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Let's get back to Holland making some pretty big mistakes. I want to thank all of you awesome readers for your understanding and well wishes the past two weeks while I dealt with my hand issues. My hand is still acting weird but I'm not entirely convinced it's carpal tunnel. Perhaps some sort of arthritis? I'm not sure. Anyway, I've decided to return to drawing but I'm going to take it very easy for a while. We're planning to resume updates like normal, but there may be delays if the problems flare up bad again. I plan to give myself double the usual time I allot to work on the pages though, so hopefully there will be no more interruptions in the update schedule.

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  1. O_O AWESOME! Glad you’re doing a bit better! ;u;

    1. XDD And I meant the page is awesome. OTL;;

      ;A; I will be praying for you!


        1. Amen!!!

        2. Amen, our dear artist is worth praying for. She is awesome. :)

    2. Is it just me or does the mark on Meela’s head look a little bit like the mark on Feral’s hand?

  2. Hurray, you’re back! I’m very happy to hear that your arm is healthy now :3 Hold on and don’t draw hard and for too long time. We will always wait for updates as long as it need. Care about yourself :)

  3. Holy shit what is that!?

    Meela is not as cute as I remember her being in lupine form!

  4. Just remember Holland. There’s a chance she’s more scared of you than you are of her.

    Though all I can see is:

    Holland: AAAAHHH!
    Meela: GRRR! SNAAARL!
    Holland: AAAAHHH!
    Meela: *hugs!* Slobber. Lick. Drool.
    Holland: AAAHH– ewww

    1. I really really hope that’s what happens…

    2. Hahaha! Yes!!!! Totally gonna happen :D

      1. Or Jyaku will appear and save them all :D (but it isn’t really probable …)

  5. The page looks awesome! Meela is extremely creepy!

    I’m happy to hear your hand is somewhat better. And the readers who really enjoy this comic (and who wouldn’t) can wait as long a your hand needs when it’s being a pain gain.

  6. :D YES! New page! 0.0 Meela looks amazing. Such detail!

  7. Yay! I know how much random hand problems can suck, I still don’t know what I have but I just use a brace when I’m doing things that may aggravate my wrists (like bowling or tennis).

    Holland is asking all the wrong questions – “Am I about to die?” and “Should I be running/flying?” should have been at the top of this list!!

  8. where did meela get those scars on her face/ snout again?

    1. When Meela attacked him he had probably cut her

  9. I’m happy to hear you feel up to drawing again! I will say that if you decide to go to a longer up-date schedule, I will still be happy to wait.
    Waiting a long time for an update is better then not having any more updates because you wrecked your hand.

  10. You’re back! It’s great to hear you’re okay, but don’t push yourself too hard.

    And Oooooooh, da feels! Da FEELS

  11. Hooray, welcome back! I hope your hand feels back to 100% soon. And not solely because I love this story, haha!

  12. first rule of angry demon wolf anon, you do not speak to angry demon wolf! come on holland, you are a tasty swan! -grabs meela by her tail and her…horns? and sits on her so she can’t get at anybody- sheesh

  13. Take as much time as you need! I think I speak for everyone when I say as long as the story continues, we’re all happy.

  14. Snowtail the Khajiit

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! Do what you need to so that you keep your hand working well, we understand. ^w^

    1. Jup, i would go for a changed update rythm aswell, carpal tunnel is a Dysfunktion of the nerves which are located(so far i remember) in the wraist through wrong “attitude to work(translation can be off place & wrong)” the idea to increase the time per page is a good idea, farmore important are breaks and changes of the posture in the sessions :)

      Athritis is a infection of the Joints, which is something way different than a CP problem!
      well i would go for the CP instead of athritis athritis tends to deform the joints throught the infections overtime :/, while with CP you “only(god it’s even not nice aswell but the smaller evil of both)” get no feelings and that stuff with advanced nervous affection.
      Again change the Workflow take breaks move your wraist but don’t overstretch it to often. And work out a do and don’t chart with your Doctor ;)

      1. that depends on the type of arthritis there are two main types rhumatoid arthritis which infects and deforms the joints and osteoarthritis which just causes a lot of pain and some minor swelling but rarely deforms the joints Carpal Tunnel on the other hand can cause total loss of function in the hand it affects as it affects both the nerves centered in the wrist and the tendons that connect to the hand in the worst cases

  15. Hooray! So glad you’re back :)

    Take it easy on the arm though. If it flares up again, drop the pencils! Health comes first, we’ll wait (and sulk a bit :P )

