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Korin, I think you made her angry. Check back Saturday for the next page!

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  1. ooooooooooooooo snaappp

    1. no kidding!

  2. this is like having sex real slow… my patience sometimes wanes. saturday, come faster.

    1. That is a great way to put it!

    2. >_< :: falls to floor shocked :: wow mental pictures hurt.

    3. Your partner’s name is Saturday?

      1. oh, let’s not start with the puns… please, I just got finished watching “airplane”. I might die. ;-P

    4. Ummm…. FYI Ilkrya, there are YOUNG readers here and that coment is inappropriate…

      FERAL!! that strange deer dude……….

      1. … well, ok some one help meela! .. though she is probably going to kick some tail …..

        1. i dont think she really needs help at the moment…..

      2. Dude…as much blood, violence and adult overtones as this comic has, I hardly think anyone who reads this is going to be put off by a bit of sex talk in the comments section. Chill.

      3. There are young readers but uhh…

        There’s cursing and blood in this comic o – o.

        And don’t forget that thing that happened with Piper and Feral.


      4. I’m of the opinion that anybody who is old enough to read a comic in which several characters have died in bloody and mildly horrific ways should be able to handle a comment like that.

    5. Another creative comment right here. I lost it..

  3. Is it strange that even though I adore Meela, I’m scared of her right now?

    1. I think it would be strange not to be scared of her right now! I’d be running for my life!

      1. Then I guess im weird because I would want to duel her to the death right now.

  4. Argh O.O Meela is very angry…
    Silly smelly Korin ù.ù What are you, deaf? She said “SHUT UP!!”
    Don’t speak bad of his brother, or the “”puppy”” will show you what it means to be Really angry… è.è
    Shut Up!!!!

  5. Korin shall now die a slow and painful death.

    1. Somehow I don’t think it will be particularly slow ¬_¬

    2. …if she could control her powers to try not to “show” in front of Holland, maybe she has enough control to really pack a smack-down!

      Go Meela!

      1. DarkAngelAdisynne

        I think the reason she could control her powers was because the hadn’t fully come in yet. I’m pretty sure her power is about to explode.

        1. DarkAngelAdisynne


  6. Also,Meela’s face in the last panel should be a button!

  7. Oh no! The hat is hurt!!!!!!!

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Wow. Your concern is in a very odd place. XD

      1. No, it’s in the perfect place :P

    2. CHALLANGE OF THE WEEK: Figure out where Meelas hat is at!

      1. Um, it fell off during the explosion??

        1. But where is it located? That is the question!!!!!

        2. It’s in the first panal way over in the right by meela, you can kinda see it in the grass

        3. CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!!!!! Your prize is a cookie and my smile :D as well as first dibs on making the next challenge. Hope its a good one. ;)

        4. YAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

      2. P.S. I will be doing this every page from now on when I can think of one. Others are also welcome to make a challenge but only one per page. The challenge ends the next Friday.

        1. EDIT: The previous winner has first claim to making a challenge but if they don’t by Saturday its up for grabs.

  8. o.O not good?

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      For Korin? No. But who cares about him?
      I’m more worried about what happening to our little Meela. :S

      1. I was kind of hoping that Korin would at least survive to have Feral finish him off.
        of course after his memories come back & he realizes just what Korin did to him.

    2. LeelaaloooShabang

      Bit not good, yeah.

      1. Sherlock refernce? here?

        1. We always end up….here.

  9. So she IS a demon Lupian then.

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      Or something along those lines. ^_^

    2. or maybe not even close to a demon.
      we will soon find out… I hope.

    3. But how??
      Is it from her mother, because of the blue eyes or what??
      so many questions ;)

      1. DarkAngelAdisynne

        Her father is the reason, I think.

  10. “I’m not a demon!” – Great way to prove it, Meela! :D

  11. Geez, Korin sure likes to gloat, doesn’t he? If he was going to kill her, he should’ve done it already. *sigh* Villains…

    1. some villain’s, yes…
      think about the life of a mercenary / hunter… the only real people they have to talk to is their target, if they want to talk @ all. most don’t have a normal, family life and are really loners.

    2. Korin though, he likes to gloat… maybe he thought making Meela angry she would be more of a “challenge”… looks like he’s going to get his wish.

      1. I think he might be goading her so she’ll stay and fight instead of try to escape, like she already tried to do. He knows she’s good at escaping, and if she got away now it would be trouble for him. He seems to think he knows what he’s doing, though whether or not he’s underestimated her is another matter.
        Honestly I could see this fight going either way, since he’s already fought her brother and is clearly experienced, but she has the advantage of being trained to fight (and there could be a greater volume of that red power in her than in her brother, but we have no way of knowing if this is the case unless there’s a flashback or Korin makes an exclaimation of something, lol). However, I just know somehow or another Meela is going to make it out of this alive…but HOW she gets out of it, and how much damage she takes in the process…so many possiblities. @.@ Tomorrow can’t come soon enough, lol!

