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And this concludes Chapter 11! We're now going to take a two week hiatus before we start Chapter 12. We need to finish prepping volumes 1 and 2 for print, we have to script the next chapter and we also have Anime Weekend Atlanta to attend. Look for updates to resume on October 4th!

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  1. OMG…. just… OMG

    1. Now that I’ve found my words… I’m glad I was on the mark with my demon theory. Ish. Also is it sad I wouldn’t mind a plushie of this form…?

      1. no, id buy that plushie

        1. i guess the plushie would look cute, if it had big eyes and no blood

        2. No way give it those eyes and authentic blood and il buy 20! :D

        3. A plushie with the blood would be sooo damn epic!! I would buy it instantly!

        4. I’d buy the plushie too so loving this page :3

      2. A plush would be nice… but a wallpaper would be so A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! With blood and all.
        That demon-Meela looks so badass.

        1. Those were my thoughts exactly! :D


        1. God, I would die of happiness to have a poster of her demon form!
          and of course a Plushi x’D

        2. woah woah woah woah, i see your point people, i guess you can say i was talking for the people who cant stand blood and gore

        3. shut up and take my rupees!

      4. MentalikesNarwhals

        I would love a plushi also!

        blood and all plz ^^

    2. Yeah….but sums up my end, as well.

      1. about* not but *facedesk*

  2. What!!!

    I can’t wait two weeks…TT.TT

    1. I don’t wanna wait….


    1. Yep. This comic beautiful.

    2. My words exactly, mate!

  4. He chose the wrong pup to mess with…

    1. Indubitably

      1. Generic-username427

        Yes, I concur

  5. Holy mother of art, yes! This is so amazing and beautiful and I can’t even it is just so . . . Wow. That’s all she could say. Wow.

  6. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Wow. Badass demon Meela~! And a hopefully-dead Korin!

    1. thelightedDarkness

      If he survived that……….

      1. well if he did he probably wont be in any shape to hunt her anymore. not to mention too scared to.

        1. traumatized, you can say

        2. Not to mention fact he would need some sort of breathing device to continue living.

        3. He would also need a lot of new blood. He seems to have lost a lot.

    2. He had his arm ripped off, I highly doubt he’d be able to survive that, particularly with the deep facial scratches as well.

  7. AAAHHHH!! Well I agree that she should’ve left… I don’t know what Feral would’ve done had that happened around him..

  8. Ok so this brings up questions about her heritage. Her mom was a bounty hunter, right? And her father was one of her targets, but it was never said why. Was he part demon or something?

    1. Just looked back at page showing her parents. This form has her *cough* father’s eyes.

      1. Not only that, but I suspect that is also the reason he wears this bandana thingie. My guess is that he probably had a mark on his forehead like Meela has now

        1. Also he had the tail guard—which we initially thought was for protection. But no other lupian wears one (not even Feral—who is in a dangerous profession). So I wonder if he wore it to hide demon spikes on his tail? That would make a lot of sense—especially considering he wore it and the bandanna at home. Maybe he was hiding what he was from the kids?

          Really curious how this transformation will change Meela’s humanoid character design. Will she look the same or will she have red marks under her eyes and spikes on her tail, too? Will she ever be able to transform into a normal wolf again or is she forever part-demon?

        2. I think the tail-guard was just that, armor for his tail. If you looks at Meela’s demon wolf form up above she doesn’t have spikes on her tail, just down her back. On pages 249 and 250 you can see her father wears two different tail-guards. One looks like it is a soft fabric, which probably wouldn’t hide tail spikes real well.

        3. I thought that at first, too, but if you adjust the lighting on your monitor, you will see the spikes on her tail are just lying flatter. Her father wears a cover over his tail in their home that doesn’t appear to be armor. Also, it just covers the top. I am betting he had spikes.

        4. Yeah, my bad. I see them now. I still feel like the tail-guard that doesn’t look like armor wouldn’t cover his spikes very well. It’s definitely a possibility though. If the spikes lay flat enough on his tail in his human form, I think the cover might hide them. Ohhhh, I just can’t wait for two weeks, too excited! >-<

        5. Oh, wow… would that be the same reason Meela wanted a hat?

        6. I think it was more because her brother wore a hat, maybe it reminded her of him. If you look back to the page where Meela is trying to trade for Holland’s daggers, you can see in her memory that her brother is wearing a very similar hat

    2. Well did anyone else see that he wears these red jewels everywhere, the same color as meela’s demon markings, I think it had something to do with his demon heritage. Maybe they had some magical properties that helped him control it. Also I don’t remember but didnt he have red markings under his eyes as well?