  16. Woohoo! I’m glad that your feeling better, but if anything weird happens to your hand again STOP, i don’t think any of us want you injuring yourself even more.

    oh god holland, there is no proper amount of face-palms that i could do to express me thinking how stupid your acting right now. GET FERAL!!! WHERE IS HE WE NEED YOU FERAL!!!!! D:>

  17. I’m glad you feel better! But no worries if you can’t make the update death lines! We’ll survive and wait a bit longer! :)

  18. I have followed strays since the beginning. I love it very much. But what is more important is your health.

    May I suggest cutting refined sugars? I was having serious hand problems. I needle felt, draw, write, and milk goats, so the poor darlings were under a lot of stress. As I’m cutting more and more sugar from my diet, my hands are growing stronger. Sugar is an inflammatory, after all. I also try to rub a salve made from goat’s milk, called “Two Old Goats” on my hands every night.

    Best of luck, I hope you continue to improve!!

  19. Glad your better, and even with your pain, you create a beautiful, and gory, work of art for us complete strangers. I really admire your perseverance, thanks for working so hard to ‘please’ random fans. :D

  20. I hope you get fully better soon. Don’t push yourself and seriously injury yourself just for us fans. By the way, you might want to consult a physical therapist for a stretching and strengthening exercise routine for your hand to get it back to were it should be.

  21. Yay, an update! That was just the surprise I needed to make my day. :D

    Have you researched tendinitis? I once thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome, but it turned out to be a bad case of tendinitis. They can have similar symptoms.

  22. ( smurf’s a party ) YAY!!! You’re back! …I was really worried for you there.

    ~ Holland really should have known better ~ >_< !

  23. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I hope your hand’s okay!

  24. I have something similar happen from time to time with my wrist. For most the year it’s fine, but every so many months it just aches. I take it easy for a bit and usually the pain goes away within a few days to a week. I don’t draw, but I sculpt and paint and it’s scary to think of not being able to do something you enjoy.

  25. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Oh Holland, you silly…. Meela, do not hurt him! It’s too bad that Holland says Feral can’t know yet, because Feral would be a big help right now…

  26. Woah, I hope your hand feels better soon–

    On the other hand, I’m going to suffer a life-long conflict about this series if she goes and kills Holland. D:

  27. Yay! Your hand better be okay with continuing young lady! xD
    Still keep resting that wrist of yours!
    Awesome finish to the page!!Oh Holland..

  28. Myeverlastinglight

    yes yes I’m going to cry thank you thank you, you beautiful people you

  29. Glad to see you’re well enough to keep drawing! I missed your comic!

  30. Well, I am glad you are feeling somewhat better, and I will be praying for you and hope you are totally healed! Thank you so much for putting this up for us, you are so very kind and talented! God bless! ::)

  31. glad you’re feeling a bit better. As for your hand I recommend rolling a smoosh ball and squeezing gently, as well as soaking it in a hot herbal soak every night. You can find a good muscle relaxer soak in stores or go to LUSH cosmetics (it’s where I get my herbal bath bombs I soak in). Get plenty of rest and we’ll all be patient with updates :3

  32. Ohmigosh, you take care of yourself!! I’d rather wait a while for an update than have you hurt yourself worse just trying to keep up. We’ll live; take it easy!!

  33. I’m glad you’re feeling better and I hope it continues to get better. =)

    Poor Holland. D:

  34. I’m happy there’s a new page, but even happier that you’re feeling a little better. *hug*

    Take whatever precautions, breaks, and time off as you need to, dear. Your fans would never want either of you guys to sacrifice your health for the sake of Strays.

  35. Ahem. Holland dear, I think you forgot one eensy little important thing. You can turn into a swan.

    Transform and fly the heck out of there!

  36. how do we know thats even meela?

  37. OAO oh glob not Holland—FLY YOU FOOL!!! Methinks Feral will come to the rescue!

  38. Don’t push yourself too hard!! I hope you and your doctor figure out what it is if it isn’t carpel tunnel.

  39. Holland… You precious dork, don’t you know not to try and pet the animal? Meela or not, she’s growling at you sweety.

  40. Welcome back! Definitely worth the wait, and I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling (somewhat) better.

    Poor Holland. I hope he can change fast, flight may be his only option.

