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Oh my. Two pages this week, check back tomorrow (Saturday) for the second one.

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  1. And the story unfolds…
    So very happy we get a double update this week.

  2. I KNEW IT.

  3. “Are you a demon Lupian?”




      1. This comment made my night. Thank you. XD

  4. Demon huh? I think some one needs to pick up that phone.
    Because I freakin called it!

    1. this comment made me lol

      1. Snowtail the Khajiit

        Same. One internet for you, Clamps.

    2. A lot of us thought of her being demonic in some way, but you’re the one who thought of that clever comment as well. Give yourself a cookie- you made me lol :)

  5. HAHA!!! Knew it!!! Now hopefully Meela gets some epic powers now! Korin needs a face smashing….

    1. I don’t know if she’s going to get her powers just yet, but I bet you anything that Meela’s going to slam that pot in his face!

      1. I was thinking the same thing:
        I foresee a meeting of Korin’s face and the flowerpot in the near future.

  6. Korin’s a jerk, but damned if he isn’t pretty :U

    1. lol this comment made my morning. xD

  7. I’m sure I’m missing something here, but who’s Meoley? xD

      I think Meoley is the place they live in. Check the FAQ? Its the same!

  8. huge storyline development! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  9. Can someone explain to me what being a “Demon” really means? and how it relates back to feral and the story? (please please please)

    1. Well demons are a species/race like any other of meoley and can be mixed with any other species, it relates in that meela is most likely part demon (from her fathers side) and has bounty on her because of it, there for if feral were to find out it would possibly change their dynamic. Also feral has some weird magic eye thing, possibly linked to demon magic, which is probably why meela dreams about him (both are linked by some kind of demon magic) thats pretty much how that works in, if you have any other Q’s feel free to ask ^^

  10. Demon???
    What’s he talking about…. Meela’s not a demon! Is she??

    1. Probably half-demon, like Feral.

  11. This is finally answering suspicions. All we need now is why feral and Meela are linked, i hope Meela whoops that bounty hunters but when she finds a weapon. and Meoley? Is that her mum it would make sense, it has to be for he was the one to finish off her family and he now has to get rid of her, finishing her trash or whatever

    1. Meoley is which the reside in.

    2. I could be wrong but my theory is that it’s Ferals mark from page 193. Page 215 shows that he can absorb dark energy through the mark. I think that Meelas demonic energy somehow allows her to see Ferals memories because of the mark.

      1. Meoley is the name of the country or whatever where they live.

  12. Baddies always can’t help talking too much to their enemies :D

    1. It’s pretty sad. Usually, while they’re boasting and explaining their deeply complex plan for NO REAL REASON, someone sneaks up and wages an almost-guaranteed-to-be-successful counterattack. Ex: Naruto, Bleach, A Series of Unfortunate events, etc. Villains should probably learn to keep their mouths shut. But then, we wouldn’t get to see Feral come in and whip some Korin booty. Bring on the fight!

      1. Korin thinks he’ll be safe just because his motives are simple :P

  13. Meoley is not a person, it’s the name of the country they live in. Substitute “Meoley” with any place name you know and you’ll understand the sentence. And I believe Meela has just found a weapon. Let’s see how hard Korin’s scull is, shall we?

    1. *sigh* And this comment was meant as a reply to Mistybooklover (two posts up). Sorry, the internet is not working for me today!

  14. *sigh* i even tried to make a map of meoley and people STILL don’t know what it is?!?

  15. Feral!!! She needs your help!!! >.<

  16. *the sound of everyone saying they called it*

  17. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the panther guy showed up and it became a fight between Korin and him for Meela? >u< hehehe

    Although I do wish Feral would get his butt over here first… *sigh*

  18. i am surprised no one seems to want to know which of her parents (or where in the family tree) the demon is! :O

    1. I want to say it’s Rollin since he was Jira’s target, but it could be her little secret though too instead. But for now I’m going with Rollin.

      1. I’m under the impression that Rollin is still Lupian, and instead one of his parents was a demon. I mean, Meela is Korin’s target, and we know she is at least part demon and part Lupian. So maybe the same thing applies? Jira was going after Rollin because he’s part demon?

        1. I agree, I think it was a grandparent on rollin’s side. If Rollin were whole demon he wouldn’t look like a lupian, but if he were part demon he could look like more of a lupian than demon

  19. yaaaay! the truth revealed! Exciting! :)

  20. Ahh! Meela! Just grab the flower pot and whack him with it. Feral where are you?

  21. Ah! That horrible person! Who would even pick on a kid like that!? >:(
    Don’t worry Meela, Feral will kill that mean man…

  22. i cant help but wonder if since shes part demon that she might transform into something..

  23. I expect that her father was the demon, since her mother was also a bounty hunter that was sent to kill her father. Since it seems that people want to hunt down these demon lupians and have them killed it seems to make the most sense. She just realized after all the times she tried to kill him and he spared her despite of it that being one didn’t make you pure evil. Which apparently it doesn’t with as sweet as the family was what little we got to see of it in Meela’s memories when she explained about her mother being a bounty hunter and her father was one of her marks.

