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Sorry for the delay, we fell a little behind on this page.

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  1. Feral looks so cute!

    1. Wahh I was thinking the same! <3

  2. Ahhh, I really want to know what’s going to happen to Meela! The suspense is killing me! XD

    1. That what I was going to say!

    2. I third this statement! *prepares to sit on the edge of her seat till next friday*


    1. That was what I was going to say!

  4. Great to see Feral back in Wolfen form! :D

  5. 8D Forms time!

  6. What exactly is Meela’s… power? Because he’s about to get pwned with it.

  7. We don’t even get to know what happened to Meela? Really?!


    1. Trollolololol~

      1. XD I love the troll move even if it is aggrivating. Gotta love the cliffies.

      2. I knew guys were trolling

      3. ^THIS. I just got a nice lol out of it!

  9. Such a cliffhanger!!!

  10. I had to read the sentence two or three times before I realized it said “taught” and not “talight” The U is squashed funny by the G but I’m loving this page anyways! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  11. My heart is seriously pounding now with fear for our little pup! (Fell behind on Strays so I wound up with two pages to see. I feel spoiled)

    Keep up the great work, you guys! <3

  12. AW, Puppy Feral! ….I mean… Wolf Feral… big strong wolf… yeah… not cute and cuddly at all >_>

    1. I just hope Holland becomes a kick-ass eagle or something. He better not just sparkle like that vampire dude.

      1. I hate to disappoint you, but Holland is a swan xD

        1. Still better than a sparkly vampire.

        2. Let’s hope he’s a bad-ass swan, though.

        3. Blah blah Blah something Blah

          All swans are bad ass. Ditto: Geese

  13. HAahahahahaha

    Cliffhanger scene swap. I love you guys.

  14. 4th Panel OMFG FERAL STOP YOUR POSE IS SO FREAKING PERFECT! Damn, he could be a model ._. Both his forms are great enough for it.

  15. She turned into a dragony demon thing like the demen Yuen and Mal saw, right? Also, is is weird that I ship Meela and Feral, when he seems so much older than her?

    1. I doubt she’s a dragon…and Meral? Idk, he seems like more of a big brother/father figure.

    2. I think a “dragony demon thing” is unlikely. The FAQ states that the appearance of the offspring between a demon and one of the other races can vary greatly. I take that to mean that it normally does vary.

      The thing I am curious about is whether her wolf form is going to be replaced by a ‘demony’ form or if there is just a third form added. Her father didn’t look ‘demony’ so I don’t think shes at risk of losing her humanoid form. Then again his tail armor/covering might have been hiding something.

    3. Where in your mind did you EVER have even the slightest thought that Feral and Meela could possible get together. He would easily chose Piper over her hands down.

      1. As weird as it sounds I’m not totaly against it either, but like in 20 yrs, though I sought it will ever happen, they have more of a brother/sister dynamic anyways. Also I hate the feralxpiper set up, I think it would be much better if it were hollandxpiper, they did date once ya know

      2. Sought was meant to be doubt, my ipad auto-corrected

    4. I think we have seen Meela previously in her wolf form?

    5. Uhhhh… actually, it is kind of weird. I mean, come on, she’s just a kid! Barely a teenager. And she still thinks kissing is gross (see the dream scene with Yuen’s girlfriend). I can see that you really like Meela and Feral, but why the need to make them into a couple? That would seriously go into pedophilia.

      1. …watch the movie “the professional” w/ Natalie Portman…

        by the age of 16 some people are ready to be married… sometimes they are not ready until 40…

        it is just me but yeah, shipping Meela & Ferral seems wrong.

      2. In twilight Edwards like over 100 and Bella’s only 16

        1. Cinni I already made a twilight reference and there can only be one per page otherwise the internet will explode!

        2. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. Psst, 17, later 18. And Edward still has the mental state of a teenager. Just saying ^ ^;

  16. Wow you people comment fast.


  17. Also YAY swan Holland!

    And I want to hug wolf feral so badly >_<

  18. I think we’re about to find out exactly what that red power is.

    1. The power to skip scenes, eh? xD

  19. Is there going to be a double update next week too?
    I hope so :3

  20. Yeau, finally the new page :D

    Feral wolf form *^*
    And… no! No! you can not stop the page while Holland is transforming! is badness, for me! I want to see him again in swan version ! x3 I need it…

    So, I wish soon the new page (Friday… much away), also to know what Meela’s doing to Korin >:P Mwahahah *coff coff*

  21. Holland Perdicus Lathalinethetul. the only man that i shall allow to sparkle.

    1. muwahhhhhhah! :D …I don’t know about sparkles… he sure makes me tingly.

  22. I’d love to see them in their animal forms much more often ^^ I’m surprised we see them so rarely.

    Feral looks awesome.

  23. Thats not a wolf, that’s a freakin bear, GO FERAL!

    1. I lol’d and yes, go feral! find meela and what’s left of Korin once she’s done with him >.>;

  24. haven’t seen Feral in wolf form for a while

  25. Can you stab someone with a spoon if they are wearing a bulletproof vest? Maybe if the dolphins tell you how to jump on a skyscraper.