  41. You’re dedication to this comic is inspiring :) Welcome back, and and I’m glad your hand isn’t being evil to you. As many have said, MAKE SURE YOU STOP IF YOUR HAND DECIDES TO BE THE DEVIL AGAIN! <3

  42. SO glad to know you’re on the mend and yes, it’s a good idea to give yourself more time to complete those pages. I’ve got some weird arthritis in lower joint of my left thumb, which makes the fact that I’m left handed pretty damn annoying and the pain flares up something awful if I’ve been drawing too much. Take care of yourself! Ever and always, my thoughts and prayers are with you. ^_^

  43. First things first, please make sure not to overwork that hand, and take as many delays as necessary to make sure you don’t further injure yourself, just in case!

    Alright, now for my thoughts on the page. ER MAH GEEEERD!!! HOLLAND, FLAP THOSE SHINY WINGS OF YOUR’S AND GET AWAY!!!

  44. ACK. Holland. Don’t touch her! Run run run.

    -And my goodness. I am so sorry to hear that your hand has been giving you so much trouble. :(
    It’s perfectly understandable if you need to take it easy and pause updates. Overdoing it and hurting yourself more would be terrible. D: Thank you so much for this update, and I hope your hand starts to feel better soon. (I know it’s not something that magically happens. But, I hope you find out what’s truly wrong with it so you can help it more. ;u;)
    Take care and thank you!

  45. -in heavy Scottish acccent- This is the part…. where YOU run away–

    Or not.

  46. “Nice doggy… Nice doggy… WHOASHIT”

  47. Make sure when you are drawing you aren’t leaning all your weight on your wrist. All your fine motor control muscles are there and they aren’t designed to take the weight of you arm. Always make sure you have most of your forearm supported. :D I don’t know if this is the problem but I hope it helps!
    And please take care!

  48. Gyah! Where’s Jyaku and/or Feral? D:

  49. coooooooooool :( holland no……………

  50. As Domics would say…

  51. Wow Holland. You NEVER try to pet a vicious animal and expect them to automatically be pacified. Never works that way. Even if that animal is technically mentally half-humanoid as well.

  52. maybe u’ve gotten tendinitis? in any case–keep ice on it if it hurts and get well soon =)

  53. Milla became a fawn?

  54. hopefully its nothing to to bad. Its possibly arthritis. If anything the doc may want to put you on an inflammatory. I know my mother has to take that for her knees and it works wonders on her. I myself Im watching my right hand as well for once in a while pain flares up when working on digital works. =3 Give yourself breaks is all you can do. And if its muscle try a head-ice shock to it. 10min heat 10min ice. That could help to.
    Hope you feel back to normal soon.

  55. I just really want a ‘like’ button for this page. One big thumbs-up for a return to health and one for the return of the story. Please take care of yourself, and–GAHWATCHOUTHOLLANDWHYAREYOUCAJOLINGABLOODYWOLFWHEREISFERALIJUSTCAN’TEVEN

  56. Glad you’re back! :)
    Taking a supplement of magnesium (even the cheap store bought stuff) may help. It has good effect on muscles and nervs systems. It even helps my back pains (broken vertebrae). And it can’t hurt :) Rosehip is a good supplement if it’s arthritis, and well.. pretty good for everything.. But if you’ll try one single, cheap thing to help with pinched nerves or mysterious pains, try the magnesium.

  57. Welcome back! To both the author and the characters! Glad to see you’re doing better =)

  58. im so happy you are coming back to us, but please take care of that hand.

  59. evisceratedArchangel


  60. i really want holland to live and meela come to her senses i love love love holland very much

  61. i really want holland to live and meela come to her senses i love love love holland alot

    1. Meela loves Holland too, I’ll bet. Swan probably tastes alot like chicken.

  62. Wish I was there just to tell Holland how big of a dumbass he is for not protecting himself. He didn’t even draw his weapon or put up an ounce of magic!

  63. Ermaigerd! The suspense! XD

  64. Yay! You’re back! Um… As a herbalist, I would recommend Stinging Nettle tea; which helps strengthen and heal connective tissue. It’s also a very pleasant tea.
    Hanging off the edge of my seat for the next chapter!! What will Meela do to Holland?

  65. I have a feeling there will be a scene change and we won’t know what happened to Holland for a couple of weeks xD

  66. Demon Meela needs to be a plushie. :D

  67. just had wrist problem myself was giving up everything i loved cortisone shots best thing i have ever done for myself

  68. I’m sorry. I saw her horns and all I could think was, “she’s part goat…”.


  70. Hahaha! Holland’s like “Goddammit, Meela!”

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