  12. NOW you’ve done it Korin. Grabs the popcorn.

  13. looks like meela’s going to have a seras victoria moment.

    1. You got a point, buddy…

  14. Dis gonna b gud~ As they say. OwO

  15. I don’t think I can wait until Saturday because the Oh Shit meter is going haywire.

    1. The man who knows all

      Yours is going haywire? Mine just exploded.

  16. and then THIS asshole had to talk about killing her brother. he’s just BEGGING for his eyes to be ripped out of his head -_-

    1. I don’t know. depending on her power maybe she can levitate him while paralyzing him & pick + choose what to do with him… slowly.

  17. Take that Korin your about to get your ass whopped by Meela’s demon-lupian magic. Only if she had her Knives now.
    This is completely awesome, how you did the shadow work and then have the red strikes through it is great skill!

    1. I might be the only one here that still thinks that Meela is not a demon.

      it could just be forgotten magic that some “higher-up’s” are afraid of…

      pay an idiot a ridiculous amount of money, tell them that the family are demons + to wipe them out… who would question?

      definitely not some one as quick-witted and oh so knowledgeable as our dear Korin. ::sarcasm:: -_-

      ~Yes! they are really, really, really, really, really, awesome! You can just see the painstakingly detailed strokes and wonderful color schemes!!!
      you RoCk, gIrLs!

  18. BEAST mode activated!

    You’re in trouble.

  19. Jessss. But not I have to wait till Sunday night. Wahhhh. Curse expensive smartphones! dljkgda
    Anyway awesome page! Korin just had to gloat didn’t he.

  20. Hulk!Meela! ohnoes! dudebro, you, sir are gunna die!!!

    get him, meela

  21. Good… good… give into your hate. Meela’s hate will only make her stronger, and soon she will fully come over to the Dark Side! Mwahahaha! Then she will be known as Darth Lupina!

    Errr… wait.. I mean… Ohnoes! What ever is going to happen?!?!



    1. Kick him in the head!! xD

    2. Eww I wouldn’t do that, his face wouldn’t taste very nice xP lol

      1. “And they doesn’t taste very nice, does they, Precious?”
        Sorry, couldn’t help mahself xD

  23. She’s turning into hulk mode! Meela Smash!

  24. Oooooh O.O

  25. don’t make her angry. you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

  26. OSHIT

  27. The classic villain mode: instead of killing them right away and getting this done with – lets tell them something they don’t want to her. It’s not like that information will fuel them with rage and make them harder to kill XD

  28. What a jerk! Rip him to shreds!

  29. NOW Meela can kick his butt! *grin*

  30. GIRL YOU HAVE KNIVES ON YOUR HIPS! Fling some of that magic at him!! Or did everything Feral and Holland teach you get flushed down the toilet when Killer-Mullet started talking sheet about your brother?? Kick his murderous rectum! -Rocky music starts playing- YOU’RE THE BEST A-ROUND! NOTHINGS-EVER-GONNA-KEEP-YA-DOWN!!

    1. …whatever his rectum had to do with this… I don’t want to know… >_<

  31. Oh Hell no! Come on, Meela! She’s going demon, and I’m scared! Like, happy, but scared because she might go AWOL and attack Feral and Holland, or die in the process!

  32. Guess she knows the Kai O Ken! XD (insert over 9000 joke here)

  33. I have the strange feeling that Feral is going to absorb that. :/

  34. *runs for life* say goodbye korin….

  35. Korin: Hey, remember that time? When I drove that blade right through your brother’s chest? Good times, good times…

    1. What the heck?

      1. He just said it so casually O.o

  36. Uh-ooh… O.o

  37. Is it just me or the perspective (I hope neither!) or did our sweet little Meela’s teeth grow a teensy bit? ;;) She gowna kick suhm butt!!!

    1. Oh yeah shes grown fangs.

  38. Going about my daily life. Suddenly remembers it’s Friday and strays will be up. Drops everything and dives for laptop.

    1. Same here XD I woke up and just as i was heading down stairs, I was like O.O strays. Then ran from there lol

    2. Glad I’m not the only one :D

    3. I fear I forget when I got up to go to work and remembered while there. Nearly tore my door off the hing trying to get in to read it XD

  39. Dear Celesse and Algy,

    Because of you I am now scared of Meela. Thanks for that.



  40. o.o oh my.
    I wonder how Feral will react if he sees her like this.