      1. Interesting theory. I’m wondering more about him, too. Thought his character was wearing those things for aesthetics, but now we see Meela’s demon-wolf form it makes a lot more sense why her father looked the way he did.

  9. Daaaaaaaawww shiiiiiit!
    Daw dis be gettin good!

  10. Leo the Yardie Chick

    O_O Well DAMB!

  11. Run Holland. Just run.

  12. OH MY GO… actually hang on a second. *Calls someone on phone*
    *Celesse and Algy answer phone*
    “I freaking called it!!!”
    *Hangs up*

  13. thelightedDarkness

    Don’t run. Back away slowly and quietly and hope she doesn’t maul your face off……

    Meela scares me now….

    1. Flying would also be quite an effective way out, assuming she can’t jump like a grasshopper or grow wings on command. And seeing how much she’s already changed, none seem too impossible.

      1. thelightedDarkness

        Mayhaps her demon powers give her the ability to super jump….

        And maybe…she can fly! O: Using dat demon energy tho

    2. Also, don’t blink.

      1. Blink and you’re dead.

        1. She is fast, faster than you can believe.

        2. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and don’t blink!

        3. Snowtail the Khajiit

          Good luck. :3

      2. The one Who is ME

        Doctor Who reference! I love you!

    3. If she can transform into this when ever she gets angy, she’s going on the cusp of womanhood, that’s even scarier….

    The wait times are making me rage so hard… but I wanna know what happens so much more than the rage!

  15. HOLY. Wow. I just.
    I can’t even..
    Meela <3

  16. As much as I hated Korin as the next person, I feel a bit… sad that Meela took his life (as it appears). I think we all knew it was inevitable (and freaking great) that Korin would meet his end at the hands or fangs of a past victim, however the brutality that Meela showed is both awesome and terrifying. I wonder how she’s going to feel when her conscious returns and sees the extent of what her “demon-state” can do. Would it be terror, remorse, sorrow? Maybe this was why she had to leave the group; she didn’t want to risk hurting anyone by accidentally lashing out or attracting trouble.

    1. Yeah, I feel slightly sorry for Korin. No one deserves that kind of death. Maybe he was also still alive when his arm was ripped off… ._. No one deserves that.

      1. Ya, agreed. Plus I wanted a feral and Korin reunion before he died, that way it would maybe jog his memory.

    2. Naw, I’m actually okay with this outcome for him. He was a nasty evil sleazy murderer who completely brought this fate upon himself. What better way than to die a grisly death at the jaws of a (previously) child he bullied before planning to kill. Rest in pieces, Korin.

  17. Snap that’s lookin’ awesome. Dude…

    1. does it make me sick that I’m looking at this while listening to cheerfully listening to Christmas music….?

      1. No. I think.

      2. Snowtail the Khajiit

        Sounds about right.

        1. Ok good. xD

  18. Omg, Meela is really scary in this page O_o Oh, and Holland, you being a bird, you might wanna be careful not to become the main dish haha.

  19. haha Meela’s horny
    Immaturity aside, this is a great page! Wonder what Holland and Feral are gonna do about this… A part of me thinks that Feral’s going to want to kill her.

    1. Well it’s his job right?
      I mean he is a bounty hunter after all!
      Loving page guys ;)

  20. I wonder if Holland thinks that Meela killed a random person and not someone who was attacking her. if so this could be very bad.

  21. …the mark looks cool, but…. yikes… no words to say… P.S: the wolf looks awesome


    Yes,just yes.

  23. oh man meela…this page is even worse if you go back and read the early chapters where she’s just a happy-go-lucky failboat puppy.

    i’m really worried about why holland is so worried about feral finding out about this :c

    anyway, LOVING THIS SO MUCH, more than happy to wait for the next update.

    1. If feral finds out he’ll most likely kill meela

      1. The 9. Street of Em's

        HE WOULDN’T DARE >:C

        1. If he doesn’t realize it’s her? She’s changed a bit, if you haven’t noticed.

        2. she probably still smells like meela.

