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Poor Feral, so clueless. Just one page again this week. We've decided to put off the double updates we owe you guys until after Otakon. It's just not realistic for us to be able to do it before then. We hope you understand and don't worry, we won't forget about them!

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  1. Oh my god! Feral really cares! You can see it when Holland says her pack is gone. The feels! ;w;

  2. Haha, Feral’s face in the last panel made me laugh…

  3. XDD His face is like, “I CAN’T EVEN,”

  4. Who do you think will find her first???

    1. Holland, because he apparently has some fore knowledge of her, Feral, because it’s a common thing – the person they most care about or who cares about them finds them. You know what? I don’t know. Either way, we’re about to find out some major things.

      1. What about the panther? He’s out there too still. And who knows what else considering she tripped off a wire.

    2. Feral, because you know how he will react. ;)

    3. Don’t be silly guys. Clearly Visrial will find her and THEN feral will.

      1. That made me laugh way more than it should have.

        But also, I agree.

  5. I bet Feral might find her or a bounty hunter might find her ad then something bad will happen!
    The shadows on their faces are very well done, as the lighting in all the pages, makes it seem all the more real.

  6. oh my lord Im just about ready to flip my table.
    I want to know whats gonna happen to her ;A;

  7. Something about Holland telling Feral Meela ran away seems a little fake to me. I mean Jyaku did tell him Meela was planning to run away the last time they talked. He should have (probably did) see this coming.

    1. I don’t think it was faked. It’s more like she ran away sooner that he expected her to. I guess he thought he had more time to figure out a way to prevent this.

      1. I sort of used the wrong words. I meant to say “off” instead of fake.
        But that is another way to look at it.

  8. I KNOW I SHOULD WORRY ABOUT MEELA but I just love seeing all the compassion on Feral’s face plus his wacky expressions!!! :D

  9. Yeah; I’m thinking Holland knew or suspected this was going to happen. His words seem very… “Oh no! Whatever shall we do!” kind of false. I get a bad feeling from this. :|

    1. That’s exactly how I feel!!!

    2. I feel the same way. His shock and horror seem very forced….

    3. thelightedDarkness

      I thought that too, kinda like an Oh-I-saw-this-coming thing

  10. I hope Feral doesn’t think it’s his fault since Holland was telling him that he was to hard on Meela. It is nice however that Feral is showing that he does care about her. >w<

  11. I hope they can find her soon! T^T


  13. The text bubble that said “meela, we’re back” seems pointed @ feral

    Holland does seem to be faking a “oh, no” attitude.

    1. Most definitely, you can almost tell that he is by the artwork and how they don’t show his eyes for the first two, like he’s looking down/focusing on a lie.

  14. I get the feeling Holland is letting her run away to see where she goes to unravel the mystery of her past. Jyaku’s probably keeping an eye on her from a distance.

    1. I second this! I think Holland wanted Jyaku to keep an eye on everything that’s going on.

  15. Don’t worry too much about the double updates! I think it’s amazing that you guys pump out one of these beautiful pages each week! We all love your comic and it’s definitely worth waiting for!
    Can’t wait to see what happens! The SUSPENSE!! XD

  16. Are the rabbits in the bag ;-; oh the feels. You guys better find Meela

  17. * o* You’re going to Otakon?

  18. I feel like Holland KNEW this was going to happen, and I just REALLY hope he’s not one of the bad guys….
    Feral, you DO have a heart under all that scruffy *cough*hot*cough* exterior! Don’t blame yourself, whatever you do! Find her quickly!
    I hope it’s Feral who finds her, not Holland. I love Holland, but I don’t quite trust him.

    1. I agree. But Holland seems to know more about what’s going on than Feral does, so he might have a better idea where to look.

  19. I love how Feral totally looks like he is yelling at Holland and even more how Holland responds as if Feral actually IS yelling at him. That is a solid friendship right there. XD

  20. Their facial expressions are breaking my heart.

  21. It’s supposed to be sad but Feral face is killing me xD

  22. Aah! Thank you for the update! But I’m a little surprised at Holland, didn’t he know this was coming? D:

    Unless he’s feigning surprise..aaah I can’t wait until the next page!

  23. Feral’s Face: Holland!!! Y U no stop her!

    Holland… just… why do you talk so much!!!! surely one of those bubbles was supposed to be Feral’s!

  24. Well, I think it ended up being a good thing for them to go out searching for her. When it was just her running away, it would be kind of sad for them to worry, but now she’s probably in trouble.

