the entire spine in new form.

        1. did anyone else notice that Meela’s dad also has a conveniently placed piece of fabric on his head.

        2. Ohhhhhhh!!!! I GET IT!!! :O

        3. oooooh kay i didn’t know it go this far….O_0

  4. So many feels going on right now.

  5. Holland that is not going to deter him. :S

  6. thelightedDarkness

    I can’t hold all these feels….

    1. cause your gravatar totally shows that

  7. Aww… Feral is concerned. Some of my friends RP this and one of my friends hates me, I hate him too, but he is feral, I’m Meela, and my other friend she’s holland. I can’t wait till they see this. Yah, sorry random. But it looks like Holland is sort of protecting her from Feral.

    1. Random, yes… cute, ::huggies:: …I need more friends who think like you.

    2. Please. Can we RP together? I would love to RP this.

      1. maybe the girls are writing a RP rules book??? – i can hope.

        1. Yah RP book!!! I’m a girl and tend to RP guys. I haven’t cosplayed before, wanna cosplay Edward Elric, but I love to LARP and just RP over the phone. One of my friends and I, we start rping in the halways at school and the cafeteria. -Hugs not me back- thanks for the hug! I will be your internet buddy!

        2. Role-playing weird??? …small town or something?

          heh, fell in love with RP when I found: F i n a l – F a n t a s y VII RPG Collection

          – Il est, malheureusement, en français. quelqu’un sait où je peux trouver un en anglais?

      2. Sure…but how?

        1. The sure but how thing was directed at hatter. Sorry, I just don’t want to confuse anyone.

    3. I have my own oc’s for this comic >.> and I rp them with a friend of mine all this time kinda…I’d love to rp with you…

      1. Everybody thinks it’s odd to RP, so I’m glad to find people like me! -hugs- yay hugs all around!

      2. @ everyoneYOUknow

        What are your oc’s? I bet they’re awesome.

      3. ::bear hugs:: I know how it feels to not have anyone to RP with… unfortunately I don’t have enough time to RP online… en personne est beaucoup plus facile.

        1. I agree. In person it is easier. But yah. -hugs back- I have friends who RP with me but only a few. My schedule is packed too. If we were able to RP online…how would we do it?

        2. Je parle un petit peu français. Je suis désolé. Yah small town, literally, I’m in French two so I’m not the best at it. So happy you speak it though! This should be fun! -glomps- I started rping with one of my friends and loosely based it off of servant of evil. Best song ever! XD I play all of the guys, the only girl that I play is myself. Lol.

        3. Question. Do you know anything about my username ‘ze awezome me’ if so you’re even more awesome. Kesesese! ~hint just in case~

        4. Ve~ your Germany’s older brother right? (=w=)’

  8. These comics are awesome!

  9. Damn i wonder if Feral will recognize the guy he did claim not to know yuen but he might be lying. This might prove whether he is yuen

    1. I didn’t even think of this… :O Oh my word I can’t wait for the next page!!!

  10. Feral’s facial expressions are one of the greatest things about this comic.

  11. oh feral’s worried face just made me aaaaaw and the way holland is holding meela aaaaah so much feels

  12. Holland’s probably trying to help hide her horns from Feral in that 5th panel, hence why he’s holding her so protectively (you can see them if you look closely at the previous page). Feral’s look of concern though, just…. he might pretend to be an ass to her but he really cares <3 I wonder if he'll recognize his mother's and father's murderer :o

    1. Again, we don’t know that his mother is dead!

      1. Ya know its kind of obvious that his mother is dead
        I haven’t re-read it in a while but i remember the gist of it

      2. Actually, I thought it was pretty clear that her neck was broken. Of course I could be wrong.

        1. yeah… Korin scared the poop out of little feral… he certanly thought his mom was dead…

          and Korin was acting pretty angry when meela mentioned that he killed Avela.

      3. You are mixing up Yuen’s/Feral’s mom with Meela’s. Korin definitely killed Yuen’s mom. Meela’s mom disappeared and was never found.

    2. I think other than trying to cover up her horns, he is trying to prevent Feral from touching her just in case he notices those “changes in energy” Holland was referring to in the previous page. Also notice Feral was touching her with his eye tattoo hand. Holland probably also wants to prevent any demon energy sucking from Feral ;)

  13. Feral looks gorgeous in the first panel.

    It’s really too bad it’ll be a while before we see any of them in their animal forms again.

  14. holy hell next week can’t come fast enough!!

  15. Feral has that eye thing on his paws even in wolf form. just wanted to point that out.

    1. Walking must be annoying with an eye on the bottom of your foot. ._.

  16. CUTENESSS. ;A; He was concerned for her!

  17. Feral realizes that the stranger’s throat and arm are torn off.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Feral: …. I’ve trained her well! *proud face*
      ^ Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to go like that. Though that would be adorable.