  41. Ugh, why college? Why? It’s going to be ever so hard to keep up with this now that college has decended on me like a storm cloud of doom!
    Meela, don’t go AWOL now! Kick Korin’s butt, but let Feral kill him later.

  42. Everyone seems so certain that Feral is going to come. Am I the only one who thinks he won’t, or if he does, it will be a while later?

    1. I think he’ll come later, or possibly the most inconvenient time as it seems Meela has it pretty handled for now xD

    2. Then again you never know.

  43. /ow would be a great time for Meela’s deer man stalker to show up. Jyaku! Come keep her out of trouble again!

    Haha, deer stalker. Like the hat >_<

  44. Ohhhh crap.

    I have feeling that Meela wont have any control over herself at all and that later when/if Feral/Jayku/Holland comes she’ll try to kill them to o.o

  45. Its 12am come on next page

    1. Be patient. It is 12am. That’s early

      1. Its 2am now…..

        1. Grrrr… I’m going to bed
          *grumble* 4 in the morning *grumbles*

  46. Oh….my ever living fffffff I AM SO EXCITED HOOOLLLLY

  47. And the new page? I want the new page, now! :D
    I want to see when Meela is very angry, and the shocked face of Korin! x3

  48. Oh, my Jesus. Meela is having what I like to call a Lin or Yin moment.

  49. Oooooh snap! Meela just went Super Saiyan!

  50. I dont think meela needs saving anymore, shes got it under control…sorta XD but where the hell is FERAL!?

  51. *ahem* GO MEELA!!!! KICK KORIN’S BUTT!!!!

  52. *sings* Eeeevery rose has it’s thorn~ or in this case every protagonist has an unimaginable power dwelling inside them


    1. I saw this coming from 1/2 way across the universe. :/

    2. I saw this coming from 1/2 way across the northern side of the universe. :/

  54. WHAT!? 9000!??

  55. What time should I check back today for the update? I am central time, haha.

  56. I’ve been clickin latest page every 5 minutes for 3 hours, plz update before i develop carpal tunnel O.Q

    1. DarkAngelAdisynne

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit


  57. What do we want? THE NEW PAGE! When do we want it? RIGHT NOW WOULD BE GOOD!

    1. They’ll post it when it’s ready, give them a little more time. ;)

      But, I can’t wait to see the new page too. I hope that Meela tears him to pieces!

    2. Get away or well bust out the hoses and tear gas. :)

  58. I hope she rips his clothes :D

    1. That comment…just perfectly random. Thank you <3

  59. I have a horrible feeling that he’s just goading her. This won’t end well.

  60. DarkAngelAdisynne

    I wonder if the reason it hasn’t updated is because the writers are trying to draw out the suspense.

    1. If that’s the case they’re doin an exceptional job -.-‘

  61. I don’t mean to be rude, but will the page be up later today? Sorry, I am really looking forward to the new page! ::)

  62. Hey, I just noticed now; if Korrin’s got a scar across one of his eyes, wouldn’t his eyebrow not grow back? Or does that only happen part of the time (eyebrow scars I mean)?

    1. Snowtail the Khajiit

      It depends on the severity of a scar. In this case, yes, he should have an eyebrow scar. But if the girls don’t want to draw him like that (or didn’t remember too) then its alright. Either way, he looks like an evil badass. X3

    2. Yes, I have a scar on my right eyebrow from a dog bite. It could be how Snowtail is describing it, but seeing how there’s magic in this world, he might have also grown it back? Maybe?

  63. Dude I think her eyes are glowing in the second panel O.O

    1. I think you may be right

  64. I really hope nothing bad happened to the authors.

    1. I think they’re trolling us at this point ×_×

      1. Nope not until next page. XD

    2. Nope, just busy. I had to work on my day off yesterday and it really ate into my page work time. Page will be up tonight.

      1. Thank you Algy for clearing it up! :)

  65. It would be awesome if she transformed into a wolf. ;O;

    1. That would be anticlimactic… Awesome would be punching a hole through his chest…

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        Seconded! XD

  66. Am I alone in not wanting Feral or Holland to swoop in and save the day? Don’t get me wrong, I love Feral, but I also want to see little Meela kick some butt. GIRL POWER!

    1. Nope, I hope she ends Korin. Though I wouldn’t be a fan of the gang showing up just as she’s eating his face or something. That would be bad.

  67. oh snap oh snap oh snap XD

  68. holy chis that was awesome!

  69. Ok, let me get this straight.
    So, this Korin dude not only killed Meela’s brother &, I think, her father, but he also killed both of Farel’s parents?
    …That son of grasshopper… -_-#

    1. And he killed her other brother I think.


  70. Meela is like the Sam Winchester of Meoly. And Korin is like the Gordon.

  71. when you make Meela angry she throws quite the hissy fit XD


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