    1. Oh, by the way, the first panel’s pretty. ^_^

  25. Anyone else remember what Jyaku said? About it being bad for Meela and Feral to be together.

  26. O man. find her quick!

  27. Yeah, Holland’s expression in the second to last panel looks like he is more worried about how to handle Feral then he is about Meela actually missing. He knows Feral is dangerous and cares for Meela enough to harm Holland for knowing about this all along. But I don’t think Holland is bad or up to no good. When he was talking to Jyaku he was very happy for Feral and Meela and his love for her was quite obvious. I think he simply knows more and because of that he knows what is best and he just trying to help make things happen the way it should. I bet he will make sure finding Meela is next to impossible for a little while… ;;)


  29. We can wait for the double updates XD Just *keep* updating and we’ll be happy you guys! :D

  30. Holland wants to split up… He thinks Feral will get in his way… Am I the only one who trust Holland?

  31. As a Bounty Hunter, if Feral is unable to track that silly pup down, he’s fired! But seriously, Feral’s reactions in the last two panels are amazing. <3

  32. I imagine they’re going to find where she /was/ ….due to the fact that she tripped some unknown trap…I am going to guess she’s no longer there, and has been captured by some other bounty hunter due to whatever secret she and her brother were harboring.

  33. Why do I have the feeling that Meela will meet up with Piper, and then everything will ‘go all jolly’ from there xD

  34. It’s not that crazy to think that Feral would find her first… you know… cause he’s a wolf? Scents and shtuff. I’m sure he’s familiar enough with her scent that he should find her pretty quickly… or am I thinking too crazily? ;_; /hides self in corner

    1. Actually, that would probably happen, I think.
      Birds aren’t exactly know or their sense of smell, and Feral knows Meela better.

      1. Am I seriously the only one who trusts Holland? Meela is like a little sister to them both. And remember when Holland was comforting her and protecting her and worrying when she was poisoned? He really cared about her and will do anything to get her back. The same with Feral.

        1. I agree, in an earlier comment (I comment way too much on here, I don’t have much to do) I was talking about how I think Holland is innocent though he knows more than he is telling anyone/us. I am sooo excited for this Friday!

  35. Feral, hurry, bring her back! I really want him to scold her and then hug her. And Holland’s face is awesome, like ever. He talks all the time but his expressions are great too^^

  36. @_@ I have such a bad feeling.

  37. I went back to the beginning of this comic, and re-read… I’m seeing soooo many more clues in the beginning. Wow.

    Also, oh no Feral dear…. Please, please hurry and find Meela before something bad happens.

  38. Yea, that’s totally Feral’s – “We’ve got to find her before she gets too far, she still owes me for the hat!” face in the last panel.

  39. “Poor Feral, so clueless.”

    …And with that, fear was permanently instilled within my body.


  40. As in every horror movie

    “Let’s split up and get naked”

    1. …yes, getting naked solves many problems. ;P

  41. I’m having fun imagining what feral will do when (if?) they find meela. most prominent is “punt meela into next week”

  42. AW Feral cares so much!

  43. Are you going to be at the Chicago Wizard World Comic Con?

    1. No, we will not. We did not have a pleasant experience. :(

  44. Aaaack… FIND MEELA, FERAL!!! Also, hilarious yelling face of Feral… LOL!

  45. Why do people always split up. Something bad always happens when people split up. Though I can’t wait for the next update.

  46. In the last panel, Feral is like: Explain this to MEEE!!

  47. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    a cliffhanger ;_;

  48. What Feral is thinking: YOU MEAN I CAUGHT THIS RABBIT FOR NOTHING!?!?
    Just kidding, he looks so concerned….

  49. Im curious as to how the hybrids all started? Is it magic or human curiosity gone way too far?

    1. Well this isin’t earth, so NOT “human curiosity gone way too far”. Maybe some where in the blog, or notes, some where you might find that answer.
      Sorry I was not more help :(

  50. YES!!!! Feral cares!!!!! X3

  51. I will admit, I wanted the update yesterday… but I can wait. “Never rush perfection” & all that.

    1. It is still Friday for a lot of people, so even if it’s not for you, they aren’t late yet.

      1. Well, I would really like a new page everyday (unrealistic, a bit)! I was not trying to come off as impatent or rude.
        Usualy this comic is the first thing I read every Friday morning… it makes my day a little cheerier.

  52. do we get an update today?

    1. As soon as we got to posting the page our Internet died. Then we had to leave for Bronycon. The page will be up Sunday night/Monday morning.

  53. You liar, Holland. You know. Jiaku talked to you about it.

  54. No way! you guys are going to Otakon?!?! So am I!!!

  55. As soon as we got to posting the page our Internet died. Then we had to leave for Bronycon. The page will be up Sunday night/Monday morning.

  56. your story: strays online was very cool! it make me want read story more! I know story page 367. so I read 2 or 3 times read story over again. why update on Fridays? how are you try use Fridays and Tuesdays. owner of book of stray online is good make story! I hope you say yes for try Fridays and Tuesdays of update.

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