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I hope this isn't too gruesome for anybody >__>; The next page ends the chapter, so come back tomorrow (Saturday) for a bonus double update to finish it off!

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  1. … I hope it doesnt sound to weird but I love this page. Its so dark.
    Cannot wait for the next page! The suspense is awesome

    1. Maybe it does sound weird, but I totally agree.

    2. Likewise.

    3. Same here.

      Meela, you’re awesome!!!!

    4. He deserved it.

    5. I must agree

      1. some random gamer

        ya o.o

    6. I’ll agree as well :D

    7. Agreed. o3o
      Meela looks epic.

      1. strays has gone to the next level

    8. Meeeelllllllaaaaa, don’t turn eeevvvviiiiillll!!!

    9. I’m pretty sure that 75% of readers agree with you. But, I can’t figure out if that’s Meela or not, since she was a fox. n_n

      1. Meela is a lupin or wolf. You’re thinking of Piper, she’s the fox.

      2. Well, it sure isn’t Korin.

    10. Indeed

    11. Nice name, Iki.

    12. I love how normally everyone responds to this page

    13. I totally agree with you bro

  2. O O!!! ohmygosh… Meela D:

  3. O_O oh sheet !!!

    and, yay! bonus double update ! *huggles and jumps around for joy!*

  4. Love this page so much~!

  5. wow just wow. That’s all I got and I can’t wait till tomarrow. Maybe we get to see the entire wolf-monster-thing. (who I think may be Meela. And she was such a cute little thing in the beginning of this all too.)

  6. OMG!OMG!OMG! AAAWWWWSSSOOOMMMMEEE!!!! xD Can’t wait for tomorrow….OMG i haavee to know what will happen *-*

  7. MEELA! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo (btw love this page particularly the last one!)

  8. Well, it certainly seems too gruesome for Holland! Love this page, can’t wait for the next one!

    1. The man who knows all

      I think he’s about to lose his lunch.

      1. One hopes he remembers he’s a swan who can fly out of range.

        1. Let us also hope he doesn’t get any blood on those feathers….

  9. This is what happens when you mess with Meela when she’s on her period XD (Joking ;D)

    I love how dark and gory this scene is, it shows such a different side to Meela and I can’t wait to see a full image of her demonic wolf form =D This comic is totally rad =)

    1. We might not get to see even that…. :/ But one can always hope.

    2. Knowing these two with cliffhangers, tomorrow might be an update with Feral only

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        I think I would die.

      2. it probably is

      3. I was expecting a just-Feral page today!

  10. She will look awesome

  11. ….Holland is gonna need some help O.O;
    Hey guys remember 10 pages ago when there was an adorable baby Meela?

    1. Yeah o_o She grew up so much~

  12. oh my god his expressions D: i feel so much for him, especially him seeing such horror (albiet even if said individual deserved it, the point is that it is) perpetuated by Meela of all people. A sweet spunky girl he knows well and has been worrying concerning her curse or whatever this is

    1. yeah, I am sooooo worried for Holland. >_<

      girls, you need to work for Pixar/Disney you're so awesome!

      my pets can be so adorable, but once they get something they want/like… dead mouse or a deer leg etc… Watch-oUt!

  13. I’m very impressed with how you captured the expression and atmosphere so well and above all of that THE SUSPENSE. ;A; <3

  14. She did warn you……Meela, bad dog you didn’t have to kill him, though he might still be alive…busy dieing from a torn off limb. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough, I just hope she recognizes Holland before attacking him. But currently her pose is more ‘This is my lunch, back off!’

  15. Great now I have to go to bed so time will move quicker

  16. OMG… Oh my God… Meela no D: You’re CRAZY! You aren’t a Demon, don’t do it D:
    So, Korin is dead..? Perfect… but in that way, it’s orrible…

    Anyway… PLEASE HOLLAND! Run away from her! Fast!!! Dx

    1. With that much blood gushing from her jaws? Would be very surprised if he isn’t. If not, he has one hell of an injury. Sucha shame Holland doesn’t know the circumstances.

      1. All that blood, yes, as well as that detached arm lying on the ground.

        1. i’m not worried about him dying from his arm getting ripped off…

          i’m worried about him dying because Meela just ripped out his throat! (look how she is positioned on his chest)

    2. Don’t you know you shouldn’t run from a predator? It’ll only set them off.

  17. Meela…….?

  18. On one hand im glad she won. On the other im horrified but what shes done! D:

    Watch your step, Holland!

  20. HOLY SNAP!!
    This is not what I was expecting but I think it’s totally awesome. That’s what he gets for killing her brother and trying to kill her, way to go Meela!!

    Now I just hope Feral and Holland don’t get too hurt trying to control her D:

    1. Yeah, right!
      But where’s Feral? o.O

      1. yes! Feral needs to get his uber-cute wolf BuTt here pronto!