    1. ummm what? O.o


      1. I think he may be high right now

        1. Only as high as the balloons will carry me.

        2. Well if its a hot air ballon, then its pretty dang high

        3. But you have no balloons because I have stolen them all so I can attach them to a graveyard to life their spirits.

  26. No apologies! And I am sorry for asking about it yesterday! It is very kind of you guys to keep making this up to us! ::)

    1. yes! very nice :)

  27. Holland always looks sooo handsome in his well-made, high class blue and white clothes! Feral has that rough and handsome look, but Holland is so soft and pretty. Oooh I can’t decide which I like more! Nah, I don’t think I have a favorite, they are both handsome and awesome guys! I can’t wait to see Holland in his pretty swan form, and I REALLY can’t wait to see what Meela turns into and what she turns Korin into, if you get what I mean…muhehehehe…

  28. This seen reminds me of twilight. A wolf guy and a sparkly guy searching for a girl.

    1. -giggle- Edward and Jacob.

    2. Oh, that was low…

      1. Not as low as the rating for twighlight (snap).


    3. *Scene

      And, um, I hope not… xD Twilight is something I’d rather forget. >>





    Wolf feral is awesome though! =D

  31. That moment when the bad guys pupils and irises get so small you can barely see them. Go Meela! And Feral looks awesome. ^.^ I can’t wait to see what Meela does, and his reaction to it.
    P.S. Holland sparkles! :3

    1. If you squint really hard and look at Korin, it looks like you need glasses. :D

  32. I’m going for the dragon demon kinda thing, she said she wasn’t a demon, so maybe she just looks like one?


    1. O.O…that is a very intriguing notion…if it’s true it would explain a bit…yet raise even more questions about the bracelet…gosh dang it, I want to find out! >.< Lol, love this comic so much! XD

  34. I love Korin’s shocked face in the first panel; his expression is just priceless. Last page, I thought he knew about Meela’s demonic powers and how to deal with them, but judging from his reaction, he has NO clue what he’s dealing with, and he’s about to get his tail handed to him.

    Also, I’m still not entirely sure if we can trust Holland. I’m hoping we can.

  35. I’m so incredibly anxious to see what happens to our beloved Meela!!!!! AGH!!! FIND HER SOON, GUYS!!!!! D:

    On the other hand, I find wolfie-Feral to be just awesome!!! …And adorable. I wanna hug him–even if it’d get me killed. xD

    1. I want to hug Holland!

      Although swan’s are delicate… maybe in human form his skeletal structure is like a birds too? aw, that means I can’t mud wrestle him :)

      1. Dude, swans are not delicate. They look it but they’re surprisingly strong.

        1. Right! Sometimes they bite too, and they hurt … I wouldn’t like a swan chasing me .___.

          But Holland is very cute! ^^
          Anyway, if he’s angry, he could become very dangerous … or so I think.

        2. so I could mud wrestle Holland without needing to be worried about hurting him… YaY!

  36. Whenever Feral and Holland fight, I just picture a bickering older couple. XD

  37. Feral wolf butt in the last panel

  38. Feral is a sexy man AND a sexy wolf /)///(\

    Nobody judge me for that statement!

    1. No judgement cast. :)

  39. nyaaaahh, this cliffhanger is better than Friday’s. The fight will be quite different depending who finds her first.
    And I hope it’s Holland. Pure white swan meets the red devil, is he shocked? I want to see that swan come down from the skies. Also Holland is beautiful.
    Yeahhhh the bracelet’s important, I want to know how, is it Friday yet?

    1. I gotta disagree. If Korin survives Meela long enough for Feral to get to him, I’d like to see two huge magic wolves going at it. Maybe even three, depending. Korin couldn’t best Yuen’s father without two lackeys pelting him in the face with rocks, he’s more than had it coming.

      1. I want Feral and Korin to fight it out too… That would be awesome! Plus I want to see Feral’s reaction to whatever Meela is.

  40. omg i can’t wait for friday!!! lol korin is soooo gonna die :P

  41. Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Feral’s lupin form. Looks good. But man, Korin looks like he’s in deep s#!t.

  42. AWH! Whose a big tough puppy dog?! Feral is! Oh, yes he is!

  43. Gosh, Feral’s scars!!!
    His snort and facial expression in panel 4 is SO Feral, it’s hilarious!
    Holland’s face in panel 3 is great. So exasperated!
    Korin’s gonna get his butt kicked, if he sticks around long enough, that is. I can see him high-tailing it (pun intended) out of there before he sustains any real damage.
    I also feel like Holland may know more than what he’s saying about what Meela is. I feel like Jyaku and Holland know ALL about her, but I can’t decide what Holland’s motivations and intentions are. I also think that, whatever his original intentions were, now he would do anything to protect Feral and Meela.
    And of course, I KNEW we would have a scene change before anything REALLY important was revealed…