      1. well, Feral, might buy Hollands B.S. …& Holland could tell him that he helped.

        1. Now I’m imagining a swan ripping someones throat open. :|

        2. you are very welcome. :)

        3. a swan might very well rip thoats out if it felt like it they are damn viscous birds but they tend to prefer drowning people than ripping them limb from limb

        4. … 0_o yes, yes they do. (prefer drowning people than ripping them limb from limb.)

      2. I agree with snow tail! That would be perfect. But I highly doubt that’s what’s going to happen. -pouts-

  18. Can’t really wait for next page D:<3

  19. Awww He Looked So Happy To Find Her!!!!

  20. actually I think holland holds so protectivly over meela so Feral don´t see her horns, I mean she has them on the previous page

  21. This comic is amazing. I wish I could draw wolves the way you do it :’D. Is just priceless! P.S: sorry fot the writing mistakes.

  22. is that a cut on Feral’s hand in panel 5? hmm…. what happened? might just have happened in his frantic search for Meela! :D

    1. I think it’s from touching the blood on her face. o3o

      1. Isn’t that the hand he has his demon mark on? If so do you think it may have activated/caused it to bleed because he got too close to Meela because she has demon powers now?

  23. Q.Q Meela Q.Q

  24. Feral, is that an eye on your paw?

    1. yeppies… good eye.

      I don’t think there is a way to hide it in wolfie form.

  25. Holland is very fluent in BS it seems. if “that stranger” wasn’t already dead, i think Feral would be doing some very violent things to him.

  26. Holland is hiding the truth with honesty. I am also curious if Feral will recognize his parents’ murderer and what will happen if he does as it could open his memory.

  27. Oh dude. I just realized. This is the first time I think, since Feral was Yuen that he’s probably seen Korin…I wonder if this will trigger any reaction in him.

    1. one can hope.

  28. “Holland speaks several languages and he’s quite fluent in B.S”

    Perfect! ;P

  29. “Holland speaks several languages and he’s quite fluent in B.S.” <==
    This killed me lol!

  30. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh, this page just has so many feels!!! I hope we see some sort of reaction when Feral looks closely at Korin, some sort of recognition. And poor Meela, but both of their concern for her is so beautiful!

  31. Gah! I hate when i have to make the rest of the story up. Its just not the same…DEMON MEELA FOR THE WIN! Please gives us more feels…just dont hurt youself again k.

  32. You’re not going to be able to keep that hat on her forever, Holland…

  33. GAAAHHHHH!!!! I just started reading this today!! Got all kinds of FEEEEELS! MOAR!!! >>>>.<<<<!!!

  34. Um… i’m new to this website. What is it about Meela? Why did she turn into a BLACK dog with red on the face?? Isn’t she orange/red? Please Explain if you can. Is she really a Demon??? or not? and when does the next page come out?

    1. 0_o reading any comic from the first page on is a great idea… goes over most, if not, nearly everything.

      some mysteries are still waiting to be uncovered… be patient.

      updates are every Friday.

      1. Thanks… :D can’t wait for Friday!!!

  35. D’awwwww! Luves da feels!
    Looking forwards to the next chappie!

  36. So it was Feral. The look on his face is so beautiful – he’s worried about her :) Looking forward to the next chapter ^^

  37. Meela… :(… Get better soon :P

    Feral really does care doesn’t he.

  38. *curls up into a ball and sucks thumb* I am just gonna be over here with my feels….



    1. I think he is dead, hate to tell you haha :)

  40. I love Feral’s concerned face I really do but is anyone else wondering how Holland is going to cover up the fact that there a BIG BLOODY MARK on his arm? No? Only me?

    1. He healed it… you can see him do it in the earlier pages

      1. Yeah but there’s still blood on his clothes. Holland’ll prolly just claim it came from Korin or Meela. =P

        1. Yeah that would make sense :/ and I did see the last page but I was just wondering how he is going to cover up the fact that Meela bit him since clearly the stain has holes that was my only concern(am I using this right? Hope you understand my bad English I sometimes don’t know how to express myself)

  41. Elizabeth Faulkner

    Oh shit…..Holland should know that lying to Feral will come back and bite him in the a**.