  21. Yeah Holland, you may want to take a couple steps back. Or you could just start running for your life.

  22. Holland’s expression in the sixth panel is clearly fear. He might have already recognized Meela but I hope he tries to help her get through whatever it is she’s going through instead of running off. Where is Feral when you need him?

  23. M-Meela….No….

  24. Sweeeeett

  25. OH MY GOODNESS. that’s really quite gruesome. I really like it though.

  26. So this oppressing character you’ve been building upon for the whole comic dies on the 7th page he’s drawn in… okay…. surely this is the lesser oppressing of antagonists. And frankly, I still don’t trust Holland. I’m assuming the mark on Meela’s eye is similar to Feral’s, probably something like being injured or cursed by a demon.

    1. Who says he is dead? He COULD be alive.. ;3

      1. You should see an E.R. in Manhattan… the human body can survive quite a lot.
        i’m thinking Korin has about %30 chance of survival. On another hand I’m hoping she finishes him off.

        1. (…that was before I saw that she might have ripped out his throat.)

    2. Pfft, Korin isn’t much of an antagonist, he’s just done some crappy things along the way. Visrial is more of an opponent than he is. I was originally going to show the fight, but I decided I didn’t want to draw that kind of unseemly content, so we’re skipping to the end with Holland.

      In any case, he may or may not be dead yet.

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        If Korin isn’t dead yet…Then I sincerely feel bad for him. o3o From what I can tell, his arm has been ripped off, and the demon-y Meela is standing on him or pinning him down with her obviously sharp claws. Not a fun position to be in.

      2. Hehehehe, each page is such a tease ! Just leaves us all hanging with out mouths wide open and drooling :P

      3. Hes like that low life dick who dies quickly only to reveal AN EVEN GREATER THREAT!!!!

  27. Meela… O_O

    1. At least she doesn’t appear to be squeamish about eating her prey anymore, thats a good thing.. right?

  28. First impression: Oh shit

    Next: Meela please please please don’t attack Holland next

  29. ….Demon-Lupian and Lyrian fight? 8D

    1. I think there’d be swan drumsticks. Unless he has some sort of anti-demon supermagic, Holland better run or fly (unless Meela now has wings).

      1. :D …swan drumsticks! ROFLMBO!

  30. …did Meela kill Tannor?

    1. No, it was already established that she hasn’t taken this form yet, and teo pages back Korrin bragged about killing him.

      1. Ahaha, two pages ago, right, now I feel stupid :D

        1. ::pats you on the back:: it’s ok… we all do that @ certain times.

  31. Hoping Feral enters the picture and remembers who and what a bastard Korrin is, because from Holland’s POV, Meela randomly attacked a stranger for no reason.

    1. I hadn’t even thought about that!

  32. *happy grin forms into creepy evil toothy drooling grin*

    Bwahahaha…! Oh Meela you are looking gore-geoussss… makes me has a happy :3

  33. I have a feeling that despite his usual nature, Holland doesn’t spook easily. And he just got the s#!t scared out of him. Oh, dear….

  34. Everybody is saying that Feral had better come quick, but I think who we need is Jyaku. He’s the one who was controlling her demon power (at least I think) originally, right?

    1. nope. Jyaku knows what she is and suggested her and Feral get separated.

      anyway Jyaku wouldn’t really harm Visceral… don’t know what he would do here, but I’m guessing he would look a lot like Holland at the moment.

    2. Assuming Feral has a similar sort of past, with his weird red powers, he would better be able to handle this situation, even if he doesn’t know exactly what is going on. Plus, he could restrain Meela easier than either Holland or Jyaku.
      Although… Holland says that Feral can’t know yet…. so Holland’s got some clean-up to do!
      So here’s an interesting comparison that just popped into my head…. Meela’s like a werewolf that can’t control its actions when it’s a wolf.

  35. i love this page, that last panel i got stuck staring at it for ages. Holland may need some help from this experience can’t wait for tomorrow *on edge of seat*

  36. Red markings under her eyes?
    Just like Rollin had (look at page 249).

    Anyway, hope Holland won’t get hurt D:

    1. I never saw that, the marks I mean!
      But Meela doesn’t have that when she younger and her brother don’t have the same marks either….
      so why is Meela a demon-wolf?
      How she become one??
      Because before in her wolf form she had no markings, but I guess she wasn’t upset or mad but still!

      Love this page, little gory but it’s still amazing

  37. Is it bad that Hollands expression is creeping me out more then demon Mella?

    1. I totally agree he looks like hes about to vomit

  38. OMG Omg Thats fricken scary!!! Omg Demon Meela!!!! Speachless im scaring my friend with my maniac episode i am having while on a Skype call

  39. I wonder if the red marks under Meela’s and Rollin’s eyes are permanent features brought on by their demonism, or if Rollin’s are tattoos that brand him as a demon like tattoos on criminals did back in the days.