    I suspect that Holland and Jyaku already know all about her lineage and what she is. Whether they were worried that Feral would turn on her once he found out she was a demon Lupian or it would have some other negative impact on one or the other of them I’m still not positive about.

  24. Ahhh so pulled into this story. I love it! Thank you for the work you guys have done!

  25. hmm…in panel 1 she has her dagger on her left side, but in panel 5 it’s just a small pack. :/

    1. yeah, on the last page the pack or dagger should probably be visible too.

      the girls are usually better at consistency than this…

    2. Simple mistake. I’ll fix it soon.

      1. not to worry! ^_^

      2. you just came from a con & you’re promising to do 4 pages in roughly 12 days & you guy’s have a job + a life? …..ssssssooooooooo ExcUseD!!!

        I want to apologize to you girls… until I re-read the post I had not realized how harsh my 3:06 pm post sounded!

        it seems that happens a lot with the internet. -_-

    3. In the previous pages, the dagger has always been on her right side, and the pack on her left, so in panel 1 we should see the pack.

  26. I KNEW IT!

    1. Oops, several other people already said that… ^ ^; Well, I’m pretty sure that Rollin’s got the demon lineage, considering the bounty on him.

  27. My first instinct is to think that Meela’s dad was a demon lupian, which is why he was being hunted, but her mom had blue eyes, which is “a really rare eye color for Lupians!” so maybe..?

    I dunno man, this is so exciting!! Thank you for doing a double update this week!!

  28. I think it has to do with the reason she needs to leave Feral and Holland.

  29. I mean, what he says about her being a demon.

  30. TOTALLY KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that demon/dragon thing that Feral saw was Meela/Meela’s brother/One of Meela’s parents? IDK BUT I’M GOOD WITH ANYTHING CUZ DIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Well.

    I was expecting this outcome.

    She’s a Demon Lupian.







  32. Oh my god. I had just a small smidgen of feeling for that asdjfhadsf. I speculate that the only thing Meela and Feral have in common is that they’re ‘demons’ at least I think Feral is half, as Meela could be full or partial. Because they’re demons they have some kind of links with each other and get mixed messages and stuff or something along those lines. I JUST SDKHFASDF DRAMA BOOOMB

  33. Meela:”Are you a demon lupian?” Well shouldn’t you know?


  35. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??? I’ve been reading the comics from beginning till now and right now none of this makes any sense.

  36. FEERAAAAL!!!!!!!!!

  37. I never would’ve notice a demon lupiand…

    Oh no, Feral hurry! I’m gonna cry if Meela is hurt or if Feral’s hurt trying to save her!

    Who’s Meoley? ^o^

    1. Meoley is the “world” this comic is based in…. or continent.

    2. It’s the name of the world they live in. ^ ^

  38. GAH! things are escalating quickly!
    hurry up, Feral! Meela needs you!
    Meela, let him keep talking until we get the info we need, THEN smash him over the head with the flowerpot!

  39. So we all knew there was something different because of how she was acting recently because of impending age as well as info given by brother etc… I hadn’t read through the FAQ for race info, and I can’t remember whether or not demons had been specifically mentioned yet, but the fact that she had some sort of dark heritage had been heavily implied. I’m interested to see what happens once she is of the age she fears, it seems to be making her magic more erratic already IIRC.

  40. This explains her mothers name. “The blue demon” (take palm and apply directly to face)

  41. *joins the ‘Called It’ group*

  42. Snowtail the Khajiit

    Korin says, “Exposition, exposition! Gotta tell my whooole story~!”

  43. Did you notice in real life, bad guys don’t monologue? They just mindlessly, violently try to get what they are trying to get done?

    1. You know, people are really coming down on Korin for monologueing, and I don’t really see it ^ ^;

      I mean, he’s just answering a question right now. If in the next page he goes into a long dialogue about how he felt when he killed Yuen’s parents and Meela’s brother, as well as how and why he joined bounty hunting in the first place, -then- I think the criticism can be justified.

      It also isn’t clear, due to the panels, if that’s all he’s doing. He could just be distracting Meela with her shameful heritage while he draws out a knife.

      (Heh, in real life it isn’t always mindless, though. Just violent.)

      1. … I was joking. o n o. Seriously. Ever heard of hyper bowls? O n o…

        1. (Very late) ;~; Ah, I’m sorry. I read this in the same context as everyone else saying that was what he was doing and that he was stupid for it.

          (Also I can’t read tone on the internet ><)

  44. Remind me again if we’ve been told who this Meoley is? O.O

    1. “West Meoley” was where the story began, so I would assume its the country/province. Setting basically :)

  45. Just quick for the artist since people were saying dagger before she was wearing a pack the whole time. Where is FERAL :< He needs to hurry :<

  46. Marisol, Meoley is the country in which they reside in, not a person.


  48. actually i thought meoley was a person but on page 11 its actually were she lived

  49. The water is burning ;-;

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