  24. Wow, this is kinda ironc if you think back to the beginning to where feral and Meela first met.
    “Are you a demon luptin?!”
    *fereal shakes head*
    “Ok that’s fine, becaus I AM!”

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      *Realization* o.o

  25. KaelinaLuvsLomaris

    Meela kind of looks like a hyena with the ridges of spiky fur on her back! Oh, please don’t hurt Holland, Meela!

  26. Oh…

  27. O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (is all i can really say)

  28. is that really meela????

    1. Meela does not have this scars on her snout. And the black Markings on her back are also not the same like Meelas. I think it is not her O_o

      1. The scars might be wounds from her battle with Korin and the black markings are probably from her going part-demon.

        1. Yeah, the ‘scars’ are open wounds, you can see them up close on the last page. And the black is probably demon markings. But it kinda looks like the red that used to be on her back and paws just got really dark and spread, it could just be to dark to see which color it actulaly is.

        2. Yeah, the ‘scars’ are open wounds, you can see them up close on the last page. And the black is probably demon markings. But it kinda looks like the red that used to be on her back and paws just got really dark and spread, it could just be to dark to see which color it actually is.

  29. Guys…guys…what if Holland doesn’t want Feral to find Meela because maybe it was a demon lupian that attacked him when he was young and caused Feral to lose his voice..

    1. thelightedDarkness


    2. Mangaka, that makes way to much sense

    3. Maybe it was Meela’s father that gave Mal and Yuen/Feral their demon marks? It would kinda explain why she and Feral are linked.

      1. Interesting. Definitely a possibility…

    4. I think that’s likely.

    5. I think feral lost his voice cause mal went a little crazy and then feral had to battle (and possibly kill) him to get him to stop what ever destruction he was causing, also losing his voice in the process. But that’s just my theory.

      1. …your theory is plausible.


  30. … I see the spikes all down her tail… and then I look back. Odd, wasn’t it, that her father always had that “tail armor” on… how much armor was it, actually, and how much of it was hiding his own spikes..?

    1. You may be true. As we can see in flashbacks, her father ALWAYS had a tail armor. Moreover, he had markings under his eyes too. Maybe this wild form is permament, and occurs also on human form? If her father had same symbols on his forehead, as Meela has, it would explain why he was wearing this bandage-thing-whatever on head. And maybe red crystals were able to control his powers.

    2. I think she only has two spikes on her tail. If you look at page 250 her father is wearing a tail-guard that looks to be made of some soft fabric. I don’t think that would hide those spikes very well.

    3. I thought the same thing—especially going back through the archives. Even at home he keeps his tail covered.

      Cecindra – Meela has way more than two spikes on her tail. Play with your monitor brightness, and you’ll see it. I didn’t even see them on my phone (or that Korin’s arm was severed) until I read some comments and came back here on my laptop.


  32. Hollands fucked and Feral will have his hands full.

  33. Judging by the looks of Im just gonna assume Korin no longer has a face. 0_0

    1. Meh. Not like didn’t deserve that.

      1. Never said he didn’t deserve it I’m just saying that’s a tad drastic.

    2. if he survives, he might be the new slenderman!

      1. Not with his shitty sense of fashion he won’t. Slenderman must be stylish.

        1. Snowtail the Khajiit


  34. Oh thank goodness, I was afraid I’d have to wait 2 weeks to see the final form. By the way, she looks freaking AWESOME, can’t wait for the next chapter! >:D

    1. Yeah she look scary
      Funny thing is yesterday it was freaky friday and now this page comes up.. LMAO




    1. ;A; bdfvhjfggfhjsdfsdfhsdhfbjk

  36. FLY, huge swan birdy man, FLY for your LIFE!
    … It was quite dumb to purposefully catch her attention like that. Holland, you mad.
    Wait a mmminute. Her father had those marks under his eyes and only now does Meela have them. Could her father have possibly been a demon, too?
    Also, I have the need to point out that she looks like a dragon-wolf with the spiky back. And her ears grew. So. Cute.

    1. Okay, after reading more comments, I see how likely it is that her father WAS a demon lupian.

  37. As horrific a death it was, you have to admit, the guy did deserve it. Past deeds aside, he egged her on and said just the right things to make her go all savage like this. Its pretty much his own fault, and he reaps what he sows.