  40. My stomach did a few somersaults but this is one of the best pages I’ve seen. I cannot believe Meela’s fricken arm is lying there with blood and omg omg omg it’s like gah you get all the feelings you would get if you saw something like that in real life. It’s just masterfully done.

    1. Oh… shit, that’s not Meela’s arm… It’s Korin’s… Holy shit.

  41. One question what is Meela’s paw on?…. Looks like to the side of his chest, where his shoulder should be.

    1. yeah… looks like it.

  42. Meela needs to cut her nails… :o
    And I LOVE her eyebrows. And the background in the first panel. And Korin’s sword. (He has lady hands ._.)
    I really like the darkness of the whole page. But really, where’s Feral when you need him?

  43. I have new respect for Meela’s mom… she must have been one tough cookie, to maybe need to deal with Rollin if he went berserk every now and again.

    …still not understanding why Rolland didn’t change and attack the intruders.

    …maybe this form is neigh-uncontrollable so if he changed he thought he would be putting his kids in more danger?

    …girls, you’re awesome!

  44. O no. Who it is? Meela had kill him?

  45. [To Holland: ‘Run!’]

    Ain’t nobody saw dat comin’! (Well, I didn’t. Not quite like that.) *Applauds*

    [To Holland: ‘Run!’]

    Did Rollin perhaps have this same “lil'” problem and kill their mum –

    [Holland: ‘Did you say-?’]

    – then fled into the outer darkness, hmmm…?

    P.S. RUN, Holland! (But there IS no museum in Iskenderun…)

    1. Okay! Not used to double updates! I totally saw that coming lol! =P
      Love swan-Holland and how he’s (apparently) all worried. Has Feral made some dreadful vow to kill any demon lupians on sight (didn’t one maul his friend a while back?) Oo. Re-reading time, methinks. Thanks, ladies!

  46. woohoo! good job Meela! KILL DA EVIL DUDE!!! Hollind should go all pretty swan-bird powers and fly away and get Feral. WE NEED FERAL!!! D:

  47. I actually love this update; you captured everything so well. Also, all I can say is… Poor Holland.

  48. Was not sure at all what I was to be expecting….Now run away, Meela! Run away!!! *shrug* I’m half awake

  49. I just hope music can soothe the savage beast there. I can’t see anything good coming out of this situation. *PTSD Meela would be a sad event. ;.;*

  50. If you don’t want Feral to find out, you may find yourself taking the blame for this one, Holland, m’dear!

    “Yes, I saw Meela in trouble and lost it and accidentally ripped this lupian’s…whole arm off…maybe some of his leg as well…okay, AND his face…”

  51. I really love Holland’s expression, it really drives home the reality of the scene here. I really felt his horror reading this page >_<

  52. Well…. I guess now we know what happened to Korin……

    1. Yet another amusing comment. Thanks for this

  53. AWW SH*T! AWW SH*T HOLLAND GOT OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE OVEN! (Hopefully Feral arrives in time because I don’t think a swan could fight off a Demon Wolf.)

  54. AWW SH*T! AWW SH*T HOLLAND GOT OUT OF THE FRYING PAN AND INTO THE FLAME! (Hopefully Feral arrives in time because I don’t think a swan could fight off a Demon Wolf.)

    1. Oh dang it. I double posted…Sorry ya’ll.

  55. Somehow I knew this was going to happen, and that Holland’s face was gonna be just like that with the hand over his mouth and everything.

    1. Somehow I’m not surprised that you predicted this.

  56. Surely this isn’t Meela? The markings on this wolf are different than her markings

  57. Just a gross question…those aren’t cut’s on Meela’s face are they? I have this horrible feeling it’s bits of Korin’s neck or worse.

    1. Those are cuts.

      1. The markings under her eyes??

        1. probably just part of whatever demonic form she has assumed.

  58. Oh my quark, this took such a fabulously intense and dark turn! Really looking forward to the next page!

  59. I really shouldn’t have eaten something right before I checked the update. I knew it was likely to be bloody >.<

  60. Okay so on page 256 just after she tries to steal the hat and is talking with Jayru, he sees her aura (The Demon-y red color) And knows about her birthday…Is it possible he told Holland? Or can Holland read auras too?

    1. Holland and jayku had a whole conversation about this on pages… 260 – 262

  61. Noooo! Meela don’t kill Holland! Awesome art, there. I especially love the eye. It’s exactly how I imagine a dragon’s eye. I get the shivers just looking at this page!

  62. That red line under her eye, looks similar to her dad’s… I think I know what side of the family she gets the demon wolf side from. Hopefully Holland is far enough to stay out of danger, or at least quick enough to fetch Feral. Help is going to be necessary to get Meela back to normal.