    1. Wow, that was a long post, sorry!

    2. Yeah, right …
      Anyway I don’t think (or don’t want to think) that Holland is a bad character, and also Jyaku. Probably there’s a purpose behind them, I have no idea what, but they don’t want the hurt of Feral and Meela, or at least not Holland. He really cares about her and wants to defend, and certainly doesn’t hate Feral.
      But, who knows what hides beneath those blue eyes … could also be a good liar, and more selfish than you might think, but not a villain and he doesn’t want to hurt anyone u.u

      Anyway, he is always a prince, and my personal favorite character ^ ^ The mysterious aura but carefully hidden, is very charming … And then I have a soft spot for archers * ^ *

      -Sorry for the long post, and any bad grammar .. I’m very sorry, but I’m not English and I write as I can x3-


      1. heh, if tried typing in your native language I’d probably butcher it.
        you have a real good grasp of what you are trying to say. :)

        not many of us are English…
        if we used “The Queens English” we would probably make you really confused. :D

        1. Eh, English is very different from Italian, but I’m trying to learn well this language for speak and write freely also in English ^ ^
          Anyway, there are words and phrases that still I don’t understand well or I don’t know, then I have to use translators and dictionaries …

          At least, in the comic, images help me to understand :3

        2. Tutti noi abbiamo dei problemi quando si tratta di prima imparare qualcosa di nuovo. Continuare! Si sta bene. :)

          Che non sembrano essere molto sincera… è questo che conta.

  44. My question here is wheres Jyaku and wheres Visiral? Maybe they are having their own duel somewhere with Jyaku flipping him around in his cape and Visiral throwing poison daggers.

    1. Or they could be having tea together somewhere lol xD

      1. Visiral: Pass the crumpets please?

        Jyaku: Sure.

  45. Omg! I luv ferals wolf form!

  46. …And the fabulousness keeps on coming. I’m glad we get not only to see some action, but the others transforming into their animal counterparts! Awesome job you dynamic duo! :D

  47. Korin, what have you done!?!?!?

    Feral is going to be sooooo pissed.

  48. For some reason I expect a page of Holland transforming into his swan form like a magical girl.


  49. I just thought of something.

    What if when Feral sees Korin he remembers his childhood?

    1. I was thinking that too

  50. …..does that mean he has a scar on his butt


  52. Feral looks so sweet on the second panel~ <3

    1. BluetailTheNightFury

      yes he does

  53. BluetailTheNightFury

    grrr…. MOAR

    is it wrong that i pair Feral and Meela together? cause i feel that it is

    1. Kind of. :/

  54. I could stare at that second panel forever.
    The third panel made me smile, too X)

  55. So I have a question: I get that the animal species cannot interbreed with each other, but they can demons. That would make demon halflings. So can these demon halflings breed with different animal species, or just more demons and the animal species they are half of? And if not, how many generations of an animal descendant interbreeding with a demon would it take before that descedant had enough demon blood in them for them to then breed with other animal species??

    Sorry if that sounded confusing OTL

    1. Demon halflings can only breed with either demons or the animal species they are.

      As for breeding the animal species out of the halfling’s offspring so they’re again full demon (which is essentially what you’re saying), we haven’t really figured that out. We’d have to do some research on that.

      1. So, hypothetically, could two demon halflings breed then? If they were both say… for example: half wolf and half demon? :3

  56. I don’t no why, but somehow his look like Toothless in the fourth panel XD

  57. I bet the next page will be just Holland transforming xD
    I would love to see Feral and Korin duke it out in their wolf forms. I really want to know what is going on with Meela….all I can say now is that Korin is about to be in a world of hurt.
    and an added side note….I’d love to see a button of the second panel.

  58. Is it Friday already? :(

  59. LOVE THE SNORT! Hahahahaha, fantastic. :D

  60. I almost thought Meela WAS the wolf, then realization struck xD

    Awesome job once again guys!!! Keep up the good work. :D

  61. she is going to kill him :3

  62. That second panel’s so pretty. :D


    1. Ikr. GRRRRRRRRRRR, longest week ever!!!!!

  64. I could kick myself. I haven’t looked at this is soooo long!


    Also, I need to get back into the hang of things, when is the next update?

  65. I could kick myself. I haven’t looked at this is soooo long!

    WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! I need Friday to come. NOW. xD

  66. DUDE. I don’t even know why, but seeing the sparkle/glow around Holland just makes me want to see him pull a Sailor Moon transformation. XD I AM SO SORRY (jk I’m not. I want it.)

  67. Meela search plan: Feral transforms into a badass wolf and sniffs the ground while Holland sparkles and transforms into a swan to search the skies. Best plan ever. All we need is piper and her sparkly magic.

  68. What if Feral and Holland end up fighting Visiral, leaving Meela to finish the battle until the others finally come… when it’s all over.

    1. What if pear? We never did learn of the consequences of Feral vs pear.

  69. Haha, Holland looks like he’s about to transform into a magical girl.

    1. You are my favourite person

  70. 2:15 am on friday morning.

  71. Dude, you were the one who called her a demon. What were you expecting? ;)

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