    I just hope she is able to come back to her senses before turning on Holland. If not, hopefully Feral managed to catch up.

  38. Meela…. oh no…
    Her eyes are… are… magnetic o.o
    Holland… please… Don’t do strange thing >.<

    Well done, It's a fantastic comic *^*

  39. Omg my birthday is October fourth yay.

  40. I’d totally buy this as a poster for my wall. Also, I was expecting Korin to be a bit more chewed up on more then just his face/neck but I love all the blood nonetheless. Seems to me that most artists are afraid to draw blood at all and that’s a shame cause I find death scenes eerily captivating…I must be weird lol >__<

  41. I now wonder what Feral would do in Hollands place?
    I love the demon-lupian form! Bad Ass! What will Holland do now? Where will Feral be? What will happen if Feral finds out about her?!
    Will Meela attack Holland? Will Feral have to kill her?

    1. All these questions and more will be answered, when Strays returns!


  42. The reason he is only a little chewed up is because he got some hits in if you look at meelas face you will see some cuts that and the mark on her forehead look kind of like the mark on ferals hand

  43. Is this really Meela? But as far a I know she didnt have these Scars on her Nose O_o

    1. some random gamer

      well, we know that guy on the floors not meela… so ya, ya it is

    2. Yes, that’s Meela. I would assume that the cuts on her snout were from Korin. I’m sure he got a few hits in before Meela could stop him…..

  44. From the look i think that korin is still alive for two reason one not enough blood only damage seen is on face and one arm but that is a slash mark on face cause im preety sure that people that can turn into wolfs would know the first rule when getting attacked by a dog you give up a arm. That and we have not seen ferals reaction to his perants murderer l.

    1. I think he’s dead, I believe, well it looks like, Meela tore his throat out. Went right for the jugular.

    2. I surely bet he would be dead. That IS a lot of blood, and he even lost an arm. If he’s still alive, his heart wont beat forever

  45. That form just looks awesome! I agree through Korin might have bad and all but he was still a person… or wolf-person more rather

  46. some random gamer

    holy fuuuuuuuuuuu- she has horns! 0.0

  47. Epic, I’m so excited :D, her new look is awesome and terrifying OwO

  48. So wonderfully evil >:DDDD

  49. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS EPIC!!! \o/

  50. Love the page!

    However, as I glanced over to the Meela icon/button of taptastic, I just went:

    Ò m Ó I don’t trust you right now puddin’!

    1. Wait, phone why did you write taptastic? What the heck is a taptastic? I meant tapastic!

  51. Damn Meela looks badass only if she had wings though that would’ve been epic love this comic and the art work

  52. You know how some people are so stunned they cant talk, well I just was so stunned I couldn’t stop talking. So many curses…
    I just found this comic and these two weeks are gonna be painful but well worth it!

  53. OMG!!! she looks so scary!!!! :C

  54. Glad I fired this up on my laptop as my phone did not show the details (it was too dark to show Korrin’s arm was severed in the other screen).

    Been thinking. While it was definitely Korrin who killed Tanner, I have a feeling it was Mal who took out Meela’s other brother and father. Definitely she got her demon side from her dad. I thought the red markings under his eyes were tattoos at first, but now it’s obvious he had them because he was a demon. Wondering if hers will show when she turns back into her humanish form.

  55. Anyone notice how huge Meela’s demon wolf form is? Makes me wonder how big she’ll be when she’s an adult.

  56. Can we have a version of this without the word bubble and “grrrr” effect as a wallpaper PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASE?

    1. I second that!

  57. Now this is awesome. Like the first few comments said, I want a plushie of this form.

  58. I don’t know if anyone else has thought of this, but could Feral be the result of some sort of fusion of Yuen and Mal? The multicolored eyes could indicate multiple personalities, and the way he attacked Meela at the inn might show what Mel would do in that situation. Also, only Mal has been confirmed to have the mark on his hand that Feral uses to demon-drain Visrial’s energy on the palace roof. And furthermore, on page 152 young Feral has bandages on his eye and hands, the places where Yuen and Mal differed the most. What do you guys think?

    1. I’ve been thinking that for awhile now! Just when I think he’s Mal or Yuen only then there’s something that makes me think he’s the other…I think he started out as Yuen and then something happened with Mal’s hand mark or whatever and then they ended up fused somehow.