  64. O.O’ eeep… Oh My God this page was so worth the wait *applauds*

  65. Ack… Ok, first off: Korin? Good riddance, you bastard. Holland? Stay perfectly still, and hope Meela recognizes your scent. Meela? You know Holland; smell him. Also, I don’t think people like Korin would taste very good…
    Waiting (im)patiently for next update!!!

  66. He’s dead Jim.

    (in all seriousness – amazing page as always~ <3 )

    1. Best comment so far.


  68. What I find most powerful here is Holland’s reaction. Him being horrified — as an adult, and one who seems to take everything in stride and never lose his cool — by actions that an innocent child like Meela could commit… Poor Meela.

  69. Yes. Just…. Yes.
    I love this page so much.

  70. I’m so in love with this page for some reason. I cannot wait for the next page! aoawejfalsdfjldfjadfaldfjd;

  71. poor Holland looks so freaked out. :(


  73. Oh my gosh! ;u; This page is full of darkness. *u*
    I can’t wait for the next page! 8D

    Waaaiiittt, that isn’t Meela’s arm? I don’t think it is…Because she wasn’t holding the blade. But I am probably wrong. xD

  74. MMMMMMM…..

  75. if she did munch on him does that make her a cannibal?

    1. It’s not really cannabalism if she was defending herself! She’s just cleaning up the mess, really. It’s admirable, really.

  76. I wonder if this side to her erodes her body like through those scars. It’s kinda like Feral’s. He got some simliar to that in the beginning I think. Just a thought that crossed my mind.





    1. love seeing comments where everyone is lie MEEELAAA NOOOOO! And then there is this one. HECK YES RIP HIS GUTS OUT MEELA. Made my day xD

  78. i was just reminded of that scene from troll 2, “oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaawd!”

  79. 2nd panel Meela killed/knocked out Korin. 3rd panel HOLY SHIT

  80. O.O Good lord..


  82. Omfg…
    Meela, you just got a thousand times cooler, scarier, & even more badass…
    I’m thoroughly impressed & terrified.
    *2 thumbs up* Lin approves! ;D

  83. evisceratedArchangel

    next week is going to kill me I just know it. Noo Meela baby, fight it you can do it.

  84. …I thunk it’s too gruesome for Holland…

  85. The moment I saw the paw my thought was ‘This is too badass.’

  86. And now we wait some more *Gendo pose again*

  87. 4th panel=oh that’s gross

    6th panel= oooooooh noo……

    noooooo Meelaaaaaaa!

    seriously, how did Holand not see the giant demon wolf first??

    1. (fourth and sixth is what hollland is thinking)

  88. I’m guessing whatever is happening makes her pattern change because she has less of a pale face now.

  89. Dayum Meela.

  90. Well, I guess that’s the end of Korin! While I’m not sorry to see him go, I truly feel for Meela…the emotional consequences for her are going to be devastating…I wonder if she will remember anything when Holland manages to talk her around to calming down and bringing that other half of her under control…if she doesn’t, I wonder how long he’ll be able to hide it from her for?

  91. LOLZ he looks like he’s gonna toss the cookies.

    I love Meela, but if she regains normal consciousness and realizes this is her fault D:
    This is a bad situation for her no matter how you look at it. And if she goes after Holland on top of it all…

  92. Is it Meela? The pattern on the snout is different…looks at the pic of the wolf chasing the bunny. O_O

  93. Nopenopenopenope ;; Can’t wait for tomorrow

  94. I have to be honest- I cant stop looking at this page, I cant decide if its out of panic and worry for Hollands safety or if its because I just LOVE this page…. Probably BOTH. Feral better get here fast and stop her if she attacks Holland…..
    Maybe Jyaku is near by to save him? TnT

    *eagerly (and patiently) waits for the next 2 pages!*
    So excited…. I love this comic….

  95. Oh Damn
    that is all

  96. That dude totally deserved it… he was going to kill her and she reacted.

    Dx Meela it’s okay now, you are safe!

  97. Wooowwwwwww

  98. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????????????

  99. RUN HOLLAND!! Wait don’t! FLY! FLY AWAY!!

  100. Not too gruesome at all, this page is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Hollllllyyyyyy shiiiiiiiit……

  102. SEEEE I @#%$#@& TOLD YOU!!!!!!!

  103. I ike Hollands WTF! Face

  104. I think I know how Meela got away from Tannors killer.

  105. This would make a great TV show…
    Just found it yesterday through a certain Death Note strip on DeviantART, and then went and looked cuz Feral reminded me of my OC, and then I read til like eleven…I love this comic SO MUCH. I am HOOKED.
    I can’t wait for the next update.

  106. WOW!!! check out Meela’s eye in the last panel. its sooo epic!
    and I never want to catch Meela in a bad mood. XD

  107. This is too much for Holland. He’s a vegetarian.

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