  42. Holland: “Careful.”
    … he says to Feral for touching her as he hugs her tightly.

    I think this page says it all:
    Holland = Overprotective Mommy
    Feral = Caring/Worried Daddy
    Meela = Adorable Daughter.
    Such a great “family”. I hope they make it through this okay… :'(

  43. I feel a really huge cliffhanger approaching rapidly fast. Oh my god. It gets more and more harder to wait for the next pages as the story goes on. ;u;

  44. I have been following this comic online since its original page 10, and have just now finally caved into giving into the new comment feature ( I am not much one for online life haha)
    But I must say I adore the artists and what they do here, taking their own time to bring these characters to life in such a fashion that it feels like I know them personally. The art, the storyline and plot, expressions and dynamism: everything about this comic makes it riveting. In fact I can honestly say there has never been a page I’ve read where I have mentally said, “I don’t need to know what happens next.” Hahhaha
    So thanks Celesse and Algy for taking your personal time to regal us all with your story and art; I will always look forward to more and more of this story! :]


  46. Oh boy. Feral looked so scared. ;_; And Holland, you’re a good guy, I know, but jeez; this is going to turn out badly. I just know it.

    Whether he’s merely protecting Meela or plotting something else by obscuring the truth, something unhappy is going to happen because of this.

    Great to see the comic back! Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Well, the fact Feral is looking over at the dismembered dead body of the monster who orphan is a start to the worm can opening. Doubt Holland can hide those horns forever (and I’m not convinced she doesn’t have spikes on her tail—her dad’s was always covered and we haven’t seen hers well enough yet), but Feral’s/Yeun’s returning memories will probably cause a much larger shift in the story than even the change to Meela’s appearance.

  47. Now I just can’t stop thinking about feral’s past…I wonder if he’ll recognize the dead guy or if he’ll just be too busy with meela

    And Omg feral’s wolf form is fricken awesome! X3 if only they went into animal form more often. Literally cannot wait for the next page! Keep up the good work girls! :-) :-)

    1. I think it’s going to impact him. Notice they saved the last panel for him to look at the guy. The return of his memories could be far more disturbing than him simply discovering Meela is a Demon Wolf.

  48. IT’S FERAL!

    I wish I could be happy about that, and while it’s better than the alternatives, I’m not to sure I want to see his reactions when he not only realizes that Meela ripped a man apart, but also the whole seeing his mom’s killer thing.

    1. Don’t forget Korin also killed Feral’s Dad!

      1. I did forget about that, however I’m pretty sure seeing your mom killed in front of you where you couldn’t do anything leaves a lot more malice than just knowing that he killed your dad.

  49. evisceratedArchangel


  50. Am I the only one nervous about how things are gonna go when Meela wakes up?

  51. Feral’s so worried he hasn’t noticed several things.
    1. The dead guy.
    2. The bite mark on Holland’s sleeve. The break may be gone but the holes and stains are there.
    3. The fact tiny, inexperienced Meela managed to tear apart that dude

    One thing I’m noticing is his seemingly shocked expression of the blood on his hand. Anyone else notice that’s kinda of a dumb reaction? Maybe it’s not, that’s the same hand he has the eye on, and maybe it had a reaction to demon blood on it. This is the first time Meela has bled on him.

    1. I don’t think it was a dumb reaction, but I thought that is was an odd reaction in general when I saw that panel. You have an excellent point in showing that it is the same hand as the red eye. I think that the blood on her mouth is mostly Korin’s, but she could have gotten scratched in the mouth area and so she could have blood where he touched her. I think Korin might be some sort of demon, so your point would work there too. Great observations! ;;)

  52. Feral can’t even play! He was worried about her!

  53. Holland isn’t totally BSing. He truly didn’t know anything about the situation or Korin, and I guess that she is probably okay, so he wasn’t lying about her being alright. And she did JUST pass out, so that’s not a lie. He managed to completely not lie, even when he said “I’m not sure what happened exactly,” because he knew part of it, but not all of it. He didn’t know what happened EXACTLY. This all goes to prove that Holland is in fact a boss and a ninji. And one of the sweetest, caring, patient (etc.) creatures that has ever existed! Hopefully Feral will not act rashly and listen to Holland. The bird knows best!

  54. Hello,
    Since that’s my first comment here, I’d like to say that I really, really enjoy Strays. Plot’s fascinating and characters are awesome! But I have one question – what are those demons? I mean, I’m sure most of it is plot-relevant and spoilers, but where are they from? Do they come from some Meoley religion (although I didn’t see anything connected with religion so far) or are they just some unusual species?
    Can’t wait for the next page!

  55. I’ll bet anything that Meela has a bounty on her head… I can’t help but wonder just how Feral and Holland know her, because I bet they both do, and Holland knows it, but Feral doesn’t realize it.

  56. Holland: “A stranger who happened to smear berries all over her face! Totally not blood! No worries, Feral!”

  57. aw feral’s worried <33

  58. I love Feral’s expressions when he’s a wolf.

  59. feral’s face of concern,happiness and care for Meela when he finds her :)

  60. Anybdy else noticed the symbol on Feral’s paw pad in the first panel? Reading this part back and I spotted it. Nice touch ladies.

    1. I noticed it too. You said what I was thinking. :D

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