    2. I don’t think he is. He looks way too much like Yuen, and I really believe Mal killed Meela’s father and Tanner’s twin. It’s a cool theory though and nothing would surprise me at this point. :)

    3. I think yuen is feral, only feral had to go get the marking/powers because it was the only way to stop mal, who probably went crazy with power and started killing peeps, maybe even feral’s gf

      1. Also mal is spanish for bad. Foreshadowing, yes, no, maybe?

  59. NAAAAAA Scaryscaryscary Meela! No Don’t wanna wait… But I have to. EVIL CLIFFIE!!!

  60. Oh crap! Shit just got real! Meela, if you kill Holland, I will be forced to call the Fringe people. They will TAKE YOU DOWN. No, but seriously, please don’t kill off any of the main characters. I would die if Feral got chopped into tiny meat bits.

  61. CrimsonMoonPriestess

    This sent chills down my spine *shivers*

  62. So THATS why she wanted that hat so badly! To hide the horns she knew shed get!

    1. Or maybe she got the hat because it looked like the hat his brother wore.

      1. Or maybe that’s why Tannor wore the hat in the first place? Did he and Meela both inherit demonness from their dad?

        …Ok I doubt that’s why he wore the hat. But still.

  63. Not to nitpick or anything, but… His arms are completely different from the previous picture. I can’t tell which arm is which in the previous picture because they’re facing the opposite direction as the body, so this is confusing, but… Either way, the non-severed arm should have the knife lying next to it and the palm facing upward. O.o’

    1. Actually I made sure it was all correct. His right arm is the severed one, and was the one holding the blade. It’s laying in a different position than the rest of his body, and is positioned between where Meela is and where Holland is standing (you can’t see it in this page).

  64. I don’t think Korin is dead. I think he is maybe close to death, but I feel like he is still alive. If you look at his hand it is flexed and his first finger and thumb are lifted off the ground. If he was really dead his hand wouldn’t be flexed. Also, I don’t think rigor mortis would have set in yet and cause his hand to freeze in that position. He would have gone slack when he died. Plus, if that is his left arm, then his right leg is also slightly lifted off the ground at the knee.

    Concerning the marks under her eyes, I think they are like her father’s, but they are slightly different. Her markings just curve under her eyes, but her father’s markings curved under his eyes and had a peak that went down his cheeks.

    1. It’s not impossible for severed limbs to be flexed the same as when they were severed. The brain can’t tell the limb to unflex and all, plus there’s the whole rigor mortis thing.

      1. Oh I know that happens for severed limbs, but the hand I am talking about is not the severed one. On this page the arm you can see is still attached, which is his left arm. On the previous page you can see the arm that has been ripped off, which is his right arm.

        1. Hmmm you’re right… suspension IS odd, even with death… it would have to be some stiff boning to keep something suspended after death (like a spine or a shoulder joint that just doesn’t move that way), not knuckles… and hard to draw that accidentally…. Oh geez I actually hope he’s dead, that’s painful…

  65. I understand how we all have missed this, but Meela is metal!

  66. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…
    That’s not good.
    meela is scary and I am left with a cliffhanger.

  67. This is what i stay tuned in to this. It makes my day. Meela grew up so fast!!!!!! :’D

  68. well. . . . i thought something was off about her but i’m as surprised as the dead guy on this one

  69. It is SO hard to picture this as Meela. I see the demon-wolf, I know it’s Meela, but I CANNOT put that name to that beast.
    Needless to say, the artwork is AMAZING!

  70. Looks a bit like Wolf-Link from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Minus the spikes.

  71. …ermahgerd.. I knew it!
    Holland better get outta there…

  72. Could someone post a link to the page with Meela’s parents? I want to take a closer look :)

    This page is amazing, cant wait for the two week Haitus to be done and see what will happen next!

  73. oh nohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohno!!!!

  74. Oh no meela. S*** is getting serious as demon meela is on the rampage

  75. I never thought I’d say this about Meela but… she looks so terrifying (and awesome at the same time)

  76. Everytime I look I see something different. Wow, those face cuts are going to leave scars on Meela. I have a feeling her character is never going to look the same again—even when she transforms back into a girl. I bet she’ll be keeping the red eye marks (like her dad) and maybe the spikes, too. It also wouldn’t surprise me if she looks older from here on, too—especially if she remembers this. I believe our cute little girl will no longer be a child. :(

  77. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! DIE KORIN!!! oaky, can someone PLEASE get Feral now?!?! everyone KNOWS that dogs aren’t allowed in the dog park. do not approach the fence it is electrified. do not seek out the hooded figures. the dog park will not harm you (nigh vale listeners, anyone?)


  78. Well this is a pretty interesting change in Meela’s nature haha She’s gonna have some super badass scars on her face when she reverts back to her normal form (I assume she will eventually if not right away)

    1. Ooh actually I just realised, Meela has those red demon markings under her eyes now, just like her Dad. BUT she has similar markings under her eyes in her normal wolf form Foreshadowing maybe? Or just a cool coincidence.

  79. I think there might be more to her than just being a demon lupian. If Korin used to hunt other demon lupians why would he be so surprised about her tranforming? Especially since she’s a lot younger than her father and probably younger than her brother was when he died, wouldn’t there demon forms be stronger than hers if it goes by age, experience, or strength?

    1. All valid questions… I hope they are answered!
      to be continued…

    2. Remember deer man was extra worried about her

  80. O my God, she is awful.

  81. NOW we’re talking, some edge!

    Flap, Holland. Flap away…

  82. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  83. To quote the Mad Ukrainian at the end of “Gumball Rally”[ as he sails of the end of the dock, and crashes into the hull of the Queen Mary] …………… “OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!”

  84. EDIT.. Lapchik was the Mad Hungarian, not Ukrainian in the movie

  85. well she did say shut up and he did not listen…

    1. …evil guys tend not to listen when they think the ball is in their court.

  86. Sooo…. prettyful… I love how the color of her pelt got darker :3

    1. GUYS I just thought of a theory. What if the boy that she dreams about is actually her dad, and not Feral, and she’s dreaming about how demon even got into her family lines.

      1. that’s a cool idea

      2. Last I checked her dad had white hair.

  87. I first of all love the horns on her from! Epic! I’m glad she killed Koren, assuming she did, but I love his character so much! I’ll be sad to see him go!

  88. Lyk ermager.

    Ah luv eet.
    So yes. This. I will wait. Which, knowing these two lovely ladies, the first page we get will be like Meela and Holland staring at each other and Holland asking what happened…and then we’d have to wait another week to find anything out.

    All my feels. You have been taking them for over a year. I:

  89. coolest fucking demon wolf EVER!

  90. Tigerfur that is a cool theory

    1. Thanks :3

  91. HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meela is one bad ass wolf demon! WOW!!!!

  92. Awww, only 13 and she already has her own scars! Your daddy would be so proud… *tear*

    Goodness, she looks so awesome! Meela, you just stepped up the ladder of “Bounty to skip for sake of own life”.


  94. Red glowing lines on its face, along with glowing yellow eyes and two sharp horns… A line of spikes along its spine leading to its adorable fluffy tail.

  95. Nice Meela… Niiiiice Meela. You’re adorable, just don’t bite o.O

  96. I don’t think that’s Meela.

  97. If you compare whit the first page,here she is just scary.

  98. Looks like Someone’s got the same eyehooks as their father~

  99. in the words of nine-toes from borderlands “he woke the wrong dog!”

  100. I just read your author’s comment below the new page…. You guys are going into PRINT!?!?!? Ooh, when will the books be published… and PLEASE tell me your books are going to be on the selves of Books A Million!

  101. Where’s Fffeeeeeerrrrrrraaaaaallllllllllll?????

    (I’m sorry, I had to.)

  103. Please tell me this page will be one of your wallpapers!

  104. Fluffy taaaaiiiiillll….. I will call you fluffy because of your fluffy tail.

  105. Obviously Meela and Korin are in love and this is part of the mating ritual. If he survives this, he proves he is fit enough to be father of her children. Of course then we get into all the other men becoming jealous.


    See, this is how love works in Meela’s family. Korin proposed marriage and Meela is just testing him to decide whether to accept.

  107. I don’t want to sound ridiculous but… I’m kinda holding out hope that it isn’t meela there…! I mean, my precious baby! Her face!! She might get scars! SHE’S TOO PRECIOUS TO BE ROBBED OF HER INNOCENCE!! MY POOR LITTLE BBYFACE! QAQ


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